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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Two Reselling

Four blue-black sword billets floated vertically in front of Su. There seemed to be an invisible magnetism between the sword billets. She reached out to touch one of them. The other three also moved along with it. The four sword billets maintained their distance from each other, all of them pointing away from each other in a compass arrangement.

The joy in Su's eyes became even heavier. The four sword billets marched around her.

The storekeeper found it wondrous. "Amazing craftsmanship! The four swords are as one, able to attack and defend, truly the finest! If it can be tempered over time, this sword would be hard to trace!"

Zuo Mo was tired but he was still quite alert. Finishing the sword billets, he found himself extremely relaxed.

"Having finished this, I need to leave." Zuo Mo prepared to leave.

Su suddenly called Zuo Mo. "Mister Zuo, please wait! This one had not helped during the Sword Test Conference, yet Mister Zuo still kept to your promise and helped me forge the sword billets. This little girl is extremely grateful. Mister Zuo, please take this bottle of Dying Flowing Moon!"

Su's gaze was sincere, unable to let go of the four sword billets.

Zuo Mo naturally wouldn't be polite. Dying Flowing Moon was very good! Quickly taking the Dying Flowing Moon, he said piously, "Then this one will accept."

He thought of something and turned to say to the storekeeper. "I have something here I want to ask Storekeeper to take a look."

The storekeeper hurriedly said, "It would be my honor!" If the reputation of Zuo Mo's strength was why they did not dare to slight him, now, after successfully forging the four sword billets, Zuo Mo's skill in forging received more respect from the storekeeper. The storekeeper and the others were business people. Their business was also in talismans. Why would they ever offend a cultivator who had limitless potential and was skilled in forging?

Zuo Mo took out a wooden box from the ring. Opening the box, he took out a jade bottle.

The two saw Zuo Mo was so serious, and became more curious to what treasure he was taking out.

Zuo Mo handed the jade bottle to the storekeeper, saying, "This item is not inside the five elements, but this one does not know what it is. Please, Storekeeper, take a look!"

"Not inside the five elements!" Su's expression changed.

The storekeeper also slightly changed expression but maintained the sternness in his expression. How good a storekeeper's eyes were was the most important measure of a storekeeper's skill. He didn't want to ruin his own reputation.

Carefully taking out the cork, he pour out the grey mud inside the bottle onto a snowy-white jade plate.

After studying for a few moments, he solemnly announced, "This one cannot distinguish what this substance is, but it truly is not inside the five elements. It doesn't seem like just one substance, but is a mixture of a variety of different substances not inside the five elements. It really is curious."

What he found it strange was that materials not inside the five elements were rare, and it was hard to even find one or two, so he did not know how such a complex mixture was produced.

Zuo Mo stilled. He suddenly remembered the large variety of materials he had thrown into the Five Colored Pagoda. The composition of this grey mud must be very complex. He couldn't help but admire the skill of the storekeeper.

"What is the value of this substance?" Zuo Mo asked.

The storekeeper shook his head. "Hard to say." He then explained, "If it was one substance, this one can easily set a price. The composition of this substance is extremely complex, and probably has a special use. Maybe it could be used in a flying sword. Materials not inside the five elements, if added into flying swords, can increase the grade of flying swords."

He glanced at the four flying swords floating in front of Su and said, "If Miss Su could add this substance into the four sword billets before they were forged, the grade would have increased greatly."

Vexation came into Su's eyes. But since the formations on the sword billet had taken form, there was nothing to do so she did not say anything.

Zuo Mo was very curious. "Substances not of the five elements can increase the grade of flying swords? I've never heard of this."

The storekeeper saw Zuo Mo was interested and said, "It is hard to find substances not of the five elements. The price has never dropped, and dependent on the attributes of the material, the effect is different. However, one quality is common to all. They are extremely attractive to ling power, especially ling power that is not strongly oriented to the five elements. For roaming xiu that cultivate the five elements, this is not a good thing, but to us sword xiu, it is the best. Most of the sword sect in our jie do not have ling power oriented to the five elements."

He had originally wanted to say that five element sword scriptures didn't have much of a future, when he suddenly remembered the sword scripture that Zuo Mo practiced was a five element sword scripture so he quickly changed his wording.

Hearing this, Zuo Mo instantly became excited. Coming from a sword sect, he instantly realized the value of the grey mud on his hands.

"If it is only used as material for flying swords, storekeeper, give a price." Zuo Mo said.

The storekeeper hesitated and reported a price, "Two hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi."

As he finished, Su suddenly opened, "Three hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi, can Mister Zuo part with this?" After several interactions with Zuo Mo, she had figured out his general personality. This guy was clear and hard to trick, but as long as there was enough money, he could be tempted.

"Okay!" Without another word, Zuo Mo agreed.

Three hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi was far beyond the price in his heart. The grey mud was just the waste from the Five Colored Pagoda, and easy to get.

Su was also crisp in handing over the jingshi to give to Zuo Mo.

Having jingshi, Zuo Mo felt his heart rest. He sighed inside. As expected, with food in his hand, his heart wouldn't panic.

Three hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi. It wasn't much but it wasn't a small amount. However, in the Hundred Treasures Flying Pavilion, it was only enough to buy one talisman. Zuo Mo could only reluctantly leave. The stuff of the Hundred Treasure Flying Pavilion was good, but the price wasn't something normal people could pay.

His goal was businesses with lower prices, for example, He Rong.

Among the people that Zuo Mo knew, Fu Jin was a snakehead. His connections were complex and could always obtain things difficult to find. However, if it was mainstream materials, he didn't have any advantages. He Rong and Zuo Mo had worked together before, their working relationship was well established.

When He Rong saw Zuo Mo, he was extremely surprised. He quickly gave a smile, "Zuo ye coming to this little shop, it is our honor!"

Zuo Mo's name was like the sun right now, a hot commodity in the entire Sky Moon Jie. He Rong put himself extremely low.

"Does Boss He find me too old?" The first words that Zuo Mo said made He Rong's expression change but his next words made him release a breath. "Treating an old friend like this, it really is too courteous! Just call me Xiao Zuo."

He Rong could not be blamed for being so nervous. Compared to before, Zuo Mo was someone that was famous in Dong Fu. Businesspeople like He Rong saw even farther into the future. Wu Kong Sword Sect, who had three disciples of limitless potential and four jindan experts, would definitely rise.

Wu Kong Sword Sect was abnormally mysterious. No one knew what their conduct was like so when outsiders faced them, they naturally were careful.

He Rong was very experienced, and naturally went along with the flow, pretending to be familiar, "Look, look, you call me He Boss, but wanting me to call you Xiao Zuo, this is not right. If we are brothers, just call me Old He."

Having received such fame, Zuo Mo's conduct did not seem different than before, without any pride. Thinking out the core disciples of those sects that he usually had relations with, He Rong couldn't help but sigh. If Wu Kong Sword Sect did not rise, then there was no justice in the world.

"Ha ha, right. We have history." Zuo Mo said. He had interacted countless times before with Fu Jin and the others. He was very familiar with all this.

He Rong pointed at Zuo Mo, smiling as he said, "I know you won't just come for nothing. Say it, selling or buying?"

Zuo Mo snicked. "Old He knows me so well. I'm planning on buying some five element materials."

"Five element materials?" He Rong had a puzzled expression. "What do you want that for?" He suddenly realized, "Right, my memory, you are also skilled in forging and dan-making!"

Zuo Mo didn't explain, only smiling and saying, "I want to pick some materials strong in five element power, do you have any?"

"Good kinds, or normal?"


"Come with me." He Rong nodded and said to Zuo Mo, walking at the front.

He Rong's store was composed of the front shop and the back yard. Zuo Mo followed him through the store into the back yard. Passing through the yard and into the inner compound, Zuo Mo finally noticed that the doorway to the compound was full of jinzhi.

Even with Zuo Mo's eyes, he couldn't help but be shocked. Some of these jinzhi were extremely powerful, and confusion and illusory jinzhi were countless.

Just as he was puzzled, He Rong suddenly stopped. His hands cast multiple spells. A door of light appeared in front of them.

"Come in." He Rong stepped inside the door first.

Zuo Mo was curious and hurried to follow.

Stepping inside the door of light, the space in front of him suddenly became vast. There were hundreds of ten zhang high shelves made from pinewood arranged into lines. The shelves were filled with all kinds of materials, and a strange odor wafting in the air.

It was the first time Zuo Mo had seen something this spectacular. He thought inside that He Rong's business was much larger than he had imagined!

He Rong did not show it, but he was not a simple character!

Zuo Mo felt his steps were much lighter than usual. He made a sound and looked down at the ground.

He Rong noticed Zuo Mo's shock. He smiled and said, "Brother Zuo must rarely come to the stores." He then explained, "Storage areas would usually have a [Light Feather Formation] on the ground. The workers can float in the air, and it is convenient to fetch items. If they accidentally drop something, the item would not be damaged."

Zuo Mo instantly understood, "So that's why!"

His feet slightly used force and he was like a feather that floated into the air. What was even more particular was that he could freely adjust his direction in the air. The design was amazing!

He Rong had a smile. He had the desire to show his strength when he decided to take Zuo Mo into the stores. Wu Kong Sword Sect would definitely rise in the future. In order to create a cooperative relationship with this kind of sect, strength was the base of cooperation.

"Here, all the five element materials are here. Pick whichever items you want. Oh, I'll give you the best price." He Rong smiled. Giving a good price, but not free. Zuo Mo felt that was even more comfortable.

"Then many thanks, Old Brother He!" Zuo Mo's words were really from his heart.

People who had strength could always more easily receive respect from others.

Zuo Mo went into the materials and started to pick.

His measure was very special. He didn't care about the grade of the material, what he needed was five elemental power. The Five Colored Pagoda was not a picky eater. Right now, the Five Colored Pagoda's primary goal was to recover its power, not to increase its level. He did not need to consider high level materials.

Also, in compliance with Zuo Mo's usual conduct, he decided to take the price to the extreme -- materials that were the cheapest and had the most five element power!

Translator Ramblings: "Xiao Zuo" means"Little Zuo". He Rong was the person that Zuo Mo sold plants to.