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 Chapter One Hundred and Sixty - Intense Fire Dan

Su had been waiting for Zuo Mo for a long time.

Even though she was uncertain that Zuo Mo would aid her since she had not helped Zuo Mo like originally planned. She waited rather than going to Wu Kong Mountain due to her trust in Lin Qian. For some unknown reason this extremely mysterious youth instilled her with confidence.

"When do we begin?" Zuo Mo asked.

"I'm not in a hurry." A jade bottle appeared on Su's hand. "This is Fort Chao's Intense Fire Dan. Consume it first, I'll help you stabilize the medicine power."

He hesitated but still took the jade bottle. Opening it, he could feel a wave of heat flood out of the jade bottle. Lying inside were beads that seemed to be carved out of red jade.

The Stalagmite fire was a cold fire. The fire power in this Intense Fire Dan was clearly hot fire. The two were of completely different attributes. It would most likely be troublesome to merge them together.

However, Zuo Mo still decided to try because he had consumed the Golden Crow Pills which contained the Golden Crow Fire which was also a hot fire.

The two sat in the seclusion room with Su positioned behind Zuo Mo.

"Intense Fire Dan was made from underground lava. It contains Lava Earth Fire and is extremely domineering. You have to be careful." Su did not waste words, putting her hand on Zuo Mo's back.

Zuo Mo shoved an Intense Fire Dan into his mouth.

Once the Intense Fire Dan entered his mouth, it turned to an extremely hot stream of energy. This hot stream was boiling like it was lava. Zuo Mo felt as though it would burn through his body.

As expected, it truly was domineering!

Not daring to slack off, Zuo Mo hurriedly channeled ling power to surround this bright red hot stream! If he allowed this hot stream to run rampant through his body, it would quickly damage his channels.

Zuo Mo's skin that was exposed to the air suddenly became bright red like glowing hot metal.

Su didn't dare to slack off either, channeling ling power to carefully permeate Zuo Mo's body.

Zuo Mo detected ling power entering from his back. He did not panic but carefully inspected it. His consciousness was extremely large. Since his body was definitely his home field, he easily saw through Su's ling power.

Such a strange ling power! Zuo Mo couldn't help but be interested.

Su's ling power was not flowing like water, but like countless moving strands. It seemed to be composed of countless little fish into schools and was extremely unique. He remembered that Su's sword scripture was magnetic power. Was this the trick to it?

Zuo Mo noted it down.

Su could never dream that as she helped Zuo Mo digest the medicinal power, Zuo Mo managed to comprehend some of the intricacies of her ling power. It really wasn't that she was inattentive, but Zuo Mo's present consciousness was far outside of the expectations of normal people. Who would think a zhuji would have such a large consciousness?

Zuo Mo finally experienced just how great the gap was between ningmai and zhuji.

Su's ling power was not fierce, but it was endless. When the domineering Intense Fire Dan was surrounded by this ling power, it was unable to move.

Zuo Mo knew it was time for him to act!

What Su could do was help him stabilize the medicinal power, but only he could process it.

He didn't immediately let his ling power stream over, but used his consciousness to inspect the strong and domineering medicinal power.

Su carefully controlled her ling power. Since it was inside Zuo Mo's body, her control was greatly decreased.

After a moment, Zuo Mo's ling power was still motionless without any intentions of going forward.

Why wasn't he doing anything? She furrowed her brows. She didn't understand why Zuo Mo was procrastinating. Did he not know how to process medicinal power?

Just as she felt puzzled, Zuo Mo's ling power suddenly moved.

Two thin tendrils of ling power charged at the medicinal power she was stabilizing.

Just this little bit of ling power?

She was slightly discontent. What was this guy doing? Using this little bit of ling power, how long would it take to process all the medicinal power? She securely held onto the medicinal power but the medicinal power of the Intense Fire Dan was extremely domineering. Even though it was caught in the grasp of her ling power, but it was like the wild beast in a cage and struggled to break free. Her ling power was slowly being consumed, even if the rate was not fast.

At this time, another two streams of ling power went to the back of the medicinal power.

Still not enough!

Su wanted to remind Zuo Mo that processing medicinal power required large amounts of ling power, and for him not to skimp on ling power at this time.

Before she could speak, there was another two streams of ling power!

Two streams!

Another two!

... ...

In an extremely short period of time, Zuo Mo's ling power turned to eighty something slender streams of ling power.

Su gaped with wide eyes. What, what was this ... ...

The scene that took place was completely out of her imagination.

The eighty-something streams of ling power were like extremely slippery earthworms that burrowed into the ling power she had wrapped around the Intense Fire Dan. In the blink of an eye, the domineering and explosive medicinal power was cut by Zuo Mo's tiny ling power into seven or eight pieces.

Looking at the domineering medicinal power slowly nibbled away by those tiny ling power. No, it wasn't nibbling. Even though they moved bit by bit, but the processing speed was extremely fast.

In a short moment, there was only a little bit of the medicinal power left.

Quickly, all the medicinal power of the Intense Fire Dan had been processed.

What remained after processing was a strand of extremely pure deep red fire power. Zuo Mo could feel the terrifying temperature contained in this tiny bit of fire power. It was all the essence of the entire Intense Fire Dan and it was Zuo Mo's target.

It was rare to see such pure fire power, even if it was just a thread. Thinking about what Su had said, that the Intense Fire Dan was made from lava deep underground, it was no wonder that the fire power contained was so pure. In the descriptions of flames in the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], all kinds of earth fire were not low-grade fire seeds.

This pure thread of earth fire, to him, it was the best "nourishment"!

Zuo Mo carefully controlled the Stalagmite fire. As the Stalagmite fire appeared, a dark and cold presence instantly spread.

The milky white Stalagmite fire quickly wrapped around the thread of deep red earth fire.

One was yin and cold, the other was hot, yet the two strangely merged together. Zuo Mo could clearly feel that a wondrous change had occurred after the Stalagmite fire had absorbed this thread of earth fire. However, limited by the amount of earth fire, the change could not be clearly seen.

This surprised him. The trouble he had predicted did not occur. The entire merging process was so smooth he was shocked.

There were thirty six Intense Fire Dan. In other words, there were still thirty five threads of earth fire!

He began to feel anticipation. If all thirty six threads of Lava Earth Fire was merged into the Stalagmite fire, what change would occur?

Since there was no problems with the merging, Zuo Mo instantly increased his speed, throwing another Intense Fire Dan into his mouth.

Su steadily stabilized her ling power. Without her notice, a layer of fine sweat appeared on her forehead. She started to feel the burden. Zuo Mo's speed was truly too fast, processing one pill after the next. She didn't have a chance to breathe and rest.

She desired very much to stop but she suppressed it. A ningmai xiuzhe asking a zhuji to stop and rest, she couldn't say it! Even more, all she had to do was just stabilize the medicinal power. The ling power consumed in processing was even greater. Zuo Mo hadn't relented, so how could she?

She could only bear it!

Up until now, she did not understand how Zuo Mo did all this.

It should have been the person doing the processing who used up ling power more quickly, but up until now, after more than ten Intense Fire Dan, Zuo Mo did not show any signs of exhaustion. How was it possible? He was just a zhuji xiuzhe!

Su gritted her teeth. Her ling power was tightly wrapped around the medicinal power of the Intense Fire Dan. Zuo Mo's ling power needed to go through her ling power in order to interact with the medicinal power, so she clearly perceived every movement of Zuo Mo's ling power.

But even if she knew, she still found it impossible.

Zuo Mo used several dozen streams of ling power, each of which was controlled extremely delicately. It was clear that this was not the first time he had done this. This was the first time she had seen a processing method like Zuo Mo's strange one. She couldn't help but admire Zuo Mo's idea. To cut the medicinal power into multiple parts, dividing before processing. It could greatly increase the efficiency.

What shocked her was those each of the tiny streams of ling power were as sharp as knifes. Their power may have been small, but they could easily cut the medicinal power into little pieces.

She had more experience and her cultivation was much higher than Zuo Mo's , so she naturally understood how he accomplished it.

He only needed to find the weakest spot in the medicinal power to achieve this result.

But the crux of the problem was, how could Zuo Mo be so fast and accurate in finding the most fragile place on the medicinal power? Her ling power was wrapped around the medicinal power but she knew she couldn't do such a thing.

Not just her, even her shixiong Gu Rong Ping definitely could not do such a delicate task!

This was probably Zuo Mo's secret!

Having thought it through, the shock in Su's mind gradually faded. Each person had their own skills. A person that displayed such talent at the Sword Test Conference like Zuo Mo, must have some unique talent.

Her mind calming down, she started to admire Zuo Mo's "performance."

Zuo Mo's fine control of ling power truly could live up to the word "performance." Several dozen strands of ling power were being controlled according to his wishes, cooperating among themselves easily like an army. They all had their individual tasks combining to create the larger picture. The explosive and domineering medicinal power in comparison was like a gigantic beast which only looked fierce yet had no substance, and was easily dismembered. The entire process was fast and accurate, clean and crisp without any unnecessary movements.

Seeing them move was a pleasure.

However, this also exposed that Zuo Mo's ling power was not strong. It was beneficial in formations to have strong fine control over ling power, but for sword scriptures, there were not many benefits.

In a short period of time, Su made her conclusion.

In her eyes, Zuo Mo was still strong but this strength was different than others. His weakness was also clear. In other words, Zuo Mo's strength could only be expressed under certain conditions. She thought about the Sword Test Conference and the shocking formation that Zuo Mo had set up. Hadn't he created an environment where he could use his strength?

She couldn't help but shake her head. In her eyes, a strength like Zuo Mo was superficial, he had too many limitations.

Sword cultivation was the correct path. No matter the circumstances, sword xiu could grasp their own fate! Thinking about it, she strengthened her resolve to cultivate the sword, full of anticipation towards the sword billet that was to be forged.

Six hours later, the last Intense Fire Dan landed in his stomach and quickly turned into a thread of Lava Earth Fire.

As the thirty-sixth thread of Lava Earth Fire merged, the Stalagmite fire suddenly changed!

Translator Ramblings: Su and Zuo Mo get started on forging her new sword. Su's review of Zuo Mo's strength is pretty much what Zuo Mo has for himself, not enough ling power so he needs other tools.