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 Chapter One Hundred and Forty Nine Fire

Watching Yu Bai and Nan Men Yang embroiled in battle, no one could look away.

Just having gone three rounds, Nan Men Yang was completely suppressed by Yu Bai, unable to lift his head under the blows. Yu Bai didn't use his usual style of fighting, instead each blow was vicious, decisive, and aimed to kill, causing a chill to creep into the hearts of everyone watching inside the formation.

When a composed person was angry, it was very frightening!

Probably the only person that found it boring was Chang Heng.

This level of fighting and killing, it really couldn't alert his mind. He scanned the surroundings. Everyone had stopped their actions. The three rounds between Nan Men Yang and the seal soldier had shaken the skies, and attracted almost all the xiuzhe inside the formation. Right now, the fight between Nan Men Yang and Yu Bai was not as blood-rousing as the previous fight, but the technique was no-less spectacular.

One had a grassroots background with no family or sect, the other the beloved disciple of the ruler of Dong Fu!

Once the two really became serious, the scene was amazingly spectacular, the spectators becoming intoxicated!

Without detecting it, all the xiuzhe inside the formation had gathered together again.

Chang Heng raised his head to look at the rings of light swimming in the air and the crescent moon high up, his expression slightly moved. He took away his gaze because he noticed, not far away, Zong Ming Yan was looking at him. Their gazes met midair, striking like two extremely sharp swords, sparks flying!

Two stubborn and proud young experts exchanged a look.

"Fight?" Zong Ming Yan opened coldly, his gaze full of challenge.

"Not interested!" Chang Heng only glanced at Zong Ming Yan before moving his eyes back towards the sky. The rings of light that were freely swimming in the air seemed to be more attractive for him.

Zong Ming Yan's eyes slightly shrunk but he didn't make another challenge. Chang Heng's viciousness and brutality was the greatest in the Sword Test Conference. Every competitor, when they faced this brute, couldn't help but shrink inwards, including Zong Ming Yan.

Zong Ming Yan's expression turned back to normal as he said faintly, "Why don't we use the breaking of the formation to wager victory and defeat?"

Chang Heng's face was still upraised, not looking at Zong Ming Yan even once, as he said, "Oh, I'm afraid you might not even break it."

Zong Ming Yan could clearly feel Chang Heng's low opinion, and his expression was extremely ugly. He snorted coldly. "You may be underestimating me a little too much."

"You could try." Chang Heng pointed at the sky, and said, face normal.

Hearing this, Zong Ming Yan was too lazy to respond to Chang Heng. The Seven Plum Sword appeared in his hand.

A shake of the wrist, and three plum flowers turned to three streams of light that flew into the sky.

Zong Ming Yan wanted Chang Heng to see his strength so his first move was his most accomplished, [Three Play]!

Three sword essences were like three slinking fish as they circled around and shot at the crescent moon in the sky!


Zuo Mo had been pondering how to split his consciousness when he suddenly detected an abnormality in the formation and instantly woke up.

F***, would they never stop? Having just made a tiny bit of headway, Zuo Mo was so angry he swore! When he found the person responsible was Zong Ming Yan, the anger in his heart shot upwards!

He remembered. This guy was the first person that had made trouble!

It was an anger that came from the chest, and hate from the gallbladder. Zuo Mo's anger erupting from his heart, instantly sunk into his second rage!

Ge's long found this guy an eyesore!

Zuo Mo's eyes were green. The two hands that had stopped started again. He finally understood. Given the time and place, it wasn't the momentgood time to ponder about how to split his consciousness. These people that had poured salt onto the wound might all be terribly evil, but each of them had the power to damage the formation. If he couldn't complete the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], he couldn't do anything to them.

Without him detecting it, he had started to think of ways to deal with the experts inside the formation. He completely forgot that each person in there had power that far surpassed him.

However, Zuo Mo was facing the same difficult problem as before. He must, before he could complete the seventy-two child formation [Skyring Moon Chime Formation], stop these people from damaging it!

The seventy-two child formations were just on the edge of completion, and these people had come out again to make a mess.

Just now, he had used up the seal soldier to stop Nan Men Yang from breaking the formation. Now, what could he use to stop Zong Ming Yan from breaking the formation?

Did you think ge only had a seal soldier?

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth as he cursed Zong Ming Yan inside a hundred times. But, at the same time, his consciousness silently flowed forth like a stream of water.

His body slightly leaned forward, his back curved. He looked like a curved bow from far away. He maintained this strange position without moving, only his eyes slightly narrowed like a hunter waiting for his prey.


Zong Ming Yan's three sword essences were like piranhas that landed in a rich swarm of fish!

Any ring of light that tried to come near the sword essences were instantly sliced to pieces. The three spiraling sword energies did not look like they were affected at all. Carrying a hiss that could shock souls, they headed straight for the crescent moon in the sky!

In his eyes, that bright moon was clearly the crux to breaking the formation!

If he could destroy the moon, the entire formation would be solved.

The layers of light rings were like a thick coat, unable to be damaged by knife or axe. But if a narrow needle was pushed, it could easily pierce through this layer of cloth.

The three sword energies did not stop their spinning, forming a sharp cutting formation. Each sword energy was like the sharpest blade, its penetrating power far surpassing normal sword energies!

The rings of light that had blocked his [One Cut Plum] were easily penetrated when faced with this [Three Play]!

The sword energies were as fast as lightning, nothing that the rings of light could catch up to. But the rings of light seemed to be alive. Knowing they couldn't block the sword energies, they headed towards Zong Ming Yan?

Ring after ring of light landed from the sky, heading to cover Zong Ming Yan.

Even as powerful as Zong Ming Yan was, he didn't easily experiment. Everyone had a deep impression of the xiuzhe that was eliminated!

[Paired Sparrow Flying]!

Two plum flowers fell off the plum branch like two butterflies, flying around Zong Ming Yan. Once the rings of light came at Zong Ming Yan from the sky, a clear cracking sound could be heard before they were blown to pieces, turning into countless scattered energies!

However, the rings of light did not give up moving towards Zong Ming Yan.

Clink clink clink!

The dense crisp sounds were like hundred of glass cups being smashed at once!

The broken energies fell and floated around Zong Ming Yan, and then were blown away by the winds created by the two plum flowers. Amidst the broken energies, Zong Ming Yan was unharmed.

"Young people, really have energy." The yellow-faced male had appeared at some time beside Chang Heng and snickered.

Chang Heng still was looking at the sky, and responded indifferently, "He's dumb."

"Hee hee, that's good. It will let us save some energy." The yellow-faced man smiled and said.

Chang Heng heard this, and turned to look at the yellow-faced male. "Who are you searching for?"

"Searching for?" The yellow-faced man seemed to not understand.

"Your strength is greater than anyone here." Chang Heng said faintly, "Hiding your strength, not competing for a rank, you naturally have other goals. You've been constantly running here and there, and look as though you are trying to find something. This is Great Pine Pavilion. I've never heard there was anything good there. That means there is only one possibility, you are trying to find someone."

The smile on the yellow-faced male's face disappeared, his eyes gradually turning sharp as a knife.

Chang Heng's face was as indifferent as usual.

The yellow-faced man suddenly clapped his hands and smiled. "Others only know you for your viciousness and bloodthirst. No one would think you have such a mind for details. I underestimated you."

"We do not have a conflict." Chang Heng, from beginning to end, had a calm expression as though he was speaking of something that had no bearing on him.

The yellow-faced man lightly sighed. "Not here." He could not disguise the disappointment.

"That's a pity." Chang Heng said, face calm. But he didn't say why it was a pity.


In Zuo Mo's sea of consciousness, Pu sat on the gravestone, his eyes looking into the distance. There was a mirth floating at the corner of his mouth that was somewhat hard to decipher. It seemed slightly scornful, slightly reminiscent, slightly lonely, slightly cold... ...

Different from Pu Yao who was as steady as Mount Tai, Zuo Mo was like the arrow that was on the thread that would sever at a touch!

That crescent moon might not be the cover door, but if it was attacked, Zuo Mo also knew what would happen!

The time did not allow him to think more.

Three blue lights that were like chains suddenly appeared ---- [Dragon Tying Formation]!

The position the blue chains appeared were extremely precise, exactly on the path that the spiraling sword energies would pass.

Different than the Dragon Tying formation that Zuo Mo had used before, once the three blue chains appeared, they knotted into a clasp, a clasp that could perfectly restrain the three sword energies!

The three sword energies headed straight into the clasp. The strength of the clasp far surpassed Zong Ming Yan's expectations, it didn't break!

Just as Zong Ming Yan paused, a web of fire suddenly appeared in the sky.

An enormous, dense and deep blue web of fire!

The seven greenwood flags absorbed the water power, continuously turning it into wood power. Beside each greenwood flag, there were seven second grade little Copper Lion Head Cauldrons. Deep red flames spat out from the mouth of the lion heads on the Copper Lion Head Cauldrons and gathered in the air. After gathering, the redness of the flames became fainter.

Around each of the seven cauldrons, with twelve jade cards as bone, and the red gold thread as the channels, it formed a [Three-Turn Fire Formation]!

After three turns, the fire was almost completely clear!

Seven near-transparent flames flew in the sky, crisscrossing in the air.

The seven by seven forty-nine little dan cauldrons formation a [Great Li Fire Formation]!

Once the formation formed, each string of fire shook. The nearly transparent flames changed again, and became tinged with a slightly tranquil blue.

This was the enormous tranquil blue web of fire that everyone saw up in the air!

The tranquil blue web of fire perfectly blocked the three sword energies and Zong Ming Yan!



Zong Ming Yan's expression slightly changed!

This web of fire had actually cut the connection between him and the three sword energies!

At the same time, the blue Dragon Tying Chains that was around the three sword energies suddenly pulled and swung towards the side!


In the end, the blue Dragon Tying Chains was not able to stop the three combined sword essences, and was shred into pieces! But with this pull and swing, the aim of the three sword essences diverged. They brushed past that crescent moon, entering the air and disappeared!

Everyone was shocked still by the fire web that suddenly appeared over their heads!

The tranquil blue threads of fire were silent. It was like there was a enormous and tranquil blue spider-web over their heads.

But many of them did not pale because of the thick tranquil blue fire threads. Instead the terrifying heat that was released startled everyone! The flame was tranquil blue, how high would its temperature reach?

The tranquil blue web of fire freely burned on. The interior of the formation had become an enormous dan cauldron!

In the air, Wu Ling Sanren and Wei Fei saw this extremely awe-inspiring scene.

The moisture of the half-mu sized pond roiled, abnormally lively. They turned to streams of water power, continuously flooding into the greenwood flag masts. The green and silent wood energy entered the Copper Lion Head Cauldrons, turning into deep red fire power, then through the [Three-Turn Fire Formation], it then entered the [Great Li Fire Formation], and knotted into a web.

Wei Fei stared with wide eyes, muttering to himself, "Uncanny workmanship! Godly technique!"

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