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 Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One - The Wondrous Abilities of The Five Colored Pagoda

Zuo Mo left with a heap of items.

Other than the Five Colored Pagoda, he had a large pile of various materials. He had spent all the jingshi he had. Now that he had the dimensional ring, he completely didn't have to worry about the problem of weight. The materials of the Hundred Treasure Flying Pavilion was extremely high-quality. Other than here, Zuo Mo couldn't think he could have brought what he did anywhere else in Dong Fu. In his mind, after this visit, it would be a long time before he could come to the Hundred Treasures Flying Pavilion again.

In any case, he could use the materials, so he wasn't wasting anything.

Looking at the piles of materials in the dimensional ring, Zuo Mo's heart was very content, and it washed away the heartache from spending all his jingshi. He also released a long breath. He was not worried anymore. Hee hee, Pu, I'll let you understand what it was to be penniless.

He also had four pieces of fourth-grade cold magnet, one bottle of Intense Fire Dan, one bottle of Dying Flowing Moon, and a jade scroll. The Intense Fire Dan was a payment, the jade scroll recorded the formations that needed to be carved onto the four sword billets.

The moment Zuo Mo left the Hundred Treasure Flying Pavilion, he heard Pu ask urgently: "Do you have jingshi?"

"Ha ha ha ha... ..." Zuo Mo couldn't stop himself from roaring with laughter.

"What are you laughing about? Pu Yao who had just woke up was evidently a beat slower.

"No... ... no more... ..." Zuo Mo tried very hard to stop laughing and said deliberately seriously: "Why didn't you say it earlier? I just bought some things, and spent all the jingshi."

"Not even one left?" Pu Yao asked dumbly.

"Not even one left." Zuo Mo replied certainly.

Zuo Mo was extremely happy and smug to be able to get one over Pu Yao. Sitting on Silly Bird, he hummed a weird tune. As Silly Bird moved her wings, she rolled her eyes. After a while, she couldn't bear it anymore, and started to honk, trying to suppress Zuo Mo's voice.

In a good mood, Zuo Mo suddenly became angry, throwing a punch to Silly Bird's head.

"What are you honking about, can't you hear ge is singing?"

Silly Bird became dizzy and it took a while to recover. Her head low, she flew on weakly. Zuo Mo continued to howl at the top of this throat. Once they managed to reach the Little West Wind Yard, the moment they landed, Silly Bird stumbled over to the water to throw up.

Zuo Mo glanced at Silly Bird, humming: "Not able to see ge's beauty, it is your greatest crime... ..."

Returning to his own little house, and pondering over everything that happened today, Zuo Mo sank into thought.

There were many suspicious things about this incident. Like Lin Qian's identity. The first time he met Lin Qian, Lin Qian had appeared to be a person that was not familiar with Dong Fu at all. But looking at it today, he seemed to be very close with the Hundred Treasure Flying Pavilion's owner. What surprised Zuo Mo was that Lin Qian had referred to Su as shimei but Su didn't seem to recognize him.

Su's origin was a mystery. Adding on an even more mysterious Lin Qian, Zuo Mo suddenly felt that the incident today was even more bewildering.

Su was slightly better, but Zuo Mo could not clearly see through the constantly smiling Lin Qian, not one bit. Behind the warm smile, there was something that Zuo Mo was instinctively wary of. That was why he had persisted in buying the Five Colored Pagoda by himself. Even though he had spent jingshi, but he wanted to feel comfortable. It was a very bad feeling to owe someone a favor, and especially owe someone that he didn't know anything about. That was just not discourteous, but very dangerous.

I still have many things to do. I still have to find answers!

Zuo Mo said to himself.

His attention turned to the Five Colored Pagoda that he bought today. This was an incompletely forged five element talisman. No wonder it couldn't be sold in Dong Fu. Zuo Mo understood when he thought about it. Dong Fu was dominated by sword xiu. Most xiuzhe of the five elements were dan-makers and forgers. Dong Fu didn't have any dan-making and forging xiuzhe that were wealthy enough to go to the Hundred Treasures Flying Pavilion to spend fifty pieces of fourth-grade jingshi to by a talisman.

A half-forged talisman that could sell for fifty pieces of fourth-grade jingshi, it was enough to prove it was not ordinary.

Zuo Mo could only celebrate his good luck. If this Five Colored Pagoda was complete, with his pitiful cultivation, he wouldn't be able to control it.

He studied the jade scroll that roaming xiu had left behind. Zuo Mo managed to get the general gist of the roaming xiu's intentions. He had to sigh with amazement. This roaming xiu had such great ambitions!

This roaming xiu wanted to create a complete five element world inside the Five Colored Pagoda. Inside the world, five balls of five element energy would be continuously processed, and, in the end, form a base source of five elements. They would birth and subdue each other inside the pagoda, forming a small world at equilibrium. The essence of five element energies would freely change within the pagoda. As to what this five element would transform into, even the roaming xiu that was the creator couldn't predict.

Of course, that was just the final goal. That roaming xiu was not an impractical person. Before this talisman met its final goal, the pagoda still had many uses. The Five Colored Pagoda was a very unique container. Anything that was put in would be quickly separated into its component elemental energies. Of course, if what was put in was higher grade than the grade of the Five Colored Pagoda, it naturally was not possible.

Also, if it was used to cast a spell from the five elements, the effect would multiply.

The Five Color Pagoda was an experimental talisman, so in the jade scroll, there were many speculations the creator had made, but that did not have much to do with Zuo Mo right now. The talisman was not something he could complete at the moment. Zuo Mo was doubtful that he could even complete it when he was in ningmai.

But it was fine if he did not complete it. The maker had already set up the basic skeleton. For Zuo Mo, what he needed to do was simple. He had to put in five element materials.

Tilting his head to think for a second, Zuo Mo suddenly flicked his finger. A strand of milky-white flame flew from his finger and entered the Five Colored Pagoda.

The bright red middle level of the Five Colored Pagoda suddenly lit up. As the Stalagmite fire entered, it was quickly deconstructed into fire energy that circled around the second level of the five element pagoda. Gold, wood, water, fire, earth. The tip of the tower was gold, the base was earth. Zuo Mo could clearly feel that the fire element energy inside the Five Colored Pagoda was a few fractions stronger than before. The red light around the pagoda dissipated, but the red level was more red than before.

Zuo Mo had expected this but was still surprised. It was not surprising that the Stalagmite fire could increase the amount of fire element energy. However, the Stalagmite fire was a cold fire. This didn't seem to change the effect on the pagoda.

He couldn't understand after thinking it over. Zuo Mo decided to not think about it, and continuously threw materials into the pagoda. As the materials were put into the pagoda, they would quickly broken down into five element energy, but the color of the pagoda did not change.

Was it that the grade was not high enough?

Zuo Mo sensitively caught the crux of the matter. What he had thrown in had been first-grade materials so the Five Colored Pagoda did not respond. Hesitating for a second, he gritted his teeth and threw in a third-grade Green Fragrant Wood. The moment the Green Fragrant Wood was thrown in, the green light of the wood level suddenly lit up. The wood elemental energy inside instantly grew bigger.

Having proved what he had suspected, Zuo Mo was not very happy, but sucked in a cold breath.


He had thrown in a third-grade Green Fragrant Wood, but the wood element energy inside the pagoda had just increased just that little bit. How many high level materials would he have to add in to fill it? Even more importantly, it needed good materials. Zuo Mo guessed that when the five element energy inside reached a certain level, it would not be satisfied with third-grade materials. By that time, it would require fourth-level, fifth-level... ...

It was like a bucket of cold water had been poured on his head. Zuo Mo's excitement instantly cooled greatly. He was in poverty right now. He definitely could not use expensive materials to fill this bottomless hole.

His idea of continuing to process it was quickly killed in its infancy. He started to study the other uses of the Five Colored Pagoda.

As he studied the jade scroll, and examined the Five Colored Pagoda, Zuo Mo did find a very practical use.

Zuo Mo found the five element energies inside the Five Colored Pagoda could be taken out for his use!

This discovery made him exhilarated.

Xiuzhe of the five elements usually needed to form their own five element energies. For example, xiuzhe that specialized in fire would use scriptures from the very beginning to turn the ling power inside the body into fire ling power to release fire oriented spells. As the person's cultivation deepened, the ling power inside the body would automatically become fire element energies. Fire element energy was purer than fire oriented ling power, and after continuous processing, it would become even more pure. At the end, it would form a fire element source that would emanate from his entire body.

Zuo Mo was still at the stage that he could only turn ling power into five element ling power.

But as long as there was five element energy inside the Five Colored Pagoda, he could take it out and easily cast many kinds of five element spells. The power of these spells would far surpass the power of spells he could cast by himself.

The only thing he found pitiful was that the five element energies in the Five Colored Pagoda did not replenish after use. It needed him to continuously replenish it. Only after it was completed and could form the five element sources would it naturally produce five element energies. That was as far away from Zuo Mo like the stars in the sky.

Zuo Mo's calculations were extremely abnormal.

He was calculating how much five element energy a spell would require, then he would turn the equivalent of the amount of five element energy into third-grade ling grass, then the ling grass into jingshi... ...

F***! So expensive!

Zuo Mo's hand shook from heartache. He instantly decided that he would not use the five element energies inside the pagoda unless he really had to.

These days, even good talismans were this expensive! He could afford to buy it, but not use it.

But even so, the Five Colored Pagoda was very useful for Zuo Mo. He could use it to increase his control over the five elements. It could be used in ling farming, dan-making, forging and formations.

"A pretty good little thing." Pu Yao suddenly sneaked out. Looking at the Five Colored Pagoda in Zuo Mo's hands, his expression was not good.

"He he ... ..." Zuo Mo's hairs stood as Pu Yao looked at him, shamefaced. However, his hands were not slow and threw the pagoda into the dimensional ring.

"Not bad, you even have a dimensional ring now." Pu Yao's tone became even more unfriendly. He finally realized why there was no more jingshi.

"This is an investment for making jingshi in the future. Without investments, how will anything be produced!" Zuo Mo blathered on, his heart having a bad feeling.

"It seemed you are very unsatisfied with me." Pu Yao's face suddenly calmed down and he started to slowly pick at his fingernails.

Those barefoot were not afraid of those wearing shoes... ...

The penniless Zuo Mo told himself this and his courage rose: "It's because what you give me each time sucks!"

"Sucks?" Pu Yao's expression was spectacular, and dumbstruck.

It would have been better not to mention it. Once the topic came up, the more Zuo Mo thought, the angrier he got. He jumped up and started cursing as he pointed at Pu Yao's nose: "You even have the face to mention it? When did you give something good? [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] almost cause ge to lose my little life! What yao seed and mo matrix, it caused ge's ling power to not grow anymore! [Fragrance Knowledge], knowledge my ass! That yin bead, a bunch of jindan almost skinned ge, and cooked ge's bones into soup! You are a fraudulent merchant! Your goods are crap... ..."

Pu Yao stared, dumbstruck, at the infuriated Zuo Mo.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is super lucky and also fed up. He really got one over Pu Yao this time. More magic theory in this chapter.