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 Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen - What Happened

Even though it was the first time he was using his consciousness in this way, but Zuo Mo's spiritual control was much stronger than this yin fiend. He hadn't processed all those materials for nothing. His spirit was much stronger than the yin fiend in the first place, and his control was the same. It was just that he hadn't know how to use it. Seeing how the yin fiend in front of him was using its consciousness, Zuo Mo felt that the paper on the window easily broke.

One burst of consciousness, shaped like a needle, burrowed into the yin bead.

But the yin energy inside the yin bead was too dense. This bit of consciousness was too weak. Zuo Mo wasn't someone that stuck to rote. He quickly separated a few more strands of consciousness and merged them together before it was just able to enter the yin bead!

Once his consciousness entered the yin bead, Zuo Mo immediately felt an astounding change!

He seemed to be situated in a grey world. Dense yin energy was floating all around him, cold, and strange.

Zuo Mo's mind became blurred. Only when he felt the hardness coming from his feet did he suddenly wake!

The consciousness that had entered the yin bead had come from him. The feelings that it transferred back had conflicted with his own consciousness, and created this momentary daze suddenly.

It was complicated to describe but it was only the flick of a finger.

A inky black yin splinter appeared in front of the yin fiend. As his the yin splinter also formed, Zuo Mo felt a terrifying presence and became wary. Luckily, his own "yin splinter" had formed at the same time. It was strange but the yin fiend still kept its original shape. However, it turned from grey to crystal clear without any imperfections.

Even though he had copied everything the yin fiend had done, but Zuo Mo still was not very confident. He emboldened his heart and threw out this clear crystal bead

The yin fiend sent out the yin splinter at the exact same time.

The inky black yin splinter moved, and howls started. It was like the crying of infants, the yin energy rippling!

Seeing such a strong presence, Zuo Mo became even less confident. His right hand holding the Water Drop sword, he forced himself to remain calm. He decided, the moment it turned bad, he would definitely use Li Water Burning Heavens even if it meant he would be wounded! He had already been injured before when he had reversed channeled his ling power. If he did Li Water Burning Heavens, his injuries would worsen but he didn't have any better choices.

Only now did he realize that what he trusted the most was [Li Water Burning Heavens]. Pu Yao had spoke of the grand power of the yin fire bead but he had never used it before, and he had almost failed in the process of making the yin bead. Zuo Mo didn't know if its power would be weakened due to that.

He had personally experienced the power of the seal soldier, and it was a good thing, but it took time to recite the spell for this thing, and to cast a spell. If he met an emergency, he wouldn't have the time to use it.

There was only [Li Water Burning Heavens]. As long as he had the Water Drop sword, he could cast it at any time.

He couldn't help but grimace. It was not hard to cast [Li Water Burning Heavens] but it was limited by his cultivation. If he was the least bit uncareful, he could be wounded. He decided that after he returned, he would definitely study some more life-saving moves.

Readying himself, Zuo Mo threw all his thoughts to the back of his mind, all of his attention fixed on the inky black yin splinter.

The clear crystal bead soundlessly drew the most normal projectile curve. There was no sound, no presence. The presence of the black yin splinter was astounding. All the yin energy in the surroundings seemed to be attracted, a cold wind blowing, causing Zuo Mo's clothes to flap. It also cooled down Zuo Mo's heart. The howls that came from every direction, the dark and coldness that entered from every pore. If it was a person with a weaker mental state, they probably wouldn't even have the thought of fighting under this presence.

In the corner, Pu Yao watched, stunned, as the bead and splinter hit.


There wasn't the imagined explosion. There was no light. There was only a clear sound like a bubble popping.

But with this clear sound, the ever present howls instantly stopped. That bone-aching dark cold suddenly dissipated.

Holding the Water Drop sword, already prepared to fight for his life, Zuo Mo was stunned in his spot.

After the hit, the crystal bead had turned into a clear ball of light, and that astoundingly powerful black yin splinter had actually been melted by this clear light, disappearing in the blink of an eye. The still-glowing ball headed for the yin fiend. It was like the yin fiend was paralyzed, not moving as it allowed the ball of light to hit its body.

The yin fiend didn't make a sound as it was hit. It quickly melted and disappeared like a snowman, along with the ball of light. There was nothing remaining.

The instant the ball of light disappeared, Zuo Mo's mind blanked.

After a while, Zuo Mo focused as he looked dumbly at the empty ground.

What... ... what had happened?

The instant the ball of light and the yin fiend had disappeared at the same time, Pu Yao's pupil had suddenly shrunk from behind Zuo Mo but it quickly recovered.

"Pu, this... ... what is this?" Zuo Mo turned around and stammered a question. He had thought of many different results but what happened had definitely not been one of them.

Pu Yao said disdainfully, "Blind cat bumping into a dead mouse."

Zuo Mo definitely wouldn't accept such an irresponsible explanation from Pu Yao. He took out another yin bead, added a bit of consciousness to it. After the yin bead became a crystal bead again, he threw it out.

Poof. The crystal bead hit the ground, a light flashed, and then it disappeared, not even leaving a hole on the ground.

Other than his mind blanking for an instantly, there was no response. Zuo Mo was dumbstruck.

"Haha!" Pu Yao roared with laughter.

Was it really just luck? Zuo Mo didn't believe it. Or did this thing only have an effect against yin fiends?

"We finally managed to encountered a somewhat good yin fiend and you got rid of it," Pu Yao seemed to be disinterested and threw out a few jingshi. Zuo Mo felt the scene in front of his eyes flash and they were back in the stone room.

After returning, Pu Yao went back into the sea of consciousness. He sat down again on the gravestone and closed his eye. Zuo Mo felt that this guy was probably full and was now digesting it all.

Only after returning to the familiar stone room did Zuo Mo feel the heavy exhaustion. He had spent a whole day with his mind on high alert, especially when he had encountered the last few yin fiends. He had spent a lot of energy. Not caring that the ground was cold and wet, he fell asleep on the rock.

"Don't forget!"

"Even in death, you must not forget!"

... ...

As Zuo Mo dreamed, a warm green light rose at his chest, turning into a thin stream and spread into his limbs and organs.

Pu Yao sat on the gravestone, coldly staring at the faraway space.

The Sword Test Conference was full of excitement. Young experts that lit up the eyes of the audience continuously appeared. The special energy that young expert had caused this Sword Test Conference to be full of emotion. Most of the young cultivators were heavy on the offense and light on the defense. A common scene of the Sword Test Conference was flames and light spreading all around.

This was just the preliminary Sword Test Conference. More and more young xiuzhe were rushing to get to Dong Fu.

One by one, unfamiliar and unknown names quickly became familiar.

Zuo Mo opened his eyes and climbed up from the wet and cold ground. He stretched out his limbs and felt that his strength had recovered. He looked at the surroundings. The stone room was cold and silent. Without him noticing, he had lost his dependence on the ling vein in the rock room. The vein was now used to make dan, one, because it was quite enough and no one would disturb him, and two, was the ling spring was a very good place for the water method.

He glanced at the lingdan in the ling spring and put the Water Drop sword into the ling spring to nurture it. This method didn't produce any visible effects but it could change the quality of the Water Drop sword from the ground up.

After finishing this, he coiled his legs and sat down, sinking into his thoughts.

He had gained a lot from his trip to the sword cave.

How to use the formation disks, the effects of each formation disk, stealing how to use the yin splinter from the yin fiends. Even though he didn't really understand the result of what he had copied using the yin bead, but he knew that it worked. It was just that he didn't understand it. Other than that, his biggest discovery was that he found he was lacking life-saving measures. The coordination of low level moves could have power, but the premise was that it required preparations for many situations. If he suddenly encountered danger, he basically had no time to consider how to group together those spells.

Other than that, the seal soldier could only be used once and it took a long time for it to activate. That meant it was fated not to be useful in emergencies.

The only thing he could rely upon was the Water Drop sword. However, just relying on the Water Drop sword, he was not secure.

A true sword xiu would have absolute confidence in their flying sword and sword scripture, like Wei Sheng Shixiong. But this definitely did not include Zuo Mo. He never thought of himself as a pure sword xiu and had no basis for such self confidence.

His gaze landed on the yin fire bead.

He had endured great hardship and trouble the last time when he made the yin fire bead. He naturally didn't bear to use up the one yin fire bead that he had gone to great trouble to make. He had never been clear about the power of the yin fire bead. After he had processed so many materials in Dong Fu, his control of the Stalagmite fire had gone up a level. Adding on the aid of the fire formation, he had the confidence to make a finished yin fire bead. It was just that he hadn't thought about this at all. In this trip to the sword cave, after the dangers he had encountered, he deeply felt the importance of life-saving measures. At a crucial time, if he had one or two tricks up his sleeve, it would be a completely different outcome.

Zuo Mo went to an unpopulated mountain valley. This pace was more than a hundred kilometers from Wu Kong Mountain. The old trees in the mountain valley reached for the sky, giving him a great covering.

The yin bead had put him in extreme danger. He knew deeply that this item could not be seen and was even more careful.

After finding a position to stand, he took out the yin fire bead. The cloud like patterns on the bead was extremely beautiful.

In the [Yin Fire Bead Chapter], there were all kinds of strange and weird ways to use the yin fire bead. Because he hadn't had the yin fire bead before, Zuo Mo hadn't really studied them. This time, he decided to really take a good look. He quickly picked out a finger spell called [Finger Throw]. It fulfilled Zuo Mo's demands: simple finger moves, and pretty good power.

Alone, he stayed in the mountain valley and practiced [Finger Throw].

[Finger Throw] was not complicated. It was constructed out of five finger motions. However, the ling power manipulations related to it was slightly complex. Thankfully, even though Zuo Mo's cultivation was limited, but his control of ling power was extremely outstanding. The degree of difficulty was just a minor problem for him.

After two hours, he had pretty much grasped the finger throw. Four hours later, he was extremely familiar.

Feeling that it was enough, he stopped his practice.

He was extremely curious, using the finger throw to cast the yin fire bead, what would the power be?

Translator Ramblings: Wasn't this chapter fun? The recurring nightmare comes again. I wonder if this world has sleeping aids or something that could prevent dreams that Zuo Mo is ignorant about.

The discussion about whether the Stalagmite fire was cold or yin or both is really bothering me so I'll go search and see. For what I remember as the first time in this story, a long description of an instant finally happened.