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 Chapter One Hundred And Thirteen - Formation Disks

"You've beaten it to this, how can I eat it?" Pu Yao said in dissatisfaction.

Zuo Mo panted, not having the energy to pay attention to him. After a while, his breaths evened. Thinking about the danger that had just passed, he suddenly erupted, "You damned renyao! Why didn't you tell me before that yin fiends could attack?"

Pu Yao's face was matter-of-fact, "I thought you knew. Such a simple thing, you should know that."

Silly yao, you aren't seeing the situation clearly! Zuo Mo smirked, "Such a simple thing, ge doesn't want to lower myself to do it! You can do it yourself." Finishing, he turned to leave.

Pu Yao was dumbstruck.

Silly yao! Fighting with ge, I'll let you know how to die! Zuo Mo raged inside, his anger remaining.

"This is a misunderstanding." Pu Yao caught up and said solemnly, "Actually, I wanted to teach you how to deal with yin fiends, but you know, this needs you to personally experience it so you have a better impression."

Zuo Mo didn't pay attention to him.

Pu Yao glanced at him, and kept on speaking, "Look, with your power, it doesn't take much energy to destroy yin fiends that have just formed. But do you have any way of injuring them but not destroying them?"

Zuo Mo didn't even blink an eyelid, "Why do I have to injure them but not destroy them?"

Pu Yao said sternly, "Oh, it is not right to think that way. For example, your master told you to capture a yao beast, alive. What will you do? You make medicine as well, and you should know that many yao beast material need alive beasts to be effective."

Zuo Mo still didn't pay attention to him.

"However, taking into account your present cultivation, it was pretty good that you managed to destroy it. But you cannot stay forever in Wu Kong Mountain, and Sky Moon Jie. Oh, you still have to go find your identity and history... ..."

Zuo Mo's steps stopped. He rudely interrupted Pu Yao, "Pu, what do you really want to say?"

Pu shrugged his shoulders, "I just want to teach you some methods of dealing with similar situations."

"What methods?" Zuo Mo asked.

"There are many." Pu Yao rubbed his chin, "But with your present power, the best methods is formations."

Formations? Zuo Mo first paused and then some interest rose, "Formations, how to use formations? The enemy will let me set up a formation?"

Smugness rose in Pu Yao's bloody pupil and then disappeared, "Your understanding of formations is still too shallow. I have seen strong xiuzhe. Their minds would just move and they could make a big formation. They have endless tricks. I once encountered a sword xiu. He had twelve flying swords, and he could set up a powerful formation in the blink of an eye, extremely strong."

Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed, "You're just wasting your words." Recently, he had been studying formations, but he had just started. He needed a lot of time to set up a slightly complex formation, much less using his mind to set up a large formation.

"It seems your basic knowledge is too weak." Pu Yao was not gentle in mocking Zuo Mo. He continued, "There is something called formation disks in this world."

"Formation disks?" Zuo Mo paused and then became joyous, "You know how to make formation disks?" Many of the formation jade scrolls he had gathered would mention the thing called "formation disks" but not one of the jade scrolls mentioned how to make formation disks. He had planned on searching in Dong Fu to see if he could buy a jade scroll about formation disks. However, after the incident with the Inky Black Lotus seed occurred, he didn't have time to go search before he sneaked back to the mountain.

"I don't have any interest in trash like formation disks." Pu Yao's words were like a bucket of cold water poured over his head. Zuo Mo's heart that had just heated slightly instantly cooled down.

He looked in extreme dissatisfaction at Pu Yao.

Pu Yao shrugged, "Even though I don't understand, but I know where to find the instructions."

"Where?" Zuo Mo couldn't help but ask.

"Oh, I feel we need to make an agreement." Pu Yao said slowly.

Zuo Mo first stilled and then understood what Pu Yao meant. He asked, "What agreement?"

"I'll tell you where it is. You need to give me fifty yin fiends, alive." Pu Yao's bright red tongue licked his lips, extremely alluring.

"Ok." Zuo Mo agreed without any hesitations.

"Hee hee, your sect's records room has it." Pu Yao smirked at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo was speechless.

The records room of Wu Kong Sword Sect was open to all inner sect disciples and did not require any contribution points. When the sect leader had announced this, Zuo Mo had been suspicious that he had heard it wrong. He felt none of the elders were charitable people, so why would they announce such a strange rule?

However, Zuo Mo definitely approved of it. The only shortcoming was that the sect primarily focused on sword scriptures and had pitiful amounts of other jade scrolls. There were very few that were good ones. This was also why Zuo Mo hadn't thought of the sect's records room in the first place.

Zuo Mo suddenly stopped in his steps. He saw a familiar figure.

Luo Li Shixiong!

Wasn't he in seclusion? Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. He looked a few more times. Luo Li Shixiong seemed engrossed in his reading, and hadn't noticed his arrival at all.

Zuo Mo didn't have any good feelings for Luo Li Shixiong. The conflict between the two of them basically could not be resolved. Zuo Mo didn't want to have a conflict happen the in the records room so he lightened his steps and started searching in the records room.

He quickly found the jade scroll on formation disks and was overjoyed. Pu Yao hadn't lied to him.

Holding the jade scroll, Zuo Mo quickly sunk into the world of the jade scroll, completely forgetting the passage of time.

Formation disks was putting already prepared formations inside a jade disk so that when it was needed, it could quickly be released. It was an extremely practical technique. The majority of formations could be made into formation disks for easy use. However, the power of formation disks was slightly weaker than the formations that were set up using talismans, so it was preferred by low level xiuzhe below jindan.

In all the xiuzhe, the ones skilled in using formation disks were roaming xiu. Zuo Mo found that he seemed to be extremely similar to roaming xiu. The spells that he had primarily focused on in the area of ling farming were also one of the areas roaming xiu were skilled in.

The difficulty of creating formation disks was directly related to the difficulty of the formation. It had to be said that Zuo Mo's days which he spend in Dong Fu processing all kinds of materials had given him large amounts of experience. Under his attentive studying, he gradually learned how to make formation disks.

Before this, he studied formations because he wanted to increase his skill at forging and dan-making. He had never thought about using formations against enemies. Only when he started learning how to make formation disks did he find that formations could be used against enemies.

When he left the records room, the sky was already dark. Luo Li Shixiong had disappeared. Zuo Mo guessed that he had left.

Returning to the Little West Wind Yard, Xiao Guo had already left. Only Silly Bird was standing on the rooftop, untiringly preening her own feathers again and again.

Finding a jade board in the room, Zuo Mo gathered his mind to think and started to create his first formation disk.

He cut out a piece of jade that was palm-sized and the thickness of a finger. There was no need to wonder about the shape of the formation disk. Zuo Mo used the Water Drop sword to cut it into a rough circular shape. The important part was to seal the formation into the jade disk. What formation should he seal?

Since it was his first try, Zuo Mo decided to pick a formation of little difficulty - Three Talent Water formation.

The only purpose of this formation was to greatly increase the water content inside a certain area to increase the power of water element spells. There were many things that had to be taken care of when setting up a formation, and the most important one of them was the formation talisman. The formation talisman was just a talisman that could act as the intermediary for the formation.

Some xiuzhe would create some little flags and use them to make the formation. Others would make a beaded bracelet for the formation. The xiuzhe were different, and the formation talismans that could be used were endless and varied. However, if they were formation talismans, they would have some similarities, such as number.

The more powerful the formation, the more complex it usually was, and the more formation talismans was needed to create the formation.

However, to Zuo Mo, formation talismans was something he could only dream about. He didn't have the power presently to create a good formation talisman. Thankfully, the Three Talent Water formation did not need any good materials. Zuo Mo just randomly found three pieces of first-grade Greenwood, cut it up to half a cun wide, and three cun long pieces, before starting to carve the formation on them.

Due to the formation itself being simple, three crude formation talismans were quickly completed.

Zuo Mo started to set up the Three Talent Water formation. The three pieces of Greenwood were placed in the positions of sky, earth, and person. Two jingshi were placed according to the positions of sun and moon. After setting it up, Zuo Mo started a spell.

A layer of misty water quickly covered the Little West Wind Yard. Silly Bird shrieked in shock from the roof, and hurriedly flapped her wings to fly into the sky.

At this time, Zuo Mo had taken out the jade disk he had prepared before, and cast a spell to seal the formation.

All the water and the Three Talent Water formation were completely taken into the jade disk. There was nothing left on the ground, and on the jade disk, there was a green water shaped sigil.

Zuo Mo found it extremely interesting. He quickly cast a spell for the formation disk. Light flashed across the surface of the formation disk, and a three talent water formation appeared on the ground again, continuously producing water. However, the rate of water that it produced in the air was slightly slower than before.

So interesting!

Zuo Mo, interested, started to make all kinds of formation disks. Even though it was the simplest materials, but he was extremely interested and toyed around gleefully.

He only stopped when all the ling power in his body was used up. He had about a dozen of all kinds of formation disks. Extremely exhausted, he collapsed into sleep. Moments later, his snores were like thunder.


Zuo Mo was called up by Xiao Guo.

"Shixiong." Xiao Guo timidly called.

"Hm." Zuo Mo barely managed to open his eyes and muttered indistinctly. It had been a time since he had such a good sleep.

"Sect Leader tells you to go to Wu Kong Hall."

"Wu Kong Hall... ... don't bother me... ..." Just having opened his eyes, Zuo Mo's mind was still fuzzy. After a while, his mind focused and he instantly sat up, nervously asking Xiao Guo, "Where did you just say Sect Leader wanted me to go?"

"Sect Leader said for you to go to Wu Kong Hall... ..." Xiao Guo timidly said.

Without another word, he jumped up, and rushed out of the West Wind Valley like a burst of wind.

She was joking!

If Sect Leader said for him to go to Wu Kong Hall, then that definitely meant he had something important to announce!

On the way there, he kept on pondering what important matter did the sect leader have to announce this time?

Translator Ramblings: Poor Zuo Mo, he really is still far from being a good businessman. Three guesses what the announcement is about and the first two doesn't count!