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 Chapter One Hundred and Eleven - For Tasty Food

The ling replenishing formation made from five pieces of third-grade jingshi continuously supplied ling power but the ling energy in Zuo Mo's body dropped quickly. The rate of replenishment clearly could not keep up with the speed of use. There was more than one way to form a ling replenishing formation, but the five element ling replenishing formation was the best he could make.

The ling power entered furiously, and the channels felt a tearing pain. The ling power that had just entered the channels would be emptied out at double the rate. What followed was a strong feeling of weakness. Tearing and weakness interchanging, even though the mo matrix had been strengthening his channel, Zuo Mo was almost driven crazy.

He knew he could not go crazy, he could not even move a bit. Any tiny movement could cause the fragile Four-Turn fire formation to collapse.

At that time, the glowing and tender lotus seed would lose all its restrains. A colorless and invisible poison would not let go of any person in the room. As the person closest, he naturally would not be immune.

Gritting his teeth, a flow of blood dripped from the corner of his mouth silently.

Zuo Mo did not detect it. His eyes were widened round as he fixed on the fire cocoon, and the glowing lotus that was revealing its true appearance inside!

A light cocoon made up from the criss-cross of sixteen threads of fire. They released an extremely cold energy, suppressing the toxins of the lotus seed, not letting them escape. As the coat on the lotus seed decreased, the three males on the side became even more nervous and their breathing sped up.


The five pieces of jingshi that made up the five elements ling replenishing formation simultaneously turned to five blooms of dust! Everyone's expression changed. Had it failed?

Amid the stone dust, Zuo Mo gave a shout with all his strength, "Argh!"

The moment the fire cocon disappeared, the glowing and tender lotus seed accurately landed into the jade bottle that had appeared at some unknown time in his left hand, his right hand lightning fast as he plugged the top.

The mist of dust faded, revealing the sorry figure of Zuo Mo. His hair, face, and body were covered by stone dust. The stream of blood from his mouth, mixed with the stone dust, looked extremely frightening.


Zuo Mo's right hand put the jade bottle on the ground in front of him. His voice was raspy and thin, revealing just how weak he was!

The red-robed male reached out with a hand and the jade bottle flew to him. After inspecting inside, glee made its way onto his face. He quickly adjusted his expression, first bowing to Zuo Mo, "Master Zuo is really skilled!" Finishing, he put the jade scroll in front of Zuo Mo. He thought for a second, and then tilted his head to look at the eagle-nosed male, "Do you have the [Gold Forging Chapter Remnant] from last time?"

The eagle-nosed male nodded, "Yes." Finishing, he took out a jade scroll from the hundred treasures pouch at his waist, passing it to the red-robed male.

The red-robed male also put the [Gold Forging Chapter Remnant] in front of Zuo Mo, voice sincere as he said, "The discourtesy before, I ask Master Zuo to be generous and forgive us. Us brothers had accidentally came into possession of this jade scroll and it will be our apology! In the future, if we have to trouble Master Zuo, please help us!"

This person was skilled!

Zuo Mo thought. The other had made a beautiful move. Even though he had anger inside, but just hearing the name of the jade scroll, Zuo Mo knew he could not resist it. He could only grimace, "As long as it's not so dangerous as today."

"Ha ha! Master Zuo is joking. This time, it really was us that was brash! But if we were not so, we would not have seen Master Zuo's astonishing skills!" The red-robed male laughed forthrightly. Finishing, he raised his hands in a bow to bid farewell, "Have a good rest, Master Zuo! We won't disturb you any longer!"

After the three left, Zuo Mo finally took a breath at the departure of the calamity. The left hand that was hidden in the sleeve released the seal soldier.

This time, he really had enormous damage!

However, looking at the two jade scrolls in front of him, he felt that it was not for nothing. Li Ying Feng, who was frightened to death, hurriedly took out a pile of lingdan, urging Zuo Mo to go back to Wu Kong Mountain. This business was too dangerous.

The second day, when Li Ying Feng saw Zuo Mo, who had been on his last breath yesterday, was jumping around like usual, she was dumbstruck.

Shidi looked so weak. Was he just weak on the outside, strong on the inside?

The internal injuries were much better than Zuo Mo had thought. The mo matrix on his body greatly aided his recovery. He had assumed that he needed to rest for half a month, and had not expected that he would be more than half healed by the second day. Of course, he was still a few days away from complete recovery.

Before recovering to his best, he decided to return to the mountain. The tempers of those ningmai xiuzhe were not very good. If another ningmai came to the door, it would be terrible.


Riding Silly Bird, Zuo Mo quickly returned to his little yard.

Back at Wu Kong Mountain, his heart finally landed. Wu Kong Mountain might be small, but no one dared to come to the mountain to make trouble when the sect leader and others were present. He still had a deep memory of the night that Wei Sheng Shixiong had entered zhuji and the one sword stroke of Xin Yan Shibo that had shocked countless people. A sect that had four jindan at the same time, there were not many of those in Dong Fu.

It was a pity that Wei Sheng Shixiong was not in the sect. He felt it was a pity.

Finally rid of his enormous debt, and having obtained a large number of jade scrolls, for him, this was a really leisurely time. As he recovered from his injuries, he studied the jade scrolls in his possession.

He had a variety of jade scrolls for all topics, but not many of them were high quality.

Actually, he did not lack for jade scrolls at the moment. All the jade scrolls in the sect were open for inner sect disciples. Zuo Mo could go see Master's records room at any time. Just those jade scrolls, they would take up large amounts of Zuo Mo's time. However, the only thing the sect lacked was the formation jade scrolls that Zuo Mo needed, so he had to use this method to collect formation jade scrolls. He had gathered many jade scrolls on formations, but they were very disconnected, and not systematic.

Zuo Mo was not a very picky person. Having so many jade scrolls to learn from, he was already very satisfied.

In the high quality jade scrolls, there was a sword scripture called [Blue Flower]. It was extremely fine, but too yin and soft, suited for females. It was useless in his hands, so Zuo Mo decided to give this sword scripture to Xiao Guo. Li Ying Feng Shijie was not practicing sword scriptures now, busy everyday with managing business.

But when Zuo Mo ran to the Eastern Peak, he found out that Xiao Guo had successfully entered zhuji, becoming an inner sect disciple, and also entered Shi Feng Rong's branch.

He hadn't thought the little girl would become his shimei.

When Zuo Mo found a mountain valley, seeing the apple shaped wooden sign with "Xiao Guo's Home" written on it, he instantly smiled.

There were no jinzhi on Xiao Guo's mountain valley. Zuo Mo easily walked in.

When Xiao Guo, who had been practicing her sword, saw Zuo Mo, she first paused and then had a happy expression. Following that, she timidly said, "Shixiong."

"Hm, pretty good." Zuo Mo praised. In reality, from what he saw, Xiao Guo's sword scripture was full of holes, just a pretty appearance. He gave the [Blue Flower] sword scriptures to Xiao Guo, "Here, this is for you. You can study it."

He asked a few more things and instantly understood. Master was still in seclusion, making dan­, and had no time to teach her.

Seeing the sweat on the apple face, Zuo Mo felt he needed to fulfilled the duty of a shixiong and started to point things out. He had practiced sword scriptures for a long time. Even though he was not as skilled as Wei Sheng Shixiong but he had comprehended two types of sword essences, and his eyes were much better than people like Qin Cheng.

"Your basics are lacking too much." When Zuo Mo said this, tears instantly flooded Xiao Guo's eyes, but she managed to not cry.

"Oh, in the future, you can come to my valley to practice the sword. If I have time, I can look." Zuo Mo's next words made Xiao Guo smile.

In the Little West Wind Yard, Zuo Mo was sunbathing, eyes closed as he leisurely sat on the chair, swaying as he pondered the jade scroll he memorized in his mind. Not far away from him, Xiao Guo silently practiced the sword, her apple face covered in sweat. On the roof, Silly Bird stood proudly, occasionally using her blue beak to arrange her snowy white feathers.

Zuo Mo, having encountered a problem, had a bad mood, opened his eyes, and saw Silly Bird's smug appearance. His mood instantly worsened. Picking up a stone from the floor, he flickered his hand to throw at Silly Bird.

"Show off!"

Silly Bird gave a shriek, hurriedly flapping her wings to dodge the pebble, eyes full of disdain towards Zuo Mo.

Xiao Guo was startled. When she saw Zuo Mo pointing and swearing at the blue beaked snow goose, her large eyes became crescents.

Noticing the mirth on Xiao Guo's face, Zuo Mo gave a cough. He decided to fix the impression of Shixiong and paced along side to Xiao Guo.

"You cannot be distracted when practicing the sword. You have to concentrate to be able... ..."

At the side, Xiao Guo wanted to laugh but did not dare, her expression instantly becoming strange. Zuo Mo did not notice. He shook his head, mimicking Pu Yao's tone as he concluded, "What is more simple than sword scripture? If... ... oh, if you practice a few thousand times, you'll know it!"

Finishing, he waved his hand, "Keep practicing. I'm going for a walk." He then stepped out of the West Wind Valley.

After Xiao Guo came everyday to Zuo Mo's place to practice the sword, Zuo Mo's meals quickly increased in quality. The meat soup simmered, the ling foods full of ling energy that increased Zuo Mo's appetite. The only thing he felt irritating was that Silly Bird would partake as well each time. Especially when Silly Bird found it effective to pretend to be pitiful in front of Xiao Guo. Zuo Mo could not do anything about it.

"Tsk tsk, her taste certainly must be tender!" Walking out of the mountain valley, Pu Yao came out. He licked his lips, looking with some yearning at the interior of the valley.

Zuo Mo was used to the expression that Pu Yao had, "Hmph, there's lots of people that want to exterminate yaomo on this mountain. If you aren't afraid of death, go ahead!"

"They can't find me." Pu Yao was confident.

"You eat her, I don't have anything to eat, so let's both die." Zuo Mo also licked his lips. Xiao Guo's skills were really good.

"Hmph, won't eat her. But you can't keep me starving." Pu Yao snorted, "I need souls!"

"Didn't you say that the yin fiends in the sword cave need time to form?" Zuo Mo copied Pu Yao in shrugging his shoulders.

Pu Yao once again gave a yearning expression, "It should be about time today. Let's go hunt a few, and satisfy my craving!"

Finishing, he did not wait for Zuo Mo to speak before throwing down a few jingshi. The light flashed and Zuo Mo disappeared.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo had a back up plan, but he was successful and there was no need for that. Those three people, especially the red-robed one, is good at adapting to the situation. Get on good term with Zuo Mo and he might be willing to help them process more things, considering how good the payment is. Low level xiuzhe don't have that many choices, offending three ningmai is a bad choice especially when they offer an olive branch.

Zuo Mo is being affected by Pu Yao... ...his closest teacher. Pu Yao still wants to eat Xiao Guo, and after a lot of chapters, Zuo Mo finally agrees to get souls for Pu Yao.