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 Chapter 94: Art of Fear's Mighty Ability

Zhao Li's eyes lit up, she hastily asked; "What is the exchange rate for cash and gold to food stamps?"

[TL: Don't remember Zhao Li? She and her son joined the group in Chapter 54.]

Zhao Li always carried around a suitcase of cash and gold to be able to trade in the Long Hai City survivor camp.

Chen Zhiguan plainly said: 10,000 RMB for .5kg of food stamps, 1kg gold for 10kg of food stamps, and 1kg diamonds for 10kg of food stamps."

Zhao Li's brows wrinkled, her strong female character burst out yelling at Chen Zhiguang: "What? 10,000 RMB for .5kg worth of food stamps? This exchange rate is too unreasonable! Bring your leadership to me. I am the chairman of the board for the fast food chain Duo Li Fen."

The value of the Duo Li Fen fast food chain exceeds one hundred million. It was a very popular Chinese style fast food chain before Z-Age. Zhao Li was a societal celebrity as the chairman of the board. She was very careful in Yue Zhong's group. As soon as she arrived at the government system she immediately began to put on airs.

Chen Zhiguang looked at Zhao Li slightly sardonic: "No need! I am the leader. You can exchange or not, but I won't do it after you enter the camp."

Chen Zhiguang didn't give another look to the former chairman of the board Zhao Li. Looking at Yue Zhong he plainly said: "You aren't permitted to carry weapons in Long Hai City base. You must hand over all of your weapons. Any God and Devil World equipment and items must be handed over to the base. Otherwise you will be violating the crime of concealing goods and weapons. Right now men go over here and women go over there. We will conduct a search for items."

Finished speaking, Chen Zhiguang began to bring Yue Zhong and his men to a small room.

A female government employee began to bring Zhao Li to another small room.

"Wait a moment! I'll exchange! I want to exchange for food stamps!!" Seeing that Chen Zhiguang was leaving, Zhao Li immediately panicked. She grabbed her suitcase of RMB and ran in front of Chen Zhiguang yelling.

Zhao Li didn't know what it was like inside the base, but if she didn't have food she couldn't survive. No matter for how much she must exchange for some food stamps. Otherwise it would be hard for her and her son to survive in the base.

Chen Zhiguang looked at that well developed woman, his eyes flashed a lewd look. With a cold smile he handed Zhao Li a piece of paper: "Right now I'm not in the mood to help you exchange. If you want to exchange food stamps, come alone to this place tonight."

Zhao Li took the small piece of paper and looked. Her face turned white. On that piece of paper was written an address for a unit number. She was a person who had experienced life, and she clearly understood Chen Zhiguang's meaning.

Without paying attention to Zhao Li, Chen Zhiguang brought Yue Zhong's group forward to the small room.

"Is it really like this?" Zhao Li grabbed the piece of paper. Her facial expression was unsettling. She originally believed she would have a life on top of the social order after arriving at Long Hai City survivor camp. But just now an ordinary government official started to make eyes at her body. It made her heart fill with fear and uncertainty for the future.

Chen Zhiguang and three personnel started to search group's private items in the small room.

The four men had dirty hands, and they took the cigarettes and candy and put them in their own pockets.

The job of receiving survivors is a lucrative position. These workers can fish up a lot of treasure from the survivors every day.

Da Gouzi watched Chen Zhiguang steal his cigarettes. Immediately panicking, He shouted: "Wait a moment, these are mine."

Chen Zhiguang face sunk. He stared at Da Gouzi and said: "What are your things? These are mine. Don't say things you'll regret! Be careful or I'll charge you with slander. I'll make you squat behind bars."

Da Gouzi shouted with unlimited fury: "So you are like this! No different than bandits!"

Chen Zhiguang looked at Da Gouzi and coldly smiled: "What? You disapprove? If you disapprove of the Boss then he'll make you disappear. This Boss works so hard to receive all of you. If the Boss isn't rewarded then who would do it? If you have the ability, then go file a complaint."

The other three workers all laughed. Before Z-Age public complaints were basically useless. Don't even mention the chaotic order after Z-Age. So long as one doesn't create any huge disturbances, then the upper authorities basically won't look into these small matters.

Da Gouzi still wanted to say something, but Yue Zhong gave him a look. He immediately shut up.

Chen Zhiguang saw Da Gouzi shut his mouth, and he became pleased. He saw the ring on Yue Zhong's hand, and his eyes shined. Without any scruples he said: "You! Take off your two rings. I carelessly dropped those in the past, and you still haven't given them to back to me?"

A cold light passed Yue Zhong's eyes. He coldly said: "Are you certain you dropped them?"

Chen Zhiguang appeared generous and said: "That is without a doubt! Take them and give them back to me. I won't make a fuss about you stealing my rings. Theft is a serious offense in Long Hai City. People caught by police can be shot at the scene. I have a good heart. I don't want to shed blood, I'll release you."

Yue Zhong coldly smiled. A cold light flashed in his eyes, and he launched the Art of Fear skill towards Chen Zhiguang! In an instant, an astonishingly baleful energy proliferated out of Yue Zhong's body, and it enshrouded Chen Zhiguang's body.

Chen Zhiguang's face turned white, and his eyes suddenly lost the expression of this world. He saw himself being grabbed by a two meter tall monster. It used an electric saw and cut open his body, and blood and guts flowed out of his body. The pain was so severe he couldn't help but let out a cold miserable lament. His entire person was powerlessly kneeling on the ground, loudly screaming a sad cry.

"Save my life!! Save me!! Save me!!" Chen Zhiguang's eyes became blood red, and he collapsed paralyzed on the ground. His body was coldly sweating, and the pain was like a fish being deep-fried.

Those three workers saw Chen Zhiguang in such a miserable state, and their faces changed. They fished out the stolen items from their pockets while apologizing repeatedly: "Sorry!! Sorry! We didn't know you were an evolver!! We didn't mean to offend, please forgive us!"

An evolver with these types of skills is something these small fry aren't able to deal with. Especially a type of skill Yue Zhong used that could make Chen Zhiguang feel unbearable pain without any warning. This is the first time they had seen an evolver with this type of skill in Long Hai City.

Yue Zhong didn't want to kill anyone, and he released the Art of Fear skill from Chen Zhiguang.

Chen Zhiguang recovered after being released from the skill. He difficulty stood up, and looked at Yue Zhong in fear. Not daring to try anymore tricks, he trembled and said: "Big brother, you all need to first fill out a form. After being separated here for two hours, there will be a person who will arrange work and habitation according to your skills."