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 Chapter 92: Wang Hai

On the highway to Long Hai City, two Dongfeng trucks, two Jeeps, and a Hummer formed a small motorcade, and sped along the road.

"Save me!! Save me!!!"

Suddenly, eight men, dressed up in wide variety of clothes, rushed out from a side road. They were carrying various old model rifles and handguns.

Behind them, two S1s closely pursued them like the wind without abandon.

In the midst of the intense cry for help, a man lagging behind was clawed by an S1. A huge claw slash immediately appeared on his shoulder. His face turned pale. Using his full strength to break free from the S1, he madly rushed forward again.

Yue Zhong gave a command to Wang Shuang who was driving the car: "Stop the vehicle! Kill them!"

Wang Shuang immediately stepped on the brakes and stopped the Hummer.

The following vehicles stopped quickly behind them. Twelve men carrying type 79 assault rifles jumped down from the vehicles. Glaring like tigers, they pointed their guns at the eight men carrying the various types of old weapons.

Da Gouzi commanded to the eight fugitive men: "Drop the weapons! then crouch down! Otherwise we will open fire!"

Yue Zhong's protocol when encountering armed personnel was to first make them give up their weapons, then he will assist. Otherwise letting other parties join his ranks was too dangerous.

Seeing Yue Zhong's side carrying type 79 assault rifles, the eight men's eyes flashed with fear. They immediately threw their guns to the side, and they rushed into Yue Zhong's ranks, loudly yelling: "Don't shoot!! Please save us!"

Compared to the monster S1, being in the ranks of men felt much more safe.

Yue Zhong got out of the vehicle. Holding an Imitation Tang Sword, his image flashed, appearing up and down in front of the two S1. The sword flashed across, and their heads were easily sent flying.

The two headless S1 corpse fell to the ground. They burst forth with 20 life coins and a white box.

"How severe!" The eight survivors saw Yue Zhong easily behead them. The S1 who existed in the heavens was brought down to earth so easily, and their eyes flashed with fear.

Yue Zhong tossed the white box and life coins into a backpack. He asked to the eight men before him, "Who are you all?"

Although Yue Zhong had the storage ring, he still carried the backpack before others to deceive the public. The storage ring is a level 6 treasure. If other people knew, inevitably they would be jealous and cause unneeded trouble.

Like a thug, Da Gouzi fiercely said to the survivors: "This is our captain, Yue! Yue asked you something, why haven't you quickly answered? If you aren't honest, I'll execute you!"

A young man with the stature of a leader quickly said: "We are a Long Hai City's survivor camp group searching for supplies. I am named Wang Hai! I am this small group's team lead! Thank you for rescuing us."

Yue Zhong stared and said in a low voice at Wang Hai: "Wang Hai! I want to know the present situation of the Long Hai City survivor camp. Tell me everything you know. I only want to know information on Long Hai City. I'll give you your guns and people. But if I discover you cheated me, it will be your doom."

"Yes!" Wang Hai's heart shivered in fear, then he told Yue Zhong everything he knew about the Long Hai City Survivor camp.

The day, Z-Age started, Long Hai also heard the sound claiming to be the hand of God. The majority of people became zombies. The Long Hai City survivor group also had seven people become infected and turn into zombies.

But fortunately, Long Hai City had troops stationed nearby. Their unit also had a large majority become infected and turn into zombies, and the unit's established organizational structure disappeared. But there was a portion of troops under the command of a battalion commander named Lei Cheng that used modern firepower to clear out all of the zombies, recovering the military camp.

The remaining Long Hai City's leadership was brought under the command of the Long Hai City's mayor, Chen Jianfeng. The remaining armed police were converged into Lei Cheng's army unit.

After converging, Chen Jianfeng immediately organized manpower to attack the less populated district of Qingyuan County in Long Hai City. Those mutants had just started; they were zombies that had yet to evolve. They didn't stand a chance facing a modern organized army.

After two days of fighting, The zombies of Qingyuan County were purged. Chen Jianfeng used Qingyuan County to establish the Long Hai City survivor camp, gathering together various survivors. This is everything I know. Right now Qingyuan County has nearly four thousand survivors. Every day, scattered runaway groups and survivors enter the Long Hai City survivor base.

Wang Hai looked at Yue Zhong, carefully asking: "May I ask, are you an evolver, captain Yue?"

[TL: The term "" has been used several times by the author. It basically means someone who grows stronger, and I will be translating it as evolver now.]

Yue Zhong curiously asked: "How many evolvers does the Long Hai City camp have?"

Wang Hai responded: "Dozens of people!"

In this world, there are people who weren't short of luck and power. Yue Zhong also didn't believe he was the only evolver. But upon hearing dozens of evolvers exist, it made him feel a little pressure.

Wang Hai asked: "Captain Yue! Do you want to enter Long Hai City survivor camp?"

Yue Zhong said: "Correct!"

Wang Hai explained to Yue Zhong: "At present, the base established a new policy. People who enter the base must hand over all the goods they've gotten from the God and Devil World system. The base will also confiscate your weapons and ammunition. You should be a little careful!"

"They also have these things?" Yue Zhong's brows wrinkled. He commanded to Da Gouzi: "Grab 5kg of rice and give it to Wang Hai."

Da Gouzi nodded, he quickly gave Wang Hai 5kg of rice from the Dongfeng truck: "Captain Yue gives you this!"

"Thank you Captain Yue! Thank You Captain Yue!" Wang Hai carried a box of instant noodles, immediately he smiled. This time when he brought out the group, there were a lot of losses, but he now had 5kg of rice. That much could be considered a harvest. Food wasn't abundant in Long Hai City survivor base.

"Why do you want to tie me up!! Why?" Just then, a man's panicked cry sounded.

Yue Zhong's voice smoothly looked over. He saw that one of Wang Hai's men had been tightly bound up. Wang Shuang stood over him holding an Imitation Tang Sword. This was the man who had the claw mark on his shoulder.

"Wait a moment!" Wang Hai shouted out. Then he walked over in front of the man who had been clawed by the S1. He sighed and said: "Old Li, as someone who has been infected, there is no hope. Do you have any last words?"