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 Chapter 81: Overwhelming Destruction

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Yue Zhong discovered Liu Yan's party in a private house. At that time there were five unarmed men crouching beside Liu Yan.

"Brother Yue, You came!" seeing Yue Zhong and White Bones, he approached and welcomed them. Pointing to the five men he said: "They were Lei Zhen and Tiger's men. What should we do with them?"

The five men were all looking a little afraid at Yue Zhong and White Bones figures. Among them, some had seen White Bones's killing spree of horror.

Yue Zhong looked at the five men, coldly saying: "From now on, you are all my subordinates. You must unconditionally obey my orders. If you don't obey, then you will simply die. Now grab some guns, and do battle with me. Understand?"

Yue Zhong only needed to follow behind the unit. He didn't need to worry about them defecting. If they defected, he would ruthlessly kill and behead them. But, right now, Yue Zhong lacked manpower. He could only use the people he could grab.

The five men relaxed a little in their hearts. They went to the side and grabbed their weapons: "Yes! Brother Yue."

Being able to stay alive was the greatest wish of the five men. In the midst of this chaos, staying alive is the number one priority. They didn't care who was most effective, not everyone was willing to risk their life for Tiger. They relied on Tiger and Lei Zhen in order to stay alive. Staying alive is much better than dying.

Always Bright Village's four Chiefs represented the village's greatest four powers. Tiger's military force was destroyed among the three mutated dogs. Lei Zhen and Zhang Xiang's power was destroyed by Yue Zhong's hand. Now the only thing remaining was Chen Yan's military strength

"Liu Yan, take your men to guard Tiger's Villa. Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao, you go defend Zhang Xiang's Villa. Don't let the people fool around. Everyone else come with me!" Yue Zhong quickly gave out the distributions.

After Liu Yan's small group passed the trial, they managed to gain a little trust. Yue Zhong placed the ones he could trust the most to stable situations. The uncertain gunmen he kept by his side. He was confident he could eliminate the unreliable gunmen at anytime.

Under a subordinate's guidance, Yue Zhong quickly found Chen Yan's sheltered villa.

Yue Zhong arrived at the sheltered villa's exterior. He didn't ask for anyone to surrender. He commanded White Bones, "Go kill everyone holding a gun!"

The four Chiefs in Always Bright Village all possessed huge influence. Yue Zhong had basically no influence in the village. If Chen Yan came down on him, it would be hard to handle. It would be better to take advantage of this situation and kill him, completely wiping out all of the village chiefs. Like this, the whole village wouldn't have enough power to disobey him.

Yue Zhong didn't want to create any conflicts with Tiger and his people in the past. This was for Chi Yang, Lu Wen, and everyone else's safety. It did not represent an approval of Tiger's methods. He didn't mind taking advantage of this opportunity to get rid of Zhang Xiang and others.

White Bones immediately sped towards Chen Yan's sheltered villa.

Chen Yan was an incredibly bright person. As soon as he saw Yue Zhong's Special Skeleton White Bones, his face turned white. Guessing the whole story: "Skeleton? Yue Zhong returned? He wants to kill me!!"

Chen Si and two remaining henchmen began firing a mass of bullets at White Bones without ceasing.

White Bones moved like thunder within a hail of bullets. Even if hit by several bullets, there was no way to break his bones. Like a killing God he quickly dashed into the villa. Waiving the ax, a gunman was decapitated by White Bones.

(Editor note : Axe and ax are both correct in spelling. Ax is preferred in modern English literature.)

Chen Si switched a clip just in time. Soon after he closed the distance between him and White Bones, spraying fire in a burst of madness: "Damned Bastard! Go Die!!"

White Bones, being extremely nimble jumped to the side , avoiding Chen Si's fire. With ease the ax waved, the air pressure made a screaming sound sending Chen Si's skull flying.

Chen Yan turned wanting to flee.

White Bone's ax connected, chopping Chen Yan in two. Blood and intestines littered the ground.

"Don't kill me! Don't kill me!!' Another gunman peed his pans, tossed his type 81 rifle, and held up his hands.

White Bone's eyes stared at the gunman glowing with fiery soul magic. Its image flashed. Dexterously jumping into Chen Yan's villa. With the ax, he destroyed all the doors in the villa, checking to see if there were any armed enemies inside.

"Come with me!" Hearing the gunfire in the villa die down, Yue Zhong brought the five new subordinates to Chen Yan's Villa.

After entering Chen Yan's Villa. He saw the terrifying scene of Chen Yan chopped in half at the waist. The five subordinates at Yue Zhong were celebrating without end in their hearts. Without surrendering, they would have already become corpses in the ground.

The gunman let go by White Bones were crouching on the ground, holding up both hands, not daring any strange movements.

Yue Zhong looked at the five people, coldly saying: "Go search for supplies. Take any survivors into custody, and bring them out. Don't get handsy, clear?

"Yes! Brother Yue!" The five men's hearts shivered, responding loudly. Then they entered the villa and started searching.

The five women brought out in custody by Yue Zhong's new subordinates all looked at Yue Zhong with fright. They didn't know what would become of their fate.

Yue Zhong looked at the five women, discovering the five women were all pretty good looking. Every one was no less than Wang Lan. [TL: don't know who Wang Lan "" is. Maybe a typo from the author or a famous person? A character I forgot?]

(Editor: Chapter 63, dismissed by Lu Wen as not being a threat in beauty :P)

An armed personnel excitedly reported to Yue Zhong: "Brother Yue! On the second floor, second room on the right, we discovered a large amount of rice, flour, alcohol, and other staple foods. That place is the place where Chen Yan stashed things."

[TL: Alcohol is a staple food lol.]

(Editor: Hey, Alcohol is a must in any survival situation!!)

In Z-age, goods and food were the most important.

Yue Zhong instructed: "Leave two people here to protect the supplies, bring the others with me."

"Yes! Brother Yue!" two armed personnel responded and then guarded the location.

Yue Zhong wasn't worried they would flee. Everywhere outside of Always Bright Village had dangers monsters like zombies and mutated beasts. If those gunmen raided the goods and left, they wouldn't live long.

"Over there is the Henhouse! What's going on there?" Yue Zhong hadn't left Chen Yan's villa long ago, and he saw the Henhouse's door was open. Three men were hastily going inside.

Yue Zhong's brows wrinkled, leading a group of people towards the Henhouse.

As soon as Yue Zhong arrived at the Henhouse, he smelled a fishy stench. He stepped inside and saw an astonishing sight.

There was a layer of yellow straw spread inside the approximately one hundred square meter room. A dozen malnourished and sickly looking women. They looked withered and numb, lying or sitting on the ground. There wasn't a thread of anger, they were like dead people.

Seven men surrounded two pretty women who still had a little liveliness in them, doing that type of thing.

The Henhouse echoed a sound of men lewdly laughing and gasping for air while the women wept.