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 Chapter 80: Zhang Xiang's death

TL: Crimson-Iris & Delivery Man

White Bones body flashed, dodging almost all of the bullets. He then waved his axe, that militant was beheaded, blood spraying towards the sky.

White Bones, ever since Yue Zhong summoned him, had been beheading the zombies. Now, his fighting style has formed a habit which is specialized in chopping off the heads of his prey.

"Monster ! ! Monster ! ! "

Being in close range with White Bones who was fierce and brutal, plus their leader being beheaded. Those military forces' battle desire fell apart and they started fleeing in all directions. In order to lessen the burden of their bodies, they threw away the type 81 rifles and the type 79 sub-machine guns to the ground. Throwing their helmets away, as well as their dignity. One could see that this scene was truly, a shameful site.

(TL note: throwing the helmet can mean throwing one's life saving options/ also might mean throwing one's pride away )

White Bones was resolute on following Yue Zhong's orders. Seemingly appearing as the Grim Reaper, with his axe, beheading those militants who had not yet abandoned their firearms. In a few breaths, those militants who were still holding their firearms were all beheaded.

Taking advantage of the period of time when White Bones was beheading those militants, Yue Zhong's figure flashed, he entered the Always Bright village and directly moved towards his Villa.

After White Bones finished beheading the enemies, he hurried after Yue Zhong.

Not long after Yue Zhong left, Liu Yan along with his four team members arrived at the village.

"Brother Yue is really awesome !" Liu and the other team members, at the village, looked at the beheaded corpses of the other militants. In their hearts, they were afraid but also felt fortunate. They felt fortunate that they made the right choice.

Liu Yan's five man team held guns. On one side they were gathering the firearms on the ground and on the other side they mercilessly shot down those people who tried to take advantage of the confusion and rob the goods.


"Chen Yuan, what did you eat! Why haven't you attacked here?" Zhang Xiang arrived at the residence of Yue Zhong's group. Looking at Chen Yuan hiding at the gate, he was enraged. He couldn't help but curse. If he couldn't capture Yue Zhong's friends and women, his opportunity to win over the village would be destroyed.

Chen Yuan cried saying: "Brother Xiang! Chi Yang has guns. Two of my brothers have been murdered. We can't rush in."

Zhang Xiang looked fierce, grabbing a gun he pointed at Chen Yuan's head yelling: "Shut it with your fucking nonsense! Immediately rush in for Daddy and drop Chi Yang! Grab the other people. Otherwise Daddy will shoot you!"

Zhang Xiang roared at the other gunmen: "And you all! Everyone rush in for me! If you don't grab the people inside, we will all die!!"

"Yes! Brother Xiang!" Chen Yuan clenched his teeth. His face bitter, he turned towards the gate and rushed in.

Gunman after gunman rushed into the door like the tide.

Chi Yang hid in the shadows. He pulled the trigger as soon as Chen Yuan's group rushed in. He emptied a clip at once, dense fire enveloping the entryway. Three of the rushing gunmen were struck down to the ground. Chen Yuan was also hit by a bullet, but he rolled nearby to the side.

Taking advantage of Chi Yang's empty clip, the other gunmen opened fire, sweeping Chi Yang's location. At the same time under the suppressive fire, they invaded the courtyard.

Chi Yang rolled nearby, leaving his original position, and hid in the villa. Level two defensive clothes could stop small-caliber bullets, but he was not invincible. He would die if hit in the head.

Hiding inside the house, the women were all afraid they would die. They never thought they would unexpectedly encounter a firefight. Before Z-age, it was a sight only seen in movies and on television.

The gunmen rushed into the courtyard, a yellow colored magic light appeared on the ground. Next, a three meter long thorn suddenly burst from the ground, piercing straight through a gunman. Blood unceasingly spilled from the thorns tip.

This suddenly appearing thorn made the gunmen extremely panicked and destroyed their motivation, one by one seeking shelter to escape.

Chi Yang took advantage with a burst of fire. After two gunmen were dropped, he immediately rolled nearby.

Chi yang had just rolled to the side, when a concentration of bullets hit his original position, striking the wall filling it with bullet holes.

Zhang Xiang gnashed his teeth thinking: "Damn! I never thought Chi Yang was so severe!"

Chi Yang's job was soldier. With the Firearms Control skill, His shooting level far exceeded the mob controlled by Zhang Xiang.

The troops Zhang Xiang brought were forced to cease their advance due to an ammunition shortage. The amount of bullets each person fired wasn't less than hundred, as far as accuracy, they basically had none.

"Rush in!! Drop him!" Zhang Xiang snarled. He jumped out from the cover and rushed inside the villa. Further delay was unfavorable. They still had five people, they had the numbers advantage. If they delayed it would be trouble.

"Who do you want to drop?" From Zhang Xiang's rear passed an icy voice.

Zhang Xiang's heart chilled, and he immediately rolled nearby.

The next moment, concentrated bullet fire dropped on the five gunmen, piercing through two of them, and dropping them to the floor.

Yue Zhong entered the courtyard holding a type 79 machine gun in one hand and an Imitation Tang Sword in the other. He dashed into the gunmen like a cheetah. One slash, a gunman's head responded by flying to the ground.

White Bones also appeared like a shadow at Yue Zhong's side. An axe sent the last gunman's head flying.

In the whole courtyard, only Zhang Xiang was left.

Zhang Xiang's face was panicked. Kneeling on the ground, he begged to Yue Zhong: "Don't kill me! Yue Zhong! Don't kill me! I wish to surrender! I wish to surrender and be your dog. Don't kill me!!! I'll give all the beautiful women to you. I'm begging you, don't kill me!"

Although Zhang Xiang appeared cruel and arrogant before, but his true nature was one extremely afraid of death. He begged for mercy from Yue Zhong as soon as something went wrong.

Yue Zhong coldly looked at Zhang Xiang. His hand waved the Imitation Tang Sword, one slice sending Zhang Xiang's head flying.

Zhang Xiang's head tumbled, rolling on the ground, his eyes were filled with fright and fear.

The amount of pressure Zhang Xiang's group gave Chi Yang wasn't small. Carrying weapons the amount of danger was much greater to Chi Yang than ordinary zombies could ever be.

Yue Zhong said: "I will handle the matter! You stay, and guard here. Apart from us, don't let anyone else enter."

Chi Yang said: "Yes!"

After he finished speaking, Yue Zhong quickly rushed out.

Always Bright Village's four Chiefs represented the village's greatest four powers. Tiger's military force was destroyed among the three mutated dogs. Lei Zhen and Zhang Xiang's power was destroyed by Yue Zhong's hand. Now, the only thing remaining was Chen Yan's military strength.