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 Chapter 79: Rushing to Fight

Chen Yuan faced the gate and yelled: "Everyone inside listen. Every one come out for me. Brother Xiang wants to see you all! If you don't come out on your own, then don't blame me for my rudeness!"

Chi Yang Coldly said: "Scram! No one can enter this gate before Yue Zhong returns!"

Chen Yuan indignantly said to the three men under his command: "Smash it!"

Chen Yuan's three men spread a burst of fire towards the gate's lock, exploding it with a boom, then a kick opened it up.

Chi Yang grasping his type 79 sub-machine gun lay down in a corner. When the gate burst open, he calmly pulled the trigger. His gun spit out bullets like a flaming tongue on the door. The two armed men were mowed down defenseless onto the ground. One of the men was killed on sight, the other was shot through the leg.

Chi Yang's job was changed to soldier. He also had the job skill Firearms Control. His shooting skill could compare to soldiers who had gone through rigorous training.

Chen Yuan was startled. Crouching down, he rolled nearby to the side.

The other gunman flashed over to the other side of the gate.

"It hurts! Help!!" The gunman shot through the leg yelled an intensely severe cry, painfully struggling on the ground.

"Fuck him! Too Ferocious!" Chen Yuan scolded. Looking at the villa, he somehow didn't know what to do.

The gunmen of Always Bright Village were a mob of people that had never gone through strict military training. They were ordinary people holding guns. Chen Yuan didn't know how to attack Chi Yang's guarded position without any heavy weapons.

The two sides became deadlocked.

On the other side, Zhang Xiang and Lei Zhen combined their two great powers together, and they headed towards Chen Yan's force to attack. A touch off guard, Chen Yan's force suffered heavy losses, losing four brothers. Chen Yan, Chen Si, and two other gunmen retreated to a small western style house to defend.

Zhang Xiang commanded the attack and scolded in his mind at the same time: "Fuck him! That rubbish Chen Yuan, how come he hasn't brought people!"

Compared to Chen Yan, Zhang Xiang was even more afraid of Yue Zhong. He therefore took this opportunity to seize power of Always Bright Village. He already considered every aspect entirely. He only needed to grab Chi Yang and Lu Wen, then he could force Yue Zhong's submission. With the exception of Tiger, Lei Zhen and Chen Yan weren't worth consideration by Yue Zhong.

Tiger brought along the strongest gunmen at his side every time he went out. Zhang Xiang didn't dare act the slightest bit rash. He could only honestly become Tiger's dog. Due to Tiger's ruthlessness, he wouldn't even submit if you killed his women. No one could suppress Tiger's wild ambitions.

From far away a vehicle came with the sound of a roaring engine as the two were fiercely fighting.

Zhang Xiang's face changed. He didn't calculate Yue Zhong could return so fast: "Yue Zhong came back so fast?"

According to Zhang Xiang's estimate, Yue Zhong should have taken a long time to battle the four mutated dogs. In this time he could completely capture Always Bright Village. He didn't need to be afraid of Yue Zhong's threats because at that time he would have hostages.

"Yue Zhong returned! Fuck him, unexpectedly killing brother Tiger! I need to get revenge for brother Tiger!" Lei Zhen's eyes turned blood-red, snarling. He hastened his five henchmen to the village opening.

Tiger gave Lei Zhen great kindness, never slighting him. Lei Zhen was hell-bent on paying back everything for Tiger.

Zhang Xiang glanced at the hot-headed Lei Zhen, sneering in his mind: "Idiot!"

"Come with me!" Considering for a moment, Zhang Xiang brought the eight men under his command towards Yue Zhong's residence.

"We have a situation! Stop the car, get out and prepare for battle! Completely kill everyone facing us with a gun!" His eyebrows wrinkled, and he gave commands to the driver. From far away Yue Zhong understood the intense gunfire noises.

The Driver quickly stopped the vehicle. Five gunmen, Yue Zhong and Ji Qingwu all got out of the vehicle.

The two jeeps couldn't stop bullets. By directly rushing in, they would certainly become a great target. Yue Zhong also couldn't bring his skills into play on the vehicle.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed a fierce light. He issued a terrifying command to White Bones: "Go for me, with the exception of the people traveling with me, kill everyone carrying a gun."

Yue Zhong's sworn followers and women were all in Always Bright Village. He was already extremely angry. His thoughts became murderous.

Receiving Yue Zhong's command, White Bones eyes flashed with fiery soul magic, rushing towards Always Bright Village like a whirlwind.

Yue Zhong pointed at a tall and thin gunman among the five who looked about 25 or 26 years old saying: "Liu Yan, I'm making you the leader of this small squad! This small squad will follow your commands. After entering the village, anyone who points a gun at us, plunders, rapes women, pillages supplies, will all be killed by us. I'll go first and clear out those bastards."

Liu Yan was happy in his heart. Standing up straight he said: "Yes! Brother Yue! I guarantee mission completion!"

The two women Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao's were soft-hearted. Before Z-age, those were good qualities. But they couldn't carry out the orders that Yue Zhong commanded. Those two couldn't murder people, or carry out Yue Zhong's command. Yue Zhong also only gave the mission over to those gunmen previously under Tiger's command. As far as their reliability, Yue Zhong didn't think much about it. After all, they had no one else.

Yue Zhong's figure flashed, following behind White Bones

"Open fire!!"

White bones had just approached Always Bright Village.

Lei Zhen roared at those under his command. Six gunmen grab 81 type rifles and 79 type sub-machine guns and spread fire at the approaching White Bones.

White Bones leaped like a monkey in a zigzag pattern, avoiding the bullet fire. A few bullets merely hit into his bone armor, unable to break his skeleton.

White Bones already had three times the physical fitness of an ordinary person. His movements were extremely agile, closing the hundred meter distance in a blink of an eye. Rushing before Lei Zhen's group, it leaped, jumping right in front of Lei Zhen. Waiving its axe, Lei Zhen's skull was sent flying. Blood scattered everywhere. Lei Zhen's headless corpse collapsed to the ground.

"AHHHHH!!! AHHHH!!" A gunman to the side was covered by Lei Zhen's blood spray. He fearfully yelled. Pulling the trigger, he madly sprayed at White Bones.