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 Chapter 515 - Underground City!

Yue Zhong proceeded extremely carefully for a long distance, before reaching the experts of the Kingdom of God.

In one tunnel, of the 120 soldiers that had charged forth, they had only lost 5. Other than that, over 200 Chinese had defected over to the Kingdom of God's side. A huge, tall man who was good-looking, and had a dignified aura stood beside Halumanda as he laughed coldly at the scene in front of him.

Jin Sheng Cheng's enraged voice sounded from a loudhailer: "Hu Han, you actually conspired with the foreigners to backstab our Greater China Alliance! You're a traitor that deserves death! Dog!! I was really blind, to have spared you then!!"

The underground city was huge and had plenty of tunnels as well as countless traps. If it wasn't for the guidance of someone on the inside, they wouldn't have been defeated so easily by the Kingdom of God.

The handsome middle-aged man had a slightly flushed face as he barked back: "Jin Sheng Cheng, you dare? You damn pig-head, trash, beast! You sent me out on a mission and fucked my wife, and even got others to humiliate her as well?! You think I didn't know? Every single one of you in the upper echelons of the Greater China Alliance are bastards!! How I wish to devour you and dig out your hearts! Even if I collude with the foreigners today, what can you do? As long as I can kill your entire family, even if your father, I, have to sell my soul to the devil, I'd be willing!!"

As the saying goes, with corrupt leaders, you'll find corrupt subordinates. Jin Sheng Cheng wasn't any decent man, and he loved to screw around with his subordinates' wives, daughters and any other females in their lives. He basically didn't bother too much about the quality of lives of the survivors.

Jin Sheng Cheng had been a high-ranking official before the apocalypse, and after gaining the underground city, he was cautious at first. However, after a few months of unsuccessful attempts to contact the central government, he began to play around with the women in his city, and act upon his desires.

As he got even more audacious, he felt that normal women weren't worth the thrill anymore, and turned his attention to the women of his subordinates. In truth, not to mention the apocalypse, even before the apocalypse, there were countless officials who would fool around with the women of their subordinates, some even going as far as to keep a journal of them. After the apocalypse, these inhumane bastards got even more perverse.

When Hu Han's wife was toyed around with, he had been suppressing his rage, until the Kingdom of God came knocking on his door. He then quietly became their spy. This was why the underground city was breached so easily. The fastest way to bring down a fortress was from within.

On the other side, Jin Sheng Cheng assumed his habitual pose of using reason and rationale: "Hu Han, whatever happened, you shouldn't have joined forces with them! If you continue like this, you're a sinner that turned his back on his people and country! You will be shamed in history, and be cursed by our fellow Chinese! Turn back now while it's still not too late. Kill those foreigners beside you, and you're still a hero to us Chinese."

Hu Han immediately spat, his face savage and furious: "Pei!! Jin Sheng Cheng! I swear to fucking kill your family today!!!"

Jin Sheng Cheng replied with a cold laugh: "Stubborn till death! You'll be smeared forever in history!!"

An automatic machine gun suddenly appeared in the dark tunnel and started firing wildly at the advancing troops of the Kingdom of God.

Under that dense barrage, a number of the Kingdom of God soldiers, as well as some of the Chinese that betrayed the Greater China Alliance were punched full of holes.

The majority of the soldiers from the Kingdom of God wore strong protective vests. Even when fired at, they managed to make it behind cover. However, the Chinese traitors weren't so lucky, and many of them were killed.

Many similar automatic machine guns appeared in various other tunnels, their total number at least in the hundreds. As they covered all aspects, even a mosquito would find it hard to fly safely through.

Even a battalion of elites would only die if they chose to charge down these tunnels.

Hu Han came in front of Halumanda and spoke respectfully: "Divine Envoy, this is one of the strongest and final defenses of the underground city. If we can break past these, we would be able to reach the places where those beasts are hiding. The machine guns are being controlled by their side, and I have no means of turning them off."

"Hmph! Do they want to rely on just this to block me? Break them for me!" Halumanda laughed coldly as he stepped forwards, looking like an emperor as he stepped through the tunnel. He activated his Second Order Metal Manipulation.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Within the tunnel, many of the automatic machine guns were forcibly twisted and the bullets jammed before they exploded into fragments. All it took was for Halumanda to stroll casually and twist any of the guns that he came across. It showed his incredible strength.

"Too frightening!! Why is he so terrifying? What the hell is he??" Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest who were hiding deep within the underground city stared at the screen and could not help but feel fear. They had seen countless Enhancers, and Evolver, but never such a person who could forcibly destroy so many machine guns so easily.

As the hundreds of automatic machine guns were destroyed one by one, Jin Sheng Cheng's image appeared on one of the displays within the tunnels. His attitude was extremely subservient, as he used fluent English to try and negotiate: "Esteemed Envoy from the Kingdom of God!! We're willing to surrender! Please ensure our personal property and the safety of our men. If you can do so, we will immediately deactivate all defenses, and grant you control of the place. With our help, you can easily manage this area consisting of over 90,000 survivors and other resources."

With the destruction of the machine guns, the safety of Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest could not be guaranteed and they immediately abandoned their loath and hate for the foreigners, choosing instead to surrender.

Many times, history had shown that while a rare few would continue their resistance until the end in times of trouble, a vast majority were death-fearing cowards. When the Manchus invaded, many Qing officials gave up. When Japan invaded China, countless officials turned sides. Even Wang Jing Wei, a Chinese politician during that time, chose to be a lapdog for the Japanese.

As for his command of English, Jin Sheng Cheng had plans before to move to America to become a citizen, and hence, his English was decent.

Halumanda smiled proudly as he replied: "I'm the Divine Envoy Halumanda from the Kingdom of God. As long as you guys help us to control this underground city, you'll be part of us, and all your personal belongings and people will be protected by our Kingdom of God."

While Halumanda was strong and was a white supremacist, he wasn't a fool. Although their troops were truly powerful, and had plenty of equipment, defeating the Greater China Alliance would not be difficult, but controlling the underground city without their assistance would definitely not be easy.

Jin Sheng Cheng was already the leader of this place, and if they worked together, the Kingdom of God could expedite the process of control over this underground city.

Jin Sheng Cheng immediately exclaimed in joy: "Many thanks, Divine Envoy! Thank you!!"

Hu Han's expression immediately turned ugly as he spoke up: "Divine Envoy! This wasn't what we agreed on! Didn't we agree for me to help you control the city if you help me destroy those bastards?!"

Hu Han was extremely clear, if Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest retained control, the whole bunch of traitors would be put to death.

Halumanda turned to shoot a cold glare at Hu Han: "Shut up! What qualifications do you have to question my decision? You want to challenge my position?"

Hu Han gulped and immediately lowered his head, his eyes flashing with a venomous look: "Your subordinate dare not!"

Although Hu Han had over 200 Chinese soldiers with him, compared to the elite of the Kingdom of God, it was truly too vast a difference. Be it equipment, experience or even body constitution. If the Kingdom of God really wanted to deal with them, it wouldn't take more than half an hour.

The moment Jin Sheng Cheng and Halumanda came to an agreement, a golden door was slowly opened.

"It's time!" Yue Zhong eyed the party entering the door from afar, and leaped out, firing a rocket towards Halumanda and his men.

"Ambush!!" Halumanda wasn't one of the 36 Divine Envoys for nothing, the moment Yue Zhong had laid aim on him, he had already sensed the danger and bellowed in rage.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed as he pulled the trigger.

With a flash of fire, a rocket exploded in the area.

Yue Zhong threw the rocket launcher aside, and his eyes flashed with a strange glint as he swapped out 2 .05 machine guns, and he began firing. Under that sudden burst of fire, 5 Kingdom of God soldiers had their heads exploded.

Tian Hao who was beside Yue Zhong also displayed his terrifying combat ability, as he wielded the 12.7mm heavy machine gun that Yue Zhong passed him, and fired wildly.

The heavy caliber bullets instantly pummeled the bodies of the ordinary soldiers, tearing them into pieces.

"You're all seeking death!" At this moment, Halumanda's enraged voice roared throughout the tunnel, and his body was instantly encased in metal. He became some sort of a 3m-tall iron-clad man. The bullets that rained on him ricocheted off, leaving only white marks.

Halumanda made use of his Second Order Metal Manipulation to cover his whole body, becoming an iron-clad soldier impervious to all guns and weapons. He then raised his right hand, firing numerous steel balls at Yue Zhong and Tian Hao like some machine gun.


TN: In Chapter 513, the Divine Envoy of Steel was called Halumanda, and his subordinate was called Gus, somehow I think the author got them mixed up here, because he refers to Dus as a metal bending badass. I've taken the liberty to change the name to Halumanda.