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 Chapter 386 - Annexing the Heaven Sect!

[Book 3: The South]

Linghu Xiangru looked at Yue Zhong and said: "Speaking to this young brother, I'm Linghu Xiangru. How should I address you?"

Yue Zhong looked at the vial of red viscous liquid, and could tell that it was something valuable: "I'm Yue Zhong. Don't waste my time, you have 30 seconds, if you can't convince me, you'll have to die!"

Linghu Xiangru pointed to the vial and said: "This is a super-enhanced drug that I've researched. As long as a person with an ability drinks this, it can forge one's bones and temper marrows, as well as evolving a single ability into its Type 2 stage!! As long as you let me go, this vial is yours."

Yue Zhong's face flashed with disinterest: "This must be something you obtained from a Type 3 Mutant Beast right! I already know of such a formula, I'm just lacking the Type 3 Mutant Beast component. It's nothing extraordinary!"

Linghu Xiangru's face instantly turned to one of shock and he couldn't help but blurt out: "What?? You can make this too? Impossible!!"

"Seems like it truly relies on the Type 3 Mutant Beast." Yue Zhong confirmed his conjecture from Linghu Xiangru's expression.

When Yue Zhong saw so many members of the Heaven Sect possessing the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, he had surmised that they should be in possession of a Type 3 Mutant Beast's corpse. The vial that could cause someone to evolve must be either from the corpse of the Type 3 Mutant Beast, or a plant similar to Yue Zhong's Snake Birth Fruit Tree.

Yue Zhong looked at Linghu Xiangru and immediately offered: "Give that vial and its formula to me, and dissolve the Heaven Sect. I'll spare you after that!!"

Linghu Xiangru's right hand gripped the vial tightly as he shook his head profusely: "No! Definitely not! Yue Zhong, if you let me go, I can give this vial to you, and confer upon you the position of vice-sect leader! You'll only be below me in authority!! You can choose freely from the beauties in our Heaven Sect, as long as we work together, we'll be able to forge great things!!"

The Heaven Sect was something that Linghu Xiangru had expended a lot of effort to establish, and he wasn't willing to dissolve the fruits of his labour.

"Since it's like this! You can just die!" Yue Zhong suddenly raised his Stinger, and pulled the trigger 6 times without blinking.

The remaining holy light behind Linghu Xiangru immediately revolve to block the bullets in front of him.

However, at the same time, a sharp bone spike shot out from the ground, going through the holy light and piercing Linghu Xiangru's neck and penetrated his brain.

Linghu Xiangru had an expression of shock, as the last holy light dispersed, while his body slumped lifelessly to the ground. The vial of red liquid in his hand also fell towards the ground.

Yue Zhong stretched out his hand and grabbed the vial. He did not immediately take it, instead keeping it within his storage ring,

Yue Zhong waved his hand, and took out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to cut off Linghu Xiangru's head. Enhancers had all sorts of strange abilities, if he didn't remove the head, who knows if Linghu Xiangru had the ability to revive himself.

After he disposed of Linghu Xiangru, Yue Zhong rummaged through the cassock, and found 2 more vials of the red liquid.

This super-enhanced drug was a heaven-defying treasure. Instantly evolving a skill, replacing the need for a Level 4 Skill Book, at the same time it helped save precious skill points.

Yue Zhong eyed the super-enhanced drug and made an assessment: "This drug should only be effective once!"

If it could be used more than once, Linghu Xiangru would have long used them all.

Yue Zhong glanced at Linghu Xiangru's corpse, and quickly removed all the system equipment.

Linghu xiangru had some decent Spirit-based equipment. His entire equipment when compared to Yue Zhong, was only lacking a Level 4 Defence Armor, a Necklace of Clarity, the storage ring, and other Level 4 Treasures. However, he had 2 treasures that Yue Zhong did not have.

"Level 4 Treasure: Shoes of the Wind! Upon equipping, Agility +12. Movement speed increased by 10%"

"Level 4 Treasure: Necklace of Spirited Speech! Upon equipping, Spirit +8. Speech-based Spiritual Attacks enhanced by one level."

It was precisely due to this Level 4 Necklace of Spirited Speech that allowed Linghu Xiangru's Level 3 [Vocal Assertion] to be so powerful. It hadn't yet been enhanced to its Type 2 stage, yet it could already suppress Enhancers of above Level 40. Unless it was a Spirit-based Evolver, otherwise, few could actually withstand the might of that skill.

"Linghu Xiangru's dead!! Any Heaven Sect disciple that surrenders will be spared!!"

White Bones held the decapitated head of Linghu Xiangru high, as it charged about within the ranks of the disciples, while Yue Zhong shouted loudly while running beside it.

"Sect Leader!! Sect Leader's dead!!"

"It's over!! Sect Leader's dead!!"

"How did he die? Isn't he the Apostle of God?"

"Kill them, revenge for our Sect Leader!!"


Many of the disciples lost their will to continue when they saw the decapitated head of Linghu Xiangru. Especially those who were blinded by their faith in him, and had believed that Linghui Xiangru was an invincible being. With his death now plain to see, their faith suffered a huge blow, as they stood there dumbly, not knowing what to do.

There a few enraged disciples that charged at Yue Zhong and White Bones, but were easily slaughtered by White Bones.

Following the broadcast of the message, as well as the sight of Linghu Xiangru's head, many of the disciples started to lose their bearings. Some tried to escape in all directions, while some broke down. No one had the will to fight on anymore.

The entire Long An County was thrown into chaos.

When Wen Fuxin heard the news of Linghu Xiangru's death, his originally pale face regained some color: "What? He really died? This is my chance!! The heavens are helping me!!!"

Right at this time, an intelligence officer came running to Wen Fuxin's side, and reported: "Boss!! Not good!! Boss!! There's an armed unit coming right at us from behind!!"

Wen Fuxin's face that had just regained its color turned pale once again, as he grabbed the shirt of his intelligence officer in a slightly agitated manner: "What? Is that true??"

The intelligence officer replied: "It's true! Boss! If you don't believe, take a look yourself!"

Wen Fuxin did not hesitate, and hastily went to the entrance to observe, only to discover that an IFV, a few machine gun-mounted vehicles and elite soldiers, combined with a force of Heaven Sect disciples wielding melee weapons, as well as some tribesmen launching an assault on Long An County.

"Finished!!" When Wen Fuxin saw these, his face turned ashen. He only had about 2 platoons of soldiers left. The rest of his troops had escaped, and the current soldiers weren't in a condition to fight. Under these conditions, he had no way of contending against this new force of nearly a thousand people, including their modern weaponry.

If he was given more time, once he gathered those scattered troops of him, he would definitely not be afraid of dealing with this obviously motley group of people.

"What do we do? Boss!" One of the intelligence officer immediately asked in worry.

"Retreat to the town! Quickly recover any scattered troops!!" Wen Fuxin's eyes flashed as he thought, before he canceled his previous order: "No!! Immediately bring our men to break through! Whoever can escape will be the remaining force! As long as the forest is remaining, there will still be firewood*!! The enemy's sights are on Long An County, not us."

The moment Wen Fuxin gave the order, he quickly brought his soldiers as they awkwardly tried to dodge Zheng Minghe's soldiers.

Zheng Minghe saw Wen Fuxin's retreating troops, and did not give chase, instead bringing his 800-strong army towards the depths of Long An County.

Under normal circumstances, the men that were hastily thrown together to make up this army would not be a match for Long An County's disciples, nor Wen Fuxin's troops. However, both armies had suffered a huge collapse, and the moment Zheng Minghe brought this huge force in, it crumbled any remaining hope or fighting will of Wen Fuxin's troops and the Heaven Sect disciples.

A large number of the militants as well as disciples immediately surrendered to Zheng Minghe and his troops, while within the county, important key locations and vantage points were overtaken by subordinates deployed by Yue Zhong.

A number of soldiers were also sent out to maintain security and restore order, as those disciples that had gone crazy were immediately executed on the spot, and the chaotic Long An County finally regained its former sense of tranquility.

Chen Shenggang saw the soldiers patrolling about, his mind in a trance as he thought: "The Heaven Sect has fallen just like that?"

The Heaven Sect had 8 Great Elders, 72 Law Protectors, a 108 Altar Lords and over 8,000 disciples. Linghu Xiangru had unfathomable powers, and could easily take down a battalion by himself. Such a huge force was actually taken down so casually by Yue Zhong and his troops, giving Chen Shenggang a sense of unreality.

"Too strong! This kind of person is the goal I should be chasing!!" Lu Ningshui brought a hundred over captives and patrolled about, as he saw the blood-filled streets of Long An County, his heart in unrest. He had never imagined that Yue Zhong had just brought a number of experts to swallow up the entire Heaven Sect. It filled his heart with respect and veneration for Yue Zhong. From this moment on, Lu Ningshui had become another diehard loyal supporter of Yue Zhong.

Because of the overwhelming victory, many captives that had surrendered to Yue Zhong earlier changed their coats, and saw themselves as subordinates of Yue Zhong. Of course, if Yue Zhong had lost, then they would have immediately denounced him, and joined the victor's side. Such was the way of this world.*2


*As long as the forest is remaining, there will still be firewood: An idiom that implies as long as there are people remaining, there will always be a chance for a comeback.

*2 [Ulamog] Those dirty SURVIVALISTS! no honor or code of decency and supporting your cause to the end!!! Aaaaaargggghhh!

..... oh WAIT! It's the freaking APOCALYPSE, no wonder..... xD