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 Chapter 193 (Part 2): Grind up the zombie hordes!

It was just that those normal zombies could barely even harm the three IFVs, which were akin to an invincible three-headed beast as they led the huge fleet behind them. They crazily ground up the retreating zombie hordes until all of the zombies blocking the road had been steamrolled into meat paste.

The huge fleet continued to assault within the zombie hordes, steamrolling a road of blood formed from meat paste; following Yue Zhong's orders, it rampaged towards the depths of the zombie hordes.

After the huge fleet had charged 1000m distance into the zombie hordes, there was sudden movement in there. The large number of evolved zombies attacking at the West Gate were constantly approaching in the direction of the huge fleet.

Along the way, countless normal zombies were pushed down onto the ground and trampled into meat paste by the evolved zombies.

Those normal zombies also seemed to be driven by a mysterious force as they desperately collided with the fleet one after another.

Nevertheless, those normal zombies had rather fragile bones, so that when they collided with the IFVs, Dongfeng trucks or modified buses, all the collisions did was make their brains rupture before they were ground into meat paste.

Utilizing heavy-duty vehicles to carry out the assault and grinding up of zombies was also a tactic that Yue Zhong had long thought of; it was just that before, it was not the best time to implement this tactic.

In the midst of the zombie hordes, there were three types of zombies which posed a great threat to the heavy-duty vehicles: L2, S2 and H1.

An L2's attacks could cause damage to the battle vehicles by shaking them. An S2 could easily jump onto a heavy-duty vehicle and then use its sharp claws to slowly wear away the battle vehicle's armor. A H1 could directly use fireballs to bombard the battle vehicles.

After a two-day long siege, a large number of these three types of evolved zombies had died, hence for the first time, Yue Zhong was able to mobilize the heavy-duty vehicles that were available and initiate a group assault on the zombie hordes.

Under the group assault of those heavy-duty vehicles, countless zombies were ground up, and they began to crazily advance towards the depths of the zombie hordes . Those evolved zombies which had originally gathered at the West Gate, however, were blocked by the densely packed zombie hordes with no way to quickly return and help. They were only able to watch the heavy-duty vehicles charge into the depths of the zombie hordes.

(Note: the author repeats himself so much...)

When the fleet's assault reached 2000m into the zombie hordes, there was a steep rise in the number of mutated zombies (?). In the midst of the zombie hordes, there were almost 100 Type 2 evolved zombies consisting of types L2 and S2. They crazily fled out of the sea of zombies into the distance.

A large number of zombies automatically parted, providing that small group of evolved zombies with an escape route.

"They finally appeared,"

Yue Zhong watched the elite army of nearly 100 evolved zombies flee with an emboldened light in his eyes. Little Greenie flew towards that small zombie horde.

Once the Z-type zombies possessed wisdom, they became as cowardly as human executives. If the situation was just slightly bad, it would take the elite troops and flee.

In the middle of the group of zombies, a Z1 held onto an L2's head as it watched Yue Zhong riding on Little Greenie in the sky. Upon seeing this, its very human-like eyes flashed with a hint of fear and it emitted a sharp whistle , pushing the L2 to go a little faster.

Little Greenie took Yue Zhong and they caught up very quickly to the zombie group.

Yue Zhong lightly jumped down from Little Greenie's back.

As soon as Yue Zhong landed, 5 S2s rushed over towards him like ghosts.

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed with a cold light and he rushed towards those five S2s,consecutively dealing five sword blows like thunder and directly beheading the five S2s rushing over.

Taking advantage of the situation in which Yue Zhong had finished five S2s, Little Greenie surged towards the Z1.

Upon seeing Little Greenie, the Z1's eyes immediately became crimson and a powerful spiritual shockwave bombarded towards Little Greenie.

However, mutated beasts innately had extremely powerful spirits. The Z1's spiritual shockwave had no effect on Little Greenie in the slightest. In one pounce, Little Greenie snatched away the Z1 and vigorously scratched it, cutting the Z1 into several pieces with his sharp claws.

When the Z1 died, the remaining zombies surrounding the outside of Qing Yuan County immediately collapsed into a mess. They were simply relying on their instincts to chase after the noise the huge fleet made.

"I've already dealt with the zombie commander, right now you must immediately return to the city and not spread this news."

Yue Zhong pulled out a radio and sent an order to Wu Guang, who had launched the assault.

(Note: Wu Guang is the soldier who left Xu Zhenggang first)

Once he received Yue Zhong's order, Wu Guang immediately drove back in the direction of the East Gate with the huge fleet. The zombie hordes' commander had been dealt with and the remaining zombies' strength didn't pose any threat to the people in the city, so they naturally had to immediately return since fuel was also a very precious resource.

After the death of the Z1, those 100 Type 2 evolved zombies gathered around it immediately pounced crazily towards Yue Zhong, who glanced at them and ran away. Those 100+ evolved zombies included over 40 L2s that had gathered together, so even Yue Zhong would find it difficult to defeat them.

After Yue Zhong led the 100+ zombies around in a circle, he suddenly activated his [Shadow Steps Skill]; his entire body was like thunder as he rushed in the direction of where the Z1 had died. Between a few ups and downs, he threw off those 100+ evolved zombies; where the Z1 had died, a Skill Book suddenly burst out of the Z1, as well as a green Treasure Box (Note: Chinanovel translated as blue, whilst Youjin translated it as green, which I'll use as well) and 200 Survival Coins, all of which Yue Zhong put into his bag.

After doing all this, Yue Zhong jumped onto Little Greenie's back and rode him back towards the city.