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 Chapter 193 (Part 1): Grind up the zombie hordes!

Many survivors watched Lang Zi and his team kill the four other survivors like slaughtering chickens and dogs. Their hearts felt a cold chill and they watched from far away; many of the survivors hiding in their homes secretly watched Lang Zi and his team too.

Lang Zi shouted a few words of abuse,

"Kill the rapists, kill the murderers and arsonists, kill the looters- if you lot of bastards want to stay alive, all of you behave a bit better for me. Right now, the city has not been broken into yet. You can @?!%$ sensibly stay here, or go to the East Gate side and wait for arrangements upon entering. You people are under the command of Captain Yue and so we will protect your personal safety."

After he finished speaking, Lang Zi brought people with him to continue advancing, shooting the violent survivors dead whenever they saw them.

With Lang Zi's efforts, the city's chaotic situation gradually became under control and stability was restored. At the same time, a large number of survivors approached in the direction of the East Gate like refugees, bringing their families with them.

Apart from the North Gate side's residents, a large number of survivors all came in the direction of the East Gate, densely packed like a swarm of ants.

On the road leading to the East Gate, there were fortifications constructed from wire mesh, cables and sandbags. A team of soldiers armed with rifles stood on guard in front of those fortifications. Two LMGs (light machine guns) were about to create a total blockade of the roads, so that whoever wanted to forcefully break through this route would have to pay a painful price.

Wang Shuang stood ahead on the road holding a whip in his hands and shouted,

"Enter by order, whoever dares to jump the queue shall receive lashes!"

Two squad members stood outside lurking around, seizing men and women with strong bodies from time to time who had jumped the queue. They fiercely whipped the bodies of the queue-jumpers until their skin split and flesh blossomed and they were screaming again and again.

With the deterrence of such a cruel punishment, those who once very much liked to jump queues crowded together to form a group of people who all sensibly formed a long, dragon-like queue. Upon being registered and entering, they became people under the control of Yue Zhong.

A large number of L2 zombies were hunted and so the Z-series zombies hidden in the midst of the zombie hordes didn't have any great ideas. Only a few mechanically ordered the remaining L2s to throw more zombies into the city.

"Xu Zhenggang, how about working for me?"

Sitting inside the IFV, Yue Zhong tried to recruit Xu Zhenggang once again.

This time, Xu Zhenggang didn't give a flat refusal like last time, but rather fell silent, his eyes flashing with an exceptionally complicated light.

Yue Zhong lightly said,

"Before you cried to me for help, you must have done the same to the other side as well right? Yet the person who brought people over to save you wasn't another, it was I Yue Zhong. They made you into an abandoned child, do you still wish to sacrifice your life to these people in such a manner?"

People like Xu Zhenggang who adhered to their own principles and methods were exactly those who Yue Zhong liked to recruit as his subordinates the most. As soon as Xu Zhenggang became one of Yue Zhong's subordinates, Yue Zhong wouldn't worry about Xu Zhenggang betraying him and could entrust him with the responsibility. In addition, Xu Zhenggang was also an officer who had undergone rigorous military training with outstanding military accomplishments; he was the sort of talent Yue Zhong needed the most.

Yue Zhong continued to say,

"If you enter my side, with your ability, you can protect even more people. Your comrades and brothers can also have better lives."

Xu Zhenggang fell silent for a while, then finally replied to Yue Zhong's soliciting,

"Alright Yue Zhong, I will bring my brothers and join your side."

When zombies raided the West Gate, many of Xu Zhenggang's comrades were killed; at this point there were only thirteen soldiers still living. Nevertheless, these remaining thirteen soldiers had all survived the war with rich combat experience and skillful shooting technique. After Xu Zhenggang agreed to to join Yue Zhong, these thirteen soldiers followed in his manner as well and joined Yue Zhong's army.

From the West Gate, the remaining 40+ survivors were also incorporated by Yue Zhong and joined his armed forces.

Yue Zhong walked up to Gu Zhixing and directly requested,

"Gu Zhixing my man, I hope you can come help me."

Gu Zhixing's ability to manipulate flames was extremely remarkable, to the extent that he could already agglomerate a fireball: he was akin to a small humanoid turret with extraordinary battle power. Yue Zhong hoped to also recruit him under his command.

With a rather pallid expression, Flame King Gu Zhixing glanced at Yue Zhong, understanding his intention lightning-fast. He gave a slight chuckle and said,

"Alright Team Yue, since you respect my old bones, then I'll entrust you with this old life."

Gu Zhixing was also an old fox: as soon as Lei Cheng had fled, Yue Zhong and his troops became the strongest force inside the base. A cunning person like him naturally didn't hold any allegiance to the government in his heart- during the two days of fiercely battling zombies, the majority of his men were all killed. The best outcome for him would be to pledge allegiance to Yue Zhong; this way, he could let his children and family live a comfortable life.

Gu Zhixing and Xu Zhenggang surrendered to Yue Zhong and the base's West Gate had also landed in Yue Zhong's hands.

Yue Zhong then quickly mobilized three IFVs, seven Dongfeng trucks and six modified buses to form a huge fleet, which rushed out through the East gate, crazily advancing towards the depths of the zombie hordes.

Yue Zhong himself was lying on Little Greenie's back and looking down from the sky, giving out orders to that huge fleet to commence the assault.

Right after that huge fleet had left the city, countless normal zombies began to surround it.