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 Chapter 146: Delivered to Police

Yue Zhong stood to the side coldly smiling without speaking. He watched those Japanese men rely on the support of the police. Yue Zhong was enraged in his heart, but he had another goal. He maintained his composure and watched the Japanese performance.

The policeman looked at Yue Zhong's group and asked: "Is it truly as they say?"

The subordinates standing at Yue Zhong's side were all of an aggressive generation. They possessed a intrepid aura. Although that policeman favored his extremely mighty international friends, he did not want to carelessly provoke Yue Zhong's seemingly extraordinarily powerful group.

Yue Zhong silently smiled. He turned his head and coldly looked at Gui Tianshou.

Constantly looked at by the spectator's cold eyes, Gui Tianshou's heart immediately got the chills. Yue Zhong knew his specialty region status and he dared made people beat him. Obviously Yue Zhong is capable. Gui Tianshou didn't want to make the slightest enemy before knowing Yue Zhong's true status.

Thinking of these matters, Gui Tianshou shot forward, ruthlessly slapped San Jingxiong and scolded: "Idiot. Shut Up for me."

San Jingxiong was slapped silly by Gui Tianshou. He turned and looked at Gui Tianshou at a loss. He was only looking out for them. San Jingxiong didn't understand why the boss would unexpectedly slap him. In the past, they were always bold in front of the police.

"Lord Yue, I'm very sorry. It is a joke." Gui Tianshou made a ninety degree bow towards Yue Zhong, then he said to the policeman named Shi Bai: "Officer Shi, Lord Yue thought we were violating women. Please earnestly investigate. I am innocent."

Shi Bai's face showed respect. He decisively said like the embodiment of justice: "I know! President Gui, I certainly will seriously investigate."

Shi Bai looked at Yue Zhong's people and said: "You are all coming with me. We are going to record a statement at the bureau."

Kong Tao went forward and pointed at Yue Zhong saying: "Officer Shi, this person is Chen Jianfeng's honored guest today. Forget the statement matter. Take the two women to give a statement."

Shi Bai was startled. He was secretly glad in his heart he did nothing too outrageous to offend Yue Zhong. One must know, Chen Jianfeng is the main person in charge of Long Hai City. Chen Jianfeng had plenty of methods to deal with this little office worker. He could easily find someone to replace his policeman position. Then it would be too late for him to cry.

Shi Bai said with a businesslike appearance: "I know! Official business is urgent, you guys go ahead. I will certainly justly handle this matter."

Chen Yao looked at the woman who was just short of being raped and said: "Wait a moment, I also want to give a report!"

Chen Yao isn't a fool. She was afraid for the victim's future after they left.

Shi Bai raised a brow and looked at the unordinary beauty Chen Yao with the outstanding temperament. His eyes flashed with a new light. He had only seen this type of beauty on the internet before Z-Age. Those fake beauties that had gone through plastic surgery.

Kong Tao promptly said: "This is Mayor Chen's niece Chen Yao. Officer Shi, you must carefully ensure this young woman's safety. You will have to endure the consequences if there are any problems.

A large amount of policemen with outstanding character either died fighting or were infected into zombies after Z-Age. All types of people were made policemen in the recruiting process. The police force became mixed with dragons and snakes, a situation of corrupted discipline.

If Kong Tao didn't reveal Chen Yao's status first, then letting this type of beauty into the police station would be like sending a lamb to the slaughter.

"I know!" Shi Bai shivered in his heart and nodded after hearing Kong Tao's words. He was an old fox that had hidden for many years in society. He naturally knew who to provoke and who not to provoke. He would be crushed like a little shrimp if he truly messed with one of the big boys in the base.

The law and order in the base wasn't good. Every night they would find a few bodies deserted in the gutter. The policemen didn't pay attention if they weren't important people or if they couldn't find any useful clues. This type of thing happened frequently. The police didn't care so long as there wasn't street killing and public murders.

Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu went with Shi Bai's group towards the police station.

"Truly innocent!" Yue Zhong looked at the rear image of Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu. He revealed a mocking smile, and he dropped his head and said to the little lolita Yao Yao.

Little Yao Yao tilted her head and thought, then she opened her mouth like a lion to speak: "A pair of evolver shoes, one type fifty four pistol, thirty bullets, and a Replica Tang Sword!"

Yao Yao and wasn't the same as the little lolita's her age. Other girls her age liked pretty clothes, boots, and tasty snacks. Yao Yao liked target practice, fiddling with guns, and running wildly everywhere the whole day. She liked to study all kinds of combat skills like a boy. She was also really intelligent. She could learn anything. She mastered things somewhat faster than Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong cared about this little lolita that only wanted to fight. He personally equipped her with God and Devil World items to go hunting zombies. Yao Yao had already reached level 6. Adding on her natural agility talent, she ranked third in speed for those under Yue Zhong's power. The first was naturally Yue Zhong that had leveled up several times. The second was the constantly fighting and second in command Chi Yang.

Yue Zhong pinched Yao Yao's sleek little oval face and said: "Good, I promise you!"

Yao Yao unhappily slapped Yue Zhong's hand. She stared at Yue Zhong, then disappeared without a sound into a side alley like a sly cat.

"Let's go!"

Kong Tao saw this matter had been smoothly handled and immediately relaxed a breath. He then lead Yue Zhong into the specialty region.

Chen Jianfeng received Yue Zhong in the reception hall.

Chen Jianfeng carefully sized up Yue Zhong after the host and guest took a seat on the sofas. He saw Yue Zhong had the faint appearance of an upper level prestigious person. He slightly sighed in his heart and thought: "Such a pity!"

After Chen Jianfeng heard Yue Zhong's original situation, he knew Yue Zhong truly wanted to throw in with Long Hai City survivor base at that time. If he could have met Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong could have possibly entered into Long Hai City Survivor base under his power. But he knew Yue Zhong didn't have the faintest idea of joining Long Hai City survivor base. Especially after all of the things the Ice King did. He also knew there was no more hope in monopolizing Yue Zhong after seeing the air of nobility around him.

Chen Jianfeng directly got to the point and monopolized the conversation: "Hello! Yue Zhong, I am Chen Jianfeng. Do you wish to help Long Hai City? If you have come to help me, I can make the you vice captain of the police force. The deputy commissioner level."