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 Chapter 143: Entering the Base Again

Yue Zhong asked: "What time do we start?"

Although there was an adequate supply of goods in Stone Horse Village, but the food supply problem continually pressured Yue Zhong's mind. None of the seeds planted in the farmland have germinated. This means every time they eat there is less food. There will be trouble as soon as all the foodstuffs are eaten.

Chen Yao hesitated a moment and said to Yue Zhong: "My uncle wants to meet you before taking action. Can you come with me to the base for a face to face?"

Yue Zhong's vision focused, and his brows slightly wrinkled. He calmly stared a Chen Yao. Perhaps politicians don't fight well, but shady people can be expert schemers. He refused Chen Jianfeng's offer to join him. Chen Yao's invitation could possibly be a banquet set up to murder the guest.

Chen Yao quickly understood Yue Zhong's misgivings after seeing him not speak. She directly looked at Yue Zhong and said: "I can use my integrity and life to vouch for your safety."

Yue Zhong didn't speak. He calmly weighed the risk of entering into the base and the possible reward of the mission, as well as his ability to escape capture. If there is a certain death situation, then he absolutely cannot go.

Seeing the silent Yue Zhong, Ji Qingwu used her slightly magnetic and and pleasing voice to say: "Yue Zhong, go make a trip to Long Hai City base. I will use my life to guarantee your safety. I won't let you die as long as I'm alive. I will accompany you in death if you die. If Chen Jianfeng has set up a trap for you, I will separate from the Chen family and follow you."

Yue Zhong's eyes flashed with a trace of strange light upon hearing Ji Qingwu's words, and he said in a deep voice: "Good! I will go with you to meet Chen Jianfeng."

Ji Qingwu was stamped into Yue Zhong's brain after the first time seeing her valiant grace as she fought.

Chen Yao saw Yue Zhong readily promise to meet Chen Jianfang. She wasn't too happy, in her heart, in fact she was shrouded in confusion and disappointment: "Yue Zhong really liked Qingwu."

Yue Zhong made all kinds of arrangements after making his determination, and he brought people to Long Hai City survivor base.

Two big trucks, two Hummers, and a Jeep formed a motorcade that entered into the original residence that Yue Zhong's group stayed in at Long Hai City survivor base.

The survivors in the city all looked at the motorcade confounded. They all knew how precious fuel was. Apart from those who drove out to search for goods, the large majority rode bikes or walked. There were also some government workers who drove. The sons of high level official rode street bikes and wasted a lot of fuel.

Yue Zhong looked at his surroundings after leaving the vehicle. He saw that there were a lot more people here than when he first came. Crude tents were set up everywhere. There were a large amount of survivors squeezed into a small space, and it stunk to high heaven. It was like a refugee camp.

Ordinary people sought a stable place to live after Z-Age. The Long Hai City survivor base with the government title received a large amount of survivors every day. The base food consumption was extremely large because of this. This is why Chen Jianfeng decided to hit up the granary.

Kong Tao used a hand to seal his nose after getting out of the vehicle. He looked at those refugee survivors with disgust: "Yue Zhong, why not drive directly to the specialty region? What have you driven here to do?"

Kong Tao was a government official in Long Hai City before Z-Age. He followed Chen Jianfeng after Z-Age and became a high official in Long Hai City survivor base. He had never been to the refugee camp once. He was full of loathing towards these dirty stinky refugees.

Yue Zhong disdainfully looked at Kong Tao, and directly stopped him: "Stone Horse Village is building a city wall. I want to recruit some survivors to build the wall. Chief Kong Tao, is there a problem?"

Kong Tao's eyes changed after hearing those words. He was extremely cordial to Yue Zhong: "No problem! Recruit more to build your wall. Are there enough people here? I can help you recruit if there isn't enough."

The population was extremely large in Long Hai City survivor base. A large amount of food was consumed every day. Kong Tao hated those survivors a lot. They made Long Hai City stinky and dirty. In his opinion these survivors were like dead weight. They had no skills, and they didn't dare go search for supplies. There weren't any beautiful women. They were the same as trash. Kong Tao wouldn't refuse Yue Zhong's intention to recruit them for work.

Furthermore Kong Tao was a clever thinker. If he helps Yue Zhong, he could have another escape route. He could have a good life with Yue Zhong if he annexes Long Hai City base in the future.

Yue Zhong instructed to Chen Shitou at his side: "Chen Shitou, take people and go recruit some survivors. Recruit two hundred people. I want one hundred and fifty males, and fifty children. Ask if they want to go build the Stone Horse Village Wall. They can eat three bowls of gruel every and two steamed buns."

Chen Shitou nodded and went out.

"Recruit me!! Recruit me! I'm strong!!"

"Recruit me! I will absolutely work hard. I was a loader in the past!"

Chen Shitou had just announced the recruitment conditions. Practically all of the survivors regardless of male or female surrounded Chen Shitou and loudly shouted. The scene erupted. It was like the opening of the stock market, like those crazy investors cramming to purchase shares.

A large amount of survivors surrounded Chen Shitou making his work very hard.

Chen Shitou roared: "Quiet! Form into five lines!!"

"Recruit me!! Recruit me! I'm strong!!"

Chen Shitou's roar didn't have the least bit of use. Those survivors feared they wouldn't be recruited and completely circled Chen Shitou. The people originally didn't have the habit of making lines. They would fight for their lives in order to have a better opportunity.

Chen Shitou was somewhat at a loss facing the surging crowd. He had never handled something like this before.

"Your way is useless!" Yue Zhong strode forward. He coldly looked at those survivors and said: "Give them the whip and ruthlessly thrash! Whoever cuts in line will be whipped! Then they will be made to leave! I don't want people who don't follow orders."

Six subordinates of Yue Zhong that had already leveled up to at least eight walked forward wearing the mutated river snake armor. They pulled a whip from their waist and ruthlessly whipped some survivors.

The whip snapped, and those survivors hit by the whip each wailed in pain then fled. Seeing that miserable sight, the survivors shivered in fear. They calmy formed into five lines.

Yue Zhong looked at the obedient survivors and coldly said: "Those who don't listen to my words will be whipped. They will clearly understand the importance of order and discipline."

"I understand. Captain Yue!" Chen Shitou nodded and responded.

Yao Yao stood at Yue Zhong's side wearing a little military uniform looking at the sight. She revealed a pondering look. This little lolita quietly slipped into Yue Zhong's vehicle. Yue Zhong was already at the base when he discovered.

[TL: I believe this Yao Yao is the little girl with short dark hair Yue Zhong thought was a boy. Not to be confused with Chen Yao that is sometimes called Yao Yao as a nickname. However they do share the same character for Yao, so I could be wrong.]