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 Chapter 139: Scum Battalion

Da Gouzi revealed a trace of a smile after receiving Yue Zhong's support. He commanded to those team members: "Bring them all!"

Those team members immediately took those women away.

Before departing, the woman with dyed blonde hair and the punk sex appeal deeply stared at Yue Zhong, then she finally followed and left with the group.

Liu Yan walked over to Yue Zhong with a somber face and said in a deep voice: "Captian Yue! Come over and look!!"

"What is it?" Yue Zhong's brow raised and followed Liu Yan.

"Those animals!! Simply don't have the least bit of humanity. Look!" Liu Yan pulled open the door to a warehouse with a look of fury.

A nauseating fishy stench came out as soon as the door was pulled open. Inside the warehouse was a sight like hell.

There was one woman after another powerlessly collapsed on the ground. There were scars everywhere on their bodies. There was a stinky yellow liquid all over their bodies as well. Several of the women's breasts were cut off. Some had their hands cut off and were bound together. Each one was tortured until their last breath, their eyes empty. The sight was ten times more miserable than the women at the Henhouse.

Yue Zhong saw the hellish sight, and his eyes flashed with rage. Is voice became cold beyond compare: "Who did this?"

Liu Yan suppressed his own rage and said: "Xue Kaishan and his brothers! Xue Kaishan gave these women to his men to torture after he was tired of playing with them. Furthermore he designated that the women had to be tortured to death within three days.

Liu Yan wasn't that good of a person. Originally when he was under Tiger's command, he had also visited the women in the Henhouse. But this type of cruel torturous actions crossed his bottom line.

Yue Zhong suppressed his rage and commanded to Liu Yan: "Those scum! Liu Yan, grab them and execute them all!"

"Yes! Captain Yue!" Liu Yan heard and turned to leave.

Da Gouzi saw Yue Zhong's complexion as he stood on the side and cautiously said: "Slow down! Captain Yue, please calm down. Listen to my short argument. If you feel these words are wrong, then let me go."

Yue Zhong looked at Da Gouzi. Forcefully suppressing his anger, he said in a deep voice: "Speak!"

Although Da Gouzi was afraid to die, was shallow, and liked to brown nose, but he was completely loyal to Yue Zhong. And he never committed a blunder. Yue Zhong thought him as relatively important, so even in anger he could listen to Da Gouzi's words.

Da Gouzi said: "Captain Yue, you already promised the surrenderers wouldn't die. How will others look upon you if you immediately eat your words? If word gets out and we encounter enemies after today, the enemies could have some scruples and wouldn't surrender to you. It would be better to make them do hard labor and treat them like oxen. Make them have the most bitter life and only let them eat until they are full is enough."

Right now Stone Horse Village is building a city wall. Da Gouzi thought of two aspects. One being Yue Zhong's reputation and the other aspect is to strengthen the labor force to build the wall.

Yue Zhong sunk into a deep thought hearing Yue Zhong's words. Just like Da Gouzi said, killing the prisoners would make him happy. But the word would certainly spread out. If he encountered enemies after today, they wouldn't surrender. They would die fighting to the end. He would also have several losses exterminating the opposition.

Yue Zhong thought of establishing an organization called the Scum Battalion for these men: "From now on, the Scum Battalion is established. If today's prisoners are found to be related to this warehouse, then they will enter the Scum Battalion. Each prisoner in the Scum Battalion must kill forty zombies to become a regular citizen. Da Gouzi, you can arbitrarily use the Scum Battalion for the most bitter, most serious, and most dangerous work."

Da Gouzi slapped his chest and pledged: "Yes! Captain Yue! Don't worry, I will certainly use them well!"

Poplar Tree Village had over five hundred survivors. Stone Horse Village's population suddenly broke through one thousand after everyone was transported to Stone Horse Village.

The large amount of people coming in were allocated by Guo Yu, Li Manni and Da Gouzi. The various factories in Stone Horse Village recruited people and started working.

Each small search party continuously brought in a large amount of goods from the outside. The goods and supplies in Stone Horse Village became relatively plenty. All kinds of order started to slowly reinstate. Suicides became less, and the people's eyes were no longer without hope like walking corpses.

The Scum Battalion prisoners were driven on like dogs by Da Gouzi, and they were forced to do the most intense work. The progress on building the wall became much faster.


"Is there any way to swallow the Long Hai City survivor base?"

Yue Zhong soaked in a public bath after a busy day of clearing out four villages. Despite the hot water sinking into his body, he closed his eyes and thought.

Long Hai City survivor base was a constant thorn in Yue Zhong's side. The Long Hai City survivor base not only used a righteous name, but they blocked Yue Zhong's path to the southeast. Not only this, but it also tied up a portion of Yue Zhong's military. Yue Zhong was forced to leave behind soldiers to defend and observe the Long Hai City survivor base. Yue Zhong also couldn't freely expand his power.

Long Hai City survivor base had a population of several thousand. It also had the police, armed police, professional soldiers, seven IFVs, and official PLA army equipment from before Z-Age. Yue Zhong didn't have the power to attack and completely destroy Long Hai City survivor base. He could only capture the surrounding small villages, amass survivors, train troops, and await for the right timing.

While Yue Zhong soaked in the bath, the large doors opened. A maiden wearing a bathrobe gracefully walked through the steam towards Yue Zhong, and she stepped into the bath.

Yue Zhong already knew someone entered into the house, only he didn't feel any murderous intent or sense any danger.

"Guo'er? Sure enough let me kiss you!" Yue Zhong closed his eyes an extended a hand. He brought that woman into his embrace, he wantonly rubbed her smooth and tender big white rabbits.

"Who are you?" Yue Zhong immediately felt something wrong as soon as he pinched her big white rabbit. This woman's body is also delicate, smooth, and full, but compared to Guo Yu's huge breasts, they were a rather inferior. He opened his eyes and discovered the girl with dyed blonde hair and pierced ears. It was the extremely punk girl Zhang Jingqiao.

A large majority of Zhang Jingqiao's snow white skin ** in the public bath before Yue Zhong's eyes. The b cup big white rabbits had a pair of pink cherries. It was extremely enticing under the bathroom lighting.

"Master, your slave has come to serve you. This is slave's first time. Please be tender master."