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 Chapter 136: Xue Kaishan

Zhang Hong was a pretty white collar business woman before Z-Age. After Z-Age, she was fortunately able to drive and flee out of the city, then she fled into Poplar Tree Village.

Poplar Tree Village was captured by a group of fleeing policemen and other survivors that escaped there. These policemen defended the refugee survivors who fled from all directions, and they maintained the order in Poplar Tree Village. They protected females and didn't endure violations. Only suddenly one day the self proclaimed Steel King, Xue Kaishan, murdered all of the policemen. He brought people to occupy the whole Poplar Tree Village.

Xue Kaishan spent the whole day thinking of ways to play with women after taking over Poplar Tree Village. He invented ways to torture the women in his control. Zhang Hong is a sufferer of Xue Kaishan's torture. She fled with another beautiful woman under the cover of night.

Yue Zhong continued and asked: "What skills does Xue Kaishan have?"

According to Yue Zhong's speculations, Xue Kaishan couldn't be an evolver, but rather some kind of mutant possessing some kind of ability. Otherwise he couldn't have killed armed policemen.

Zhang Hong thought a moment then said: "He is invulnerable to bullets and knives. Bullets cannot pierce his body."

"What other abilities does he have?"

"I don't know!"

"How many people do they have? How many guns?"

"It's not too clear......but they should exceed ten people."

Zhang Hong didn't know anything. Yue Zhong quickly let them leave.

They fully loaded supplies and found twenty survivors in Southeast Village, then Yue Zhong's group quickly returned to Stone Horse Village.

As soon as Yue Zhong's group returned to Stone Horse Village, specialized logistics personnel came to the vehicles and began unloading everything. Then they sorted everything by type and loaded it into the warehouse.

Those combat participants were also each awarded a prize. Also several Chen Family Villagers were promoted to preliminary team members. It made them extremely happy. They walked the streets standing tall.

In addition to official team members, preliminary team members were the objects of respect and envy in Stone Horse Village. Several women wished to become the partners of preliminary or official team members. Because they all had stable goods and supplies. If they went out and fought they could also obtain extra rewards.

"Go get Da Gouzi and Wang Shuang. Make them gather a squad!" Yue Zhong immediately commanded to a member as soon as he returned to the village.

"Yes! Captain Yue!" That team member responded and ran out.

Chen Shitou walked over to Yue Zhong and asked: "Yue Zhong, are you going to Poplar Tree Village?"


"Let me go with you!"

Yue Zhong looked at Chen Shitou and said: "You aren't going to rest?"

Today Yue Zhong brought people to clear out Southeast Village. Chen Shitou already killed eight zombies. Ordinary people who haven't leveled up consume a lot of stamina killing eight zombies.

Chen Shitou said in a deep voice: "Correct!"

"Good!" Yue Zhong agreed to Chen Shitou's request.

Da Gouzi and Wang Shuang quickly finished gathering their small units. Three Humvees, two IFVs, two trucks, two Hummers, and three Jeeps formed a motorcade that rapidly sped towards Poplar Tree Village.

In a small western style house in Poplar Tree Village, a medium stature, bald head, and shirtless man with a long scar on his ugly chest sat on a sofa. In front of him were two completely naked women with their heads in his crotch constantly moving. This man with the long scar on his chest is the ruler of Poplar Tree Village, Xue Kaishan.

Xue Kaishan suddenly grabbed a pretty woman's head and twisted, then he kicked the woman, slammed her to the floor, and ferociously said: "Fuck! Stinky prostitute crying! Do you not like the boss! Fuck, you women are cheap! Come here!"

Xue Kaishan roared, four strong men came from the side. Their eyes gleamed with lewdness, and they stared at the beautiful woman kicked to the ground.

Xue Kaishan pointed at the woman and the ground and ferociously laughed: "I'm giving this cheap person to play with you all. But I don't wish this cheap woman to see the light of tomorrow."

The woman's face became inhumanly white, and she screamed: "No!! Master!! I'm begging you no! I can serve you well. I can serve you well!! You don't need to discard me!!"

The women given over to the subordinates of Xue Kaishan after he was done playing with them were ultimately on a road to death. That woman still didn't want to die.

The other woman saw the sight, and her body shivered with cold, but she didn't say a word. She also wanted to live.

"Thank You for the reward boss!" The four men were overjoyed, and they pulled the woman out. Although it is a woman Xue Kaishan had used up, but she didn't look too bad. They could have a little fun.

"Slave Yun come over!" Xue Kaishan looked at another woman, and he stretched out his smelly foot.

The woman called slave Yun crawled to Xue Kaishan like a dog. Although it was disgusting, she licked his entire sweaty stinky foot.

Xue Kaishan looked at slave Yun, his eyes flashed with pleasure and a twisted excitement. Women looked down on him before Z-Age because he was ugly. After Z-Age he obtained some power. He wantonly used his power to kill the policemen protecting Poplar Tree Village, and then he started to abuse Poplar Tree's women.

"Boss! Not good! Boss!!" A young man wearing a t-shirt and pants entered the villa and yelled while Xue Kaishan was tormenting the women.

Xue Kaishan somewhat impatiently asked: "What is it? Tan Zhen!"

Tan Chen's face was terrified as he said: "An unknown armed force is on their way! The opponent has guns and cannons. They also have armored vehicles!! It looks like army troops!!"

"What, the army troops? Quick lead me there!" Xue Kaishan's face changed. He pushed the women aside and followed Tan Chen out of the village.

Two, four meter tall temporary watchtowers were built in Poplar Tree Village. One could see the situation from several kilometers out on that watchtower.

Xue Kaishan quickly climbed up the watchtower. He took a telescope from a pale looking subordinate and looked far out. He saw the motorcade with IFVs and his face became a little ugly.

Xue Kaishan's eyes turned blood red. He ferociously roared: "Quickly gather the troops! I will fight them to the death. No man can flee my grasp and leave Poplar Tree Village!!"

On the watchtower, a subordinate of Xue Kaishan hesitated a moment and said: "Boss! But there are armored vehicles. We should surrender!"

A murderous intent flashed through Xue Kaishan's eyes. His voice became cold beyond compare: "The things you all have done, you yourself know. Do you think you will live if they know?"