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 Chapter 315: I must know this! -

Young Master Yu!

Chu Yan's heart shuddered; So it is actually that person.

This man known as Young Master Yu, the number one mysterious character of the Middle Three Heavens. An absolute peak expert!

Middle Three Heavens' Dark Bamboo's number one qualified expert. Without a name, without a surname, without a past. Appearing and disappearing unpredictably, like a witnessing a divine dragon head but not its tail. The origins of this person was as though he had abruptly surfaced in this world, no one could explain where he came from. It was like time had suddenly gave birth to such a mighty cultivator.

No one could determine what realm of cultivation he had attained.

To deal with a Martial Great Master, he could barely obtain victory. Against a Revered Martial Artist, he too could scarcely triumph. Against a Martial King, victory was similarly salvaged by a sliver......

Nobody knows for sure, what the bottomline of his martial powers were. Every battle of his, was akin to holding a butcher's cleaver with ease. Ever since he had abruptly appeared in this world, a lifetime of battles, none ended with defeat!

To the dark forces of the Middle Three Heavens; the name Young Master Yu, was like an antonomasia of a demon.

"Young Master Yu......." Chu Yang drew in a breath of cold air, his tone became severe, "A member of the Bamboo?"

(TN: The Dark Bamboo is the major dark organization of Middle Three Heavens, described in ch 230)

Young Master Yu's eyes glittered with an unexpected shine, as he asked, "You know me?"

The reason he mentioned they had encountered before, was actually him catching a glimpse of Chu Yang before. As for Chu Yang, he had never seen him. Yet judging from the tone and demeanor of Chu Yang now, it was obvious Chu Yang knew who he was; thus, he became rather intrigued.

"An impressive expert, how can I be unaware?" Chu Yang teased.

"That is so I guess, since your few brothers are all Young Masters of the Middle Three Heavens." Young Master Yu immediately latched onto that notion.

"That day back in Monarch Lu Lu's room, that person who remained in the dark from start to finish, was you right." Chu Yang laughed faintly as he raised his head, reminiscing the dreadful aura of that fateful day.

"You aren't bad at all!" This time, Young Master Yu issued his heartfelt admiration, as he gazed deeply at Chu Yang, "Just based on one sentence, you actually managed to reach this conclusion."

"This isn't a conjecture." Chu Yang chuckled as he raised his tea cup and drank a mouthful; feeling an ice-cold flavour rushing down his throat. In that instant, it assimilated into spirit energy and permeated into his meridian with utmost refreshingness, "The reason Young Master Yu has called me here, I'm guessing it isn't just to enjoy tea."

Chu Yang sighed and and continued, "Although the tea is good tea, and the water is good water."

Young Master Yu fixed a steadied gaze at him before replying, "This tea, you're worthy of drinking it."

He too sighed and continued, "Today I've called you here, not because you assisted Ah Lu greatly for this meet at Lotus Lake; nor is it related to you aiding Ah Lu in comprehending harmonious tuning back at the House of Exceptional beauties......"

Chu Yang tilted his head, "Oh?"

"It is because I've realized you are a capable individual." Young Master Lu laughed. His laughter actually contained a trace of bashful earnesty. An expression that was expected of a youth in his adolescence, yet when it appeared now on his face, it carried a particular taste of charm,

"You have a knack of causing others to become indebted to you, without being aware of it."

"Haha." Chu Yang burst into laughter.

"Therefore, I wish to ask you......" Young Master Yu's eyes suddenly stared intently into him, as his voice became grave, "Are you someone from the Ye (night) Clan? Or from the You Clan."

"I'm guessing, the surnames you're referring to....." Chu Yang calmly continued, "Are from the Nine Prodigious Families of the Upper Three Heavens, right?"

"That is indeed so." Young Master Yu nodded.

"To be honest with you, towards this Nine Heavens Continent.....I am completely clueless." Chu Yang earnestly answered, "Those names you just mentioned, today is the first time I've heard of it!"

Young Master Yu casted a doubtful glare at him.

"To the extent that in this Nine Heavens Continent, my knowledge is only gathered from official recordings." Chu Yang offered a bleak smile, "Regarding inside stories, secrets, legends......I have zero knowledge about."

Young Master Yu was truly baffled.

"Initially I was even pondering; since it is hailed as the Nine Heavens, why is there only an Upper Three Heaven, Lower Three Heaven and Middle Three Heaven?" Chu Yang questioned, "That is obviously signified only Three separate continents, why is it called the Nine Heavens?"

Young Master Yu carefully inspected every single reaction of Chu Yang. After a long pause, he finally released a long sigh, mocking himself with laughter as he admitted, "It seems like I've truly guessed wrong......"

"Hmm?" Chu Yang inquired.

"So you are really clueless!" Young Master Yu scolded solemnly, as though he had turned exceedingly furious at his personal failed conjecture.

"It is just your own mind complicating a bunch of simple matters." Chu Yang scoffed in laughter, "I don't believe you have never investigated information about me before. Yet since you are asking me such a question now, it is clear you don't trust your reports about me.'

"It is because you are upgrading too rapidly!" Young Master Yu sighed, and rightly so, "If I'm not mistaken, you are currently at Revered Artist level right; moreover, you should be Revered Sword Artist? Second Grade?"

Chu Yang's heart was shaken.

I have already exhausted all expense to conceal my cultivation, and not a single aura is leaking out now. Yet my cultivation level was actually determined with just one look.

Just his visual powers alone, it is astonishingly frightening!

"How long has it merely been? Calculating from the day you were born.....even if you are an exceptional genius, granted with an endless supply of medicines, and a first rate teacher to guide you........in the Lower Three Heavens, it is impossible to attain such absurd rates of growth!" Young Master ye laughed bitterly, "If you were me, being fully aware of such tremendous accomplishments......then you wouldn't be wondering why I suspected you."

Chu Yang's lips twitched slightly. He naturally understood this fact; my rate of advancement, no matter to any individual, belongs to the rank of legends.

"Forget it, we've already owed you twice. Today, let me shed some light on the paradox of the Nine Heavens Continent." Young Master Yu snorted twice and begun, "Affairs that only individuals at a sufficient level can apprehend. To gain knowledge of matters surpassing your current cultivation.......within the Nine Heavens Continent, you can be considered the first."

"Please enlighten me." Chu Yang smiled unhurriedly and unflustered. On the contrary, his heart was exceedingly anxious. What Chu Yang lacked now, was history. The genuine history of the Nine Heavens Continent. Or perhaps it could be described as, the true realms of experts in this Nine Heavens Continent!

Only with knowledge, could he pursue strength. Listening to groundless rumours of clouds and mist, who would treat them as truths?

"This matter......is indeed tough to explain for some portions." Young Master Yu flashed with concentration and spoke, "......actually, some are beyond fantasy, or perhaps I should say......not things that I am willing to. To even tell you this......it is due to me falling into the trap of my own devising!"

He inhaled a mouthful of air, "Who would've thought, that you would raise such a request! A symbol of one's status, paradoxes that can only be uncovered by sufficient strength......even some of the Upper Three Heavens, may not be aware of.......the mystery of the Nine Heavens, belongs to only the nine aristocratic families of the Upper Three Heavens......haai!"

Chu Yang smiled. This was indeed his most pressing desire.

Thus, after Young Master Yu had revealed the fact that he was indebted twice, he straightforwardly raised his ace of 'I don't understand the Nine Heavens!"

The clouds enshrouded his head, was naturally about to be uncovered.

"I've even wondered......would you have requested for me to assassinate Diwu Qing Rou....." Young Master Yu kneaded his temples.

Chu Yang maintained his cheery countenance, as he flourished with patience.

"Alright, fine." Young Master Yu chuckled helplessly, as his words carried a breezy and light tone, "Even if they know this secret was spewed from my mouth, what can they do.....hmph."

Such a phrase, such lofty arrogance!

Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat, as his gaze trembled slightly. Could it be that this secret, cannot be casually mentioned? If it is spoken off, it will result in a severe backlash?

Why so?

"The Nine Heavens Continent.......was originally a monumental continent. There wasn't an Upper Three Heavens, or Lower Three Heavens, there wasn't even a Nine Heavens. It was just a single world. At that period......the disputes were unceasing. Humankind, beastkind, various other species; everyone inhabited and multiplied within this sole vast continent."

Young Master Ye unhurriedly continued, "Countless times, the humankind was on the verge of extinction. However, at that time, within that single world were nine titans who had reached the realm of Supreme. Moreover, they belonged to nine respective races. One from each race!