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 Chapter 314: Young Master Yu

The middle aged male laughed as he embraced his daughter in his arms.

Such a feat, could an ordinary mortal like me achieve it?

Loads of young maidens rushed to the fringe of their boats, and stretched out their figures; awaiting to behold this unique scene of a large fish hurling along a boat; instantaneously, a great jubilation rose within Lotus lake.

Under the eyes of the crowd, Minister Chu steered his boat around every boat. Even that gigantic fish hurling along the boat, was similarly a flashy brat; leaping out of the lake countless times, as it exhibited its mesmerizingly dazzling figure before splashing back into the lake, continuing to tow the boat forward.....

"One more time!"

"Another leap please!"

"Woahhhh, ahh, ahh, ahhh......"

Waves of cheers towered over each other, each acclamation more resounding than the previous......an uproar!

Especially the piercing screams of gullible young maidens, rising and falling in succession......

The members of the Flute Master's clan observed this flashy and stylish individual, as a sour flavour filled their nose; wishing hatefully for his body to be dismembered into a thousand pieces. After such an unexpected ruckus triggered by this young brat, the shuddering appearance of the Flute Master had ceased to be significant. The sensation he stirred, had dusted into oblivion!

Was it not possible for the Flute Master to make a second showing?

Then wouldn't it become a huge joke?

The entire limelight of Lotus lake, had been claimed selfishly by Minister Chu in this very instance!

Within a mediocrely decorated pleasure boat, a middle aged male beamed and asked meekly, "Who is that? Clearly someone who is here to disturb the Flute Master......although he isn't part of us, he managed to completely remove the pressure on our young missy; and eradicate Flute Master's influence.......haha, to me, this isn't a bad thing at all."

"Could it be someone from the Transverse-Flute Master's side?" Another individual questioned.

"Not possible. Typically, the Transverse-Flute Master wouldn't arrive so early." The first individual refuted firmly.

"That is true. Is young missy reaching soon?"

"She'll arrive roughly the following day." The first individual sighed, "A pity this year's Lotus lake, is truly somewhat untimely......"

"I know right, the present Great Zhao is in such chaotic turmoil......if anything were to happen here, I'm afraid Diwu Qing Rou will unsheath his blade towards here." The other individual muttered apprehensively.

"Let's take one step at a time."

"Have you seen the clan members arrive yet?"

"Not yet."

On another boat. A youthly Young Master beamed at the carefreely drifting Chu Yang, even his eyes seeming to carrying traces of a smile. He gently sighed.

"Why sigh, Minister Yu?"

"It's a comforted sigh. The complications plaguing my mind, had already been resolved perfectly by someone else."

"Complications? Resolved?"

"That's correct. Ah Lu's zither skills have already soared to the pinnacle, unparalleled under all skies! However.....Ah Lu has never fancied promoting himself, and doesn't like such showings of flattery......therefore, I could predict during this match of the Three Masters, he would be starting at a disadvantageous position. Yet......with the appearance of that man.....the equilibrium of the Three Masters is once again perfectly balanced!"

"That out-and-out flashy guy?" The one asking held slight disbelief, "Just with him? Just look at his flashy conceitedness, it is obvious he has forgotten himself....."

"You're wrong." 'Minister Yu' stared abstrusely at the awfully ecstatic Chu Yang, and continued, "The reason why you say that, is because you got no clue who he is! He is definitely not a shallow person, yet the reason he is doing so is for the sake of aiding us. This is a favour of exceeding weight! "

"Gifting us such a favour, is akin to delivering the title of 'Number One beneath Heaven' to Ah Lu! Such is the immensity of it."

He then resolutely commanded, "Detour and intercept him, I wish to have a chat with him."

Chu Yang was currently prepared to conclude his prank. Suddenly, a boat abruptly veered into his front. Simultaneously, his fishing rod recoiled loosely as the string snapped. In that instance the gigantic fish freed itself from his crutches, it disappeared without a trace.

The curtains of that boat suddenly rolled up, yes, it was an extremely abrupt furling. Chu Yang could observe with great clarity; obviously no one had touched it, yet it rolled up by itself.

An expert!

Chu Yang's pupils shrank instantly, his heart flourished with vigilance.

The curtains were folded. A youthly Young Master in cyan robes sat peacefully within the boat, looking at Chu Yang.

Their gaze connected. Chu Yang could immediately sense an exceptionally mystified......feeling; twin archaic eyes that felt like it had existed infinitely since ancient times, as if it had gazed upon him for a million years!

If my own eyes were akin to a droplet of water, then his eyes would resemble the vast ocean! It completely eclipses mine.

Chu Yang's heart shuddered, as he attempted to shift away; instead, he discovered his eyes were locked! It was as though his entire consciousness was sealed by the opposing! As though he had froze in this moment.

Chu Yang was terribly astonished!

In the entire Lower Three Heavens, how could there be someone as frightening as him?

Right at this instant, the Sword Spirit in his Nine Tribulation Space snorted; releasing a tremendous spirit energy into Chu Yan's eyes.


Indeed. When their interwoven gaze had been forcefully tore open by Chu Yang, it distinctively released a sonorous 'boom'!

The boom was so clear to the extent, that even the servant behind this cyan robe Young Master could hear it!

Emitting sounds from merely a separated gaze - this was truly an unimaginable occurrence!

Chu Yang's heart flushed with panic, his cold sweat soaking his clothes in that instance.

This youth, if he wishes to kill me, I'm afraid it would be as easy as crushing an ant!

This person is overwhelmingly unfathomable!

"Eh?" The cyan robe Young Master was faintly startled. His eyes radiated with clear suspicions, as he lightly begun, "Leave first, you can return yourself."

The servant behind him immediately affirmed.

Right at the heart of Lotus lake, that servant leapt out of the boat without hesitating. Pshh! He splashed into the water, as his limbs swung into action, swimming back to shore.

Leaving behind two individuals, sitting across each other.

"Who are you?" Chu Yang composed himself and slowly inquired.

"Please enter, do take a seat." The cyan robe Young Master smiled amicably, and lightly addressed, " "We've met before, my friend."

"Oh?" Chu Yang gazed at him suspiciously; immediately straightening himself up, as he floated lightly into the opposing cabin.

Facing such an absolute expert, Chu Yang knew resistance was futile, running would be impossible.

Why not just gloriously enter and see what he has to say?

Within the cabin was a White Jade desk. Opposite the cyan robe individual, was a White Jade stool. Chu Yang then sat down directly.

White Jade. A precious material with energy properties second only to Purple Jade in the Nine Heavens Continent. Yet it was actually crafted to use as chairs and tables by this cyan robe expert!

The extravagant affluence of this cyan robe youth, one could very well imagine!

Within his Dantian, the Sword Point bellowed with a longing desire.

Chu Yang smiled bitterly.

Such a treasure like White Jade, a pity brother here cannot afford to provoke others.......

"Wine? Or tea?" the cyan robe young master chuckled amiably.

"The guest will comply with whichever." Chu Yang similarly returned a warm chortle, "But, the better one!"

"Hah, you're really forthright." The cyan robe Young Master hoisted up the teapot. Waving his hand out, a jar lid by the side of his bed automatically slid open. A liquefied arrow soared up as though it contained its own vitality and rushed straight into the teapot. The cyan robe youth then offered a bright smile at Chu Yang, "This is melted Ice Jade water from the Middle Three Heavens."

Chu Yang examined it with great interest and praised, "Not bad."

On the contrary, his heart was jolting with shock; how could it be just not bad? In this world, only the spirit object, Ice Jade, can harness the spirit energy from chilling ice, condense it into pure ice, and still completely retain the spirit energies after the ice dissolves into water!

Although the accumulated spirit quality of Ice Jade cannot compare to Purple Jade or White Jade, it was the only one that could be drank! Chu Yang had never expected this expert right in front of him, could've accumulated so much that he could brew tea with it!

The cyan robe youth chuckled as he produced a tiny jade bucket forged with Purple Jade from his pocket, and bragged, "These are the tea leaves I created myself, it has no name. But I reckon that only my tea, can bear the term of 'nameless'.

As he spoke, he slid off the lid of the Purple Jade bucket, and poured out several precious tea leaves, finally placing them into the teapot.

Then, he steadied the teapot on his palm. After a moment of martial showing, white mist suddenly spiralled up, along with the gurgling sounds echoing into their ears.

The lake water was actually boiled by his palm!

"An ordinary tea leaf isn't pleasant to drink after being boiled. However, my tea only requires a brief boiling and steaming, to perfectly release the fragrance of tea." The cyan robe youth explained.

Following that, a stream of water jetted out in accordance to his pointed figure, as it steadily landed into the cup in front of Chu Yang; pouring till it was filled to the brim with surplus, yet not one drop leaked out.

A simple yet elegant aroma permeated into the air. In that instant, their mind and soul were refreshed.

"Although the fragrant aroma off this tea isn't thick, it can drift through vast distance; but that is troublesome as well. The cyan robe Young Master chortled faintly as he flicked his sleeves.

Suddenly, Chu Yang could sense the entire space stagnating.

Even the scattering steam had froze in mid air.

Domain authority!

Chu Yang exposed a shocked expression.

Domain authority. This was a marvelous technique that only Martial Emperor level experts could employ. The miraculous nature of this technique resided in the fact that sometimes, even a Nine Grade Emperor level expert could not possess a domain; yet another First Grade Emperor level expert may possess it!

It was completely related to one's opportunities and comprehension abilities!

It doesn't necessarily determine the standard of one's profoundness in martial arts, but it was still a technique that only Emperor level or above experts could possess.

A Emperor level expert may not possess a domain, yet for those who did, they were definitely exceptional beings!

"Dare I ask who this distinguished master is? " Chu Yan slowly inquired.

He claims to know who I am, yet I don't have a single impression of him. Could this person be a divinity?

"He he......" the cyan robe youth laughed faintly.

Chu Yang could suddenly sense a scarce familiarity. Such a familiarity wasn't one of acquaintancy, but it was more of a deja vu sensation.

This person's bearings, temperament and attitude is brimming with a flavour of neutrality. Or perhaps, his heart seems to be unbounded by any earthly thing.

It was completely a hundred percent identical to the bearing of Meng Chao Ran!

"I have no surname, nor do I have a name." The youthly young master laughed mellowly. Such ignorance and carefreeness was tossed out so casually, "But everyone calls me by the name, 'Young Master Yu. Therefore, you can call me Young Master Yu."

"Young Master Yu!" Chu Yang's heart was experiencing earth-shattering trembles, as though his emotions were running wild.

So it is him!

This figure enshrouded in obscurity.