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 Chapter 313: Who is best at disguise?!

The reason why water bounds the sword, is because the sword disrupts the equilibrium of water!

The reason mortals are bounded, is because mortals tries to break free from the shackle of the realm of Heaven and Earth; that is why, the heavenly path will inevitably bind one!

From a minor perspective, it refers to the resistance of flowing water against the sword. Yet from a major perspective, it represents the logic of the heavenly path! The rule of the heavenly path!

When a submerged mortal can no longer hold his breath and breaks free from the water surface, it is equivalent to one breakthrough of the heavenly path of binding by flowing water!

As long as one possess mortal flesh, one will inevitably be bound!

For half a month, Chu Yang consecutively peacefully gained insights. As though he was devoid of exhaustion, he paced back and forth between lake and shore. Not knowing fatigue, he released his sword, experiencing the sword, retracting the sword, comprehending the sword.......

Time trickled by slowly.

Within the Nine Tribulations Space, the Sword Spirit heaved a deep sigh; however, it was a comforting sigh. He had personally witnessed Chu Yan sinking into deep meditation, totally binded in seeking enlightenment; causing him to narrowly lose all consciousness and fall into eternal sleep.

Yet ultimately, he managed to finally break through into a brand new realm!

The reason the Sword Spirit described it as a brand new realm, was because.......even the Sword Spirit in its indefinite lifetime had never seen such a realm before, and had never comprehended it before.

This realm may not definitely be as profound as an insurmountable summit, but it was absolutely unprecedented in ancient history! Ever since the ancient era, no one had managed to step into such a realm!

Chu Yang's martial energy had not improved much, but his soul had already broken through to a tier which a formidable Sword Emperor expert may not even reach!

The Sword Spirit smiled in gratification. The current Chu Yang had already broken through the scope of the Nine Tribulation Sword. Although he was still cultivating the martial techniques of the Nine Tribulation Sword, and still remained on that path; the him right now could choose to transcend from this path at anytime......

Which goes to say, even if the mystical strength of the Nine Tribulation Sword was enhanced, it had ceased being able to control its current master.

The principle of the Nine Tribulation Sword; the Nine Tribulation Sword ahead, the owner behind.

Yet the present Chu Yang had transcended into the genuine master of the Nine Tribulation Sword! Dictator of the Nine Tribulation Sword!

Both were entirely different concepts.

Chu Yang continued training in the sword, to the point that occasionally, even his meals were taken underwater. He would casually catch a fish and gobble it up. He tirelessly familiarized himself with this realm, familiarizing the novelty of this sensation!

When others sank into a peculiar spirit state, they would at most remain in it for half a day. Yet Chu Yang had already maintained his miraculous state for a full month!

When Chu Yang finally resurfaced from the water, he had discovered that Lotus Lake had changed.

Over the lake's surface was a field of greenery; the occasional melody of elegant whistles and the occasional whiffs of rogue fragrance drifted in with the winds......

It was already the fourth month of Spring!

There was only half a month left to June, where the Match of Three Masters will take place here at Lotus lake.

Chu Yang's emotions stirred, distinctly sensing that the Sword Point and Sword Edge of the Nine Tribulations Sword had jolted slightly within his Dantian! Suddenly, within the depths of Lotus lake, a thread of delight manifested through ages of separation suddenly emerged, and distinctively stabilized.

Chu Yang's eyes sparkled!

As expected, you've appeared.

Though a reaction was right there in front of him, it still wasn't the perfect time to act upon it! Chu Yang could feel his own cultivation was insufficient. Therefore, he immediately turned and distanced himself from that region of endless allurement!

After my break through, I'll be back! Just wait!

The Lotus lake was already a focal point. Various individuals had begun heading towards here in turbulent waves. A distinguished counsel of music in the entire Nine Heavens Continent! The true apex of counsels!

Countless wise scholars and renowned literates had all assembled here.

Chu Yang was presently buried three feet beneath the surface, like a gigantic fish as he silently wriggled through the waters.

A discussion within a boat had pricked his interest. This particular boat had distanced itself from others, as Chu Yang stealthily hid himself beneath the boat.

"......this time, Prime Minister Diwu was really vicious.......so many lives, all condemned....." an individual whispered within the boat.

"I know right. His action is essentially a catastrophe for Great Zhao.......how many days has this purge persisted, yet its end remains out of sight......." Another individual sighed.

"The longer this misfortune drags, I'm afraid.......that even in three scores and five years, the Great Zhao will still be unable to recover its vigor....." Another individual complained frustratedly.

"That isn't certain....."

The few individuals on board were evidently apprehensive, suppressing their voices to the minimum for fear of others eavesdropping.

Chu Yang was immediately consoled. It seems like Diwu Qing Rou hasn't fully settled.....

Through Diwu Qing Rou's actions, Chu Yang had been deliberating in his heart.

Such a massive upheaval, coupling the disturbance caused by the Sword and Saber previously; It is impossible for Diwu Qing Rou to quieten down after merely half a year, he wouldn't be able to restore his energy yet.

It would even take longer.

Which means, at least within this half a year, it would be absolutely safe!

Moreover right now, only three months have past.

Although he understood this logic, only after he had heard someone else verifying it did Chu Yang managed to utterly calm down.

Everything, is still in accordance!

When I retrieve the third fragment of the Nine Tribulation Sword, there's still time.

Right at this instance, a dreamy flutish harmony drifted in abruptly and enshrouded the blooming spring of the Lotus lake; enhancing the atmosphere of hearbrokened yet graceful melancholy.

Some one exclaimed loudly, "The Flute Master is here!"

"Who would've expected the Flute Master to reach so early this year! There's still half a year to the contest."

"The Flute Master is indeed the Flute Master, extraordinary indeed! With the melody of his flute, he instantly silenced the other symphonies of Lotus lake."

The masses fluttered over to spectate.

A flat, tiny and narrow boat slowly waded along the surface of Lotus lake. A black sail and pitch black hull, utterly devoid of other colors. In contrast to the myriad of green grass, red petals, emerald hills and the jade water, it appeared incomparably abrupt!

Right at the boat's head was a man, dressed robes whiter than snow, as he stood in full tranquility. His snow white robe fluttered amidst the winds.

The whimpers of his flute wandered out with a melodious remoteness. The melody wasn't loud, yet between the heavens and the earth, nothing could replicate it.......

Expressions flashed with bewitchment as they listened. Until the sounds of flute faded, did they awake from their reverie and sighed, "In June, when the lotus blooms, the three masters will meet in the middle of the continent. Who is extraordinary? Who will take the top position? Angelic transverse flute is like vast waters, saintly end-blown flute is like a floating boat, and the sound of the zither is like the rustling sound of the heavens. One stroke of change paints spring. After twenty years of wind and rain, who still stands? After weathering twenty years, who will remain?"

(TN: I copied this phrase over from WTJ, it is basically the same thing in ch 224)

"The Flute Master, with just a remote half chorus, could already triumph over the symphonies beneath all heavens! Ah, he is Indeed worthy of the title of Flute Master."

Within the pleasant lingering of spiralling flute echoes, the boat of the Flute Master smoothly glazed through the waters. His white robes fluttering in the wind, as he traversed through the vast water surface; without halting, he gradually vanished amidst the enveloping mist.

The crowd had all seen clearly; a middle aged male in his thirties, sitting at the tip of the boat. His eyes fatigue with emotionless splendor, yet retaining a compassion incited by the weariness of world affairs. Without a single movement, without acknowledgement of his surrounding cheers.

The boat's solitary figure faded into the distance.

At this moment, Chu Yang popped his head out from the water shrubs to spectate this scene, and couldn't help shaking his head and laughing lightly: This Flute Master really knows how to put on a show. That fucking posture of his can only be described as cool!

However, even though it was all a feign, it was necessary. A contest of music, was fairly close to a contest of character. With the solitary appearance of the Flute Master, his white robes and black boat, that amazingly stylish elegance; resembled a drifting dust, floating in before fading away. The mellowness of the flute harmony penetrate the hearts of the people. Such a performance plundering the hearts with first showing, would undoubtedly leave a deep impression in the hearts of the multitudes.

Especially the whimpers of his flute that was filled with melancholy; it coincidentally confirmed with the chaotic fluctuations of the people's heart towards the upheaval of the Great Zhao.

One had to admit, such a method was indeed brilliant.

After a long while since the Flute Master vanished, the discussions of the masses became increasingly intensified. Within an unnoticeable region, where no one had realized, hosted another solitary boat.

This boat was no different from others; yet Chu Yang could clearly noticed, this boat too had drifted in from above. It was obviously the family vessel of the Flute Master.

Chu Yang giggled gently, as he stealthily selected a secluded area to climb ashore, before casually changing his set of clothes and his appearance. After purchasing a tiny boat similar to that boat from before, he boarded it with his hands supporting a fishing rod.

Drifting through the lake surface.

Who wouldn't know how to disguise? Chu Yang thought to himself secretly. He suddenly fixed the fishing rod to his boat, and pulled off his clothes. Puff! He splashed into the water. After submerging underwater for a long while, he finally located a giant fish as heavy as dozens of Jin. Swiftly and efficiently, he caught the fishing hook and stuffed it into the fish's mouth. Then he returned to the boat, and put on his snowy white clothes. A piercing indifference covered his face as he steadied his fishing rod.......

(TN: a Jin is roughly 0.5 - 0.6 kg)

Ho, everyone should be knowledgeable about that fish from before right......

Fishing.....actually, Minister Chu was inept at fishing.....but he could catch fishes.

Hence, Minister Chu continued to drift ethereally along with his boat. His expression remained indifferent and calm as he raised his fishing rod. The fishing line tugged with the swishing of the water.........roving along the lake......

Such a depiction, was truly an imitation of one of the Masters of the Lotus lake.

Momentarily, many others discovered this brat, who was disguised in maximum deception; Such a tiny boat, yet without a mast or sail, without a paddle or pole.......merely whooshing and pushing through the lake in such fashion.

Instantly, everyone glanced over curiously.

Suddenly, in front this tiny boat, towards the pointed direction of the fishing rod, a sudden gigantic fish head popped out. Puff puff! As he rummaged out massive splashes.

Everyone could distinctly see. The fishing line, could be traced back into the mouth of that gigantic fish.....

Such a humongous fish, wouldn't it be as heavy as a hundred Jin?

Following that, the gigantic fished carved a stretch of ripples, and continued hurling the tiny boat around......

"Woah! That's too dashing!" A young bimbotic lady screamed out, as she danced about her boat in glee. Clapping her hands as her eyes filled with longing, "Using a large fish to pull a boat, woahh.....woahhhh......"

More and more people soon discovered this.

Especially some maidens. In fact, they gazed at this fraudster with shining eyes, brimming with envy and reverence. Such confidence and ease.....ah, it really isn't something an ordinary man is capable of.......

Even.....such fanciful grandeur, is not one bit inferior to the Flute Master from before!

Minister Chu retained his expressionless yet haughty gaze. Exuberating a lofty and unsullied sensation as he bored past the cracks of larger and tinier boats. Still, his countenance remained unchanging......

Such an unconventional scene.

Such gracefulness, such confidence, such originality.......

The multitudes were struck captivated. The enlivening sensation of the Flute Master previously, had utterly vanished in this instance.....

"I want it too, I want it too!" A ten plus year old young girl watched on with twinkling eyes. She tugged against the lapel of a middle aged person, "I want a big fishy to pull my boat too....."

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