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 Chapter 310 - A daughter drinking Nu'er Hong

"He!" Chu Yang broke out in sweat. A sudden sympathy for the enemy he had never met soared greatly......to be toyed by a woman to such an extent, he is really one of a kind......

"Do you wish to know......the manifold affairs I've acquired from him about Diwu Qing Rou? including.....many many secrets?" Huting Ao Po winked her eyes.

"The manifold affairs of Diwu Qing Rou?" Chu Yang inquired as he gazed at her. Ultimately after pondering for a long time, he resolutely and decisively announced, "Yes!"

"You're finally admitting that you are King of Hell Chu!" Huting Ao Po smirked at him.

"King of Hell is fine, so is Qing Rou, aren't we all just mortals?" Chu Yang reasoned out, "During the past half a month, you and I have been drifting about here; while I observed you for half a month, you too inspected me for that period. Today, you've finally decided to call for me, it definitely isn't solely to verify my identity."

"Of course!" Huting Ao Bo released a stern and chilling giggle.

"Dare I ask, what your true intentions are?"

"It is simple actually." Huting Ao Bo lifted her head and peacefully started, "It is a fact that Gao Sheng ran from our marriage. However, back in the Middle Three Heavens, he could be considered as a renowned talent of the younger generation."

"My purpose here was mainly because I was curious, and secondly, just to gain some entertainment from disguising as a man......thus, I blended and infiltrated in just to see that person."

"After months of investigation, I've finally reached a conclusion." Huting Ao Bo chortled gently while carrying a tinge of disdain, "Gao Sheng is a talent. He has brains, schemes, and moreover his latent potential for martial skills is exceedingly vast."

"Since that's the case, then why?"

"Such an individual of his calibre, if I had just married into his house, then it would've been settled. Besides, though he cannot compare to the likes of Ao Xie Yun, Gu Du Xing, Xie Dan Qiong, Mo Tian Yun, Mo Tian Ji, Ou Du Xiao, Dong Wu Shang; Gao Sheng can still be considered an outstanding sapling when placed beside numerous other clan inheritors! He wouldn't be considered as a disgrace to me."

"Lacking when compared to those above him, while flourishing when compared to others beneath. That is Gao Sheng." Huting Ao Bo lightly pronounced.

Chu Yang frowned as his heart was slightly startled.

Not only does this lady Huting possess a commanding tone, her foresight is incredibly precise as well!

With regards to the influential figures of the Middle Three Heavens, her casual statement had already encompassed a substantial portion of them! it seems like she is exceedingly informed of such matters! Furthermore, several names she recited are in fact, not even well known. Yet, she is still aware of their potential!

She scarcely missed out on just Tu Qian Hao, while Mo Tian Yun is already an expired name.

Yet.......speaking of that; if Mo Tian Yun ultimately had not perished in Mo Tian Ji's hands, then once he matured, who could confirm his future achievements would be inferior to the others?

"But since he had decided to flee from our marriage.....then he must pay the price! Although I have completely zero interest in him......" Huting Ao Bo revealed a masculine smile and continued, "Hence, right now, Gao Sheng isn't worthy of me anymore!"

"If he didn't fancy this matrimony, then he should've just voiced out! Nobody would've hassled him with a dead face. What more to sneakily run off? Since he was afraid of assuming responsibility, how dare he call himself a man?" Huting Ao Bo snobbishly scoffed.

"Young missy.....there are many things in life that doesn't flow the way you expect it to." Chu Yang gently advised, "Gao Sheng.....did he possess sovereignty over this matter? As for you.......if Gao Sheng hadn't flee from his marriage, just based on your current strength, do you think you could've absolved the wedding?"

"This is an alliance contract of two major clans! How could personal opinions simply meddle with it?" Though Chu Yang didn't know who Gao Sheng was and hadn't met him personally before, even to the point they could be classified as enemies; but for this matter, he had to express his personal viewpoint.

This was because.......he could already deduce that Huting Ao Bo was absolutely a lady that drew a clear distinction between likes from hatred! Moreover, it was an aggressively intensified distinction!

Today she had divulged all her secrets to him, yet if she ever regrets in the future......Chu Yang had an inkling that her schemes may not be sufficient to deal with Gao Sheng......

Therefore, Chu Yang's words were not directed at resolving the issue, but instead, he was trying to crucify the topic entirely!

Whatever happens in the future, you cannot blame me!

Mn, that was his intention.

"Just based on my personal strength, it is inadequate! But I have the balls to say it, does he?" Huting Ao Bo glanced at Chu Yang profoundly before giggling again, "I never imagined our Minister Chu to be so scrupulous and noble, to actually plead on Gan Sheng's behalf."

"This is just guarding against the unexpected, to prepare for rainy days!" To fabricate words before an intelligent individual was to display one's own folly.

"What a great prepare for rainy days!" Huting Ao Bo praised, "Then you should've already guessed my intentions for seeking you out today."

"Do enlighten me please." Chu Yang smiled faintly, neither anxious nor flustered.

If you're not going to personally say it, then I'll just treat it as I've heard nothing.

Huting Ao Bo gazed abstrusely at him for a long while, before stroking her palms as she laughed, "King of Hell Chu, sure enough you live up to your name, King of Hell Chu! Against all heroes underneath the heavens, this little lady here has never felt more wariness than towards King of Hell Chu's conduct."

"You flatter me."

Huting Ao Bo muttered to herself briefly before finally explaining, "My goal is very simple! Since Gao Sheng has offended me, then he must pay the price for it! Everything he has painstakingly accomplished till now, I will tear them down! A thorough and merciless demolishment!"

"The blood and efforts he has expended to assist Diwu Qing Rou in hopes of rising to prominence, hehe, wouldn't that be too simple?!" Huting Ao Bo scoffed, "I wonder what it must taste like? Of having all your blood, sweat and tears getting trampled on ruthlessly......"

"He will soon get to sample.....that taste." Chu Yang raised his cup with a faint grin, "I believe, it will be an eternally, unforgettable taste!"

"I too believe so." Huting Ao Bo fixed her eyes on Chu Yang for a long while before her mouth started spreading out in smiles.

"Not just here, even in the Middle Three Heavens.....the Gao clan will pay dearly." Huting Ao Bo chuckled lightly as she gazed at her own hands with an air of manly brutality. Swivelling her tea cup slightly, she concluded, "This is my intentions."

"I have full faith in your success! I think highly of you!" Chu Yang incited with all his might.

"Ha ha ha......how delightful!" Huting Ao Bo lifted her head as she laughed hysterically. Her long hair fluttering to the twinkles of her eyes. Then, she suddenly turned back, "Do you drink wine?"

"You have wine?"

"I have fine wine!" Huting Ao Bo laughed brutishly again as she reached her head out and hoisted out a massive wine jar, "Fifty year old Nu'er Hong, care for a drink?"

(TN: Nu'er Hong () is a type of chinese wine, noticeably used for weddings or celebration events.)

"Fifty year old Nu'er Hong......indeed an old fashioned woman. As the saying goes, a woman resembles wine........of course I'll drink!" Chu Yang licked his lips.

"A woman that resembles wine is a product of time, of the human world and of Jiang Hu! Definitely not products of men like you!" Huting Ao Bo refuted impolitely, "Men like you, what can they amount to!"

Chu Yang could only return a bitter smile.

"Right after our meeting, I will immediately return to the Middle Three Heavens! This period of prolonged staying in the Lower Three Heavens, was all for the sake of finding you!" Huting Ao Bo gulped down her wine in big bowls. Without raising even an eyelid, she declared, "Fortunately, you didn't disappoint me!"

"Stop speaking to me in such a crude and casual manner, it isn't pleasing to my ears." Chu Yang similarly raised his bowl and replied with a sliver of frustration.

"You're dissatisfied.....only my fart cares about you!" Domineering! This lady Huting absolutely belonged to the domineering category! A mouth without dread nor humility.

"Only your fart will care about my dissatisfaction? Then why'd you reply me?" Chu Yang rebutted her without courtesy.

"Hmph!" Huting Ao Bo rolled her eyes, "King of Hell Chu. Although you are hailed as the King of Hell in the Lower Three Heavens, this granny isn't afraid of you! See how I get you drunk to death today!"

"Then let's see who gets drunk to death first!" Chu Yang sneered in response, "But we must first clarify something. As the saying goes, drunkenness begets recklessness. Since today we are both single male and females drinking together, if anything happens later on, let me warn you first. I will not be held responsible!"

"Responsible your head! You wish!" Huting Ao Bo blushed as she drank with eyes widened.

"Screw this! This daddy would rather not have that many beauties....." Chu Yang had since drank down 7-8 bowls, still sober in drunkenness, he allowed his tongue to run wild, "Take pity on this gorgeous pretty boy......my honor......my chastity, my morals......my......"

"Scram!" Huting Ao Bo could no longer endure as she roared out.

"Take this along!" Huting Ao Bo retrieved a piece of paper from her bosom, "In case i forget this later on. Everything is written clearly and precisely on it."

"Just this?" Still far from drunk, Chu Yang very nimbly received it. Without even examining it, he stashed it inside his chest. Without a sound, this piece of paper resurfaced inside his Nine Tribulation Space.

it was completely secured. Even in his drunken stupor, he would absolutely not lose it.

"Everything i have written......if you utilize them well......I won't say you can overwhelmingly defeat Diwu Qing Rou, but at least it would deliver a severe blow!" Huting Ao Bo glanced at him and continued, "Everything there includes news acquired by Gao Sheng himself, information of my observations, and my conjunctures......it is sufficient!"

"Many thanks."

"i just knew you weren't intoxicated yet!" Huting Ao Bo snobbishly smirked, "Trying to feign drunkenness to abstain from drinking? King of Hell Chu, you aren't considered a man!"

"Whether I am a man or not......to verify this point.......disputing that is simply not worthwhile!" Chu Yang snorted, "But since you've said it like that.....woman...Prepare to stagger back home today!"

"Fine! Come at me!"

They raised their wine cups, roaring clamorously as they drank!

Lady Huting's drinking speed was actually even faster than Chu Yang! Whenever she hoisted her bowl up, once it touched her mouth, not a single gurgling sound would be emitted; even a single drop on her lips weren't spared.

Both harboured ulterior motives. Huting Ao Bo was merely concerned with a sole intent; Today, this drunkenness will be my farewell to the past! From henceforth, my former self is no onger related to me!

If during normal circumstances, I would've never dared to get drunk. Yet today, this King of Hell Chu is definitely a trustworthy individual!

No more restraints for now, drink to my heart's content!

Chu Yang raised his wine bowl, his eyes was already slit with intoxication before he abruptly laughed, "Lady Huting, I suddenly thought of an antithetical phrase, please review it."

"What phrase?" Huting Ao Bo's vision was already slightly blurry from her drunkenness.

"A daughter drinks Nu'er Hong, a daugher blushes with red." Chu Yang laughed heartily, "How's that?"

(TN: (Nu'er Hong) means daughter () red () literally. Author is playing around with chinese words which doesn't make sense in English, because Nu'er Hong is a Chinese name for a certain Chinese wine. it is sort of similar to English puns that wouldn't work if translated to Chinese.)

Huting Ao Bo paused her wine cup and pondered for a long while, before slamming it to the ground as she pointed at Chu Yang and cursed, "A scoundrel speaks shameful words, words of trash and shameless disgrace!"

Thump! Chu Yang slumped onto the ground, as he attempted to curse out, "........."

"Ha Ha ha......" Huting Ao Bo snickered heartily. Pam! She suddenly collapsed onto the chair, and proceeded to......submerge into deep sleep.

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