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 Chapter 309 - A truly domineering woman!

"Not a scholar?" The young lady was further humoured, "Then you're a.... Graduate?"





"That's an even bigger nope!"

"Then what exactly are you?"

"This student has yet to achieve anything..... I'm truly ashamed." Minister Chu showed a face of shame, as if he was deeply embarrassed.

"Wa Ha...." The young lady cracked up to the point of almost falling off the boat into the waters. She turned around and delectably shouted, " Young Missy, this nerd is gonna make me die of laughter."

"He is just teasing you, mn." The young miss inside lightly said, the sound of her voice was exceedingly attractive and similarly.... extremely authoritative!

On hindsight, it sounded like a male's, however, it could also belong to a female, both were possible!

A neutral voice.

Actually, Chu Yang has already noticed this peculiar pair of master and servant for the past few days. The young mistress had seemingly never showed her face while her young servant girl was continuously busy with chores.

Chu Yang had already been residing in Lotus Lake for several days now, while the girls too had unexpectedly continued sailing for the past few days; where both sides caught glances of each other almost everyday. Yet this somehow caused Chu Yang to feel rather intrigued.

I came here in search for the Nine Tribulations Sword: What exactly.... Are you girls here for?

Presently, there isn't even a single lotus floating on the surface of the lake. I will definitely not believe you, If you say that you're here for the scenery.

Chu Yang's objectives for this trip was; firstly, gaining insights of the essence and flexibility of water, and secondly, which was the most important goal - The third fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, was in fact, located within this Lotus Lake!

Chu Yang had left hidden clues at the House of Exceptional Beauties in order to confuse Diwu Qing Rou. Yet most importantly, it was to obtain the third fragment of the Nine Tribulation Sword, which was within the Lotus Lake!

Because the match of Three Masters, would be held at Lotus Lake!

(TN: Match of Three Masters was mentioned in ch 224)

Chu Yang was currently at a tipping point.

He had roamed about the lake, allowing both the Sword Point and Sword Edge within his Dantian to probe out the location of the third fragment.

However, even up till now, there wasn't a single reaction.

Chu Yang's memories were definitely not wrong; Yet in lieu of such a situation, he could only come up with a self-explanation for this oddity - The time wasn't ripe yet!

As the voice drifted out, the cotton curtain on boat was raised, revealing the shadow of a person as she strided out gently while causing the boat to sway. Due to the sudden rocking, the maidservant cried out in alarm, as though she was about to fall into the water.

"This gentleman, do you mind coming over to my boat for a drink?" The voice was the same as before. Mn, or perhaps it should be described as, the voice belonged to that "lady".

However, despite being on the boat, her manner of walking was shockingly as grand as dragons and tigers, deep as stagnant waters, and firm as the highest mountain peak!

From one glance, Chu Yang involuntarily yelped to himself: Oh my goodness!

He thought that, since this was a ' lady ', then even if it wasn't a beauty, at least she should have a curvaceous, soft and delicate figure. Yet the appearance of this young lady ... ... enlightened him of his total misjudgement and broadened his horizons!

Examining her now, he finally realized she was seven feet tall, equipped with a fierce menacing expression, her broad shoulders and thick back were the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, such crudeness was simply extraordinary!

Just by standing still, it actually released a natural sensation that he was a hero and master of the universe! - if she was a male that is.

Chu Yang maintained a face of composure, however in his stomach, gastric juice were already churning rapidly. If not for a missing beard, or a missing Adam's apple, and if not for her bulging bosom and perky buttocks, and if not for her dress ......

Chu Yang would've definitely assumed that she was a guy!

Not just any normal guy, but the manliest of them all!

"This gentleman, please come over for a drink." The lady knitted her eyebrows, instantaneously, a natural aura of dominance flushed out.

"Kek, alright alright." Chu Yang answered. With a flick of his fishing pole, the fish underwater begun to drag his boat over.

Chu Yang had a gut premonition; this lady, I'm afraid she isn't just a simple character.

"You didn't even row your boat.... How did your boat move?" The young servant girl was flabbergasted by this scene, and asked with her big sparkling eyes.

"A fish hurled me along." Chu Yang winked and laughed.

"You're boasting!" The young servant girl pouted.

"Heh." Chu Yang had already arrived in front of her, as he casually passed the rod into her hands: "Take it, enjoy yourself ... .., "

The young maid pouted with a face brimming with disbelief as she received the rod. She added:

"Who will believe you....... Ahhhh!"

She suddenly shrieked out as her body tiled instantly. Splash! she crashed into the lake, completely caught off guard as the enormous fish continued to drag her along the water, leaving behind ripples and splashes everywhere.

Yet as soon as she resurfaced and wiped the water droplets off her face, she yelled, "Wow! So he was really dragged by a fish...... and such an enormous fish ... ... Wow, you're not escaping!"

Her last few words were directed at the fish.

The young servant girl climbed up the boat with both her hands and legs, before proceeding to steady the rod and beginning to reel the fish in.

Chu Yang furrowed his brows; This servant lass is trained in martial arts, and she isn't weak at all!

"Young master please enter, don't mind that crazy lass." The masculine lady smiled and stretched out her hand.

"Many thanks." Chu Yang smiled as he walked inside. A tiny table was unexpectedly placed within the hold of the ship, with a large tea pot and a large cup sitting over it.

It appeared straightforward and boorish.

"May I ask for this esteemed lady's surname?" Chu Yang inquired.

"My surname is Huting." The lady retrieved the large tea cup and filled it with tea for Chu Yang.

She then sat opposite of Chu Yang and smiled humbly, "My name is Huting Ao Bo."

"So it's Miss Huting." Chu Yang's heart skipped a beat; Yet another from the Middle Three Heavens' clans! Haven't those from the Middle Three Heavens went back recently? Why is this girl still staying here?

"Young master's surname?" The lady, Huting Ao Bo, smiled mildly.

"My surname is Chu."

"So it's young master Chu." Huting Ao Bo lightly smiled: "Dare I ask young master Chu, are you from the Middle Three Heavens? Or the Upper Three Heavens?"

As she spoke, she looked suspiciously into Chu Yang's eyes and said: "Young master Chu please refrain from suggesting that you're just a student that isn't even a scholar. If not, I will despise you."

Chu Yang suddenly realized that this girl was indeed hard to deal with!

Such a difficult style didn't belong to the category of annoying pestering, but rather a difficult individual that was intellectually cunning, abstruse and farsighted! She was indeed a knowledgeable tough nut to deal with!

In front of her, it would be exceedingly difficult to fabricate tales without being found out.

"I am neither from the Middle Three Heavens nor from the Upper Three Heavens."

"Mn, King of Hell Chu?" Huting Ao Bo raised her head, as she stared at him with sparkly yet sharp eyes; just like a falcon.

Such a pair of eyes should in fact belong to a man of great significance; Chu Yang pondered. Smiling, he replied, "Young miss, how did you come up with such an absurd deduction? King Of Hell Chu....isn't that too atrocious, no?"

"Ke..., " Huting Ao Bo smiled steadily and replied: " Maybe this gentleman isn't aware but you have been sitting alone on that boat while looking so carefree, and yet are able to control such a big fish with a thin fishing line. How can a normal person accomplish such a feat?"

"Or perhaps, you may say there's a fishing line guiding it, but ... ... the fishing line can only stop the fish from running, it cannot direct it; and there we have the first reason."

"Oh?" Chu Yang started to get interested.

"The second reason; I have met most of the young masters within the Middle Three Heavens' clans before. Yet none of the outstanding characters resemble you."

"As for the third reason... ... In the past I heard, there were two young masters Chu who came from the Upper Three Heavens. After Diwu Qing Rou inspected and verified the King Of Hell Chu, he mustered up a great force to capture them only to find that they had disappeared without a trace."

Huting Ao Bo seemed to have an ace up her sleeve as she continued: "In this Lower Three Heavens, with a talent like yours within the Zhao Dynasty, I believe that you would have been scouted by Diwu Qing Rou as a subordinate. Yet as of now, the Great Zhao Dynasty is in shambles and yet this young master is without a worry. This undoubtedly shows that you're not from Great Zhao."

She smiled lightly, "There are multitudes of young warriors from the Great Zhao who are currently worried and fretting over this chaotic situation......."

"However, that isn't enough grounds to prove that I am the King of Hell Chu... ... Miss, don't you feel this is irrelevantly forcing your way through?" Chu Yang said this without panicking.

"This can't prove much! But I am sure of it." The young lady let out a sudden expansive laugh and said: "I daresay, even if you aren't King of Hell Chu, you're at least one of the two Chu Young Masters... ..."

"Moreover, since I've identified you as King of Hell Chu....... Even if you're not...... I will deem that it is you!"

This Tyrant!

Chu Yang rarely felt such an aura from a girl, but this girl right before him managed to interweave such a tyrannical tone within her soft spoken words flawlessly!

"Then my hands are tied." Chu Yang laughed bitterly.

Since she has put it that way then what else can I do? This lass is really capable in combining the willfulness of a female with the unruly and domineering nature that can only be found in males.......

If I keep denying, then it will just turn into a joke.

Might as well remain ambiguous, neither admitting nor refuting and let this roll over and be done with it.

Chu Yang's keen senses was whispering to him; This girl doesn't possess any ill intentions towards me, but rather she actually admires me. What's more......It is a cutting emotion, an admiration that is invoked upon when one meets his match.

"Young master Chu, do you know who Gao Sheng is?" Hu Ting Ao Po smiled quietly and said.

"Gao Sheng?" Even if Chu Yang did not know beforehand, after arriving at Continent Center, he would've surely found out by then.

Middle Three Heavens' Gao clan's successor, yet for some unknown reason came down to the Lower Three Heavens, and for some unknown reason assisted Diwu Qing Rou. Within a short year or two, he had used his powers to achieve meritorious achievements for Diwu Qing Rou!

Gao Sheng!

"Ah, yes, Gao Sheng......" Huting Ao Bo described as if they were discussing about a stranger. She faintly smiled and continued: "I am Gao Sheng's fiancee. The reason why Gao Sheng didn't stay in the Middle Three Heavens but rather came down to the Lower Three Heavens was actually to flee from our marriage......"

"Abscond... .... pfft......." Chu Yang choked and nodded repeatedly: "Ahem....... I understand......."

Huting Ao Bo glared at him furiously and scoffed: "What do you understand?"

"I understand what you are feeling!" Chu Yang solemnly declared, " The feeling of being absconded is really unbearable."

"Unbearable? NO! I don't feel terrible at all." Even though she knew that Chu Yang didn't mean what he said, Huting Ao Bo did not expose him, "I knew long beforehand that Gao Sheng had took off. It is just that I felt rather intrigued by him, that is why I came here to observe him."

"Oh? Observe him?" Chu Yang suspiciously asked.

"Yes, it was just spectating." Hu Ting Ao Bo laughed haughtily and said: "Even though I am not that pleasant looking, but I still wanted to see; what exactly does this guy who absconded look like? Whether he is worthy of me!"

"Oh?" Chu Yang still retained his suspicions.

"Gao Sheng may be feeling conceited that he had successfully evaded me." Huting Ao Bo issued a mocking pair of eyes: "What he doesn't know is that somewhere in his past, that big bearded bodyguard beside him.......was me. I followed him and observed him, spectating him for an entire four months! Only until some time back when he led his troops back to the Middle Three Heavens did I decide to stay behind."