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 Chapter 308 - A peculiar composition

"You scoundrel!" The young lady's rage was surmounting mountains, "Obviously slaying that snake was for the serpent core in its head! Argh, arh, argh, this is too infuriating, it's driving me nuts......"

"Serpent core?" Tan Tan was at a loss.

Do the snakes here contain cores like dates?

By the side, Meng Chao Ran appeared as if he was enduring a stomach ache, as he finally approached to reconcile them. After realizing there was someone else here, the fuming young lady released Tan Tan and sprinted over to inspect the three badly mangled serpent heads.......

After a brief inspection without reaping any harvest, her buttocks slammed onto the ground as she mourned tearfully, "My serpent core......."

"Young lady, how do I address you?" Tan Tan stroked his nose as he strolled over, seemingly aware of his own blunder already, "Ahem, ahem, since I've rescued you, ah lady, does this count as a hero saving a damsel in distress?"

"Hero saving a damsel in distress?" The young lady glanced wearily at him. Her brain simply could not process this absurdity.

You're calling yourself a hero saving a beauty? Aren't you just shamelessly showing off now? You're not even close to that!

"Uh, yeah." Tan Tan replied delightedly with satisfaction, momentarily forgetting to maintain his 'shocked' demeanor, "My senior told me once before; when a hero saves a beauty, that beauty will become devoted to him. Henceforth, that tale of youthful romance will be shared throughout all eternity......."

"The beauty.....will become devoted?" The young lady stammered with her words as she glared at this sickening brat.

This thick-skinned bastard not only foiled all my hardwork and fortunes by destroying the serpent cores, he still dares to brazenly talk about devotion with me?

Where did he come from, how is his skin so thick?

"Uh, yeah! Devoted to me!" Tan Tan continued in his obliviousness, "I am the hero while you are the beauty. I rescued you, aren't you going to stay devoted to me now? Besides, my martial prowess are more bountiful than your chest and your round butt cannot compare to my attractiveness. Ah, truly a perfect match!"

When Tan Tan spoke till here, he suddenly awakened as he hastily pretended to contemplate in deep thought. Then, he suddenly exclaimed in 'shock', "Woah! You musn't be thinking that a dashing and confident male like me......isn't worthy of you no?"

While he exclaimed, his brows bounced with shock.

"Uhgh....." the young lady's eyes rolled back as she fainted.

This granny has truly encountered a jinx......

Ultimately after Meng Chao Ran mediated, both parties finally sat face to face in peace. Right now, Tan Tan was still rather vexed.

The hero has already rescued the beauty, why Isn't she devoted?

The young lady was similarly fuming.

This brat is a damned retard.

Under the superb eloquence and amiable smile of Meng Chao Ran, along with utilizing gentle and delicate inquiries with words that seemingly drizzled alongside winds of spring, the young lady unconsciously divulged all her information.......

Cough! It wasn't an easy feat for Meng Chao Ran. To stealthily dig out information from the lady that his disciple had fell for on first sight, he spared no expense at flirtatious flattery.......

Xie Dan Feng of the Xie family clan. The little sister of the young Xie Clan Lord, Xie Dan Qiong. Moreover, her genius potential was the subject of prime nurturing emphasis in the Xie clan.

Although her looks were subpar, she had everything else an average woman should have; even amplified several times at that!

It was merely her mediocre features that proved troublesome; still, she could still be considered a beauty above the average. Yet that only flaw had been fully compensated by her haughty and fiery figure.

Actually, it completely surpassed it!

Although the air between them is pretty bad, I have utterly hundred percent faith in this miracle, which is my disciple's relentless and indefatigable prowess of harassment.

That and the pinnacle of his unequalled impudence and narcissism......

Needless to say, this disciple can definitely 'charm' the little lass....Mn, the only hurdle would be her family.......no need to worry about that for now, settle the individual first. As for other matters.....let Chu Yang worry about it in the future.

Meng Chao Ran pondered over this issue irresponsibly.

Everyone is headed towards Cang Lan Battlefront. Besides, for Xie Dan Feng to venture out herself, she must have been scolded by Xie Dan Qiong and ran off in a fit of anger......

Then this is essentially a golden opportunity bestowed upon by heaven.

Hence during their journey, Meng Chao Ran either walked much farther ahead purposefully, or lagged far behind; allowing this 'young married couple' to spark something.......

Therefore many a times, he watched on as the two clashed daily with tempers flaring, before displaying a martial arts performance for the heavens.

Tan Tan's growth was rapid. He was essentially equally matched with Xie Dan Feng, a talent that her clan expanded innumerable medicinal herbs to groom. Although he suffered a little in the beginning, after several bouts of duelling, he actually reached a stage where he could counter-attack. After conflicting for another 3 days, Tan Tan actually managed to occupy overwhelming superiority.......

Moreover, Tan Tan had an exceptional advantage or perhaps it should be referred to as a benefit. After witnessing the latest events, Meng Chao Ran finally discovered that he had been underestimating his disciple all this while.

This brat doesn't hold restrain to the opposite sex at all!

As his master, Meng Chao Ran felt both worry and admiration.

Hence during their entire journey, he frequently witnessed as Tan Tan pressed Xie Dan Feng to the ground, like he was a vigorous dragon or a ferocious tiger. After that, he would mount over her and release his violent beatings onto her; apart from sparing her face, none of her other body parts were taboo to him!

Chest, buttocks, thighs; seizing rampantly, wherever he wished!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Like a cudgel smashing against a sandbag, thoroughly satisfying his venting cravings.

As for Xie Dan Feng who was beneath Tan Tan, she struggled to the best of her abilities; hurling curses at him while getting knocked about......

Yet the most astounding phenomenon was that whenever Xie Dan Feng suffered beatings, she would never resolve to crying. Instead, she deliberated excruciatingly to retaliate against him! To the extent of not resting until achieving her goals.......

Such a character was simply spectacular!

Hence, such a scene playing out during their journey became commonplace, it was simply mindblowing!

Thus, Meng Chao Ran had completed half of his objective in tempering Tan Tan through real combat, even before they had entered the core of Cang Lan Battlefront. This was all Xie Dan Feng's credit, even though it resulted in her numerous blood, tears and torment.

Whenever they encountered a spirit beast, both fledglings would compete as they charged forward.

Xie Dan Feng's main mission had always been to acquire the core and hide of spirit beasts.

While Tan Tan did so to temper his martial skills and similarly intended to gain some riches.

As for the cores they acquired, both followed the mentality of 'each to their own', both sides minding their own business. Tan Tan would absolutely not resort to gifting any to Xie Dan Feng to win her favour; Since I slayed the beast, on what grounds should I hand it to you? You haven't even agreed to be devoted to me!

Tan Tan's reasoning was actually sufficient.

Such a mindset was totally poles apart from a male in pursuit of a female's affection.

Moreover, Xie Dan Feng would absolutely not accept any freebies from Tan Tan; That's obviously yours, based on what are you giving it to me? You're not even my husband!

Though both parties were like misers to each other, they held onto their separate principles; moreover, they did so resolutely.

This caused Meng Chao Ran to watch on as his lips twitched, unsure whether to cry or laugh.

As things developed, it was unclear who first suggested this - A wager in fighting!

Every time they fought, they wagered. The loser would then have to hand over proceeds to the winner.

As for their wagers, it commonly involved a spirit beast core, or even several cores.

Yet evidently, Tan Tan only lost a few times. Instead, it was young mistress Xie who lost consistently, as grief and indignation accumulated within her. Hence, all the spirit beast cores that she had painstakingly gathered throughout this period were all transported into Tan Tan's pocket.

As for Tan Tan's pocket, it only permitted entrances with zero exits!

This drove Young missy Xie crazy, as she strove harder to acquire more spirit beast cores. When she finally accumulated enough gambling stakes, she would then return to challenge Tan Tan again, before...losing once more.......then fighting again......repeating the same process all over again......

Tailing behind two lunatics, Meng Chao Ran was confused if he should be crying or laughing......

Forget it, since our aim is to train, then I'll just let them carry on......

Hence, this peculiar composition of three gradually traversed into Cang Lan Battlefront, repeatedly squabbling and jostling with each other along the way......

While the Middle Three Heavens was experiencing an upheaval, back in the Lower Three Heavens, the stench of massacre pervaded the air in Continental Center Citadel.

Diwu Qing Rou's purging was still ongoing,

Yet, the one pulling the strings within the dark, Minister Chu, was presently boating and fishing over Lotus lake; contentedly living his simple and carefree life.

Though Lotus lake wasn't enormous, it wasn't small as well, but had a perimeter of several hundreds of li. Within this inland region, it could indeed be described as an exceptionally massive lake.

Midwinter had just elapsed, as the lands started to defrost and made way for tiny shrubs and shoots of young grass. Winds of spring isn't cold to the face.....this saying referred to this exact moment.

The surface of Lotus lake remained enshrouded with decay, as the frozen winter lotus leaves scattered about the lake surface like rags. It was seemingly inconceivable to imagine the spectacular scenery of blooming red lotus flowers drifting through the lake during the summer.

Clad in white and snow, Minster Chu held onto a thin fishing rod as he sat within a tiny boat that was roughly the width of his buttocks; floating aimlessly over the water's surface. Like a duckweed, he drifted wherever the ripples took him to.

Like the reflection of a white cloud casted onto the emerald surface.

The thin thread of his fishing rod tugged slightly, before abruptly tensioning and swishing in the water, and finally begun coiling in twirls within the lake surface......

Indeed, a fishy had taken the bait. Moreover, it wasn't a small fish.....

Yet oddly, even after the fishy had taken bait, Minister Chu remained nonchalant; allowing the fishy to dart around underneath the surface while dragging the tiny boat swaying along with it......

"How satisfying!" Minister Chu tugged against his fishing rod as he felt the tension beneath the lake. His heart was utterly untroubled, "The joy of fishing, must it be directed to the fish? Not true! Or perhaps the process of angling? Not that either! It is merely the instance the fish takes the bait, only the thrill of adrenaline and palpitation......"

"Today, I get to enjoy such long lasting pleasure......" Minister Chu sighed to the skies,


"Pfftt....." a giggle whispered in front nearby. It was another boat, a slightly larger one. On board was a little lass dressed in bright robes, similarly tugging along a fishing rod with one hand, fishing without a care in the world.

That young maiden's expression carried a trace of utter boredom. After listening to Minister Chu's self-proclaimed fallacy, she couldn't resist the urge to giggle as she scoffed, "Hey! That nerd over there, have you hooked a fish yet?"

Minister Chu's expression sank as he refuted unhappily, "An ancient proverb, men and women should maintain a distance! An ancient proverb, a daughter ought to learn the ways of a woman and not reveal her teeth while smiling. An ancient proverb.....a man and woman should not recklessly converse during first meeting. Another ancient proverb.......you should be addressing me as young master, and not a nerd......"

"Haha......" The young lady cackled uncontrollably as she revealed a pair of sharp eye tooths. She knead her belly and responded, "Ai ya ya, you're truly an annoying sour scholar......your ancient proverbs, just let me faint now...."

(TN: (Gu Ren Yun) means ancient proverbs or ancient saying, but the last character yun sounds similar to (Yun): meaning faint, that is why she exclaimed about fainting....."

"Young lady's words are inaccurate!" Chu Yang shook his head with a sharp air of fuming scholarly disgust as he lectured her, "This one here is merely a student and not a scholar, therefore.....the term 'sour scholar' cannot be used on me....."