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 Chapter 640: Gigantic Soul Shield's Descent(I)

After revolving thrice, the Gigantic Ball of Light had turned into an amethyst color. The terrifying electricity emanating from it had a translucent feel, and carried a truly ruthless reek of blood.

The instant the one-meter-diameter Energetic Ball of light came flying, Sima Xian spurted out a large mouthful of blood. In a resonant splurt of blood, his Scarlet Dragon Armor then smashed to pieces suddenly. With a loud bang, his upper-body covered in scars came to sight.


The retreating earth warrior was bombarded by Sima Xian's full powered and willed Energetic Ball of Light. The pair of hammers shattered, and immediately, the ball left a mark on its chest.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. Twelve repeated booms resounded the same as alternated shots from magic cannons.

In the midst of these twelve blasts, the earth warrior's body shook violently. Without a single burst of sound, the gap on its body spread out even more massively as the cracks multiplied.

At the time of the last echo, the earth warrior's body was already blasted to shreds. It wasn't even able to pay a single word of allegiance to its master, turning into a yellow light shooting at the Eternal Melody on Cai'er's chest.


The instant that earth warrior collapsed, Sima Xian crumbled as well, falling to the ground with a large shock underneath Cai'er. His upper-body was full of bloody wounds, having turned into a man of blood the instant of Berserk mode's ending.

Two glints of light landed on Sima Xian's body almost at the same time, coming from Duan Yi and Zhang Fangfang's Holy Protections. The instant after the two released this instantaneous spell, they immediately started chanting healing magic of higher scale.

Han Yu came to Sima Xian's side, releasing his Spiritual Stove of Light Blessings to help everyone present recover their spiritual energy. Lin Xin stepped forward, holding Sima Xian's fallen body and placing pills into his mouth before inspecting his wounds.

Leaning on Lin Xin's chest, Sima Xian's chest moved up fiercely as blood flew continuously from his mouth, nose, and ears. But despite it being full of blood, he had a smile on his face.

"I... Succeeded... Vice-captain... Leaving the rest to you... Possible... Domain... Wind powerhouse... Take care... Just before. This opponent... Power... Wielded with Nature element... We... Must... Resurrect... Boss..."

As if these were his last words, Sima Xian spoke these words as his body was shaking all over. By chance, Zhang Fangfang and Duan Yi's high level magics were completed successively right after that, healing his bruised body.

The bruises on the surface healed easily, but the internal wounds were not that easy to heal.

Cai'er was kneeling in front of Sima Xian, strongly pursing her lips together to stop her tears from flowing down. She was now the whole team's leader, and as such, she had to stay strong.

"Thank you, Sima."

Sima Xian's whole body was shaking, gradually entering a state of serenity from the healing magic, but in the meantime his vital force became fainter and fainter.

Wang Yuanyuan grabbed Lin Xin's shoulder, asking hastily, "How are things?"

Lin Xin grinded his teeth tightly, and did not give a reply to Wang Yuanyuan's question, taking out other pills to pour into Sima Xian's mouth. Right now, Sima Xian was already unconscious, and couldn't swallow it on his own. Lin Xin went so far as to push his mouth against Sima's to help him swallow the pills.

Under the effects of Han Yu's Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing, and Duan Yi and Zhang Fangfang's nearly simultaneous usage of healing spells, it still took a whole half an hour for Lin Xin's face to finally become a bit more relaxed.

"How are things?" Wang Yuanyuan asked hastily.

Sima Xian breathed in a large gasp as he replied, "Our baldie is tenacious, and finally managed to make it through alive. The backlashes from his spiritual stove, berserk state, and use of the ability Sacrifice was majorly sustained by his Scarlet Dragon Armor of epic tier. Otherwise, how could a piece of equipment of epic tier break down like that? But even so, that nearly cost him his life. His internal organs had started to crumble and decay. But my pills and the brothers' healing kept them alive by a thread. At least now his life is stabilized and is not at risk anymore."

"Pah, Pah... Shit, what a loss. Why did I have to make contact with this guy's thick lips... An incomparable loss!"

The tense atmosphere finally relaxed after Lin Xin said these few words. Aside from Cai'er, the whole group exuded smiles. In normal times, they would perhaps be laughing in joy, but right now, they were only filled with heavy feelings.

This was only the test of the first half of the fifth floor, and they had already lost Chen Ying'er and Sima Xian. Since the following tests would only get harder, would they really make it to the final seventh floor?

Although Sima Xian had vanquished the earth warrior by himself, that was after using the Cojoined Spiritual Boosting Pills, therefore making everyone fall into a weakened state. Although it was continuously improved by Lin Xin, who made the backlashes far weaker than before after adding a lot of ingredients, they were in the midst of continuous battles, making even Light Blessings insufficient to return them to their optimum state.

Although Cai'er was worried, she could obviously not keep advancing immediately. By continuing, they would face off against even more powerful opponents wielding domains, against whom they could only have a chance by using the Cojoined Spiritual Pills given the current state of the team.

"Everyone have a rest here. After our weakened state is over, we will keep advancing." Reaching this point, Cai'er cautiously untied Long Haochen from her back, placing him on the ground.

Seeing his pale, bloodless face, Cai'er's body couldn't help but shake. Raising her hand and gently stroking his face, tears fell down beyond her control.

Idiot, you idiot! I will bring you back to life no matter the cost!

This time of rest was much longer than the previous one. Under Lin Xin, Zhang Fangfang, Han Yu, and Duan Yi's joint efforts, Sima Xian's body was finally stabilized, at least guaranteeing his certain survival.

It was at this kind of time that the effects from the Forest Boa Training Pills became visible. Compared to other powerhouses of the same vocation at the same level, their powerful external spiritual energy made their resistance towards the side effects of the Cojoined Spiritual Pills much better than ordinary powerhouses. This was something Duan Yi got to see very clearly.

After roughly eight hours, Cai'er's group was already done recovering for the most part, apart from Duan Yi's weakened state which still persisted. Under these conditions, he wouldn't be able to take another Cojoined Spiritual Pill, so even if he begged repeatedly, Cai'er decided to instead have him stay and take care of Sima Xian.

"Everyone, have Cojoined Spiritual Pills prepared." Cai'er asked sternly, "Lin Xin, do you have some more spares of Cojoined Spiritual Pills?"

Lin Xin nodded, "I have another set on me. Adding it to the set in everyone's hand, we can still go for two more battles."

Cai'er wrinkled her eyebrows, nodding slowly. After less than a day, they had successively taken the third and fourth floor trials, and half of the fifth's. But this Tower of Eternity had seven floors in total! Since the fifth floor already had powerful holy guards wielding domains, how about the incoming sixth and seventh floors?

Right now, everyone had a very grim facial expression. Although they were unwilling to think of it, they faintly realized that the final climb of the seventh floor would perhaps be extremely difficult. But none of them was willing to speak out these facts, much less believe in them. No matter what, they would strive their greatest effort to fight for time and fight for the opportunity of resurrecting Long Haochen. This Tower of Eternity was their only hope out there!

Cai'er took a deep breath, "Another trial is waiting for us right after this. Up next, we should have to face a wind elemental mage in control of a wind domain. Wind mages' greatest strength is in their speed. We have no way to know about the opponent's domain in advance, but I will be in charge of the offense, while everyone else boosts me through the Cojoined Spiritual Pills. We must defeat the opponent in the shortest time, and not let him deploy his greatest attacks!"

While speaking up to there, she had already placed Long Haochen back on her back, binding him tightly with the chains.

"Cai'er!" Wang Yuanyuan suddenly called out her name.

"Yeah?" Cai'er looked at her puzzlingly.

Wang Yuanyuan determinedly stared at her face, "Let me be the one undertaking this duty."

"No way!" Cai'er rejected her suggestion without giving it the slightest thought. Just before, Sima Xian had to try hard with his life at stake, narrowly dying in battle. How could she, as the temporary captain, let her comrades take such risks? Moreover, the strongest of the team was her!

Wang Yuanyuan grabbed Cai'er's shoulders, facing her face on, "Cai'er, listen to me. We are a team, and resurrecting captain is by no means a business all your own. Ying'er and Sima already gave their greatest shot, so the next one to go should be me! I am confident in succeeding, as the Space attribute is a counter to Wind element. Moreover, just like everyone else I have secret moves of my own. I am very confident!"

Cai'er still shook her head, "Yuanyuan, I know that you have good intentions, but I have greater chances than you."

Wang Yuanyuan suddenly gave an emotional response, "I know that you have greater chances than me, but are you confident in being able to stay unharmed while defeating the enemy? No, you cannot. With your current cultivation, you must utilize the seven arts of the God of Death to vanquish a mage wielding a domain, but you have already used it once in the past twelve hours. Using it once again will undoubtedly cause a terrible backlash. Don't forget that this is not the last trial we are going to face. We still have the sixth and seventh floors coming up after that. You may be the strongest of us, but this is all the more of a reason for you to preserve your strength for what's coming next."