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 AGM 0099 - A Very "Lame" Joke

Qin Wentian naturally could feel the enmity radiating from the Elder who spoke. Even though he had no interest in anything to do with the Royal Academy, they actually stole his painting?

Thus, against all expectations, he didn't retreat but chose to advance instead. He replied with a smile, "Naturally there's no problem asking me to stand back. But I want to bring back the painting that belongs to me."

"Your painting?" This Elder was the one who had gotten the painting from Xue Yuan. He was staring at Qin Wentian, as he stated incredulously.

"Yup, this painting is mine." Qin Wentian pointed to that painting as he calmly replied.

However, as the sound of his voice faded, it didn't create the level of commotion that he imagined. The spectators were only slightly stunned, their gazes trained on him.

He actually said that the painting displayed in the gallery of the Royal Academy was his. Was this a joke?

If the painting really belonged to him, the Royal Academy would have granted him preferential treatment like a valuable guest instead of asking him to back off and stand at the back. Wasn't this humiliating the intelligence of the Royal Academy?

This joke of his wasn't funny at all, and could even be considered lame.

"Yours? You are the inscriptionist?" That elder sarcastically remarked as though this was the funniest thing he heard in the world.

"Yup." Qin Wentian sincerely nodded his head. This painting was indeed his.

"You....." Upon seeing that Qin Wentian actually nodded his head, his youthful, good looking face actually had a 'as it should be' look plastered on it. The expressions of the crowd got more and more interesting. Could it be that this painting actually belonged to him?

That elder contemplated Qin Wentian's words, and a weird expression was displayed on his face. Qin Wentian's countenance was so honest, and he spoke with such a straight face. But he had personally borrowed this painting from Xue Yuan, who shouldn't have any connections with Qin Wentian. If that was the case, when did this painting became Qin Wentian's? And what was even more ridiculous was that Qin Wentian actually claimed that he was the one who had created it?

"Are all the students from the Emperor Star Academy as shameless as you?" That Elder coldly asked, his voice strongly filled with a sense of derision.

Although Qin Wentian's current status was extraordinary in the Emperor Star Academy, this was the Royal Academy after all. With his shameless boasting, wasn't he purposely seeking humiliation?

Many gazes in the crowd shifted away from Qin Wentian. However, contained within their eyes were filled with traces of interest. This fellow was pretty interesting.

"Little fellow, I heard rumors about you before. The young genius 3rd level inscriptionist grandmaster from the Divine Weapon Pavilion. However, do you truly understand what does this Human-shaped Divine Imprint means? WIth regards to the creation of this heaven-defying Divine Imprint, even those 3rd level Divine Inscriptionists who have countless years of experience would find it extremely tough to inscribe such a Divine Imprint, let alone creating it. You should wake up from your delusion."

Beside the painting, a grandmaster weaponsmith spoke to Qin Wentian. His tone carried a hint of an elder lecturing to the younger generation.

As this person spoke, many weaponsmiths in the gallery hall revealed expressions of reverence on their faces. This old man was actually a 3rd level Divine Inscriptionist and had an extremely respected position in the world of weapons forging.

Behind Qin Wentian, Mu Rou was slightly gloomy. What was Qin Wentian trying to do?

Walking forwards, she lightly pulled the sleeves of Qin Wentian as she whispered, "Shall we go out for a walk?"

Qin Wentian shifted his gaze to Mu Rou as he seriously replied, "This painting was truly created by me. Not only that, this is the gift that I had prepared for your birthday."

Stunned, Mu Rou surveyed the serious looking expression on Qin Wentian's face. It doesn't seem as though he was joking.

Not only that, to her understanding, Qin Wentian would never make a joke about such matters.

Then, could it that what Qin Wentian said was true?

The painting that had created such huge waves of commotion, even shaking the world of the revered weaponsmiths, was actually a gift prepared for her?

Not to mention others, even Mu Rou herself found it hard to believe.

However, despite of this, Mu Rou gradually began to believe in Qin Wentian. But as the Qin Wentian's words drifted over to the ears of the crowd, everyone who heard it treated what he said as a joke. Such a heaven-defying creation was actually given so cheaply as a birthday gift?

"What a load of crap. Birthday gift? Absolutely ridiculous." The Elder disdainfully and coldly snorted. Qin Wentian's words were getting increasingly laughable by the moment.

"Boy from the Qin Clan. Even if you want to lie, shouldn't you come up with a more convincing lie?"

At this moment, the sound of a familiar voice drifted over. Qin Wentian turned his gaze over, only to see that the one who spoke was none other than Murin from the Star River Association.

"With regards to people like you, even looking at you makes my eyes feel soiled. I have no need to lie to you." Qin Wentian remarked. Every time he saw Murin's calm and prideful look, he would involuntarily be reminded of the poisonous soul that resided in Murin's body.

Given a choice, he would not even deigned to cast a single glance at Murin. Swiftly after, he shifted his gaze away from Murin. Since he did not have the ability yet to make Murin pay the price for his actions in the past, why should he disgust himself by looking at Murin?

Murin turned's countenance to ice the moment he heard Qin Wentian's words. He coldly replied, "A lack of respect towards your elders, I truly admire the teaching methods of the Qin Clan. No wonder they produced a traitor like Qin Chuan."

Murin's words were even viler and many times more venomous than Qin Wentian's previous statement.

"I wonder who was it that lured me and my clan members to the Star River Association with lies, then betrayed my family to the Ye Clan, and coveted the Divine Imprints in the possession of his previous assistant. It's really difficult to imagine that such a person as yourself would also crave after the respect granted by others. I truly want to know how thick your skin is." Qin Wentian shook his head as he spoke, not even bothering to cast a glance at Murin.

Murin's brows were tightly creased together, as expressions of interest appeared on the faces of the crowd. However, at this moment, the Elder from the Royal Academy once again spoke.

"I don't care how the Emperor Star Academy taught you, but this is the Royal Academy. The Royal Academy doesn't welcome boorish people like you." That Elder looked at Qin Wentian and continued, "Scram!"

The tone of the elder carried hints of force in them. Despite of his many years as a teacher, he had never met such an unbridled student. And moreover, that student was actually from the Emperor Star Academy.

"Well, I truly want to leave. But the problem is that without my permission, the Royal Academy actually dared to display my painting out in public and still wanted to chase me away in this manner"

Ever since the beginning of the exchange, Qin Wentian had shown a serious expression on his face. His words naturally caused an uproar. Students from the Royal Academy started to to scold in anger, "This is really the first time I've met such a shameless person."

"If I were him, I would have scrammed as far as I could."

Unfriendly voices drifted out one after another. After all, this was the Royal Academy.

To Qin Wentian, this place was filled with enmity.

"Do you really want me to personally make a move before you would scram?" The Elder took a step forwards, and an immense pressure came bearing down on Qin Wentian.

However against all expectations, Qin Wentian chose this moment to begin laughing uproariously. A radiant smile was actually displayed on his face.

"The Royal Academy represents the face and prestige of the Royal Clan. In the Royal Capital of Chu, this is top martial academy besides the Emperor Star Academy. I had initially thought that the Royal Academy would have a great deal of magnanimity, but it seems like I was wrong." Qin Wentian slowly replied as he gazed at the Elder. "Things will soon be made clear. Let me give you a warning. The more you act like this, the worse the prestige of the Royal Academy will be tarnished."

Looking at Qin Wentian's steel-like, resolute countenance, many of the spectators' hearts began to waver.

Qin Wentian didn't have any reason to spew any bullsh*t here. Could it be that everything he said was true?

"The Sky Transport Network has already launched its investigations. I'm sure we will soon have an answer." Qin Wentian continued.

"What a load of nonsense." The Elder coldly snorted. When did this has anything to do with the Sky Transport Network?

However, just at this moment, several silhouettes strolled leisurely over. They were none other than people from the Sky Transport Network.

They walked to the front of the crowd, and upon seeing the events unfolding, they couldn't help but involuntarily curse the people of the Royal Academy for being so stupid. Couldn't they even follow a simple instruction? If the painting had been passed to Mu Rou, how would there have been such an unfolding of events today?

With the current situation...If they revealed the truth right now, where could the Royal Academy hide their face?

"Elder, mm do you mind if I interrupt?" The person in charge from the Sky Transport Network spoke to the Elder, whose brows creased. This situation seemed a bit strange.

"Just say what you want to say directly in public. I hired the Sky Transport Network to courier my gift, but to think that such a matter occurred because of your negligence. Don't tell me you still want to settle this matter quietly under the table?" Qin Wentian looked at the members of the Sky Transport Network as he calmly stated.

"Hmph." The Eder coldly snorted. He replied the representative from the Sky Transport Network, "Whatever you have to say, just say it. There's no need to hide anything."

That representative had an awkward look on his face. He apologetically bowed to Qin Wentian and the Elder, stating that, "Regarding this matter, the mistake was the fault of my Sky Transport Network.

Upon seeing this scene unfolding,many of the spectators were up in a uproar. It seemed as though it was very possible that there was something wrong with the origin of the painting.

The Sky Transport Network took the initiative to apologise to both the parties involved. They were indeed worthy of their title as one of the three greatest companies in the Chu Country.

"Elder, did this painting originate from a student of the Royal Academy named Xue Yuan?" The representative inquired.

"Yes." That Elder furrowed his brows as he nodded in agreement.

"If that's the case, there's no doubt that the true owner of this painting is Qin Wentian from the Emperor Star Academy." The representative once again bowed apologetically to the Elder from the Royal Academy.

However, no one paid attention to what he was doing.

The sound of his words shattered the void of the silent space like the firing of a cannon, causing many hearts to tremble violently.

Was this a joke?

If this was a joke, wasn't it too lame?

Such a scenario, wasn't it too dramatic? Where would the Royal Academy hide their face now?

Especially since right before this, the voice of the Royal Academy's Elder had been so powerful and resonating, completely convinced that what Qin Wentian had said was a bunch of bullsh*t.