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 AGM 0076 - Mo Qingcheng's Worries

Two days later, Qin Wentian was led by a stranger to the perimeter of a beautiful palace.

This palace was situated inside of the Fifth Sector of the Royal Capital. Raising his head to look the stone stele that was erected outside the palace, he could see the words "Violet Palace" inscribed upon it.

"The Violet Palace?"

Qin Wentian had heard this name before. Scanning his memories, his pupils abruptly contracted once he recalled. Previously, on the day of Bai Qingsong's birthday celebration, one of the guests that had come bearing gifts in congratulations was none other than the Violet Palace!

"I presume that the reason that people from the Violet Palace went that day, was because of the Ye Clan. Although the power the Ye Clan wields is huge, why did the Violet Palace still need to give them face? Could it be that the power and status of the Violet Palace isn't even comparable to the Ye Clan?" Qin Wentian silently mused in his heart. What a coincidence, the person that Luo Huan seeked help from, had actually brought him over here to the Violet Palace.

Right now, he didn't even know what the current state of the Bai Clan was. This hypocrite, Bai Qingsong, the despicable actions he'd committed were firmly engraved upon his heart. Qin Wentian could ignore everything that'd happened - the attempt on his life by Bai Qingsong, and even the betrayal from Autumn Snow. The only exception was that during the darkest hours of the Qin Clan, Bai Qingsong had actually joined Icehawk and Ye Mo in the attack, forcing them onto the path of death! This debt of anger was something that Qin Wentian would never forget.

Within the Violet Palace, Qin Wentian's gaze shifted over, and he noticed a few silhouettes walking out. His eyes widened in surprised as he realised that the woman in the lead was someone that he'd met before, inside the Dreamsky Forest. This person was precisely Chu Ling! Chu Ling had appeared beside Mu Rou during their last meeting, before his duel with Yanaro. Qin Wentian's only impression of Chu Ling was that she was extremely wilful, and had a fiery temper .

Although Qin Wentian knew who Chu Ling was, Chu Ling had no idea who he is. As she approached Qin Wentian, she coldly exclaimed, "Are you Qin Wentian?"

"I am him." Qin Wentian nodded his head.

"Wear this, you'll be one my guards. Since I promised someone, naturally, I'll bring you in. But don't you dare create trouble for me." Chu Ling snorted. Qin Wentian's status alone was trouble. Both the Ye Clan and Ou Clan wanted his death. If they knew that she'd helped Qin Wentian, Chu Ling would be the one in trouble.

"Right." Qin Wentian quickly wore the attire. Although Chu Ling's mannerism towards him was extremely cold, it was what he wanted as well. He didn't want to have any unneeded interactions between them.

"You guys follow behind me, let's go." Chu Ling mounted her horse, as it galloped forwards. Qin Wentian and two other guards, sprinted behind, with inconceivable speed.

After about an hour, Chu Ling had led Qin Wentian and the two guards into the Royal Palace. They entered the palace from the left gate, and arrived at a huge villa. This villa was extremely spacious, there were even mountains and lakes situated in it. Not only that, but Qin Wentian could still faintly sense traces of Demonic Qi in the air.

"Half of the Royal Capital, including the Royal Palace, is surrounded by the Dark Forest, hence, the traces of Demonic Qi. Although it borders on the perimeter of the Dark Forest, this villa can truly be considered extravagant."

Qin Wentian's gaze shifted forward. Ahead, he could see a few other luxurious villas that were built within the grounds of the Dark Forest. In the entirety of the Royal Capital, only those that belonged to the great clans would be able to spend money on such a scale.

"This place is the hunting ground of the Royal Clan. It extends all the way into the Dark Forest. Follow me closely, lest you be devoured by demonic beasts. Don't blame me if that happens." Chu Ling snorted, not even turning her head as she made her mount increased it's speed, not waiting for Qin Wentian and the two other guards to catch up.

"This is the attitude of a rich young miss from the Royal Clan indeed. What a b*tch." Qin Wentian silently exclaimed in his heart as he sped up. The hunting ground for the Royal Clan was so vast that it seemed that he'd only be able to come into contact with Qin Yao after the banquet had started.

"Mu Rou!" At this moment, Chu Ling called out when she saw a few familiar figures in the distance in front of her. The figures were all mounted on beautiful white horses, and slowed their paces down when they heard the shout. The girl in the lead turned her head as she smiled. "Chu Ling, you've arrived too!"

"Yeah, it seems like we both arrived way too early." Chu Ling laughed. Mu Rou's guards followed behind her as well. The only difference was that they were allowed mounts, instead of running on foot. From this, one could see the differences in personalities between Chu Ling and Mu Rou.

Chu Ling, as someone that hailed from the Royal Clan, had to have her guards meet a certain standard. Their responsibility was to protect the person that they were guarding, and they were entitled to the cultivation resources provided by the Royal Clan. However, the position of a guard was considered to be very lowly - only a very limited amount of extremely powerful guards would enter into the good graces of the Royal Clan; but even then, they wouldn't have much freedom.

And thus, those with real talent would never be willing to become guards for others. At the very least, they would choose to be a "guest", instead of becoming a guard.

Qin Wentian's eyes widened in surprised when he saw Mu Rou. This girl was the person who'd sparred with him countless times inside of the Dreamsky Forest. To think that he'd meet her here...

Mu Rou also felt her intuition calling out to her, and she glanced over towards Qin Wentian, before lightly nodded her head at him, causing Qin Wentian to freeze slightly.

By right, Mu Rou, shouldn't be acquainted with him. Qin Wentian didn't know that Chu Ling had brought up the topic of bringing him along to Mu Rou, and thus, this was how Mu Rong had managed to guess that he was Qin Wentian. However, despite this, she still didn't know that he was the kirin-masked guy that she was sparring with in the Dark Forest.

"Let's go." Chu Ling slightly furrowed her brows upon noting that Mu Rou had realised who Qin Wentian was. She hadn't wished for others to know that it was her who'd brought Qin Wentian into the banquet.

How sharp were Qin Wentian's senses? He'd already felt the unhappiness that Chu Ling held in regards to bringing him along.

"After meeting sister Qin Yao, I'll stop all interactions with her." Qin Wentian silently stated in his heart. He didn't like Chu Ling's personality. Even if she'd agreed to help her friend by bringing him in, why was she still showing such an attitude? If she was afraid that she'd be implicated, she shouldn't have even agreed to help in the first place.

Soon afterwards, many others from the other aristocratic clans arrived at the hunting grounds that were situated on the boundary of the Dark Forest and the Royal Clan.

The 3rd prince was still young, and thus, the people he invited would naturally be those of the younger generation.

Ye Zhan from the Ye Clan was here too. Other than his guards, he'd brought along two others.

"Liu Yan, these are the hunting grounds of the Royal Clan. Usually, there'd be many descendants from the Royal Clan hunting demonic beasts in here, tempering their own strength." Ye Zhan smiled at the girl standing beside him. This girl was actually Liu Yan! And beside Liu Yan, was his brother Liu Yue. That day, when Ye Zhan and Orfon had led others to hunt Qin Wentian, by a twist of fate, he'd met Liu Yan. After which, he'd begun a period of courtship, trying to woo Liu Yan.

Although initially Liu Yan had been enamored by Qin Wentian, in truth, during this period of time, Ye Zhan had truly treated her like a princess. Combined with the constant encouragement given by Liu Yue, Liu Yan had gradually fallen for Ye Zhan.

Liu Yue spoke the truth; in this vast Chu Country, there were many geniuses that had talents higher than their own. If they didn't have someone backing them up, and they didn't have any cultivation resources, how could they compete with others. Not only that, they might even end up like that friend of theirs - dead; killed by demonic beasts in the forest.

"So impressive. No wonder that these are the Royal Clan's personal hunting grounds." Liu Yue continued, as he continued to lick Ye Zhan's boots, "Ye Zhan, were it not for you, we wouldn't even be qualified to enter here."

"Big bro, you're my brother - there's no need to stand on ceremony with me." Ye Zhan smiled. The gentle smile on his handsome visage caused those who looked at it to feel extremely comfortable.

"Haha, you're right, we'll be brothers through marriage sooner or later." Liu Yue laughed.

As the sound of Liu Yue faded, suddenly, he visibly trembled as his countenance froze, his gaze landing on an enchanting silhouette in front of him.

Following Liu Yue's gaze, Ye Zhan's pupils narrowed as well. It was none other than the number one beauty of the Chu Country - Mo Qingcheng.

"Even Mo Qingcheng is here today." Liu Yue murmured. He'd only met Mo Qingcheng once, and that was during the expedition by the coalition of the nine martial academies. But despite having done so, he'd never been able to forget Mo Qingcheng. Her beauty was unparalleled in the world!

However, he was also clear about his own status. The disparity between Mo Qingcheng's statuses already made it so that he would never have any chance to interact with her. He could only fantasize in his heart.

"The number one beauty of the Chu Country... she's really beautiful." Liu Yan herself was also pretty, but compared to Mo Qingcheng, her beauty would only be considered ordinary - a backdrop in which to further enhance the beauty of Mo Qingcheng.

Other than Mo Qingcheng, her other friend Nolan was here as well. Although both of them saw Ye Zhan and co, they didn't take the initiative to greet them - in fact, they turned and walked away.

"That woman actually ended up together with Ye Zhan. I wonder if that little fellow Qin Wentian would be angered to death. He probably still thinks that Liu Yan was the one who saved him." Nolan whispered. Mo Qingcheng sighed, as her beautiful eyes flickered. "Speaking of Qin Wentian, I still owe him an apology."

"Stop being so silly. No matter what, you saved his life before. You even carried him on your back, and gave him a top grade, 2nd level miracle pill. Even if you misunderstood him once, so what? At most, it could be said that the debt of karma between the both of you has been negated." Nolan rolled her eyes at Mo Qingcheng.

"But, that day...in that situation...I could tell that he was extremely disappointed in me." Mo Qingcheng sighed again, as she thought back to that day. How pitiful and lonely Qin Wentian had looked as he'd carried Fan Le on his back, and as he walked away. She couldn't help but blame herself for that.