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 Chapter 728: Controlling A Puppet

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The experts of the Battle Sword Faction gathered and upon hearing the words of Zai Yan, all of their countenances turned pale. Doesn't that mean that all members who were at the Heavenly Dipper Realm and above must die? How cruel was this?

"The Royal Sacred Sect? How laughable." The eyes of some of the members turned red as they roared, "We have never done things to let down the Royal Sacred Sect yet you all want to exterminate all of us? Such tyranny, even if we die, we will still remain here as ghosts to see how long can the Royal Sacred Sect remain as the hegemony of this world."

"Are you all not preparing to commit suicide? Since that's the case, there's no need to show any mercy." Zai Yan's eyes radiated coldness, with no emotions in them at all. The Royal Sacred Sect gathered the nine great sects forming nine factions of power simply because it was more convenient for them to rule the world and recruit geniuses in this manner. If someone really did disobey and threaten the position of the Royal Sacred Sect, they would simply kill the offender and raise another sect to take the offender's position.

"Suicide? Why don't you simply get the Sacred Emperor to kill us? Isn't it more easy this way?" Xu Cang's heart turned cold. He knew there were no other solutions left, they have to fight with all they got.

"Why do we need to bother his Majesty for such a small matter?" Zai Yan raised his palms as his voice reverberated across the skies. "The Royal Sacred Sect hereby announces that the Battle Sword Sect is colluding with our enemy and has turned traitor to our sect. All of them are sentenced to death, kill them with no mercy."

"KILL, KILL, KILL!" The voices of the experts transformed into a tidal wave that shook heaven and earth. After which, a countless number of experts rushed into the Battle Sword Faction from all eight directions. The aura they exuded was so overwhelming that it seemed sufficient to destroy everything.

The experts of the Violet Thunder Sect congregated in a certain direction. Over there, violet light illuminated the skies as a ten thousand meter long purple gigantic sword filled with incomparably violent power of destruction appeared. The elders of the Violet Thunder Sect personally infused astral energy within it, feeding it to gain more power. When Xu Cang, the old ancestor of the Battle Sword Sect sensed that, he turned his eyes toward that direction as he cursed, "Ninethunder, you will die a dog's death!"

Ninethunder was none other than the leader of the Violet Thunder Faction and was also a vice-leader of the Royal Sacred Sect. The long robes he wore had diagrams of lightning and thunder imprinted on it. Both his eyes seemed to sparkle with electricity, and he waved his hands as he laughed, "Don't worry, you guys won't be lonely on the road to the Yellow Springs."

The ten thousand meter gigantic lightning sword slashed down as rumbling destructive thunderous might annihilated everything. Those below all had expressions of terror painting their faces as many experts from the Battle Sword Sect were smashed into nothingness.

The purple gigantic sword blasted into the location where the Battle Sword Faction was at, the destructive might rending the earth into pieces. It was unknown how many experts died instantly from this attack. This caused the eyes of the survivors to turn red as their killing intent soared up into the skies.

But right now, they already had no time to defend themselves. The experts of the Royal Sacred Sect outnumbered them on a ratio of ten to one. How could they continue to fight even if they wanted to do so?

"Xu Cang." A cold voice drifted over. The old ancestor of the Battle Sword Sect inclined his head. In the air, there was a constellation that seemed to be made up of countless pairs of golden eyes.

"Shang Ying." Xu Cang stared at the constellation with his sword in his hand. His surroundings had also transformed into a sword domain as well.

Shang Ying was the old emperor of Grand Shang, after he abdicated his throne, he became a vice sect leader of the Royal Sacred Sect. Usually, he would be in secluded cultivation hoping to gain insights to break through to the next realm.

"The Battle Sword Sect will be annihilated for sure." Shang Ying coldly spoke as his golden eyes radiated boundless light. At this instant, Xu Cang was dragged into a world by an eye technique employed by Shang Ying.

"BREAK!" Xu Cang coldly shouted, slashing out with his sword. His sword arced through the skies, destroying a huge number of golden eyes as battle between them erupted.

Although Xu Cang was able to fight against Shang Ying, what about the others from their Battle Sword Sect? This was a fight far above their level.

However at this moment, a terrifying will gushed over from afar. After which, an archaic voice filled with rage echoed out, "The Royal Sacred Sect would even murder their subordinates in cold blood? How cruel and tyrannical. No wonder Zai Xuan was able to do such a thing like betraying the people of our world, abducting the innocent young ladies to aid the evil-looking young man from the immortal realms."

This voice descended from the skies, causing the countenances of everyone present to freeze. They turned their gazes in the direction of the voice as their eyes couldn't help but to narrow.

"Medicine Sovereign, this is the internal affairs of my Royal Sacred Sect, what does this have to do with you?" Within the Royal Sacred Sect, a terrifying will enveloped the space, causing everyone here to shiver slightly.

It's the Sacred Emperor. Evidently, the Sacred Emperor sensed the arrival of the Medicine Sovereign. Existences at their level have perception much stronger compared to mortals.

"Your Royal Sacred Sect self-proclaims to be the hegemon of this world, yet you are capable of carrying out such a heinous act? As part of the Royal Sacred Region, my Medicine Sovereign Valley will certainly interfere on behalf of justice." The voice of the Medicine Sovereign also drifted down from the skies. From afar, experts from the Medicine Sovereign Valley started to rush over. The one in the lead was an extremely powerful Xuanwu puppet and the Medicine Sovereign stood above it. In its surroundings were also extremely strong puppets, and the sight of this was akin to an army of combat puppets marching to war.

The Sacred Emperor also appeared now, both of them stood in the air above the Battle Sword Faction and stared at each other from afar.

"What? You want to interfere in this?" The eyes of the Sacred Emperor were cold. A heavy pressure emanated from it causing this entire world to feel a sense of being stifled. This time, it wasn't just the immortal sense of the Sacred Emperor, it was he himself.

"Let all of them leave." The Medicine Sovereign calmly replied.

"Impossible." The Sacred Emperor directly rejected. Since they have already started to cleanse the trash out of their sect, how can they possibly still let them get away scot-free? This is especially so after the Medicine Sovereign arrived. If they did allow the Battle Sword Sect to leave here, where would their pride and imposingness be?

"In that case, we can only fight." The Medicine Sovereign coldly replied. It was as though the Medicine Sovereign has already anticipated the Sacred Emperor's answer.

"How should we do it? If you interfere and deal with those below, no matter is it my Royal Sacred Sect or your Medicine Sovereign Valley, the vast majority will all be annihilated." The Sacred Emperor asked. At his and the Medicine Sovereign's current realm, they can kill ascendants with a flip of their palms. If both of them wanted to act against the mortals, the only ending would be the mutual destruction of the two forces.

"You and I both, unless one of us dies, the other cannot interfere with their fight." The Medicine Sovereign was worried as well. He didn't want the members of his sect to be completely annihilated. In truth, the victor between them was the only sole condition that would decide the winner of the war. But of course, the prerequisite is that they have to be able to kill the other first. For example, if the Sacred Emperor managed to kill the Medicine Sovereign, it would be doomsday for the Medicine Sovereign Valley and vice versa.

"How about that puppet?" The Sacred Emperor pointed to the Xuanwu beneath the Medicine Sovereign.

"It wouldn't initiate attacks against your people but will passively protect the experts of my Medicine Sovereign Valley." The Medicine Sovereign replied.

"In that case fine, this seat might as well have a taste of your strength, you undying old freak." The Sacred Emperor laughed, his tone serene and there was no hatred or whatsoever in his eyes. The atmosphere around them was like just two old friends having a sparring session.

As the two of them spoke, a resplendent corona of light could be seen rotating around them, illuminating the piece of sky they were in. Regardless if it was the Sacred Emperor or the Medicine Sovereign, their auras both changed at this moment. These were true immortals, and as immortals, the corona around them originated from their own light.


A terrifying aura of kings was released from the Sacred Emperor. His fist punched out as a dazzling immortal glow shook the heaven and earth, directly breaking through space, transforming into a fearsome black hole as it blasted out towards the Medicine Sovereign. With regards to control in force, he has reached a perfect level. Although the strength of the attack was extremely tyrannical, not a single iota of energy was leaked out, resulting in no wastage.

The Medicine Sovereign stabbed out with a finger as a fiery glow shot towards the Sacred Emperor's attack. This fiery glow appeared ordinary but at the instant it came into contact with the Sacred Emperor's attack, an all-out energy of annihilation was released at that instant, turning the entire space into an ocean of fire. The Medicine Sovereign was situated in the center of this fiery ocean as though he had no fear at all and this flame would only augment the fires of his life.

Countless people near them all felt the temperature rising because of the scorching heat. Even their robes felt like they were starting to burn up. Their skin dried as cracks appeared, they stared in awe at the ocean of fire in the air. These were no longer ordinary mortal flames but was immortal fire instead.

At the level of the Sacred Emperor and Medicine Sovereign, their strength has already transformed into something else entirely.

"Let's change the location of our battle. These people won't be able to withstand the shockwaves of the aftereffects." The Medicine Sovereign spoke as he soared upwards in the air. The Sacred Emperor followed after as they instantly transformed into two pinpoints of light that shot skywards. The spectators only saw shockwaves of destructive energy cascading downwards. An example were some dying embers from the immortal fire. If this came into contact with mortals, even low-level ascendants would be incinerated to their death.

Those in the Battle Sword Sect drew in a deep breath, feeling lucky in their hearts. They came back from death's door because the Medicine Sovereign brought the experts of his Medicine Sovereign Valley to reinforce them. If not, the consequences would be extremely dire.

But even when counting the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley and their combat puppets, the number of their people was still too little when compared to the numbers of the Royal Sacred Sect. The Royal Sacred Sect could use their advantages in number of experts to completely drown them.

The strongest forces from the Medicine Sovereign Valley were those puppets. Each of those puppets were at the peak of the Celestial Phenomenon Realm but this place was the territory of the Royal Sacred Sect, there were simply too many experts. Despite the presence of the combat puppets, the experts of the Medicine Sovereign Valley and Battle Sword Sect still felt overwhelming pressure.

The immortal-ranked puppet wasn't allowed to initiate attacks and could only defend passively. This was the agreement between the Medicine Sovereign and Sacred Emperor after each of them took a step back. If not, both sides would totally end up in a situation where each side was annihilated.

At this moment, Qin Wentian was within a puppet in the form of a great roc. He had long familiarized himself with this construct and couldn't help but to sigh in admiration at the grandmaster who created this.

It was the toughest to create puppets, the complexity of creating puppets surpassed that of divine weapons. For powerful puppets, every part of their bodies were equivalent to divine weapons, able to unleash supreme might. However, the creator needed to balance the strength of each body part, controlling the output of energy allowing people to control it from within to its fullest potential. The combat puppets Qin Wentian saw before in the White Deer Institute were simply a molehill compared to this mountain. The disparity was too vast.

Numerous formations engraved by divine inscriptions were in the interior of the combat puppet, the controller could use his consciousness to control them easily but as to the amount of power unleashed, that has to depend on one's familiarity with the puppet as well as the degree of control they are able to achieve based on their own cultivation bases.

Through the eyes of the roc puppet, Qin Wentian stared at the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect. The other members of the nine great sects should have all arrived to partake in the slaughter. What a close shave, if they were late just by the slightest bit, the Battle Sword Sect would have all been annihilated.

That year, it was Zai Qiu who killed Quinn and not Quinn who killed Zai Qiu. The Royal Sacred Sect let down the Battle Sword Sect and this even caused a conflict to occur between them. In addition, instead of apologizing, they would rather remove all roots of trouble now by eradicating the Battle Sword Sect. This hegemon of the world was truly incomparably tyrannical.


The raging wind gusted by, Qin Wentian controlled the roc puppet and soared into the clouds. The formations inscribed onto the roc's wings started to activate as a terrifying wind storm buffeted the air, billowing towards the experts of the Violet Thunder Sect.

Ninethunder's expressions changed when he saw this scene. He stared at the combat puppet that was rushing over as he spoke, "This type of puppet requires astronomical amounts of Yuan Meteor Stones to activate. Don't fight directly against it, just delay until its energy reserves dried up. When it has no more power left, we will destroy it directly!"