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 Chapter 578: The Battle Intensifies

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There were only six remaining participants: Qin Wentian, Lou Bingyu, Lin Xian`er, the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect, Poison Scorpion, and the young man clad in luxurious robes.

Qin Wentian gazed intently at Poison Scorpion. As he expected, the ones left remaining were all extremely dangerous characters. The Sky Poison Valley was one of the Nine Great Sects, and since this brown-eyed young man from the Sky Poison Valley was actually powerful enough to make Xian`er's countenance change, it was obvious that he must have his terrifying points. He had already demonstrated to the remaining survivors how dangerous he was.

Although he only struck out once, it wasn't in an open and aboveboard manner, but rather through the use of poison. This made him even more fearsome in comparison. As long as one's cautiousness lapsed even slightly, they might even die without knowing how. Earlier he had struck out and reaped away the lives of four Heaven Chosen effortlessly. If it were anyone else here wanting to eliminate those four, they would surely have had to expend many times more energy and engage in risky combat.

"Indeed, it's much more comfortable now," the instant after Poison Scorpion's voice faded, the young man clad in luxurious robes spoke up. His deep eyes contained traces of a dangerous destructive current. Each of them were silently studying one another to see who were their allies and who were their foes. But to him, all five of them were his enemy.

"I have a suggestion. Why don't we do this: we will start from one of us and attack only in turns. If it's one's turn to attack, none of us can interfere until the weakest link dies or unless the attacker gets tired of attacking before we change the role of the attacker to another. How about it?" The young man's eyes rested momentarily on Lou Bingyu as he spoke out.

"How can you guarantee everyone will abide by this? What if somebody tries to sabotage this arrangement?" Lin Xian`er replied in a gentle voice while her eyes glanced towards Poison Scorpion who was standing to the side.

"Everyone simply has to be a little more cautious. For example, if I'm the attacker, the instant somebody also attacked, only the two of us would be affected. But the instant I stopped, his attack would affect all of you, so it's best if all of us just keep an eye out or history will repeat and Poison Scorpion will kill even more of us." The luxuriously-clad young man smiled casually as though he didn't mind the risk at all. "But of course, if there are people who don't wish to take on the role of attackers, we can just skip their turn. In that case, for that person, he can just carry on defending throughout."

"I don't really have much of an objection." Poison Scorpion's eyes flashed with light, causing others to coldly laugh in their hearts. Of courses he wouldn't have any objections. If they were talking about sneak attacks, they were basically his speciality. The others wouldn't even have the time to be on guard against him.

"In any case, if we fight using this method, things would be much less chaotic. I have no objections as well." The Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect was very confident in his own strength, and so he agreed to this.

"Since you all have already put it this way, Xian`er can only agree. However, if Xian`er is unable to stand up to the barrage of your attacks, I hope that all of you would show mercy and allow Xian`er a chance to live. Even if Xian`er has to give up on this opportunity to obtain the treasure at the top, Xian`er can only blame myself for my incompetence." Lin Xian`er's smiled slightly, causing the hearts of the others to tremble. Truly, even people at their level found it hard to kill a beautiful woman like her.

Lin Xian`er's willingness to show such a weak stance was a little weird. Earlier, other participants died when they were unable to endure the attacks, and no one gave them any chance to run. Lin Xian`er was able to say such a thing because she was a female, so others would pay it little mind. If it was the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect instead, he would never be able to utter such humiliating words.

Qin Wentian laughed, considered agreeing to this in his silence. Lou Bingyu didn't reply either. She was as cold as ever, but she didn't seemed to be disagreeable.

"Since this is the case, let me be the first to take on the role of the attacker," the luxurious-robed young man smiled. After he spoke, his aura blasting out became more and more dangerous. As he lifted his palm, a fiery qi flow filled with overwhelming destructiveness gushed out.

From the perspective of the the others, they all felt his attack instantly hurtling right towards each of them.

Qin Wentian lifted his palms and blasted out, only to see the young man coldly smiling. A surge of blazing fire abruptly erupted around him, and a pair of fiery wings took form behind his back. Terrifying heat waves engulfed the area, and as that young man stabbed out with his finger, Qin Wentian saw a blood-colored phoenix containing boundless might flying out towards him.

Qin Wentian's blood thrummed as a crimson glow towered up into the skies. His body was enveloped in demonic armor as his hand punched out with crushing force, aiming for the blood phoenix. At the instant of collision, he felt his arm tremble violently from the impact.

The cry of the phoenix resounded through the nine heavens as it spat out black colored flame lotuses of destruction that contained a terrifying energy within. Qin Wentian simultaneously slammed out with both his palms as the rumbling might of his attacks tore through space, clashing against the destructive flame lotuses.

And just like what they agreed, the luxurious-robed young man continuously blasted out attacks while the other five defended. However the attacker was only one man, after all, and his attacks couldn't vary when targeting all five of the others. He can only vary his attacks according to one of them. And right now, his target was none other than Lou Bingyu. The young man was constantly adjusting his attacks based on her defense.

This young man was proficient in fire while Lou Bingyu was proficient in ice. Fire and ice was naturally polar opposites, and the combat between them was also the most intense.

This young man was surnamed Li, he was a Heaven Chosen and originated from the Li Clan in the Southern Domain of the Royal Sacred Region. Li Hantian was none other than the elder brother of one of the personal disciples under the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, Li Hanyou. He knew that Lou Bingyu was the senior apprentice sister of his sister, and was more favored by the Sword Sovereigness. Back in Ye, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness forced the Human Emperor Ye Qingyun to dig out the treasure in his flesh to gift to Lou Bingyu, causing the elders of his Li Clan to have no choice but to return in defeat.

Now, since he had met her, Li Hantian wanted to have a showdown with Lou Bingyu to see who was stronger.

"Have you attacked enough?" A cold voice issued from Lou Bingyu's mouth, containing an intense killing intent within that caused others who heard it to involuntarily tremble.

"Even when a beauty is angered, she's also so appealing," Li Hantian teased, causing the coldness radiating from Lou Bingyu to grow even stronger, seemingly enough to freeze the mountains and rivers.

Frost suddenly descended on the area as Lou Bingyu coldly spoke, "Since you wish to battle me, I shall comply."

As the sound of her voice faded, Lou Bingyu stepped out, issuing her own attacks. In that instant, Qin Wentian and the others felt the pressure engulfing them suddenly vanish. They only saw the silvery glow of the pagoda envelope both Lou Bingyu and Li Hantian. The rest of them weren't affected at all.

Evidently, Lou Bingyu was truly incensed. She brandished her sword, causing snow and frost to form, exuding a power so cold that it could freeze everything.

A sword strike birthed a storm of frost and snow, drifting about in an area of a thousand miles. Sword qi danced in the air as the fiery phoenix was frozen solid. Li Hantian's countenance changed drastically. At this moment he actually felt an irresistible might emanating from Lou Bingyu's body. He knew that he had underestimated this woman who was the most favored personal disciple under the the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness.

Lou Bingyu struck out, the snowflakes drifting in the area all transformed into her sword. The power of this strike was twice as strong as her previous attack. Li Hantian tried to retreat, only to discover that the boundless snows converged together, forming a gigantic frost sword that slashed out towards him at blinding speed. As Li Hantian tried to exit the treasure pagoda, the sword had already split apart his body. The temperature was so cold that when his blood splattered out, it was instantly frozen.

Yet another Heaven Chosen had fallen.

Among the Nine Great Sects, the Battle Sword Sect was the sect known for the strongest individual combat prowess. Although not every disciple was powerful, those elites among the disciples could truly accomplish the feat of suppressing others of the same generation when compared to the disciples of the other great sects. Although Lou Bingyu wasn't as famous as Ji Feixue, who was an era-suppressing genius, just from the brilliance of her sword attack it was evident that she wasn't much weaker than him.

In addition, these people also knew that the treasure which her master, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, had coerced from the Human Emperor had already melded into her body, serving to augment her strength further.

Lou Bingyu retracted her sword, and stood in her original location. The other participants had vividly seen her fight against Li Hantian. This was the marvelous part of the rules of this pagoda.

There were only five people remaining. All of them ascended another step, nearing the peak of the pagoda. Yet the hearts of everyone weren't at ease at all. They all knew that their remaining opponents were all extremely powerful.

"It's your turn now, Poison Scorpion," the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect spoke. The brown eyes of Poison Scorpion surveyed the crowd before he unleashed his attack. A wave of nauseous wind gusted out, causing Qin Wentian and the rest to instantly halt their breathing. A screen of swords manifested around Qin Wentian, revolving around him protectively, dispersing the poisonous miasma.

The nauseous wind blew stronger and stronger, until it reached a point where the vision of everyone gradually blurred. Qin Wentian frowned as he saw an enormous scorpion king dashing out from the heart of the poisonous miasma, running straight towards him while stabbing out with its stinger .

"Is Poison Scorpion a human or a demon?" the hearts of the others shuddered. A blood-red halberd appeared in Qin Wentian's hand, erupting out towards the stinger of the scorpion. At the instant of impact, the stinger was directly shredded as a burst of blood splattered out, the droplets moving as fast as lightning towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian's left palm hurriedly blasted out, disintegrating the blood droplets. However, that scorpion unceasingly closed the distance, stabbing out with its stinger.

This caused Qin Wentian to hesitate slightly, after which a cold light flickered in his eyes as his ancient halberd struck out with indomitable might. Piercing sounds rang out, shattering the scorpion completely as the blood in its body splashed out, transforming into a sea of venomous blood.

Qin Wentian stabbed out with his finger, and instantly a surge of destructive blood-colored light rushed up into the air, devouring the venomous blood that was raining down.

"How dangerous," Qin Wentian silently mused. One must not come in contact with the blood of that poisonous scorpion.

At this moment, a cold light shot over causing Qin Wentian's heart to lurch violently as an intense sense of danger overwhelm him.

"Hehe, it isn't good to do such a thing," a melodious voice rang out as that sense of danger vanished. After which, Qin Wentian saw two silhouettes clashing against each other under the silvery light. The Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect tried to launch a sneak attack, but was stopped by Lin Xian`er.

"Back then I had already wanted to spar against Fairy Lin, seems like there's no better time than now," the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect laughed as both of them clashed.

"Hey, me too," another voice rang out as Poison Scorpion joined the fray, blasting out a beam of blood-colored light towards Lin Xian`er.

"Joining hands to bully a weak female like me, this doesn't seems to match up to the bearing of Heaven Chosen like yourselves." Lin Xian`er's eyes flashed. She prepared to leave the battlefield, yet she promptly discovered that she had no way to break off from the combat. It was as though the moment one started, one would not be able to exit voluntarily until someone died.