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 AGM 0054 - Familiar Person

In the blink of an eye, three days had passed. Today was the day of the auction. Although it had been marketed as an auction, the Divine Weapon Pavilion currently lacked an actual space to conduct an auction. It was merely their tactic to drive up the price of the Divine Weapons. During the 'auction', they would take out rarer and more precious divine weapons to be put up for sale.

At this moment, crowds of people were swamping the second level of the Divine Weapon Pavilion. Luckily, the main hall of the Divine Weapon Pavilion was extremely spacious, so even if more people arrived, the spacious main hall would still be able to contain them.

There were many adventurers and risk-takers in the Dark Forest here today. Even if they couldn't obtain the rumored 'Origin Sword', they could still do some window-shopping at the Divine Weapon Pavilion. Perhaps there was a weapon more suitable to them.

And of course, the struggle to obtain the Origin Sword was undertaken by many weaponsmiths.

Gretchen arrived at the Divine Weapon Pavilion today. She was different from the rest; regarding the 'Origin Sword', she had to obtain this at all cost. She needed an excellent Divine Weapon, and coincidentally, she heard of the rumours regarding the Origin Sword, which caused her heart to be moved. Other than this, if she could somehow obtain the sword for her master, Murin, to inspect, he would have a chance to be able to analyse and reverse-engineer the insights of the 'Origin' Divine Imprint.

Accompanying Gretchen were a few of her fellow students. All of them were students belonging to the Royal Academy. After all, Gretchen, in addition than being Murin's disciple was a student belonging to the Royal Academy.

Fan Le came today as well. For the past few days, Qin Wentian had not gone back to the academy, and thus, Fan Le knew that Qin Wentian would be in the Divine Weapon Pavilion. After making some enquiries and discovering that the Divine Weapon Pavilion would be auctioning the 'Origin Sword' today, he decided to come and look for Qin Wentian. Not only that, Sheena was accompanying him as well.

Francis and Qin Wentian were both in the crowd as well. They were eagerly anticipating the price that this mid-tier 2nd-level divine weapon would fetch.

"Boss." At this moment, Qin Wentian heard Fan Le's voice, and as Qin Wentian turned his head in the voice's direction, he discovered that Fan Le came together with Sheena, which caused him to break into a smile. "Fatty, it's good that you're here."

"I'm only here because I'm curious." Sheena replied somewhat bashfully.

"Sheena is a very shy person, you better not talk nonsense." Fatty laughed, "However, she is somewhat interested in the Origin Sword."

"Oh?" Qin Wentian cast a glance at Sheena, only to hear her saying, "My 2nd Astral Soul is a sword-type Astral Soul. I know I will probably not be able to afford the Origin Sword, so I'm here to look for other suitable weapons."

As she was speaking, Sheena shifted her gaze onto the sword wall in the Divine Weapon Pavilion. Over there, there was a divine sword hanging there, emitting a resplendent glow. Naturally, one would be unable to judge from its surface appearance if the divine weapon was exceptional or garbage.. One could only sink their Yuan Energy into the weapon in order judge the quality for themselves.

"Good sword." At this moment, a voice drifted out from the crowd, causing the multiple gazes to be focused onto the owner of the voice. The voice originated from a youth who was holding onto a huge wine cask. His appearance caused smiles to involuntarily break out on the faces in the crowd.

"Immortal Drunken Wine, how do you know whether a sword is good or not without touching it." Someone laughed.

"Instinct." Immortal Drunken Sword put down the wine cask as he shook his head, "You wouldn't understand."

"Haha." Looking at the Immortal Drunken Sword's behavior, many people laughed. Qin Wentian laughed as well. This fellow, he was truly unusual and interesting.

"He is Immortal Drunken Wine." Sheena's eyes glimmered as she looked at Immortal Drunken Wine.

"You know him?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Among the ten prodigies in the Royal Capital, he is ranked third. It would be strange if I hadn't heard of him before." Sheena stated. This caused Qin Wentian to be somewhat startled. This youth who was so in love with his alcohol was actually ranked third among the ten prodigies.

"The ten prodigies of the Royal Capital refer to the most elite youths in the Royal Capital below the age of 20; their status are all extraordinary." Sheena was somewhat astonished. The third ranked Immortal Drunken Wine, why did it felt as if he was too amiable and easygoing?

At this moment, Qin Wentian only felt a chilly stare being directed at him. Turning his head in the direction of the gaze, his eyes narrowed.

"Francis, it's you." Gretchen never expected to run into Qin Wentian and Francis at the Divine Weapon Pavilion. Previously, after the incident at the Sky Harmony City, the Ye Clan had delivered a substantial amount of resources over to the Star River Association. These resources prompted Murin to allow her to go into 'closed-door seclusion' within the Star River Association. Within the seclusion, Gretchen smoothly broke through the bottleneck of 1st-level weaponsmith and stepped into the ranks of a 2nd-level weaponsmith, causing her status in the Star River Association to rise greatly.

She had returned to the Royal Academy a few days ago, and those beside her, after knowing that she was now a 2nd-level weaponsmith, started to try various ways to get closer to her and improve their relationship.

A 2nd-level weaponsmith would never have to worry about connections and riches. Not only that, such a young 2nd-level weaponsmith as Gretchen would have a limitless future. If she later became a 3rd-level weaponsmith, she would become a figure that even Yuanfu Realm cultivators would have to be courteous to.

The Divine Weapon Pavilion possessed matchless authority within the Royal Capital. Because they had several weaponsmiths closely allied to them, the wealth of the Divine Weapon Pavilion had already reached extremely terrifying proportions. In this world, wealth meant cultivation resources. With sufficient cultivation resources, there would naturally be strong cultivators.

"Hmmph." Francis coldly snorted upon meeting Gretchen. The things that Murin had done were forever etched in his mind. As for Murin's disciple, she was too overbearing and arrogant.

"The two of you actually ended up sticking with each other?" Cold light flickered in Gretchen's eyes as she considered the two of them. "Snakes and rats belonged to the same hole indeed."

"Boss, who is this woman?" Fan Le looked at Qin Wentian. Fan Le's shameless gaze had roamed around Gretchen's body, causing Qin Wentian to silently sighed in his heart. As long as the other party was a woman, this fellow would definitely be interested. But of course, Gretchen had her charms as well.

Despire of this, Qin Wentian's impression of Gretchen wasn't anything good. Qin Wentian could still remember that prideful look of arrogance on the day when Murin had forced him to make a choice in the Star River Association. To Murin and his disciple, it was an honor for Qin Wentian to be invited Murins' student.

"She's the disciple of a despicable man from the Star River Association," Qin Wentian replied.

"Impudent." Gretchen's expression turned chilly, "How dare you insult my teacher. Are you courting death?"

"You are the impudent one. Are you afraid of admitting what Murin has done?" Francis coldly replied, "Back when I was still in the Star River Association, Murin forcefully snatch my 2nd-level divine imprints away. Is it wrong to say that he is a despicable man?"

Gretchen examined Frances. She had never expected that last year's lowly, soft-spoken Francis would actually dare to insult her esteemed teacher, Murin.

"Dog slave, unless you go down on your knees and apologize, you can forget about leaving here alive today." Gretchen directed her arrogant gaze towards Francis. In her eyes, Francis was but a slave, but he actually dared to insult her esteemed teacher in front of her. If she did nothing and allowed news of this matter to reach her teacher, wouldn't that be slapping herself in her face? It would be extremely embarrassing for her.

The expression on Francis's face turned extremely unsightly when he heard Gretchen's words. All his life, Francis had always maintained and adopted a respectful demeanor when dealing with people of higher ranks. Even when he was insulted or humiliated, he would still greet them with a smile. But today, the one who was insulting him was actually a girl in her teenage years.

"Indeed, the student takes on the characteristics of the master." Qin Wentian exclaimed as he surveyed Gretchen. "As for what Murin did to me, the word 'despicable' is still far from enough to describe it."

Gretchen's gaze shifted to Qin Wentian. She observed him with cold, prideful eyes. A strange smile appeared on her face, and she made no attempts to mask her contempt.

"I truly do not understand. What give you the confidence to utter these words? I hope that you won't flee before this auction is concluded."

After saying this, Gretchen's gaze shifted to the sword wall in front of them as a cold light flickered in her eyes. The three person who accompanied Gretchen all had hints of ridicule in their eyes, and they too looked towards Qin Wentian and Francis. Didn't the two of them know how tall the Heavens were? To think that they would offend such a young 2nd-level weaponsmith. Not only was she a genius in weapon forging, she was also a member of the Guan Clan who studied at the Royal Academy.

"Boss, that girl's cultivation level is quite ordinary, only at the 3rd level of the Arterial Circulation Realm. And as for the three guys behind her, two of them are at the 2nd level of the Arterial Circulation Realm, but the remaining one is quite troublesome to deal with. He has already reached the 5th level of Arterial Circulation." Fan Le whispered. If they really had to fight, it was better to understand the strength of their opponents first so that they could prepare for all possibilities.

Qin Wentian lightly nodded his head, as Fan Le grinned, "If we really have to fight, both of us will join hands and instantly destroy the girl before the other three have a chance to react."

"You broke through?" A brilliant light flickered in Qin Wentian's eyes after hearing Fan Le's confident words.

Winking, Fan Le said with some satisfaction, "Even you've already broken through to the 2nd level of the Arterial Circulation Realm. Is it really that surprising that I broke through as well?"

A few nights earlier, Qin Wentian's capacity to store the tyrannical Astral Energy he absorbed had reached its limit, but he managed to open up his 2nd completed circular Arterial Stellar Meridian pathway. Currently, he was able to store even more Astral Energy, and because he now had two completed meridian pathways, both his senses as well as his attacks and defense abilities had been dramatically raised to new heights.

"Why do your words make it sound like you think that I can't be compared to you?" Qin Wentian asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

"No no, don't be mistaken, I'm just lost in my thoughts." Fatty grinned, and his eyes sparkled with a bright light, "Ten more days, I'm so excited! 200 Yuan Meteor Stones! With such a large amount of Meteor Stones, the Knight's Association will surely feel the pain of losing the bet!"