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 AGM 0045 - On the Arena

Orfon's strength could be considered within the top 10 among this batch of new students. In this new batch, Murong Feng's cultivation was at the 4th level of the Arterial Circulation Realm, Laxus and Du Hao were at the 3rd level, and three others were at the 2nd level. One of them was none other than Orfon.

For this round, Orfon's opponent was at the first level of the Arterial Circulation Realm. There was an obvious disparity between their strength, and under the domineering stabs of his Frenzied Python Spear Arts, his opponent was swiftly defeated.

Upon witnessing this, Janus smiled indifferently as he stated, "Orfon's spear arts are as agile as a snake yet as domineering as a python. He has already comprehend the essence of this innate technique. After this battle, he's already ranked within the top ten."

"Good, Orfon didn't let me down." Orchon laughed while nodding his head; all was within his predictions.

On the other end, Mustang's countenance was unsightly. Because of their different perspectives, he and Janus belonged to two different factions within the Emperor Star Academy. This held true for their students as well. For every batch of new students, Mustang, Janus, and the other teachers would choose the students they wanted to teach, or more accurately, it was the students who chose which teachers they wanted to study under.

Orfon naturally belonged to Orchon's faction. As for Mustang, the student he had high expectations of, Qin Wentian, continued to be absent for the past ten days.

"This Orfon, no matter how I look at him, I still feel uncomfortable. Sigh, only Junior Brother Qin is honest and pleasing to the eye." Luo Huan's expression grew somewhat ugly as she witnessed the self-satisfied look on Orfon's face.

Orfon, who was on the arena, turned his body and prepared to depart. At this moment, however, a voice abruptly rang out.

"Amazing, truly amazing."

Within the sound of that voice, traces of provocation could be heard. The crowd saw the silhouette of a fatty approaching the arena. Seeing this fatty, the eyes of Orfon immediately narrowed, as a cold light flashed within them. How was this possible? He was still alive?

"How can you possibly appear here?" Orfon coldly asked in a low tone. How did Fan Le still manage to leave the Dark Forest alive after entering the Mirage City in the misty valley?

"Why can't I appear here?" Fan Le grinned as he looked at Orfon. Instantly, Orfon seemed to realise that he almost uttered information that could implicate him.He quickly shut his mouth, pretending as though he didn't know who Fan Le was.

"Long time no see." Another voice drifted over. In front of Orfon, another familiar figure surfaced. This was none other than Qin Wentian.

"Junior Brother Qin." Mountain and Luo Huan both excitedly stood up in the spectators' stand. A radiant light flashed in Luo Huan's eyes as she laughed, "I knew he wouldn't die so easily."

A white blur flickered, suddenly leaping up into Luo Huan's embrace. Under countless envious gazes, Little Rascal chose the softest spot, causing many in the crowd to salivate.

As Mustang spotted Qin Wentian, his heart felt as though a knot had been loosened. To think that this little fellow would walk directly up the arena.

The spectators had looks of bewilderment on their faces. Why were two more people suddenly going up onto the arena?

Qin Wentian and Fan Le slowly strode forward in Orfon's direction while Orfon retreated continuously, as if he were afraid of them. After all, in the Dark Forest, Orfon had personally witnessed what Fan Le and Qin Wentian were capable of. Makino, a fellow cultivator at the same cultivation level as him, was even killed in mid air by Fan Le's arrows.

"Impudent! Who are you two? How dare you make trouble?!" Janus hollered. He swept his gaze towards Qin Wentian and Fan Le as though he had no idea who they were.

"Qin Wentian, student of Emperor Star Academy."

"Fan Le, student of Emperor Star Academy."

"Oh, is that so? Then why did you only appear today?" Janus coldly laughed.

"We were slightly late because of someone delayed us." Fan Le continued, grinning foolishly.

"Delay? You say that you were delayed and expect me to believe that? This is the Emperor Star Academy, not some place where you can do as you like. Scram!" Janus stated with a chilly glint in his eyes.

Qin Wentian and Fan Le both looked at Janus who was in the spectator's stand, while laughing coldly in their hearts.

"Could I ask Elder Janus one thing? Since we passed the initial examination and survived the training expedition to the Dark Forest, we can be considered legitimate students of the academy, right?" Fan Le smiled while looking at Janus.

"Right." Janus had no way to refute Fan Le's claims. This matter was known to all.

"Elder Janus personally witnessed me passing the initial examination. Countless others also saw me entering the Dark Forest. Now that I'm alive and well, don't tell me that Elder Janus is going to question the validity of my status as a student of the Emperor Star Academy?" Fan Le continued smiling foolishly.

"Even if that's so, what of it?" Janus coldly snorted, "Today, my Emperor Star Academy......"

"Stop!" Fan Le interjected before Janus could even complete his sentence. Fatty slowly raised his head and shouted, "Since that's the case, why are you still farting around here?"

As the sound of Fan Le's voice faded, silence abounded. Everyone's gaze was on Fan Le, who proudly inclined his head with a radiant smile on his face. Although Fatty was currently smiling, his temper had been truly incensed back in the Dark Forest.

And what was even more deplorable was that Orchon, in front of so many others, had actually pointed his spear at him, causing Fatty to be extremely humiliated.

Astral Light glowed and coalesced into the form of an Astral Bow that appeared in Fatty's hand. In the space of a breath, an arrow shot out with dazzling speed. The heads of the crowd followed the trajectory of the arrow with faces full of puzzlement. Very quickly, the arrow descended behind Orfon, sealing his path of escape.

In the instant that Fatty shot the arrow, Qin Wentian also started to move.

"Boom!" The ground of the arena shook as Qin Wentian explode forth with the force of a hurricane, dashing towards Orfon. The ground trembled violently, resonating with Qin Wentian's every step.

The suddenness of the situation was so quick that it gave the spectators no time to react. Fan Le had just finished scolding Orfon when Qin Wentian and Fan Le, in front of everyone, decided to make their moves against Orfon during the Emperor Star Academy's ranking competition.

Orfon's expression was extremely unsightly; although he wanted to retreat, his path of retreat had already been sealed, so he fully understood how perverse Fan Le's skills in archery were. Since Fan Le had sealed the path of his retreat, there was no need for him to even consider doing so. Thus, he could only proceed forwards. Only by smashing down Qin Wentian would he be able to successfully retreat.

As he thought of this, Orfon sprinted madly in Qin Wentian's direction. Not retreating but instead choosing to advance, his Frenzied Python Spear abruptly unleashed a torrent of stabs that were like an agile, dancing snake capable of extinguishing everything. He wanted to pierce Qin Wentian's body until it was full of holes.

Borrowing the aid of the momentum from his explosive speed, Qin Wentian struck out with his fist, displaying the tyrannical might of the Dragon Subduing Fist. The savage roar of a raging azure dragon roared out, directly clashing against Orfon's Frenzied Python Spear Arts.

"Bang, bang......" The Astral long spear in Orfon's hand was destroyed inch by inch. Facing the terrifying Qi that was emanated from the Draconic Roar of the Nine Heavens, Orfon's face instantly paled, his facial features feeling as though they were about to get lacerated by the force of the roar.

"Arterial Circulation Realm." Orfon's heart trembled. Qin Wentian's aura indicated that he was at the Arterial Circulation Realm! But despite of this, why were his attacks so tyrannical?

His body retreated, and Astral Light condensed into an Astral Shield that hovered in front of him.


The sound of the roar trembled the void, as the spectators' gazes were fixated on the arena. They only saw the sharp claws of an Azure Dragon flashing past and shredding the Astral Shield into nothingness. As it flexed, the claw of the Azure Dragon grabbed Orfon's throat.

The next moment, Qin Wentian was choking Orfon, lifting him up in the air with a single hand.


"Release him!"

Sounds of anger and rage rang out as Orchon and two other youths instantly rushed forth, releasing their auras. Especially Orchon, whose long spear was pointed towards Qin Wentian, filled with killing intent.

"You are courting death." Orchon coldly uttered as he glared at Qin Wentian like he were glaring at a dead animal.

Qin Wentian tremendously hated this look of his. Just like back in the Dark Forest, Orchon's look caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Hence, with a violent shift of his hands, Qin Wentian slammed Orfon down onto the ground, causing the sound of bones shattering to echo out along with that of a pitiful cry. Orfon's face immediately turned green from the impact.

Qin Wentian actually dared to abuse Orfon in front Orchon. This action could no longer be described as merely a slap on his face.

Orchon had never experienced such intense rage and humiliation before. His face was burning red, his killing intent surging unbridled. He wanted to dismember Qin Wentian's body into ten thousand pieces.

Even Mustang and the rest of his students were stunned by the sudden change of the situation. By the time they recovered, many thoughts flashed in Mustang's head as his eyes glimmered with excitement.

"This fellow is truly an honest person." Laughter sparkled in Luo Huan's beautiful eyes. Normally, Qin Wentian looked like an innocent and harmless fellow, but once he was enraged, he was thoroughly brutal, just like what was happening right now.

But oh, how she loved it!