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 AGM 164 - 10 Men Group Battle

All the princes and princess of Chu were extraordinary. Other than the Eldest Prince being unable to cultivate, all of the rest had outstanding talents.

And as for the little princess of Chu, her talent in cultivation clearly far surpassed the norm, but not many people knew of this. With the status of a princess, she rarely showed her face outside the palace, and thus many did not know of her.

"Their team formation is really powerful." Worry could be seen reflected on Old Gu's face.

Sikong Mingyue, Chu Chen, Hou Tie, Leng Ya, and the little princess.

The combination of the five of them was clearly stronger when compared to the five from the Emperor Star Academy.

And almost immediately, expressions of interests appeared on the countenance of those from the Royal Academy. The Emperor Star Academy lost both Luo Qianqiu and Orchon, while the Royal Academy merged with the Godly General Martial Palace, with both the little princess and Sikong Mingyue in their team. They really couldn't imagine how the Emperor Star Academy would be able to get back the face they lost.

"Ten man group battle, we will decide the victor and loser in one match." Old Gu replied, causing the expressions of the crowd to slack. So the strategy of the Emperor Star Academy was to make use of Qin Wentian's overwhelming strength to mitigate the other factors.

Even if it was a ten man group battle, the crowd still felt that it was dangerous for the Emperor Star Academy.

Qin Wentian, Luo Huan and Luo Chen wasn't weak, but Mountain hadn't really performed well at the Jun Lin Banquet. As for Fatty, he didn't even participated back then.

Currently, Qin Wentian and his party walked up the stage, casting their gazes at their opponents.

Sikong Mingyue and the four others from Royal Academy also slowly ascended the stage, standing in a formation. It was as though they were long prepared.

Chu Tianjiao's countenance was incomparably calm. He had already expected that the Emperor Star Academy would choose this method of battle. But if they really did so, comparing the strength of their team formations, the Emperor Star Academy would lose without a doubt.

The ending result this time around would be an even louder slap on the face of the Emperor Star Academy.

"Please." Qin Wentian and the rest serenely stated. However, flames of battle intent could already be seen surging in their eyes.

RUMBLE! Sikong Mingyue stood right in front of their formation. His ancient slaughter word imprints manifested and gushed out at a crazy speed.

Hou Tie and Leng Ya stood to the left and right of Sikong Mingyue while the little princess and Chu Chen stood behind the three of them, seemingly well prepared.

In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy, Qin Wentian stood at the very front. Luo Chen stood on his left, facing against Hou Tie while Mountain stood on his right, dealing with Leng Ya. Luo Huan and Fan Le, both stood at the back.

Both parties were using the same type of team formation, with three fighting in the front and two supporting from the back.

Sikong Mingyue and Qin Wentian were once again facing each other. Two overwhelming auras frenziedly clashed against each other, opposing each other with equal harshness.

Atop the stage, a hurricane was actually born from the collision of impacts. The wind force being generated fluttered Qin Wentian's robe as an expression of steel-like determination could be seen on the face of the youth.

This battle was for honor and glory. Defeat was not permitted.

Today was the day of registration and enrolment for all the martial academies in the Royal Capital. Countless eyes were watching this battle. They could not afford to lose.

Two other terrifying aura blasted out. The owner of these auras were none other than Chu Chen and the little Princess. The power of both of their Bloodline Limits was being released.

This was the Bloodline Limit belonging to the Royal Clan of Chu. At the same time, both their Purple Amethyst Astral Souls were also released, both scepters shining with a resplendent glow. At this current moment, the two rearmost fighters were actually the most dazzling.

The purple radiance emanating forth from both the scepters, developed Sikong Mingyue, Hou Tie and Leng Ya. An instant later, their auras explosively surged.

"The Purple Amethyst Astral Soul bestows amplifications. It is extremely terrifying when used to support." Excitement flickered in the eyes of the crowd as both Chu Chen and the little princess used their Bloodline Limits in conjunction with their Purple Amethyst Astral Souls to amplify the strengths of their three other party members. In a single breath, the two others and Sikong Mingyue's strength, jumped up to the next level-half-step Yuanfu.

"I'm afraid the Emperor Star Academy has to return with their tails in between their legs." Someone from the Royal Academy sarcastically remarked. Today, this was their home ground.

The Royal Academy had been suppressed for many years by the Emperor Star Academy. Currently, after merging with the Godly General Martial Palace, they could finally expel this breath of resentment that was lingering in their throats. If they won again in this battle, the reputation of the Royal Academy would instantly skyrocket to above that of the Emperor Star Academy.

Old Gu had a heavy countenance on his face. The strength of their enemies had just risen by terrifying proportions.

In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy, the power of a Bloodline Limit similarly erupted forth. Fan Le's bloodline of the Empyrean Flames started to blaze.

"Bloodline Limit."

Qin Wentian's traits underwent a transformation. His long hair turned black, akin to wind blades fluttering in the air. His whole person emitted the air of a godly monarch, and his presence made people wanted to submit to him. He was the king.

"There were actually also two people who could use the power of bloodlines in the Emperor Star Academy."

The crowd was almost salivating in anticipation. A battle on such a grand scale was rare, not to mention that the participants of the battle were all extremely talented geniuses at the peak of the Arterial Circulation Realm.

"Senior Sister and Fatty, control Sikong Mingyue; Luo Chen, Mountain, both of you deal with Hou Tie. Fatty, also pay attention to the sneak attacks of Chu Chen and the little princess." Qin Wentian intoned in a low voice, and the four of them nodded in agreement. It was as though Qin Wentian was the pillar and leader of their team formation.

Sikong Mingyue took the lead and stepped forward in response. Abruptly, the four others mirrored his actions. Although they were stronger when compared to the team from the Emperor Star Academy, they didn't dare to be careless. After all, their opponent was none other than Qin Wentian, champion of the Jun Lin Banquet.

"Control me? I really want to see how you do that." Sikong Mingyue coldly laughed. His attacks had always been extremely hegemonic. And currently, after the amplifications to his abilities, he wasn't even the slightest bit afraid if he had to clash directly head-on with Qin Wentian. How could Luo Huan and Fan Le even hope control him?

"COME!" Sikong Mingyue roared in anger as his Astral Soul was released. Not only him, all the nine other cultivators on the stage, with the exception of Qin Wentian, had released their Astral Soul. Momentarily, the blinding Astral Light originated from the release of the various dazzling Astral Souls inundated the stage with a flood of starlight.

The view was incredibly magnificent. All these people, none of them had an Astral Soul from the first Heavenly Layer. At the very least, the 1st Astral Souls of these nine cultivators were condensed from the 2nd Heavenly Layer.

Sikong Mingyue strode towards Qin Wentian, his battle intent soaring to the skies. In his eyes, his only opponent today was Qin Wentian.

"Do it."

Qin Wentian shouted coldly. An instant later, he swapped positions with Mountain while numerous long vines flicked out in the direction of Sikong Mingyue simultaneously, appearing akin to tens of thousands of tentacles.

Sikong Mingyue laughed coldly. Amusement was apparent in his eyes as he directly grabbed at the long vines with his hands. However, his smile froze in the next instant. Sounds of powershots rolled forth as Fan Le, who was standing unmoving at the boundary of the stage, shot out a string of arrows that glowed with golden light, piercing right into his eyes.

In response, Sikong Mingyue blasted out with the ancient slaughter words imprints powered by his incredible strength, wanting to eradicate everything in his path. However, the arrows abruptly shifted in mid-flight and changed their direction, flying to his side. In a blink of an eye, the crowd only saw golden streams of light dancing about on the stage, beautiful but deadly. Although the power behind the arrows wasn't that strong, it was still fatal if they pierced through the eyes, head, or throat of their intended victims.

And now, it was as though the arrows had eyes of their own. The moment they were careless, the arrows would deal critical injury or even death.

"What a beautiful picture." Someone exclaimed in awe. The countenance of Sikong Mingyue was ugly to behold as he swiftly summoned even more slaughter imprints, but to no avail-the speed of the arrows were even faster when compared to his attack speed.

At the exact moment when Sikong Mingyue was encircled by the arrows, Luo Chen and Mountain was already clashing with Hou Tie.

Hou Tie's attack power was terrifying indeed. But despite of this, Luo Chen's saber attacks were even scarier, seeking to deal death with every strike. After Mountain's breakthrough, his defense had become exceedingly tough. There was no way for Hou Tie to gain any advantage when faced against the two of them.

These happenings caused the faces of Chu Chen and the little princess to stiffen. It seemed like their plan to merely use the amplification effects of their Astral Souls to win the battle wasn't going to succeed, not when their opponents also had two masters of control within their party.

Also at the same moment, Qin Wentian also dashed towards Leng Ya. His strategy was simple: divide and conquer.

How swift was Qin Wentian's Garuda Movement Technique? When he appeared in front of Leng Ya, Leng Ya couldn't help but shiver when he saw how sharp the expression was on Qin Wentian's slightly devilish handsome looking face.

Qin Wentian initiated by sending out a palm attack. This palm attack was none other than his Falling Mountain Palms. Currently, Qin Wentian was getting increasingly proficient with this innate technique. As he blasted out, the pressure of a mountain peak smashed downwards, its might further enhanced by Qin Wentian's strong physique. Just with a single attack, any of Leng Ya's attempts at counterattacking were all smashed into nothingness. At the very moment of contact, he already understood that when it came to pure brute force, Qin Wentian was far above him.

The aura that erupted forth from Qin Wentian had too many force augmentations. Even if the proficiency of using innate techniques wasn't taken into account, just with the augmentation granted to him by his higher layered Astral Soul as well as the Mountain-type Divine Yuan Energy, his Demonic Body, and his Bloodline Limit, he completely overwhelmed the so called 'expert' acknowledged by many others-Leng Ya.

A thunderous sound rocked the stage. Leng Ya gave a dull shout as his body was capulated through the air before slamming onto the ground below the stage. Spitting out mouthfuls of fresh blood, his arm felt as though it was already crumbled to pieces, and his internal organs shook violently. He had no more strength to attack.

Qin Wentian sent him flying with only a single strike. From this, one could see how great the disparity of strength was between them, how strong the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet truly was.

Upon seeing how Sikong Mingyue, despite his power, was being controlled, Chu Chen and the little Princess knew that they couldn't afford to wait any longer. Locking gazes for a single moment, Chu Chen's silhouette flickered as he dashed towards the direction of Luo Huan and Fan Le.

This disgusting fatty only had a cultivation base at the 8th level of Arterial Circulation; he was only strong in restricting and controlling techniques, like how his arrows were capable of changing direction in mid-flight. As long as they eradicate this fatty, Sikong Mingyue would be able to focus his all and deal with Qin Wentian. If not, they could only wait and be wiped out by Qin Wentian one by one.

"I'll block him, Wentian, finish the rest quickly." Luo Huan's silhouette flickered, and she appeared in front of Chu Chen.

Fan Le's restrictive power was too strong; he could actually hold Sikong Mingyue back for a period of time.

Sikong Mingyue kept trying to get close to Fan Le, but Fan Le dodged relentlessly. The arrows in the air interweaved in a beautiful dance as they zoomed repeatedly towards Sikong Mingyue. It was as though this rain of arrows would never stop.

Qin Wentian appeared in front of the little princess. Demonic light glinted in his eyes when he locked gazes with the little princess. That demonic presence of his caused the heart of the little princess to shudder involuntarily. This was the first time she met such a character. In front of Qin Wentian, she couldn't help but feel that she was lesser than even a speck of dust. Even Qin Wentian didn't know that at this moment, his aura was so stifling that he was unconsciously emitting a forcefield of absolute obedience.