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 AGM 160 - Issuing challenges to five Yuanfu

Old Gu stared right at Chu Tianjiao as he laughed, "Your Highness, I don't really understand your words. Xiao Lǜ wanted to fetch Qin Yao back to Snowcloud in glory, but did Qin Yao agree?"

"How can marriage matters of the Crown Prince be a joke? Since there was a prior agreement, even if Qin Yao changed her mind now, she would still have to return to Snowcloud with him before anything else." Chu Tianjiao calmly replied.

"Do you mean that if Qin Yao disagrees, Snowcloud will forcibly make her into Xiao Lǜ's concubine? Not only that, will Chu be Snowcloud's accomplice?" Old Gu countered. "This old me here has lived for so long, but this is still the first time I've heard such filthy conduct being packaged into something that sounds so righteous. And what's more, our Crown Prince of Chu was the one who said the words. Has the royal clan of Chu declined that much?"

Old Gu's words were extremely sharp, especially that last sentence of his-it was as though he was condemning Chu for their current actions, subtly hinting at the rumours about Chu killing the Wu King. His words placed a huge hat on Chu Tianjiao's head. The surrounding people couldn't help but comment in their hearts that the more aged a ginger was, the more spicy it would be.

Chu Tianjiao didn't expect Old Gu's counter to be so sharp and straight to the point. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he stated, "Old Gu's words left me speechless indeed. Such conduct! How could matters of marriage be nothing but a joke? Hearing the words straight from the mouth of the most respected Elder in the Emperor Star Academy similarly made me blush with shame."

"What nonsense, when did I ever have a marriage engagement with Xiao Lǜ?" Qin Yao, upon seeing how Chu Tianjiao kept harping on her engagement with Xiao Lǜ, involuntarily replied in rage. "I've only agreed to interact with Xiao Lǜ, but in reality we don't even have a close relationship between us. From your words, I've already become something like an accessory to him; how utterly ridiculous."

Old Gu coldly snorted as he continued, "Chu Tianjiao, have you heard clearly?"

"The main point was that the people of Snowcloud already knew of the marriage between Qin Yao and Prince Xiao Lǜ. This is already sufficient to prove my point."

"What a load of bullshit." Unable to bear it any longer, Qin Wentian called out. "According to the logic of 3rd Highness, if I start a rumour here today saying that the princess of Chu had a marriage engagement with me, and the second day, this piece of news is known by everyone in Chu, does that mean that the princess of Chu is already mine?"

"Impudent. What is your status, and who do you think you are? How are you worthy of the princess?" Sikong Mingyue's gaze was as sharp as a sword as he directly refuted Qin Wentian. "And what status does Crown Prince Xiao Lǜ have? The news of Qin Yao and Crown Price is already known to all. How can she not return with us to Snowcloud?"

"Hur hur, that is merely your perspective. In my eyes, who the f*ck is the princess of Chu? Who the f*ck is the Crown Prince of Snowcloud? They are not worth a fart, how can they be compared to my sister?" Qin Wentian gazed at Sikong Mingyue, as he coldly laughed. "And as for you, bloody loser, you still have the face to speak in front of me?"

After this, a glint of contempt flashed in Qin Wentian's eyes. Qin Wentian had seen the memory fragments of the tiny Astral-Being, had seen the grand fantasy of that mysterious green-robed elder, and had also received the inheritance of the Azure Emperor by competing with others in the Spirit Beast testing grounds, widening his perspective. How could he still be awed by Chu or Snowcloud? The world out there was so immense that the Crown Princes of both Chu and Snowcloud could really be considered nothing. In the other places out there, the transcendent powers of the nine states, their statuses were nothing but crap, like that of an ordinary commoner.

To him, the word 'genius' no longer meant the same to him. These 'geniuses' in front of him were even weaker compared to Luo Qianqiu. And if Luo Qianqiu himself were to be compared to those he met in the testing grounds, he would only be considered someone ordinary.

This way, he could remind himself that he must not lose himself in arrogance or flaunt himself as a genius.

He, Qin Wentian, was merely one person in a world full of so many others. He didn't have the qualities to underestimate anyone, but also had no need to look up to anyone. Step by step, footprint by footprint, he would trudge along on his own path of cultivation using his determination and will.

Sikong Mingyue's killing intent gushed out after being insulted in the open by Qin Wentian. He dashed towards Qin Wentian as he shouted in anger, "Come, fight me once more."

"You are not worthy." Qin Wentian serenely gazed at Sikong Mingyue. A look of pity flickered in his eyes, disdainfully looking at him. Seeing such a look in the eyes of Qin Wentian caused Sikong Mingyue's killing intent to surge even higher.

Xiao Lǜ gazed at Sikong Mingyue as he waved his hands, signalling for Sikong Mingyue to be quiet. Only now did Sikong Mingyue manage to suppress his boiling anger and curb his killing intent. Chu Tianjiao continued as though there had been no interruptions, "Theres no point in talking any further. Today the Royal Academy paid a visit to the Emperor Star Academy for only one purpose. These five Yuanfu Realm cultivators wanted to spar against the elite students of the Emperor Star Academy and exchange pointers."

"Why I don't see the five Yuanfu students from your Royal Academy?" Old Gu swept his gaze at Chu Tianjiao.

"Ye Wuque, 1st level of Yuanfu, requests to battle against Qiu Mo from the Emperor Star Academy." Ye Wuque spoke. He was ranked 5th among the 10 prodigies of Chu while Qiu Mo was 4th.

"Wang Teng, 2nd level of Yuanfu, requests to battle against the leader of the Greencloud Association, Lin Hua." Another silhouette stepped out as his intent to battle surged, immediately issuing a challenge to Lin Hua of the Emperor Star Academy.

"1st Sword, 2nd level of Yuanfu, requests to battle against guest elder Rainy of the Emperor Star Academy."

"Wu Chong, 2nd level of Yuanfu, requests to battle against the leader of the Asura Faction, Du Yidao."

"Xiao Lan, 3rd level of Yuanfu, requests to battle against the leader of the Heavenly Demon Association, Xanxus."

Standing aside Chu Tianjiao, the five silhouettes all spoke. In an instant, a mighty surge of pressure blasted out as their intent to battle soared to the Heavens

The five of them directly spoke out, issuing their challenges to those who had the same level of cultivation as them. Not only that, those who they challenged all had high standings within the Emperor Star Academy. Three of them were none other than the leaders of the associations and faction in the Emperor Star Academy, another one was ranked 4th among the 10 prodigies of Chu, and the last was a guest elder of the Emperor Star Academy.

"When did 1st Sword become a member of your Royal Academy? And why have I never heard the names of Xiao Lan and Wang Teng before?" The countenance of Old Gu turned sharp.

"Since the Royal Academy merged with the Godly General Martial Palace, there would naturally be people Old Gu is not familiar with. And as for 1st Sword, it's because today's business is related to Snowcloud. I'm unwilling to bully the Emperor Star Academy, and thus, both Xiao Lǜ and I won't compete today." Chu Tianjiao slowly enunciated his words, causing the pupils of the crowd to contract. What an arrogant speech.

Indeed, Chu Tianjiao was ranked 2nd in the 10 prodigies of Snowcloud. With the addition of Xiao Lǜ, who was one of the Duo Prides of Snowcloud, there was no need to doubt their power.

If both Chu Tianjiao and Xiao Lǜ entered the battlefield, they would definitely cause more headaches to the Emperor Star Academy.

However, both of them actually chose not to battle.

This was a battle among Yuanfu realm experts. Regardless if they were from the Emperor Star Academy or from the Royal Academy, Yuanfu realm students could most certainly be considered the backbone of their respective academy. Students at this level were the true elites of the academies.

From a certain viewpoint, the scale and scope of this battle would definitely not lose out to the Jun Lin Banquet. Five against five, all extraordinary opponents.

Ye Wuque, one of the Yuanfu experts within the 10 prodigies.

1st Sword, the head of the three swords in Snowcloud.

Wu Chong, a genius disciple in the Godly General Martial Palace.

As for Wang Teng and Xiao Lan, they were not simple either. Especially Xiao Lan, who was already at the 3rd level of Yuanfu and actually dared issue a challenge to the leader of the Emperor Star Academy's Heavenly Demon Association.

"Emperor Star Academy, do you dare accept our challenge?" Chu Tianjiao's crisp voice sounded out, resonating in the air.

They had already investigated the details regarding the cultivation levels of the elites from the Emperor Star Academy. Since they dared to issue a challenge to the five of them, they would surely have a certain level of confidence in their own success.

The gazes of the students in the Emperor Star Academy were all riveted on the Elders on the spectator stands. As things stood now, how could they reject?

"Are all of you willing to battle?" Old Gu didn't make the decisions for the elites of the Emperor Star Academy.

"Let's fight."

Only to see Qiu Mo walking out as he appeared on the arena. His sharp gaze was directed at Ye Wuque. Since he was ranked higher than Ye Wuque within the ranks of the 10 prodigies, he had no reason not to accept his challenge.

"Ye Wuque, ranked 5th. Don't you know that the rankings before you are hard to displace?" Qiu Mo gazed at Ye Wuque as he indifferently added.

Ye Wuque looked back at him, his countenance calm. After which, he released his 3rd Astral Soul, which was cloaked in a golden radiance.

"Golden corona, it must be from the 4th Heavenly Layer." Qiu Mo froze upon seeing this sight. Not only did Ye Wuque successfully open his 3rd Astral Gate, the Astral Soul he condensed was actually from the 4th Heavenly Layer.

This Astral Soul was in the form of a golden sword. Its resplendent glow was so sharp that it was bone-piercing.

Psssst! A terrifyingly monstrous sharpness erupted forth completely. Ye Wuque slowly strode out, emitting an exceptionally powerful sense of pressure that pressed against Qiu Mo. Behind Ye Wuque, a pair of silvery wings were formed, and the light they emitted was extremely blinding. This was his 2nd Astral Soul, and after stepping into Yuanfu, his previously illusory pair of wings had transformed into something closer to reality.

For Stellar Martial Cultivators, after they broke through to Yuanfu, their arterial pathways would transformed into a whirlpool, and their Astral Energy turned into liquid form. Every droplet of Yuan liquid was formed through the condensation of immense amounts of Astral Energy. These Yuan droplets would then appear within the Yuan Palace inside the body of the Stellar Martial Cultivator as he built up the form of a complete Yuan Palace and began to nurture a Stellar Array.

The amount of Astral Energy a Yuanfu realm cultivator could use far surpassed that of Arterial Circulation. This was a qualitative evolution.

With immense amounts of Astral Yuan Energy, it would naturally support the cultivator in executing even more innate techniques. Even their Astral Souls would seem as though they were more real. Once the Stellar Array of the individual cultivator was fully nurtured, the cultivator would then step into the Heavenly Dipper Realm and have an Astral Nova, which was manifested from a 'real' Astral Soul instead of something illusory.

Chi... The moment Qiu Mo lost focus, Ye Wuque instantly stepped out. In the blink of an eye, inexhaustible amounts of golden colored sharp swords gathered together as they amalgamated into a gigantic Heaven Punishment Sword, slashing towards Qiu Mo. The aura the sword emitted was golden in colour as well. The might contained within was akin to that of a terrible, terrible storm.

An Astral Soul from the 4th Heavenly Layer, in addition to its augmentation effect, was undoubtedly terrifying when used to attack.

Qiu Mo released his Astral Soul as well, directly facing Ye Wuque's attack. However, he soon discovered that every defense he mounted was easily destroyed by Ye Wuque's attacks. A heavy sense of disappointment flickered in his eyes. The position of 4th prodigy was going to have a change in ownership.

Towards the end, the attacks of the two opponents clashed together. With only a single strike, Qiu Mo was blasted off the arena, causing everyone in the crowd to be thunderstruck.

Was the disparity in power levels between the 4th and 5th prodigy that great? Not only that, the 5th prodigy was even stronger.

The Emperor Star Academy actually lost the first battle.

Ye Wuque turned his gaze in the direction of the spectator stand as he bowed. "I won only through a fluke."

After which, he retreated and returned to his original spot. However, as the sound of his words drifted to the ears of the crowd, the words became extremely ear-piercing and contained extreme sarcasm.

TN Notes:

the more aged a ginger is, the more spicy it will be → Chinese idiom meaning that the older one was, the more proficient one would be in dealing with situations

'Yuanfu' means Yuan Palace