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 AGM 158 - Fiend Transformation Art

In the Emperor Star Academy, the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Within the entrance, Qin Wentian's eyes abruptly snapped open as a demonic light flickered in his eyes. His aura and presence seemed to be heavily tinged by a sense of demonic Qi.

Qin Wentian didn't take any other actions. He knew that he was successful in bringing back the beast spirit. At this moment, he could feel a savage aura contained within his sea of consciousness.

"Will I be able to sense the existence of those more powerful beast-type Astral Souls within the Heavenly Layers after I absorb the spirits?" Qin Wentian mumbled in his heart. After this, he gradually stood up. He pushed open the door and strode out of the entrance.

"I left of my own volition, and thus my spirit body wasn't destroyed. I can still enter the testing ground in the future." Qin Wentian gazed at the entrance of the secret realm. Back then, Luo Tianya hadn't been so lucky, and his spirit body must have been destroyed. That was why he had hoped that his son would be able to continue what he had failed, stepping onto the 8th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

How sad was it that what Luo Tianya couldn't accomplished had been accomplished by Qin Wentian instead of Luo Qianqiu?

Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto the 2nd entrance with the numeral '8' inscribed on top of it. According to that thin piece of paper, so long as one obtained one of the top ten ranked beast spirit listed in the Warbeast Index, that person would have the qualifications to enter the 8th level. If this was the case, he should have cleared the requirements.

Lifting his foot, Qin Wentian walked towards the second entrance. As he got closer, he noticed that above the entrance, there were several murals. These murals were actually none other than the top ten ranked demonic beasts listed in the Warbeast Index.

"How do I get in?" Bewilderment painted Qin Wentian's countenance. The door to entrance of the 7th level was open. So as long as one stepped onto this level, they would be able to enter there. However, the door to the entrance of the 8th level was tightly shut.

"Insert the beast spirit into its respective mural." A voice drifted over. Qin Wentian turned back his head, but there was no one. The owner of this voice should have been the guardian of the 7th level whom Qin Wentian had met earlier.

Qin Wentian once again shifted his gaze towards the mural of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon. Soon after, demonic light glinted in his eyes as he retrieved the spirit consciousness of the flood dragon from his sea of consciousness, inserting it within the mural. In an instant, the mural shone with resplendent light as the door to entrance of the 8th level slowly opened.

"It's opening."

Qin Wentian crossed the entrance and entered a vast expanse of sealed space. Above his head, there were murals of numerous demonic beasts shining with Astral Light. They were so vivid that it was as though they were alive.

In the center of the sealed space, there was a prayer mat. Qin Wentian sat down cross-leggedly as the Astral Light from the murals shrouded his body, flowing into him.

Upon seeing such an unfathomable event occurring, Qin Wentian closed his eyes. As the Astral Lights entered his body, he experienced a sensation that was extremely familiar to him.

This was a memory fragment left behind by the Azure Emperor.

"The myriad of creatures of Heavens and Earth are all capable of cultivation, regardless if one was a human or a demon. Even so, there are marked differences between the two races. The degree of talent in certain aspects, for example, the strength of the fleshy body, defense, and regeneration, are all many times higher for demonic creatures compared to humans. As for humans, their level of insight and comprehension far surpasses that of demons. Humans created many different kind of powerful innate techniques, enabling them to stand on par with, or even surpass the demonic beasts, becoming the favored sons of Heaven."

"At a certain point of their cultivation, after the demonic beasts break into the Heavenly Dipper Realm, they will be able to metamorphose into a human and learn the innate techniques of the human race. In this manner, demons seemed to pursue humanity as their goal. But even so, they would never be able to have the same level of insights and comprehension that humans are born with."

"Humans who were originally demons still have no way of combining the advantages of the two different races perfectly. In that case, in order to pursue perfection, the only method left was to use humanity as the base while cultivating the demonic arts. If human cultivators were able to have the powerful fleshy bodies of demons in addition to their high level of comprehension and variety of powerful innate techniques, how much would their strength be augmented by?"

While the memory fragment was asking, Qin Wentian's heart palpitated wildly with excitement.

What an insane idea, using humanity as the base to cultivate the power of demons.

"In reality, for human cultivators, there are already some who gravitated towards this idea. Those cultivators were none other than Beast-type Astral Souls Stellar Martial Cultivators. Astral Souls granted a possibility, enabling them to possess the ferociousness of demonic beasts. But despite of this, there's still a limit. If one wanted to use demonic energy to fully bring out the potential of humans, firstly, one must possess a tyrannical Demonic Beast-type Astral Soul. If not, there would be no meaning to it."

This unknown voice drifted into his ears. Qin Wentian somehow understood why the test of the 7th level was to hunt for one of the top ten ranked demonic beasts listed in the Warbeast Index.

The Azure Emperor hoped that only those who obtained one of the top ten ranked demonic beast spirits would be able to enter here. Only with qualifications like this would one be able to absorb the ferocious Demonic Beast-type Astral Energy.

After that, another memory fragment entered Qin Wentian's consciousness as the light atop his head gradually darkened.

After several moments, Qin Wentian fully absorbed the memory fragment. A light of incomparable sharpness flickered in the depths of his eyes. In his mind, there were only three words - Fiend Transformation Art.

"Fiend Transformation Art!"

"A bold creation, an insane cultivation method." Qin Wentian's heart had huge waves arising within it. An unknown sense of respect and reverence surfaced in his heart for the creator of this cultivation art. This was just too perverse.

Human cultivators were terrifying indeed.

He remembered the last sentence the Azure Emperor left behind in the memory fragment.

"Back then, because of a series of lucky coincidences, I obtained the Fiend Transformation Art. With awe and shock in my heart, I knew that if this cultivation art were to be imparted, the Sky Demon Palace would definitely send their men to pursue those who cultivate it. And thus, I cultivated this in secret. Only in moments of extreme danger did I unleash the technique. But if one day, if I truly pass on without leaving behind an inheritor to this technique, I would have sinned. To avoid calamity, i didn't pass this cultivation art down to the members of my Azure Emperor Palace, but I wasn't willing to let this cultivation art disappear along with the passing of time."

Qin Wentian understood. The value of this Fiend Transformation Art was the same as his Spiritual Refinement Method. If people knew about this, a calamity would definitely descend on the one who possessed the techniques.

Luckily for him, there's no visible external effects of cultivating the Spiritual Refinement Method. To outsiders, it would only seem that his attacks were a lot stronger compared to others at the same level.

There were three levels to the Fiend Transformation Art.

The first level, Fiendish Body. Channel demonic Qi and circulate it within the arterial pathways, energy channels, and meridians of your body to cast and refine a fleshy body that was as tyrannical as that of demonic beasts. Not only just the exterior of the fleshy body, one's five viseras and six inner organs also had to be strengthened to the point of something akin to a demonic beast, immensely boosting one's vitality. After all, the life-force of demonic beasts were many times stronger when compared to humans at the same stage of cultivation.

The second level, Fiendish Emergence. Use the support of tremendous Demonic Yuan Energy and condense a true demonic body, covering one's real body. This realm would be much more powerful if it was assisted and complemented by a powerful Beast-type Astral Soul.

And the third level, Fiend Transformation. At this level, one could easily access demonification, taking on demon form, and perfectly combine the two most ideal traits of demons and humans into one body. One could grow real Garuda Wings on their back and soar through the universe, or transform into a demonic dragon with world-shaking might.

Qin Wentian drew in a deep breath as his heart pounded in his chest. The Azure Emperor actually left such a tyrannical technique on the 8th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

After learning about everything, from Qin Wentian's perspective, he now felt that the demonic beasts ranked ninth and tenth in the Warbeast Index didn't seemed to be powerful enough to be used for cultivating the Fiend Transformation Art. The best choices were undoubtedly being able to condense the respective Astral Souls for those top ranking demonic beasts. Only then would the demonic Yuan Energy be sufficient to drive the Fiend Transformation Art.

However, this realization made things difficult for Qin Wentian once more. Initially, he had already planned on condensing a Summoning-type Astral Soul for his third condensation. But to cultivate the Fiend Transformation Art, a tyrannical Beast-type Astral Soul would definitely be much more suitable for it.

"I shall ignore it for now." Qin Wentian didn't bother to think further, but instead, he started cultivating the first level of the Fiend Transformation Art. The creator of this transformation art was exceptionally familiar with the breathing techniques of demonic beasts and had created a special breathing method and Qi circulation technique solely for the Fiend Transformation Art.

With his eyes closed, Qin Wentian calmed his heart down as he cultivated. His breathing wasn't even, sometimes slow, sometimes ragged, but it eventually came to a point of balance. His heart pounded in tandem with every breath he took as the Astral Energy flowed and circulated about in his body according to the Qi circulation method. Every time he breathed, his viscera and inner organs would also lurched violently in accordance to the pounding of his heartbeat,

Qin Wentian gradually entered into an incredible, extremely marvellous state. He didn't realize that the blood within his body gradually started to heat up, automatically circulating around his entire body, complementing with his breathing methods and the Qi circulation technique.

Two days later, after Qin Wentian awoke from that marvellous state, he discovered that his cultivation this time around had produced astonishing changes. He couldn't help but be puzzled. Could it be he was really so talented? That his physique was exceptionally suitable for cultivating the Fiend Transformation Art?

"It's about time to leave." Qin Wentian stood out and exited the Heavenly Star Pavilion. The first level of the Fiend Transformation Art required an astronomical amount of cultivation resources in order to master. After he exited the pavilion, Qin Wentian went to the Sky Transport Network to send a letter to Francis, giving him free reign to handle minor matters like this. After which, he continued cultivating in closed door seclusion, focusing all his attention to raising his cultivation.

In the Heavenly Layers far up above in the galaxy, Qin Wentian's consciousness arrived in the 5th Heavenly Layer. In front of his eyes, there were countless stars interweaved together to form the constellation representing the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon, which contained tremendous Demonic Beast-type Yuan Energy within.

"Indeed, it's almost effortless to find and form an innate link with this constellation." Qin Wentian finally understood why so many students and disciples of the great powers wanted to go the Spirit Beast Testing Grounds. After obtaining the beast spirit, condensing an Astral Soul from the respective constellation it represented was almost guaranteed.

And now, outside of Qin Wentian's residence, Fan Le arrived. Qin Chuan and Qin Yao were there as well.

"Uncle, is Wentian still cultivating?" Fan Le inquired as he spoke to Qin Chuan.

"Yeah, this fellow is really hard working. Immediately entering into closed door seclusion right after his return from the Heavenly Star Pavilion...perhaps he gained some insights." Qin Chuan replied. Currently, there were many matters on his heart. He clearly understood the changes that were currently happening in Chu and felt complicated feelings of frustration in his heart. Based on his intelligence, of course he knew that his father had concealed some matters from him, all of which were of great import.

But now, he couldn't even step out of the Emperor Star Academy. The members of the Royal Clan were all watching him closely.

Currently, the pressure caused to him and Qin Yao by the Royal Clan was shouldered by the Emperor Star Academy.

But now, the Royal Clan wanted to deal with the Emperor Star Academy. This uncontrollable variable that was the Emperor Star Academy had already become a thorn in the eye of the Royal Clan.


In one of the states of the Grand Xia Empire, the Qingzhou State, home of the Nine Mystical Palace. Today, there were many from the Nine Mystical Palace who mounted their demonic beasts, heading towards the Chu Country.

Other than the Nine Mystical Palace, the Qingzhou State still had other transcendent powers. One example of that was the Greencloud Pavilion.

The tip of the Greencloud Pavilion rose straight up above, almost touching the clouds. The Greencloud Pavilion was situated above nine towering mountain peaks and consisted numerous grand halls standing erect among the clouds, resembling an immortal realm.

At this moment, in some location of the Greencloud Pavilion, a young lady stood there. This young lady had a grandeur of nobility and appeared cool and elegant. Although she was young, she emitted incomparable charisma.

"Miss, do you have any commands for me?" A person stood before a young lady as he respectfully asked.

"Investigate the Nine Mystical Palace. Find out if there's a small country named Chu under their administration. If there is, I want you to give me a full detailed report about this person named Qin Wentian." The young lady was Meng Qianyu. That fellow snatched the warbeast spirit ranked number nine from the eyes of so many people, so it could be said that his luck was good. However, his actions and demeanor also caused her to be exceptionally interested; she wondered if he would enter the Spirit Beast Testing Grounds ever again.