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 AGM 157 - Plunder

Yao Sheng didn't continue attacking Qin Wentian, not with one of the top ten demonic beasts standing in front of him. If he could somehow absorb the spirit of this warbeast, he would most assuredly be able to condense an Astral Soul belonging to a constellation in the 5th Heavenly Layer.

Filled with wild ambition, Yao Sheng's heart was roaring with excitement. Unlike the others, he didn't feel much fear or terror.

After all, in these testing grounds, if he really were to die, it was only his spiritual body that would dissipate and would lose the chance to ever come in here again, but he himself wouldn't face true death.

To the people of the Sky Demon Sect, the lure of one of the top ten ranked demonic beasts was so great to the extent that they wouldn't hesitate to risk their lives.

"Everyone, how about cooperating?"

Yao Sheng gazed at Yue Qingfeng, Qian Mengyu, and the surrounding people as he suggested.

The gazes of the crowd were flickering. It wasn't impossible to cooperate, but if they really did so, who would the spoils belong to in the end?

If one of them really did absorbed the warbeast spirit, the others would most probably gang up on the one who did so.

Not long ago, this exact scenario just happened to Qin Wentian.

"Ye Yue, what are your thoughts on this?" Yue Qingfeng gazed at a youth standing by his side as he inquired. This youth was clad in a robes embroidered with the picture of a river of constellations.

This person was from the Venerate Heaven Sect. As for the rankings of the 36 Heavenly Starlords, they were precisely determined by the Venerate Heaven Sect.

Within the Grand Xia Empire, the Venerate Heaven Sect was the one with the most authority. They had absolute influence over the ranking charts of cultivators, and their decisions would affect numerous countries. An example was Chu - a ranking system referred to as the rankings of the ten prodigies.

"Let's cooperate." Ye Yue took the lead, and a sharp light glinted in his eyes as he stared at the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon.

The group of people split up and surrounding the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon. All of them released their Astral Souls.

The flood dragon let out a howl of rage as it smashed its way towards Yao Sheng, only to see Yao Sheng's beast blood start surging up. A towering demonic Qi filled the air. The wings of the legendary Roc flickered as he turned into a stream of light, similarly dashing towards the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon.

Puchi! The flood dragon's sharp claws missed Yao Sheng. Yao Sheng was actually hovering in the air, and after he found the appropriate angle, he dashed forth, appearing in front of the dragon's head in an instant. Yao Sheng's nimbleness and agility left Qin Wentian astounded.

But even so, the reaction speed of the flood dragon was extremely punctual as well. Wrenching its maw open, it chomped towards the direction of Yao Sheng, wanting to devour him in a single gulp.

Brnnn! A resplendent sword light exploded forth as Qian Mengyu soared into the skies. Columns and columns of undying sword rays frenziedly pierced into the maw of the flood dragon.

This scenario caused the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon to have no choice but to close its maw. At the same time, Yao Sheng's palm strikes transformed into a gigantic bear's paw as it swatted downwards, targeting the brain of the flood dragon.

Yao Sheng and Qian Mengyu was of two different camps, yet their cooperation was exquisite. The timing and rhythm of each attack complemented each other perfectly.

The head of the flood dragon reared backwards. Yao Sheng's combat prowess was exceptionally terrifying, and there was also an additional vibration effect. For a short period of time, the flood dragon was stunned due to the rattling of its brain, and after it recovered, it swept out its gigantic tail like a whip. The spikes embedded on it were all akin to sharp swords.

Yue Qingfeng also dashed forwards while executing the Garuda Movement Technique, avoiding the immense body of the flood dragon. His target was also the brain of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon.

Ye Yue did the same as well.

Their individual attacks seemed to somehow meld into a perfectly tacit understanding, with each complementing the other. Everyone was aiming for the brain of the Blue-scaled Dragon Flood King. If one strike or two strikes didn't work, they would attack until it worked.

"Everyone is an elite, but if we are talking about one on one, there would definitely be no one able to contend against the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon. But when they cooperate, the augmentation effect isn't something so simple as one plus one equals two." Each of their individual attacks synergized so well that they caused the tyrannical, powerful attacks of the flood dragon to be utterly mitigated.

Qin Wentian personally witnessed the fascinating fight between the elites and the flood dragon. The flood dragon let out a huge bellow of rage as its immense body twisted and turned in the air. Its long, sinuous neck stretched out. Its maw chomped towards Qian Mengyu, disregarding the attacks of the other elites who was targeting its body.

"DIE!" Qian Mengyu's palms shook as Astral Light metamorphosed into sword rays, manifesting countless sharp swords that flowed continuously like a beam of light, slashing out against the maw of the flood dragon.

The flood dragon moved its head downwards and continued rushing towards her. Qian Mengyu's sharp swords actually managed to draw blood, but ultimately they were still not enough to seriously wound the dragon.

Qian Mengyu spun a full circle, wanting to retreat. But at this moment, the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon in front of her was already enraged to the point of losing its reason. It frenziedly pursued her, disregarding the attacks of others. It definitely had to kill one of the elites first before it could have a chance, and this troublesome human who excel in sword arts was too irritating.

Qian Mengyu's countenance turned extremely unsightly as she saw the flood dragon relentless pursuing her. She had no way of evading the dragon's ferocious attacks for much longer and could only choose to muster all her strength for defense.

Qin Wentian was standing not far from Qian Mengyu's side. Upon seeing this scenario, the look in his eyes grew cold, extremely cold.

"Over here." Qin Wentian called out to Qian Mengyu.

Qian Mengyu's graceful figure dashed towards Qin Wentian, while the flood dragon followed close behind, unwilling to give up its pursuit. Wrenching open its huge maw again, its neck extended forwards with terrifying speed, wanting Qian Mengyu to crumble under its bite.

Bssst! A raging wind blew past as Qin Wentian executed the Garuda Movement Technique to its utmost limits. He actually dashed right into the waiting maw of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon.

A cruel light flashed in the dragon's eyes as it snapped its maw shut. The dragon wanted to lacerate Qin Wentian into pieces with its jagged teeth.

"Wu..." A pitiful sound whimpered out. Qin Wentian moved like the wind as he retreated from the huge maw of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon. An ancient halberd appeared in the space where Qin Wentian should have been in. Its tip pierced the dragon's upper jaw and stood erect, propping the maw of the dragon wide open.

"Success." Qin Wentian saw the giant tail of the dragon rampaging about as it let out howls of agony. His silhouette flickered, and he instantly appeared on the snout of flood dragon as he smashed down with his Falling Mountain Palms, driving the ancient halberd even deeper with each palm strike, causing the flood dragon to be almost driven mad by the intense agony.

"Do it." The others also rushed ahead, targeting their attacks at the head region of the flood dragon as the ancient halberd in its maw finally penetrated through its snout. The force of its rampaging tail grrew weaker and weaker.

"This fellow, how lucky is he."

Everyone was exclaiming how lucky Qin Wentian was in their hearts. He actually managed to stick the ancient halberd inside the maw of the flood dragon just when it was snapping its maw shut, causing the ancient halberd to be stuck there. This was what created the opportunity for them to freely rain their attacks on the dragon.

The body of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon gradually started to lose its form as it slowly started turning illusory and transformed into a beast spirit.

Qin Wentian retrieved his ancient halberd, and at the same time, his palms wavered as he prepared to absorb the beast spirit. His actions were mirrored by almost all the cultivators around him.

One of the top ten ranked beast in the Warbeast Index, everyone wanted it for their own.

ROAR. The spirit of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon let out a terrifying roar as it lunged towards Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian felt his consciousness trembling violently as he too started turning illusory.

Explosively retreating, this finally caused him return back to normal, but his countenance was extremely unsightly.

The spiritual consciousness of the flood dragon has already turned into a beast spirit, but it was still so tyrannical. It directly entered his mind sea and attacked his consciousness. Although he had a flesh and blood body, in here, everyone was made from spiritual consciousness. And as long as one's consciousness was injured, they too would fade away.

Thunderous roars rumbled the Heavens and Earth. Qian Mengyu, Yao Sheng and the rest were also forced to retreat. Their countenances were exceptionally ugly to behold as they had never encountered a beast spirit that was this hard to deal with.

The body of Yao Sheng surged with his beast blood as he flew towards the beast spirit, wanting to devour it for himself.

Buzz! The spirit of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon dashed away, its cold eyes disdainfully glaring at the others. Even though it had been reduced to spirit form, no one should even think of absorbing it.

Blue-scaled Flood Dragon's beast spirit was too tyrannical.

Its eyes narrowed dangerously as it stared at Qin Wentian. It was precisely this human who caused its fleshy body to be destroyed.

OWWWWWWWWWW! The beast spirit howled as it once again dashed towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian felt his consciousness trembling. Spirals appeared on his palms, and at the moment he made contact with the flood dragon, he channeled all his might into absorbing its spirit.

Those cold bestial eyes stared cruelly at him, and it attempted to blast Qin Wentian's consciousness into smithereens, causing Qin Wentian's body to turn illusory, flickering in and out of existence.

Upon seeing this, Yao Sheng and the rest stood by and didn't attempt to help Qin Wentian. Nervousness could be seen in Qian Mengyu's eyes, but she had no idea how would she be able to handle such a tyrannical beast spirit.

"Vile creature, you still dare to be so savage even when you are reduced to spirit form." Icy coldness filled Qin Wentian's eyes as he stared at the flood dragon. His Great Dream Astral Soul was released, and an instant later, he transported himself and the flood dragon spirit into a dreamscape of his own creation.

Inside the dream, Qin Wentian was an unrivalled existence, like the Monarch of all under the Heavens, as he stared at the tiny pitiful beast spirit with contempt.

"Vile creature, submit to me." Qin Wentian roared. Thunder howled, and lightning struck down from the Heavens, smashing into the spirit form of the flood dragon, causing it to convulse violently in pain.

It was currently reduced to a spirit form and had absolutely no way to defend against the abuse of Qin Wentian's dream-will. The power of dreams was also a type of consciousness and will, allowing opponents to believe what they experienced was real.

How could a mere spirit body be able to withstand it?

Outside the dreamscape, the spirit of the flood dragon grew more and more indistinct, as though it was slowly being absorbed by Qin Wentian. The once tyrannical beast spirit seemed to have no more fighting spirit, having lost its previous rage as it obediently prepared to submit.

"What's happening?"

Their gazes were all fixated on the spirit of the warbeast, which was fading in and out of existence, as though it would dissipate any second. This caused them to feel a sense of foreboding.

Could it be that this fellow actually already absorbed the spirit of the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon?

Psssth~ The beast spirit transformed into a column of blueish smoke that entered into Qin Wentian's body. The demonic Qi that Qin Wentian currently was emitting was even stronger than that of Yao Sheng.

"No good, he's trying to exit the testing grounds."

Yue Qingfeng shouted in a panic. When he had been in a party with Qin Wentian, he remembered Qin Wentian casually asking him how to exit from the Spirit Beast Testing Grounds. He didn't thought much of it then, so he explained to Qin Wentian that one merely needed to be aware and gradually force one's consciousness to awaken, peeling away the testing ground's false strips of reality. But this needed a certain amount of time to accomplish.

Qin Wentian obviously made use of the gap of time during the absorption of the beast spirit to simultaneously prepare for his exit.

Yao Sheng and the rest lunged forwards when they discovered this, but much to their surprise, they found Qian Mengyu brandishing her sword and blocking their path to Qin Wentian.

"Qian Mengyu, what the hell are you doing?" Yue Qingfeng coldly hollered.

"He has the most credit when it comes to killing the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon. There's nothing wrong even if he absorbs the beast spirit." Meng Qianyu coldly replied.

"Get out of the way." Yao Sheng strode forwards.

"There's no more time." Ye Yue spoke in a low voice. They saw Qin Wentian's body turning illusory as he completely disappeared from within the Spirit Beast Testing Grounds.

Seeing this occurring caused the countenances of the crowd to turn incomparably ugly.

Qin Wentian left with the beast spirit belonging to the number nine demonic beast, the Blue-scaled Flood Dragon!