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 AGM 150 - Release of Qin Chuan

In the Emperor Star Academy, Qin Wentian's residence was currently extremely chaotic, as many elders were standing inside it.

Qin Wentian just only recently obtained the championship of the Jun Lin Banquet, but it appeared that plans to assassinate him were already in motion. To the Emperor Star Academy, this was something definitely forbidden. If they didn't find out the power behind it, there would still be similar incidents occurring in the future.

"Wentian, what techniques did the masked man use?" Old Gu halted his steps when he arrived next to Qin Wentian.

"The Thousand Hands Imprint. Not only that, during the last few strikes, he seemed to use a sword-type innate technique. But I feel that he was trying to cover up his identity, which was why he didn't dare to release his Astral Soul." Qin Wentian replied.

"Indeed." Old Gu nodded his head. The Thousand Hands Imprint was an innate technique that originated from the 5th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion and wasn't a forbidden technique. There were several within the academy who had the opportunity to cultivate it.

"Send men immediately to check with the Protector of the 5th level. I want to know who recently perused the manual for the Thousand Hands Imprint. For the past month, find out the names of everyone who has done so." Ren Qianxing stood in the middle of the air as he commanded. At this moment, he was extremely infuriated.

As some men departed to fulfil Ren's order, there were also several Elders who soared up in the air at the same time. Their countenances were extremely unsightly as they asked, "There's people who wanted to deal with Qin Wentian?"

"How brazen."

As the Elders spoke out their displeasure one by one, Ren Qianxing coldly glanced at them. "All of you, who told you guys to converge here together?"

The Elders all froze in shock, as they noticed a cold pressure emanating from Ren Qianxing. Ren Qianxing was suspecting that the culprit was someone among them.

"The assassination this time around is no small matter, and everyone will be suspected. Not only that, I can confirmed that there's a traitor within our academy. Although this matter may have nothing to do with you, the probability still exists. No matter how small the probability is, we have to investigate this matter clearly."

Ren Qianxing's words caused many to nod their heads in agreement as one of the Elders spoke. "Me and Yao Feng noticed the rest of the Elders rushing here. Knowing that something big happened, we decided to tag along to find out."

Qin Wentian's gaze shifted to the person who spoke. This person was none other than Janus.

"There's hatred between Janus and me, he may be the one that wanted to kill me. However, this is the Emperor Star Academy. Surely he wouldn't take the risk and strike out during such a sensitive time."

Qin Wentian was silently speculating. He could only say that there was a possibility that the traitor was Janus, despite the probability being miniscule.

Ren Qianxing went silent for a moment before stating, "During these two days, all Yuanfu cultivators in the academy have to pay a visit to the Disciplinary Committee and account for your movements today. I want to eliminate all probability that there's a traitor within our ranks. I hope that all of you can cooperate."

Ren Qianxing's words caused the hearts of the Elders to involuntarily shudder. He wanted to interrogate the whole academy. And as for those at the Yuanfu Realm, their positions were all esteemed and high-up, but Ren Qianxing still wanted to do so. It seemed as though he wouldn't stop until he found out who the culprit was. This was sufficient enough to indicate how highly he regarded Qin Wentian.

"Okay, you all can go now." AFter Ren Qianxing spoke, the crowd departed. He then turned and spoke to Qin Wentian, "Both of you, recuperate well. Leave this matter for me to handle."

"Right." Qin Wentian nodded, as he sat down and regarded Mo Qingcheng. He was fine, but if Mo Qingcheng hadn't been there for him earlier, he would surely have perished. Just thinking of this made his heart go cold.

As the pale countenance of the young lady before him gradually regained its color, Qin Wentian also relaxed. The medicinal strength of that pill from earlier was extremely shocking. No wonder powerful alchemists were even rarer compared to Divine Inscriptionists.

After several moments, once Mo Qingcheng's countenance recovered its colour, Qin Wentian could see a red blush on both her cheeks. Looking at this caused his heart to beat slightly faster. What a heart-moving moment this was!

"If you continued to stare at her like this, she will never open her eyes." Nolan spoke, it was unknown when she suddenly appeared.

As the sound of her voice faded, Mo Qingcheng opened her eyes. Her eyes were like limpid water as they regained their former brilliance. She rolled her eyes at Qin Wentian, but expressions of shyness could still be seen on her face.

"Don't speak nonsense." Mo Qingcheng rose and glared at Nolan, causing Qin Wentian, who was sitting by the side, to blink his eyes rapidly as he laughed. It seemed that Nolan's words was accurate, Mo Qingcheng didn't dare to open her eyes when he was staring at her.

"Little White, thank you.." Mo Qingcheng fed a medicinal pill to her white crane.

Qin Wentian stood up as he gazed at Mo Qingcheng's departing back, only to see Mo Qingcheng turning, those gentle and intelligent eyes of hers smiling at him. There was no words of thanks being spoken between both of them. It wasn't that they were too formal, but that mere words of thanks were insufficient to express their feelings.

"There won't be something like this happening again. Next time, I will protect you." Qin Wentian blurted out, causing Mo Qingcheng to blink her eyes as she grew red. She hurriedly exclaimed, "Who needs your protection?"

After which, she mounted the white crane. "Little White, we're leaving."

Nolan also mounted the white crane and smiled at Qin Wentian, "Good good, your skin is becoming thicker."

The white crane soared to the skies, and both of the young ladies disappeared in the horizon. Qin Wentian gazed at the empty skies when he suddenly laughed. The words Mo Qingcheng said earlier seemed as though there were hints of romance hidden within.

Not only that, Mo Qingcheng was a Yuanfu Realm existence. As of now, how could he even protect her?

As he thought of this, Qin Wentian silently turned and began his cultivation.

The desire to get stronger grew increasingly stronger and stronger.


In the depths of the Dark Forest, silence reigned around the Black Stronghold. The Black Stronghold was situated in a land of desolation, in a place where everyone had forgotten aboutit.

Within the Black Stronghold, there were numerous cells forged from hardened ice steel. And in these cells, one could see living prisoners locked up within.

This was a prison forged from ice steel. In there, there was only Yin Qi. The only sounds that sounded were the footsteps on the ice paths that ran through the middle of all the cells as the echos of the footsteps bounced off the walls.

"Qin Chuan."

Abruptly, a cold voice called out. In one of the cells, Qin Chuan opened his eyes, revealing a cloudy light. Stroking his untidy beard, he looked at the silhouette standing outside the cells. Surely he wasn't delivering food again?

He heard the sounds of the metallic chains being unlocked. This caused a cold light to flicker in Qin Chuan's eyes. What tricks did they intend to play? Sending someone to unlock his chains? There should be something suspicious going on.

"You can go."

"Go? Where?" Qin Chuan coldly inquired.

"You are free to go." That person didn't reply, causing Qin Chuan to furrow his brows as he was led out of the prison.

The person led Qin Chuan outside, after which another prison warden locked the gates of the prison and coldly snorted, "What a lucky bastard. That adopted godson of his actually got the first place in the Jun Lin Banquet."

Soon after, the doors of the Black Stronghold slammed shut.

At this moment, in the ice prison, a pitiful figure lying on the floor trembled slightly before opening his eyes. Hidden in the cloudy eyes of his, one could see an intent that was as sharp as swords.

This person was naturally Qin Wu, the father of Qin Chuan.

Outside the Black Stronghold, Qin Chuan breathed in the fresh air andfelt the wetness of the morning air while a bewildered expression appeared on his face.

At this moment, all chains on him had already been unlocked. Not only that, the two other people beside him weren't even powerful enough to be considered guards.

The words 'You are free to go' resounded in his ears as disbelief was still apparent in his eyes.

Was this a trap?

After standing there for a long moment, Qin Chuan opened his mouth again and asked, "Where are you bringing me to?"

"To the Royal Capital. Let's go." One of the two figures spoke. They stepped into the Dark Forest.

The sunlight gradually warmed the surroundings, as Qin Chuan and the rest followed the path and walked out of the Dark Forest. Finally, he walked out of that icy prison, and now he that he was out, seeing humans and buildings everywhere, the oppressive feelings in his heart also lightened somewhat.

All this, however, wasn't that important to him because Qin Chuan currently saw two familiar silhouettes standing there waiting for him.

"Father," Qin Yao's tears dripped down her face as she rushed over, burying her head in Qin Chuan's bosom.

Qin Wentian also walked to Qin Chuan's side as he called out, "Father."

"Yao`er, Wentian, what's going on?" A lack of comprehension could be seen on Qin Chuan's face.

Qin Yao shifted her head away from the bosom of Qin Chuan. A radiant smile could be seen on her face. "Father, it's Wentian. He became the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet. At this moment, not only the Emperor Star Academy and the Divine Weapon Pavilion support him, but there's also a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign that's fond of him, forcing the 3rd Prince Chu Tianjiao to release you."

"Champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, support of the Emperor Star Academy and Divine Weapon Pavilion, and a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign?!" Qin Chuan was stunned. After a long moment, he glanced at Qin Wentian as he raised his head, drawing in a deep breath. In his eyes, the light of hot tears could be seen flickering within.

Walking forwards, Qin Chuan embraced Qin Wentian in a hug, his tears finally overflowing.

"Countless people said my son wasn't able to cultivate. But I, Qin Chuan, have always believed that when my son finally explodes forth with his radiance, he would be like a star, far up in the Heavens as others gazed at him in wonder."

Qin Chuan's voice was filled with indescribable emotions. What else could he wish for with a son like this?

Although they weren't related by blood, the bonds between them were even closer than that of a real parent and child.

"Champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, I think Autumn Snow isn't even worthy enough to carry my son's shoes anymore." Qin Chuan had always remembered the words and actions of the Bai Clan from back then.

"Father, when Wentian obtained the championship of the Jun Lin Banquet. Bai Qingsong and Autumn Snow was there as well. Autumn Snow didn't even have the qualifications to participate in the banquet and could only look up to Qin Wentian from afar." Qin Yao laughed.

"Father, everything is finally over." Qin Wentian drew in a huge breath.

"Yeah, let's walk while we talk." Qin Yao smiled.

The guards standing by the side of Qin Chuan turned and departed, and as for the Yuanfu cultivators who accompanied Qin Wentian to this meetup point, they all nodded their heads as they saw Qin Chuan.

"These seniors are the Yuanfu Elders from the Emperor Star Academy who are here to protect Wentian." Qin Yao explained, causing Qin Chuan to freeze in shock. From this, one could see how important Qin Wentian was to the academy; he actually required an entourage of Yuanfu-level guards just for merely going out of the academy.

The child from before had already grown up, which caused him to feel gratified in his heart.


In the Royal Palace, within a luxurious room, Chu Tianjiao sat on the ground, his gaze respectfully riveted in the direction of the Dragon Couch in front of him.

On the Dragon Couch, a feeble old man with a pale countenance was lying there.

"Father, your son is useless, powerless to help you despite your condition getting more severe." Chu Tianjiao guiltily exclaimed.

"It's not your fault I might pass away at any time. Tomorrow, I'm going to meet with our Ancestor. And as for the future of Chu, I will pass it into your hands." The silhouette lying atop the couch quietly stated.

"Is Ancestor still around?" Chu Tianjiao asked.

"Naturally. But, only the Emperor is able to enter the Dragon Pool Chamber. This is the rule set by our family. After you succeed the position, you can also pay a visit to Ancestor. Although our Ancestor doesn't care much about worldly affairs, he wouldn't ignore if the Chu Clan was in a crisis."

"And if you have the time, help me educate your eldest brother. Although he caused me disappointment, after all, the blood of our Chu Clan still flows in his veins." That silhouette sighed again. Although many in Chu looked down on and disregarded the Eldest Prince, the aged figure knew how outstanding his eldest son truly was.