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 AGM 147 - Finally Unveiled!

Luo Tianya stood proudly in the air, exuding a extremely tyrannical aura.

The crowds in the Chu Emperor District all inclined their heads as they gazed at him with huge waves of emotions rising in their hearts. A never before seen Heavenly Dipper Sovereign was actually present in Chu. Not only that, they actually saw two.

For people like this, they were the stuff of the fabled legends. But now, the sovereigns appeared in front of their very eyes

"This person is Luo Qianqiu's father. Like father like son, seems like there's hidden agenda behind Luo Qianqiu enrolling in the Emperor Star Academy." Many people were silently speculating. With a background like Luo Qianqiu's, why did he still need to cultivate in the Emperor Star Academy? Obviously, there was a purpose behind it.

"Father." Luo Qianqiu stood below the platform as he gazed at Luo Tianya, who was standing in the skies. After which, he lowered his head and remained silent, as though he had no more face left to even look at his own father.

He was defeated by Qin Wentian and failed his mission. He didn't have the face to look at his father.

He actually failed at a place like Chu.

"Who are you?" Luo Tianya looked at Luo Qianqiu and asked with an extremely sharp expression.

Luo Qianqiu inclined his head, looking as his father as he replied, "I am Luo Qianqiu."

"You are Luo Qianqiu. The words 'gutless' and 'coward' are not in your dictionary. Furthermore, in the grand path of cultivation, how could there not be any failures? Is your martial heart so weak?" Luo Tianya's voice boomed out as he berated, "Raise your head up high. You are Luo Qianqiu, son of Luo Tianya."

Luo Qianqiu was shocked into realization. Clenching both his hands into fists, he raised his head. So what if he had lost today? No matter what, he was still a student from the Nine Mystical Palace. And as for the humiliation he suffered today, he would cleanse the slate with Qin Wentian's blood in the future.

Luo Qianqiu once again directed his gaze to Qin Wentian. The killing intent he emitted grew incomparably sharp.

Qin Wentian was a blemish in his life. He would cleanse it sooner or later

"Luo Tianya, no wonder this child's features were so familiar. It turns out he was your son." Gongyang Hong gazed at the silhouette floating in the skies as he spoke. It seems as though he was acquainted with Luo Tianya.

"Gongyang Hong, it's fine if you return to Chu, but why did you have to interfere with the matters of my Nine Mystical Palace?" Luo Tianya coldly inquired.

"The Nine Mystical Palace is too much of a bully. I can't ignore that," Gongyang Hong replied.

"Hmph." Luo Tianya coldly snorted, "In Chu, no one can interfere with matters of my Nine Mystical Palace. Do you think that with you alone, you can block my Nine Mystical Palace from doing what they want?"

After saying this, Luo Tianya took a step downwards. A crushing pressure gushed forth towards Gongyang Hong and Qin Wentian.

Gongyang Hong extended his hands and retaliated against the attack with his Constellation Celestial Arm Nova. Rumbling sounds could be heard in the middle of the air, as though something just crumbled apart.

"I don't care what the Nine Mystical Palace wishes to do. However, today, Qin Wentian is the legitimate champion. If the Nine Mystical Palace wants revenge because your son lost to him, I will never allow it." Gongyang Hong remarked, the power in his voice apparent.

"Just by yourself? You want to make an enemy out of my Nine Mystical Palace? How ridiculous." Luo Tianya sneered as he descended further down, the might of lightning and thunder sweeping across the space. Luo Qianqiu and the rest had already backed away, leaving only Gongyang Hong and Qin Wentian in the middle of the tempest.

"I'm indeed unable to interfere as I like with regards your Nine Mystical Palace. But if you continue to be so thick-skinned and shamelessly bully the junior generations, it's as easy as flipping my palms for me, Gongyang Hong, to kill the members of your junior generations." The Celestial Heavenly Arm was flexing about in the air, as the two of them opposed each other's words with equal harshness.

"So what he is the champion? I want to see to what extent he can mature to."

Luo Tianya swept a gaze that was as sharp as swords over to Qin Wentian. He had never once believed that the path of cultivation was like a smooth-sailing highway, even for a genius. The path of cultivation was filled with storms of struggle and violence, leaving behind countless dried up husks of skeletons. Without a strong willpower and some luck, there was no way for a 'genius' to truly become a peerless existence.

"My Nine Mystical Palace won't touch him, but in return, you are not to interfere with our other matters. Chu is the territory of my Nine Mystical Palace." Luo Tianya tyrannically remarked. The Nine Mystical Palace was the owner of Chu.

The Nine Mystical Palace didn't care about who the Emperor of Chu was. As long as they provided the necessary resources and convenience such as talented youths the Nine Mystical Palace could choose from, any one from the Royal Clan could be the Emperor, provided that he followed their orders.

And as for the selection of who the Emperor was going to be, only the lower management of the Nine Mystical Palace would participate. Those at the top echelons couldn't be bothered about this.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't be so free to interfere with your business." Gongyang Hong coldly replied. If he did not possess a fondness for Qin Wentian, he wouldn't even have bothered appearing in the first place.

Luo Tianya didn't cast Gongyang Hong another glance. Instead, he glanced in the direction of the Emperor Star Academy and greeted Ren Qianxing, "Teacher, I trust you've been well since we last met."

"I don't have a student like you." Ren Qianxing coldly spat out.

"Teacher, why do you have to be like this? For us cultivators, it's only natural if we pursued power. Hence, it's inevitable if we use some unsavoury methods. Although I'm now currently with the Nine Mystical Palace, I have never forgotten your kindness. This was also why I named my son Qianqiu. The character 'Qian' is the same 'Qian' as your name, to remind me of your kindness in bringing me up."

Luo Tianya calmly spoke, but Ren Qianxing's countenance got increasingly unsightly in an instant. It was as though his hatred of Luo Tianya has seeped into his bones.

"Since our paths are different, just forget it." Luo Tianya shook his head, He then turned and looked at Luo Qianqiu and the rest of the members from the Nine Mystical Palace. "Let's leave."

As the sound of his voice faded, those from the Nine Mystical Palace rose up in the air.

Luo Tianya was holding Luo Qianqiu by his arm as he swept his gaze towards Qin Wentian. Far up in the skies, he called out to Qin Wentian, "I really want to see how far the champion of Jun Lin Banquet will be able to go on the path of cultivation. Luo Qianqiu will wait for you."

After which, they spun in the air. Luo Tianya and those from the Nine Mystical Palace, vanished in the horizon.

Despite the departure of the Nine Mystical Palace, the hearts of the crowd were still shuddering. This was the first time the Nine Mystical Palace had shown their true colours in front of the commoners.

Only now did they realize that behind Chu, there was another terrifying existence controlling it from the shadows.

Chu Tianjiao had no authority whatsoever in front of them.

"Senior Gongyang is actually a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign." Reverence could be seen in the eyes of the spectators as they gazed at Gongyang Hong.

An existence at the Heavenly Dipper Realm was a character at the pinnacle of Chu. Their words was equivalent to that of a country's Emperor.

Almost all who stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm had already left Chu.

But naturally, if one were to say who the most dazzling star today was, the answer would undoubtedly be Qin Wentian.

Using absolute strength to claim the position of number one in the Jun Lin Banquet, climbing up the ranks from the pits of darkness. No one could have imagined that the one standing at the end would be him, Qin Wentian.

Not only that, the Emperor Star Academy was standing by his back, and even a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign was willing to become the shield for him.

"Qin Wentian, you are the pride of our academy." Ren Qianxing laughed as he nodded to Qin Wentian. At this moment, those from the Emperor Star Academy all stood up, re-evaluating their perspective of Qin Wentian.

"Indeed, you are worthy of praise." In the direction of Mo Clan, the crowd also stood up and congratulated Qin Wentian.

Those from the Divine Weapon Pavilion also rose at the same time. An Liuyan was full of smiles; she had never expected that this year's Jun Lin Banquet would be so fascinating.

Currently the Chu Emperor District was filled with silence. The crowds of people engraved this moment in their hearts. They would never be able to forget this year's Jun Lin Banquet.

They were grateful to Qin Wentian, grateful to all the elites up on the platforms, for allowing them to view such a remarkable show.

Tossing aside all their grudges and resentments, all the elites that participated ought to be proud of themselves.

Gongyang Hong stood at Qin Wentian's side. After patting him on the back, he smiled and glanced ahead as he spoke, "Lass from the Mu Clan, have you thought about the promise I owe you?"

Mu Rou was stunned for a moment, and after she recovered, she replied, "Senior, stop joking with me. As for that painting, just treat it a gift from me."

Mu Rou clearly knew how much weight did Gongyang Hong's words held as a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign.

"Once you thought of it, write it down and leave it in my bamboo lodge. I will see it when i return." Gongyang Hong smiled, and after which, he shifted his gaze to Chu Tianjiao. "Don't forget your promise. Tomorrow morning, Qin Wentian must be able to see his father."

Gongyang Hong words was akin to an imperial decree. This was how powerful the influence a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign possessed.

Luo Tianya left just like this, and those from the Nine Mystical Palace no longer troubled Qin Wentian. Could it really be because of Luo Tianya's tolerance?

Even if he was willing to wait for Qin Wentian to mature, how about the others?

When traced back to the roots, it was still because of the existence of Gongyang Hong. Those threatening words of his to kill off their junior generations had forced Luo Tianya off today. If not for that, this matter today wouldn't have been settled so easily.

One couldn't begin to imagine how terrifying it was to have a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign as an enemy.

"Since this junior has agreed, I wouldn't go back on my words." Chu Tianjiao replied.

"Good." Gongyang Hong nodded before shifting his gaze back to Qin Wentian. "Continue to work hard in your cultivation."

After that, his body rose in the air, and he flew up to the skies. A voice transmission drifted into Qin Wentian's ears.

"Be cautious in everything you do in Chu. The Chu Country has several thousand years of history and extremely deep roots. I believed that there are still hidden experts that have yet to show themselves. This was also why I didn't want to push Chu Tianjiao too far. Remember this, without sufficient power, do not clash directly with the Royal Clan."

This transmission could only be heard by Qin Wentian, and its contents caused his heart to tremble.

So there was a reason why Gongyang Hong didn't push for the release of Qin Wu. The Royal Clan was similar to the Emperor Star Academy; both of them had incredibly deep roots.

In this chess board of the great powers, there were still many things that were unclear and hidden from him. Things were never as simple as they seemed.

Now that he became the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, it was though a burden had been lifted off his chest.

After all, his father, Qin Chuan, would finally be released from imprisonment.

Just thinking of this caused his heart to be filled with joy.

Finally, he could see his father.

Qin Yao's eyes were rimmed with tears as she proudly regarded the silhouette standing on the platform. Her little brother Qin Wentian was the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, basking in the adoration of the masses.

Not only that, he was actually successful in saving their father.

Already one year had passed from the time Qin Wentian departed the Sky Harmony City to now. Tomorrow, when their father was released, he would surely be proud of Qin Wentian!