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 AGM 145 - Dominance

Luo Yunhai was truly shocked by the outcome.

Although Qin Wentian had displayed a level of power that could be considered outstanding earlier, he would never have thought that Qin Wentian would be able to defeat his nephew, Luo Qianqiu.

Back in the past, how talented had his older brother Luo Tianya been? He was recognised by the Nine Mystical Palace and was subsequently recruited over.

Under the decree set by the Nine Mystical Palace and following the Luo Tianya's orders, he had come to the Jun Lin Banquet in Chu. His mission was to ensure that Luo Qianqiu would obtain the first ranking regardless of the method. Failure was not allowed.

Everything else paled in comparison to the success of Luo Qianqiu's mission.

If he could have anticipated Qin Wentian's true level of martial prowess, he would have already disqualified Qin Wentian back then when he was late. Although he followed up with some underhanded saving measures after Qin Wentian defeated Sikong Mingyue, it was apparently not enough.

Who could have anticipated that Qin Wentian would actually break through abruptly, snatching the number one position away from Luo Qianqiu's hands?

In reality, he recognised Qin Wentian's talent and wanted to recruit him over to the Nine Mystical Palace. What a pity that Qin Wentian wasn't keen.

"He did so for glory?"

Luo Yunhai gazed at the youth standing on the platform as he silently thought, "What a fool." Qin Wentian, because of a moment of glory, actually went ahead and defied the decree set by the Nine Mystical Palace?

Such behavior was truy foolish.

The majority of the spectators didn't know what Luo Yunhai was thinking about. Only those with relevant backgrounds and great power knew of and understood the reason why Luo Yunhai and this bunch of disciples from the Nine Mystical Palace came here today.

The gazes of the other ignorant spectators were all riveted on the silhouette of the youth standing on the platform as congratulatory expressions could be seen on their faces. Qin Wentian from Sky Harmony City actually walked to the end, obtaining the championship at a young age of 17. In the history of the Jun Lin Banquet, this was unprecedented.

The name of that youth was Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian, from the Qin Clan.

His smile at this moment was as bright and radiant as the sun. As he gazed at the smiles of the academy's Elders, seeing the dainty fist Mo Qingcheng raised into the air, the congratulations in Mu Rou's eyes, the excited screams of Fan Le, he was extremely happy. He did not need the empty pride or glory. Everything was fine as long as he didn't disappoint those who were concerned about him.

Thus, he was happy.

But because he was happy, there was also others who were unhappy.

A surge of immense killing intent locked onto him as that Yuanfu Realm young man on the stage took another step forward. A thunderous sound echoed out, causing a tremor of immense magnitude to rock the platform.

"Hmm?" In the waves of jubilation, shock and astonishment followed after Qin Wentian obtained the first ranking. The spectators had already forgotten about the Yuanfu Realm disciple that appeared earlier.

"The Jun Lin Banquet has already concluded ,and it should be time to announce the result. What do you mean by barging up on to the platform? Are you intentionally trampling on the face of Chu's Royal Clan?"

In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy, Old Gu stood up as he coldly remarked. The gaze of the spectators all shifted to Chu Tianjiao, who was sitting in the Azure Dragon Jadeite Seat, only to see him quietly sitting there as though all the disturbances had nothing to do with him.

He, Chu Tianjiao, didn't want to be involved in these muddy waters. This matter was between the Emperor Star Academy and Nine Mystical Palace. It had nothing to do with him.

Currently, Chu Tianjiao was thinking; Since Qin Wentian defied their orders and went ahead to snatch the position of the first ranker from Luo Qianqiu, would the Nine Mystical Palace still spare him?

No one blocked the Yuanfu Realm young man on the platform. The voice of the Emperor Star Academy was seemingly ignored by the Royal Clan.

"In a battle between sect members, your methods are actually so ruthless." The young man stared at Qin Wentian as he took yet another step forward. This time, he clenched his hand into a fist as he punched out, realising a terrifying energy that smashed towards Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian raised his ancient halberd in defense, but that powerful impact almost flung the ancient halberd from his grip. The impact was so powerful that Qin Wentian's body trembled severely from the aftershock as he retreated unceasingly.

Luo Qianqiu and Qin Wentian were all from the same academy and thus could be considered as members from the same sect.

However, the reason provided by the Yuanfu disciple was too laughable. Although the two contestants were from the same sect, how had Luo Qianqiu treated Qin Wentian in the past? Now that he was defeated, they still had the gall to bring up the 'reason' of being in the same sect. Wasn't he obviously just finding an excuse?

"How impudent."


Several of the spectators began booing. Old Gu, Mustang and a few other Yuanfu cultivators from the Emperor Star Academy began to soar in the air as they flew towards the direction of the towering platform.

However, at this instant, another silhouette appeared on the platform. This person was none other than Luo Yunhai.

He stood there serenely. A towering, terrifying pressure emanated forth from him, sweeping across the skies. Old Gu and the rest froze in mid-air, their countenance pale.

"All of you, what do you treat the platform of the Jun Lin Banquet as?" Luo Yunhai calmly remarked. When that towering sense of pressure erupted forth, the whole space went silent. All of them could clearly feel how suffocating that terrifying pressure was; it was as though the pressure was sufficient to suppress them.

"Luo Yunhai." Old Gu icily replied, "Since Luo Qianqiu lost, he lost. Is the Nine Mystical Palace planning to be so despicable?"

"Luo Yunhai..his surname is Luo as well. Could he be related to Luo Qianqiu?" The crowd silently speculated.

"Don't worry, we are merely helping the Emperor Star Academy to discipline a junior and won't do anything too intense to him." Luo Yunhai's voice remained as serene as before.

Bizarre expressions appeared on the faces of the crowd as they took in this latest development.

The Jun Lin Banquet had been organised for so many years in Chu, and since the beginning, no one who had ever dared to created trouble here before.

But today, there was actually someone who wanted to make trouble at the banquet?

Not only that, the Royal Clan of Chu seemed to be blind to it, not intending to take any actions.

Chu Tianjiao calmly sat atop the Emperor Seat. It was as though he was just an outsider.

"The Nine Mystical Palace."

There were several within the crowd who had heard of the existence of the Nine Mystical Palace before. As the waves of realization hit them, their hearts couldn't help but shudder. It turned out that Luo Qianqiu originated from there. If that was the case, had this Jun Lin Banquet been nothing but a farce right from the start?

Previously, there was no trouble because there was no Luo Qianqiu.

But this time was different. This year, the Nine Mystical Palace definitely had to ensure that Luo Qianqiu would be the champion, but all their plans were spoiled by Qin Wentian.

"The top nine rankers of the Jun Lin Banquet, come up here now." Luo Yunhai continued, unperturbed. An instant later, Luo Qianqiu, Sikong Mingyue, Chu Chen, Orchon and the rest all stood atop the towering platform. Everyone was present with the exception of 2nd Sword, who was killed, Luo Huan, and Gu Xing.

"We, the Nine Mystical Palace had always paid close attention to the elites of the Jun Lin Banquet. For those who are talented enough, they would receive an invitation to join my Nine Mystical Palace for cultivation. Naturally, this year will be the same as well." Luo Yunhai indifferently spoke, his tone filled with an unmistakable arrogance. But they, the Nine Mystical Palace, did indeed have the qualifications to be arrogant in Chu.

In Chu, they were the silent dictator, the power behind the throne.

"Today, making use of this opportunity, I'd like to announce that Chu Tianjiao and Xiao Lǜ are both already disciples of the Nine Mystical Palace."

Crown Prince of Chu, Chu Tianjiao, and Crown Prince of Snowcloud, Xiao Lǜ. They, were already disciples of the Nine Mystical Palace.

These two were going to be the future emperors of their respective country, but they also had another set of identities - disciples of the Nine Mystical Palace.

"Luo Qianqiu is a disciple as well. And today, I want to extend the invitation to Sikong Mingyue, Chu Chen, Orchon, and Hou Tie. Are all of you willing to join my Nine Mystical Palace?" Luo Yunhai ignored the astonishment of the crowd as he continued, extending his invitations to the various elites.

"I'm willing." Sikong Mingyue bowed.

"I'm willing." Chu Chen agreed.

"I'm willing." Orchon agreed.

"I'm willing." Hou Tie agreed.

The thunderous sounds of agreement rang out. Not only that, even Chu Tianjiao and Xiao Lǜ stood up from their seats of honor and walked beneath the platform, indicating their respect to the Nine Mystical Palace.

"Very well. From today onwards, all of you are welcome to come to my Nine Mystical Palace at any time. Naturally, if you wish to spend a few years cultivating outside before coming, you are more than welcome to do so. You are free to do as you wish." Luo Yunhai laughed and continued, "This time around, there are so many elites discovered at the Jun Lin Banquet. I'm exceptionally happy. I want all of you to work together and respect each other. Don't follow the example of a particular person, so ruthless even towards his fellow sect member."

Luo Yunhai's intentions were obvious, as the gazes of the crowd shifted once again to Qin Wentian.

The first ranker, Qin Wentian, was actually not invited to join the Nine Mystical Palace?

He should have been the most dazzling one, but it was as though the Nine Mystical Palace had the intention to humiliate him because he had gone against their decree.

The Nine Mystical Palace had given him a chance before, but Qin Wentian rejected it.

Those from the Emperor Star Academy all had unsightly expressions on their faces. They would never have imagined that the Nine Mystical Palace would pull such a move, using their imposing brilliance to overshadow Qin Wentian's radiance.

The Nine Mystical Palace...they did indeed have this level of qualifications.

Boom. Yet another thunderous sound rocked the platform as the Yuanfu Realm young man once again took another step towards Qin Wentian.

The Nine Mystical Palace said that they would merely teach Qin Wentian 'a lesson'. But to what extent?

Did they want to cripple his cultivation?

How would the experts from Emperor Star Academy be willing to accept such an outcome? Disregarding Luo Yunhai, they flew towards the platform, only to see Luo Yunhai soar into the skies as his Qi, which was at the peak of Yuanfu, frenziedly swept out, causing reverence to fill in the hearts of many.

If that expert from Mo Clan or the principal of the Emperor Star Academy didn't appear, there would be next to no one strong enough to contend against Luo Yunhai.

"Is this the power of the Nine Mystical Palace?"

"Mighty, hegemonic, unreasonable."

This was true power. In this world, there were no rights nor wrong, nor was there logic. There was only power.

"Who dares to interfere in the matters of my Nine Mystical Palace?" Luo Yunhai shouted. Silence descended upon the stage.

An indescribable feeling arose in the hearts of the spectators when they gazed at Luo Yunhai before glancing again at Qin Wentian,

"Ai, is this all the Nine Mystical Palace amounts to?"

A voice could be heard drifting out from among the crowd.

In the countless masses of the crowd, a pathway involuntarily opened. An old man with white hair slowly walked out.

A gentle smile adorned his face as he gazed at the silhouette of the lonely youth standing on the platform.

"Since you managed to become the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet, today I shall accompany you to lord over the world" The serene voice of the old man was like a gust of wind that drifted into the eardrums of the crowd.

Today, I shall accompany you to lord over the world!