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Qin Wentian gazed in the direction of the middle-aged man, who showed no reactions. It was as though what just happened had nothing to do with him.

Luo Qianqiu, regardless of anything, had to become the champion of the Jun Lin Banquet. They could not afford to have any accidents.

At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded. How could Qin Wentian fall so easily? Was he destined be placed under Luo Qianqiu? The moment when Qin Wentian defeated Luo Qianqiu, the aura he exuded had caused many of the spectators to bet without hesitation on Qin Wentian becoming the victor.

If Qin Wentian were really to fall here, they would have no complains because their decision was made solely because of their anticipations.

But never in their dreams would they have imagined such an ending. Qin Wentian wasn't even able to block a single strike from Luo Qianqiu? This caused the spectators to be somewhat unable to accept this.

Not only the spectators, the people from Emperor Star Academy, the Divine Weapon Pavilion, and the Mo Clan were all stunned. They had a lack of comprehension on their countenance.

Within those who came from the Emperor Star Academy, Ren Qianxing's eyes flickered as he sighed in his heart. He could somewhat guessed what the Nine Mystical Palace offered to Qin Wentian. They would definitely not allow Luo Qianqiu to be defeated. Since that was the case, they would naturally tempt Qin Wentian into joining them, offering excellent conditions for him to concede the battle.

Based on the power contained within Qin Wentian's halberd strike earlier, there was only a single possibility - he intentionally wanted to concede.

This caused Ren Qianxing to feel terrible in his heart. Luo Qianqiu's father had been his disciple a long time ago. He had placed such tremendous importance on him, but he was nothing but a vicious tyrant, a wolf in sheep's clothings.

Qin Wentian was the second person he had placed such high importance on. If Qin Wentian truly chose to walk the same path as Luo Qianqiu's father, his heart would be broken into infinite pieces.

"Is that all of your strength?" Luo Qianqiu approached Qin Wentian, shrouded in a storm of lightning. At this moment, Luo Qianqiu appeared unparalleled in the world.

Qin Wentian forced his body to stand upright, looking straight at his opponent. His arterial pathways seemed to be somehow sealed, causing the Astral Energy in his body to be unable to circulate freely. In such a state, there was no way he could summon any strength, no way for him to battle.

What made him even more infuriated was that even though the Nine Mystical Palace did such a thing, he could not expose them.

It was very possible that he would inadvertently cause great waves of calamities to descend the moment he revealed what happened.

They were the Nine Mystical Palace, the true controller of Chu! Although he still had not discarded all appearances of cordiality with them, the moment he said that the Nine Mystical Palace drugged him, it would be equivalent to him jumping down a cliff voluntarily.

There was no one who could understand the feelings Qin Wentian was currently going through.

Sorrow, pain, struggle, despair.

Rumble! Luo Qianqiu blasted out with his attack. His lightning and thunder palms of his seemed as though they wanted to bury Qin Wentian right where he stood. Qin Wentian summoned all the Astral Energy he could to defend, and after yet another thunderous sound, his body flew through the air and smashed onto the ground. This time, he went numb as he unceasingly spat out mouthfuls of blood, his countenance uttery devoid of blood.

"Wh..what happened?" Fan Le's initial relaxed expression had turn into one of anxiety. So what if he had won numerous Yuan Meteor Stones? Seeing Qin Wentian in such a state, he could not feel the slightest bit of joy from it at all.

He wasn't afraid that Qin Wentian would lose, but he didn't want to see this brother of his suffering from such a humiliation.

Luo Huan, Mu Rou, Mo Qingcheng, and Mustang were all stunned. They could not accept what was happening.

"As i expected, how useless." Among those from the Emperor Star Academy, the sarcastic note in Qiu Mo's voice was exceptionally ear-piercing. Old Gu swept over a look of icy coldness, which caused Qiu Mo to freeze and shut his mouth.

And yet he, felt extremely unwilling in his heart. The recognition and importance placed on Qin Wentian had already surpassed him, who was a Yuanfu Realm student. No matter what, he was still Qiu Mo, a Yuanfu expert who was ranked 4th among Chu's 10 prodigies.

"Qin Wentian."

At this moment, the sound of a voice drifted into his ears, a voice that only he could hear.

"Just concede, I won't allow Luo Qianqiu to do anything to you. As long as you concede, not only Qianqiu will spare you, I will also compensate you."

The countenance of the middle-aged man was still as serene as before, with no hints of any disturbance on his face.

"Trying to use this method to force me to concede? If I don't concede, does that means that Luo Qianqiu will kill me where I stand?" Qin Wentian raged in his heart. He had reason to believe that if the Nine Mystical Palace lied and if Luo Qianqiu were to kill him, there was no one who would take any actions against Luo Qianqiu.

The Nine Mystical Palace was standing behind Luo Qianqiu alongside the support granted to him by the Royal Clan. Who would dare to touch Luo Qianqiu?

Qin Wentian glanced at the spectators' stand. He could see Mustang's expression, the struggle and pain on Ren Qianxing's face, Mo Qingcheng's worry, the sadness and anxiety on Luo Huan, Qin Yao and Fatty Fan Le. as well as many expressions of dejection reflected on the faces of the crowd.

For the first time, Qin Wentian sensed the concern that so many people felt for him.

And within these people, there were elders, relatives, acquaintances, and even strangers who merely wanted to support him.

A year ago, he had been alone when he came from the Sky Harmony City, facing danger from all sides.

But today, after seeing so many people showing concern for him, he felt warmth and happiness, a joyfulness that came from deep within his heart.

But because of this source of joy, he was unwilling to lose just like this. He wasn't willing to let all down those individuals who were concerned about him

He didn't want to see expressions of dejection on their faces. He wasn't willing to be the puppet of the Nine Mystical Palace, dancing to their strings.

If they truly valued his talent, they could have talked nicely to him. However, with all the deeds the Nine Mystical Palace committed, their actions did not reflect respect but rather a form of humiliation.

He wasn't willing to lose in such a way!

"The night is the darkest before dawn."

Qin Wentian recalled the words Uncle Black once said to him. As he thought of Uncle Black's wrinkled face, he couldn't help but start crying in his heart.

Luo Qianqiu appeared in front of Qin Wentian once again, shrouded within an aura of violence. On him, a surge of terrifying pressure frenziedly emanated forth.

"There will be no more miracles. I want you to die."

Luo Qianqiu's voice was resolute and decisive. He wanted Qin Wentian to die. This time, he wouldn't give Qin Wentian the slightest chance to survive.

As the terrifying lightning energies gathered within his palm, a storm of wind and thunder raged around Luo Qianqiu. His gaze was riveted onto Qin Wentian, who had his head bowed, similar to how a hunter stared at his prey.

"From this moment onwards, there will no longer be a Qin Wentian in Chu Country." Luo Qianqiu calmly spoke.

"I can't lose here." Qin Wentian abruptly inclined his head, releasing his Great Dream Astral Soul. His eyes seemed to radiate terrifying dream waves as Luo Qianqiu's motions froze in an instant.

Not only Luo Qianqiu, but Qin Wentian also froze. Despite the wind fluttering their hair, their bodies froze in place as though they had transformed into statues.

As the Great Dream Astral Soul displayed its brilliance, many people had bewildered expressions on their faces.

This Astral Soul could hypnotize people into entering sleep.

"They stopped moving?"

"Have they entered a dream?"

Many spectators were astonished. This final ranking battle had undergone a huge change yet again.

Luo Qianqiu did indeed entered Qin Wentian's dreamscape. Atop a huge expanse of a land of desolation, only the two of them stood there,

At this moment, a dangerous aura was gushing forth from Qin Wentian's body. In here, he was God. He coldly regarded Luo Qianqiu as the aura from his body grew terrifying to an inconceivable degree.

"An illusion?" Luo Qianqiu frowned and closed his eyes. His strength of will erupted outwards.

He wanted to break out. This was the dreamscape Qin Wentian created and not reality. Regardless of how strong Qin Wentian was in here, it was nothing but an illusion.

"So what about it?" Qin Wentian spoke as he strode forwards. His towering aura completely exploded as he smashed out with his ancient halberd. In that instant, the Qi from Heaven and Earth gathered in a frenzied spiral, transforming into a stream of light.

Although Luo Qianqiu knew this was an illusion, it felt too real, he could only retaliate in defense, hoping to counter. The stream of light pierced into his arms, drawing first blood.

Luo Qianqiu immediately retreated, his countenance extremely ugly to behold.

"Despicable, can you only defeat me in a reality created in your dreams?" Luo Qianqiu sneered.

"Despicable? Before the battle, your Nine Mystical Palace drugged me, causing blockage in my arterial pathways. It left me with no way to battle, which ended up me being sorely suppressed by you. Or do you really think that your strength was that powerful? How ridiculous." Qin Wentian mocked him. He continued, "Not only that, is creating a dreamscape not part of my strength? How can I be compared to you people of the Nine Mystical Palace? To achieve your aims, you are prepared to use any strategies or methods no matter how underhanded they are."

Luo Qianqiu furrowed his brows as he replied, "You are lying."

"Hmph." Qin Wentian couldn't be bothered to explain. His terrifying aura exploded forth. This was his dreamscape; regardless of how strong Luo Qianqiu's will was, there was no way he could get out so easily.

Soon after,Luo Qianqiu's body was dyed red in blood within the dreamscape. Qin Wentian slowly walked towards him, glancing down at him from a height.

To the people outside, the spectators only saw that both of the contestants were standing there without moving. Correction, Luo Qianqiu seemed to be retreating step by step, but no one on the outside knew what he was experiencing.

"They seemed to be inside a dreamscape." A sharp light flickered inside Ren Qianxing's eyes. Qin Wentian did not concede, nor was he intentionally trying to lose!

He, Ren Qianxing, had not made the wrong judgement!

Since that was the case, could it be that the Nine Mystical Palace did something earlier?

Glancing sharply at the direction of the Nine Mystical Palace, he only saw that the middle-aged man had an expression of something akin to panic.

"NO!" The howl of anger shook the Heavens and Earth as a powerful aura exploded forth from the body of Luo Qianqiu. Regaining his senses, he stared at Qin Wentian, howling in rage, "Regardless how strong you are in your dreamscape, you will still die here today."

An inexhaustible amount of lightning metamorphosed into dragons and snakes dancing about in the air. Luo Qianqiu's killing intent surged frenziedly.

"Too late." Qin Wentian's blood was also seething. His long hair grew blacker than black, while his body was akin to a monarch, the ruler of all lands under the Heavens.

Sounds of waves crashing could be heard from within Qin Wentian's body. His blood, as well as the Astral Energy in his arterial pathways, seemed to be howling in anger.

"BREAK FOR ME!" Qin Wentian roared, facing the skies as his long hair fluttered behind his back. The terrifying sounds within his body magnified in volume to the point where the spectators though they could hear sounds of a tsunami crashing. Qin Wentian was currently undergoing a transformation; the seven circular arterial pathways of his were currently squirming as they expanded before breaking into fragments and reforming into eight brand-new circular Stellar Meridians arterial pathways.

His breakthrough swept the remnants of the blockage in his previous arterial pathways away, allowing his Astral Energy to once more circulate without restrictions. Currently, the aura Qin Wentian was exuding was rising relentlessly.

That was an aura of someone at the 8th level of Arterial Circulation!

Qin Wentian...he was unwilling to allow others to control his fate.

Such underhanded schemes weren't able to destroy his beliefs nor shake his unwavering heart!

His determination had never been this strong before.

Today, the number one position would be his!