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 AGM 140 - Versus Sikong Mingyue

Qin Wentian paid close attention to the battle between Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue. As he gazed at their Astral Souls, he recalled the combat prowess of both of his opponents-to-be. Luo Qianqiu was able to execute palms of thunder, incomparably dominating. It was obvious that he was able to infuse the power of his Astral Soul within his attacks.

Sikong Mingyue was the same as well; that ancient slaughter word imprint of his had a terrifying sharpness to it because he infused it with the properties of his Sword-type Astral Soul, which caused his attacks to be so tyrannical, leaving others unable to defend.

Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue were both extremely familiar with the various ways to execute their powers.

After all, Sikong Mingyue was one of the Duo Prides of Snowcloud and would naturally have an experienced expert guiding him. And as for Luo Qianqiu, his origins were from the Nine Mystical Palace. There was no need to explain further as well.

At this moment, Luo Qianqiu was already clashing with Sikong Mingyue.

An illusory Lightning Revenant stood behind Luo Qianqiu. He walked forwards slowly as the arms of the Lightning Revenant frenziedly blasted forwards with thunderous pressure, intending to force Sikong Mingyue into close-combat. However, the power of Sikong Mingyue's ancient slaughter word imprints was also incredible. He successfully lengthened the distance between them. Not only were the word imprints filled with a terrifyingly sharp aura, there was also a sense of destruction contained within.

With such power, one could well imagine the consequences of being struck by it. Death was guaranteed.

"What ferocious attacks! No wonder they were the two strongest with the highest chance of obtaining the championship. The might of their attacks wasn't something that the others would be able to defend against. Seems like the payout rates set by Heaven's Wonder were not computed blindly," the spectators thought.

The attacks executed by Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue only got increasingly ferocious as the fight continued on. And at the end, various types of godly innate techniques all erupted forth as the platform transformed into a region filled with thunder and lightning amidst a storm of killing intent, giving people the sense that the apocalypse was here. The spectators closest to them all retreated several steps away. It was as though you would be killed by aftershocks simply by being near them.

"How overwhelming!" many people exclaimed; this was indeed a battle for the first and second position. They are all too powerful to the point where they were levels apart from the other contestants.

"Luo Qianqiu's innate technique seemed slightly more powerful. If this drags on, he will surely be the one to obtain victory." Many people were conjecturing.

As the sound of an explosion rang out, the terrifying aura of destruction tore the void apart, forcing the two contestants to separate. Even their clothings were torn and tattered as they emerged from the typhoon of destruction.

However, reckless smiles could be seen on both of their faces.

"Satisfying! To be defeated in your hands, I have nothing to say. You are indeed worthy of being the Jun Lin Banquet's champion." Sikong Mingyue laughed, with no hint of reluctance clouding his voice.

After all, with his aptitude, he would go to the Nine Mystical Palace sooner or later. He wouldn't mind making a friend before going there. He naturally also knew of Luo Qianqiu's status within the Nine Mystical Palace.

"You are also very powerful, but I would have to trouble you to accept the position of the 2nd ranker." Luo Qianqiu laughed. He was also exceptionally impressed by Sikong Mingyue's strength. Were it not for his mission to step onto the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion, he would not have participated in the Jun Lin Banquet. If that was the case, there shouldn't be any cultivators from the Arterial Circulation realm able to stand against Sikong Mingyue.

"With you here, the position of the 2nd ranker doesn't matter as well." Sikong Mingyue laughed. It was as though their rankings had already been set in stone.

The spectators sighed. The payout rates computed by Heaven's Wonder weren't wrong at all. With the lowest payout rate, Luo Qianqiu had the greatest probability of becoming the champion, while Sikong Mingyue ranked second. The only variable was Qin Wentian slaughtering his way up to the top three positions.

After witnessing the strength of Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue, no one believed that Qin Wentian had the power to surpass them. This was something utterly impossible.

Qin Wentian, who was seated on the third towering platform, had a weird expression on his face as he heard the conversation between Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue.

Luo Qianqiu was the champion while Sikong Mingyue was second?

Then what about him?

He had not even fought yet! And yet, the two of them already seemingly thought that the rankings were already set in stone, as though the Jun Lin Banquet had already concluded.

"Are you guys treating me like the thin air?"

Qin Wentian's faint voice sounded out, causing the eyes of several spectators shifted onto him. Only now did they realise that it seemed as though Qin Wentian also wanted to contend for the championship.

However, the conversation between Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue did indeed show that they completely ignored the existence of Qin Wentian, treating him as transparent air.

Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue, who were currently conversing, suddenly frowned. It was as though their good mood had been spoiled by Qin Wentian.

Luo Qianqiu stared at Qin Wentian. In the past, despite the fact that Qin Wentian could block three of his strikes, he had never regarded Qin Wentian very highly. And as for now, he naturally still would not put Qin Wentian in his eyes.

After all, he was Luo Qianqiu.

"Back then in the academy, were it not for someone beseeching me to show you mercy, I would have already killed you. And back then during that snowstorm, you had good luck, using your puny tricks to block three of my attacks. In addition to that time in the Dark Forest, you have already escaped death three times. To think that today, you actually still dared to stand in front of me? Do you perhaps think that I'm unable to kill you?"

Luo Qianqiu stared at Qin Wentian. So what if Qin Wentian was talented? So what if he had the position of the third ranker? To him, there was no difference between someone ranked third and someone ranked tenth!

"This is where you are wrong." Qin Wentian calmly replied.

Luo Qianqiu froze slightly as he laughed, "What an ignorant fellow. Is there even right and wrong in this world?"

"Naturally there is. I think you shouldn't have forgotten that on that day in the Dark Forest, when you sought to kill me with your followers. At that time, I utilized the power of a Divine Weapon and slaughtered your followers while you stood by the side, not daring to get near. Do you still remember?" Qin Wentian serenely continued.

"You actually felt proud of the fact that you used the might of a Divine Weapon?" Luo Qianqiu disdainfully countered.

"That day back in the academy, how much higher was your cultivation base compared to mine? How easily were you able to kill me? Were you not also proud of that fact as well?" Qin Wentian coldly laughed as he continued, "Think about it carefully. Since I had the Divine Weapon with me during the Dark Forest, what makes you think that I didn't have that back when I was in the academy? If back then you really made a move intending to kill me, who do you think would have been the one to die that day?"

Qin Wentian's words caused Luo Qianqiu's countenance to stiffen. A glint of extreme cold light radiated from his eyes.

"No questions about it, you would have died like a dog. So tell me, what rights do you have to still act so haughty in front of me?" Qin Wentian sarcastically remarked, causing Luo Qianqiu to snort coldly. The incident that day had been witnessed by many others in the academy, and not only that, there were also rumors spreading. Qin Wentian wanted to shame him in front of the numerous spectators by bringing this incident out in the public.

If Lin Hua didn't beseeched him to show mercy to Qin Wentian that day, he would have been the one to die instead.

"And as for that day of the snowstorm, we had a prior agreement. I only had to block three of your attacks. I did so, but you actually struck out a fourth time. You were unable to use your strength to prove your pride, and yet you actually want to use this event to mock me? Perhaps you felt proud of your own shameless actions." Qin Wentian spoke again, but Luo Qianqiu didn't continue speaking. His countenance was as cold as ice.

"What a sharp-tongued brat. However, what purpose does it serve? Ultimately, power still speaks the loudest," Luo Qianqiu sarcastically shot back.

Qin Wentian slowly stood up, closing his eyes as he drew in a deep breath. After which, his eyes snapped open. His gaze sharpened many times, akin to the sharpness of an unsheathed, incredibly sharp sword.

He had already made his preparations to fight the last two battles.

"You are absolutely right. Ultimately, power speaks the loudest." Qin Wentian agreed. In front of true power, all words and strategies were useless.

"Come, let's fight."

Qin Wentian's gentle voice sounded out. The volume of his voice wasn't loud, but it was as though it had a strange power to it. Contained within it was a hint of an aura that could ascend the Heavens, as well as an unshakable heart.

At this moment, Qin Wentian stood there, directly facing two strongest elites in the Jun Lin Banquet. If he wanted to advance, he had to defeat them.

"Sikong Mingyue versus Qin Wentian."

At this moment, the voice of the aged figure drifted over. A storm was beginning to brew in the middle of the air.

The fascinating battle between Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue just ended. Would Qin Wentian be able to present a battle of a similar level?

For this battle, he would fight against Sikong Mingyue. If he lost, he would no longer have the qualifications to challenge Luo Qianqiu.

"Since you want to die so much, i will aid you by letting everyone know that your existence has no value in this world," Sikong Mingyue spat out.

Qin Wentian didn't say anything. He merely raised his ancient halberd and pointed it straight at Sikong Mingyue. His intent was obvious even without words.

Sikong Mingyue stepped on the third platform as he slowly made his way towards Qin Wentian.

With each step he took, the bloodlust he emitted intensified.

"Indeed, the ignorant are fearless."

Sikong Mingyue had already released both of his Astral Souls. They shone with a golden radiance as he bathed in the Astral Light. A terrible energy of destruction that originated from the Seven Slaughters Astral Soul gushed out in waves.

Qin Wentian also released both of his Astral Souls. But wait.. why did his Astral Souls seem even more resplendent compared to Sikong Mingyue's? He was the only one in the entire Jun Lin Banquet who had an advantage in the grade and quality of Astral Souls compared to them but what a pity! Considering his current cultivation base, he was destined to be unable to surpass them.

"Die!" Sikong Mingyue's palm wavered as he sent out the ancient slaughter word imprints, the pressure they generated smashing towards Qin Wentian.

The ancient halberd lacerated the void, slamming into the word imprint as the word imprint shattered into pieces. But just the power contained within a single word imprint was sufficient enough to cause his arms to tremble. One could see how powerful the might contained within it truly was.

Sikong Mingyue ruthlessly leaped up the air, his killing intent billowing. Numerous ancient slaughter word imprints manifested, as they all zoomed towards Qin Wentian. The tremendous pressure they exuded was so intense that it seemed as though they wanted to devour Qin Wentian, slaughtering him from where he stood.

"How merciless! Obviously he wanted to kill Qin Wentian in order to avenge 2nd Sword and 3rd Night."

Many people were silently speculating in their hearts. Would Qin Wentian, a genius who has just risen, fall during this Jun Lin Banquet?