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 AGM 137 - Fighting Orchon

The killing intent released by 2nd Sword even caused the spectators to feel traces of coldness.

Qin Wentian had executed 3rd Night, and the fact that 2nd Sword's continual defeats placed him in the 6th rank, in addition to Qin Wentian's challenge, one could well imagine what 2nd Sword was feeling right now.

He had to kill Qin Wentian to appease the raging flames of anger in his heart, to wash clean the humiliation of the two consecutive defeats he suffered earlier.

"Qin Wentian is in danger." Many of the spectators were thinking in their hearts. 2nd Sword wanted to claim Qin Wentian's life with his sword.

And finally, 2nd Sword's Sword Qi erupted forth as a terrifying sword light descended from the skies, slashing towards Qin Wentian.

With the ancient halberd in his hands, Qin Wentian's silhouette flickered and disappeared from sight as the sword light slashed past his side, lacerating the platform. However, Qin Wentian didn't seem the slightest bit affected by this display of 2nd Sword's strength. He calmly stood at the side with the ancient halberd in his hands and remained as serene as before.

Bursting into motion, 2nd Sword dashed towards Qin Wentian as his sword fingers flicked out. An inexhaustible amount of sword rays slashed forth, akin to rivers of swords.

Qin Wentian executed his movement technique to its utmost limits, causing a faint shadow of a pair of Garuda Wings to appear on his back. Images of shadows flashing could be seen in the air, as the rays of sword light eradicated everything.

"KILL." 2nd Sword howled in anger. A sword shadow pierced in the direction of Qin Wentian's true body.

A terrifying storm engulfed the entire platform, as the surroundings were lacerated.

Buzz. Qin Wentian finally started his attack. Unleashed, the Azure Dragon Stance manifested the illusory image of an azure dragon. The dragon's roar slammed against 2nd Sword's sword rays, but was extinguished shortly after by their sharpness.

At the same time, however, Qin Wentian sent out a palm strike with his left hand as the pressure of a mountain pressed down. The speed of his attacks left everyone speechless.

The sword rays appeared again as 2nd Sword slashed out horizontally.

Chi! Qin Wentian spat out a ray of sword light, as his body flickered, jumping up into the air. This caused the pupils of the crowd to narrow in shock. This fellow, wasn't he afraid of death?

2nd Sword wanted to kill him, and Qin Wentian was still not at Yuanfu, unable to fly in the air. No matter what, he had to land sooner or later. Wasn't this giving 2nd Sword an excellent opportunities to prepare his attacks?

However, they soon realised how wrong they were. In the air, Qin Wentian was akin to a real Garuda. He could actually soar in the skies! The hegemonic stances of the Azure Dragon and White Tiger were frenziedly unleashed, erupting forwards with numerous attacks in an instant. Simultaneously, he also spat out countless razor sharp rays of sword light and sent out countless Revolving Sea Imprints with his left palm.

Not only that, both his feet actually executed the Falling Mountain Palms while he was soaring in the air. This went beyond logic, and the incomparable violence of his innate techniques covered the entire ground, akin to an angry god unleashing his wrath, pressuring 2nd Sword so much that even his sword strikes became chaotic. The spectators had never witnessed a variety of attacks of this magnitude unleashed by a single person. This way of fighting left all of them dumbfounded.

"The rate of expenditure of his Astral Energy should be very immense, right?" The spectators were speechless.

2nd Sword completely gave up on attacking and was focused purely on defense. The sword light enveloped 2nd Sword in a forcefield so guarded to the point where even rain and wind wasn't able to penetrate it. Even after Qin Wentian landed, his forcefield of Sword Qi was still on, incomparably shiny and resplendent.

However, the spectators had an extremely bizarre expression on their faces. Qin Wentian's attack speed was too quick to the point where it looked as though 2nd Sword was the only contestant to be dancing with his sword wildly on the stage, appearing somewhat clownish.

Naturally, 2nd Sword also realised this. The sword rays gradually faded as he released his defense, but at that very instant, Qin Wentian made his move.

It was as if 2nd Sword had forgotten that Qin Wentian was famed for his speed.

2nd Sword also seemed to have forgotten how 3rd Night had been killed.

The Mountain Splitter Stance of the Great Dream Halberd Art smashed out. 2nd Sword's reaction turned sluggish, like he was in a dream. Breaking apart his now-flimsy defense, the halberd sent 2nd Swords weapon flying through the air as the halberd continued smashing forwards, piercing into his brain.

The crowd saw 2nd Sword opening his mouth, about to admit defeat. However, there were no more opportunities left. Before he could open his mouth to concede, his life had already reached its ending point.

"It's this stance again." The gazes of the spectators froze, as well as their countenance.

This attack had been too quick and ferocious. 3rd Night died under this halberd strike, and today, 2nd Sword followed 3rd Night into hell the same way.

"2nd Sword was too careless. The instant he retracted his defensive Sword Qi forcefield, Qin Wentian moved with the speed of lightning and struck with the force of thunder, extinguishing his life."

"2nd Sword was powerful indeed. What a pity; yet another fallen genius on the grand stage of the Jun Lin Banquet."

Many people were sighing in their hearts. However, opportunities only came once. If 2nd Sword knew the ending, he would definitely not have acted the way he did, completely revealing his killing intent against Qin Wentian.

Following the defeat of 2nd Sword, Sikong Mingyue was the last contestant from Snowcloud remaining.

His hatred for Qin Wentian should be so deep that it seeped into his bone.

"Since you wish to court death, i shall aid you with that." Qin Wentian pulled out his ancient halberd that was lodged in 2nd Sword's head.

With immense unwillingness and hopelessness, 2nd Sword stopped thinking forever as his body fell unceremoniously from the platform.

Hailing from Snowcloud, 2nd Sword had been one of the contestants with the highest probability to contend for the position of the top three ranks, but today, he died in a place far from his hometown.

The gazes of many people in the crowd shifted onto Sikong Mingyue. An intense killing intent could be felt emanating from his body. His sharp eyes were observing Qin Wentian's every movement, and his desire to kill was unconcealed in the slightest.

"You had better not step onto the first towering platform." Sikong Mingyue breathed heavily. The reason why Qin Wentian killed two elites of Snowcloud was because he had exhibited his intent to kill Luo Huan.

How could he, Sikong Mingyue, leave this unavenged?

At this moment, a strong desire arose in him. He half hoped that Qin Wentian would be able to slaughter his path all the way up to be one of the top three rankers. When that happened, he would fully be able to unleash his fury.

"Wait for me." Qin Wentian calmly stared back at Sikong Mingyue.

The first towering platform where the top three rankers gathered, he would definitely be on it.

Since he had missed his chance to duel with Sikong Mingyue earlier, this time around, he would definitely slaughter his way up the ranks and walk onto the grand stage of the Jun Lin Banquet, where the strongest reside.

"Was that previous halberd strike Qin Wentian's trump card? It's indeed extremely powerful. Following this, he would face off against Hou Tie. Despite Hou Tie's defense, it's highly probable that his defense will still be broken by Qin Wentian." The spectators were all silently speculating while the aged figure inquired, "Do you need to rest?"

"Maybe after the next battle." Qin Wentian serenely replied.

"Fine. The next battle, Qin Wentian versus Hou Tie." The aged figure spoke as Hou Tie walked forwards to stand in front of Qin Wentian. He had already obtained the 5th ranking in the Jun Lin Banquet, but to think that even now, he would still meet a challenger such as Qin Wentian.

Orchon also gazed at Qin Wentian. As long as he defeated Hou Tie, Qin Wentian would then possess the qualifications to stand in front of him.

He obviously never predicted that Qin Wentian, who was missing earlier, would actually still had a chance to face off against him.

"You are not my opponent, and I don't wish to waste my strength. Would you please step aside?"

Qin Wentian gazed at Hou Tie. His serene voice had no hints of arrogance in it, yet it gave people a sense of dominance.

He actually wanted Hou Tie to step aside for him.

"Are you not too confident of your own strength? Although you killed 2nd Sword, it's not so easy if you want to win against me." Hou Tie coldly remarked. Was Qin Wentian trying to humiliate him?

"You mean you can withstand the force of my halberd strike from before?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Although that halberd attack was powerful, it doesn't mean that I have no way to defend against it." Hou Tie contemplated for a moment before he seriously replied. He had clearly seen the attack Qin Wentian unleashed on 2nd Sword.

"Perhaps, but you have not truly experienced it yourself." As the sound of Qin Wentian's voice faded away, the aura around him also changed. The ancient halberd smashed forwards with an unbelievable speed. At this very moment, Hou Tie's gaze was frozen in place; it was as though he felt that this strike was unblockable.

Qin Wentian didn't followed through with his attack. Instead, he was merely showing the futility of Hou Tie's continued insistence.

"I don't wish for there to be another meaningless sacrifice. Even if you defend against this strike of mine, what happens if I execute it continuously?" Qin Wentian further inquired.

Hou Tie went silent, and an instant later, he spoke. "The expenditure of Astral Energy should be exceedingly great regarding that strike of yours. How will you continue to battle?"

"You mean you intend to use your life to gamble with me? To test the depths of my stored Astral Energy?" Qin Wentian countered, leaving Hou Tie speechless.

The two contestants stood on the stage, and a few breaths of time later, Hou Tie spoke once again. "I grew up in the Dark Forest and hunted countless demonic beasts. I condensed two beast-type Astral Souls and am unmatched among my peers. However, your attacks actually reached such a level despite your cultivation base at the 7th level. Can I just ask this, what halberd stance is that? What's the grade of that innate technique? And where did it originated from?"

"The Great Dream Halberd Art's opening stance, Mountain Splitter. As for what grade this innate technique belongs to, even I have no idea, because this was my own creation." Qin Wentian replied, causing many to drew in their breaths.

The level of power contained within that strike of his actually originated from an innate technique he created?

If what he said was true, Qin Wentian was indeed a cultivation genius.

Hou Tie froze upon hearing Qin Wentian's words. After this, he bowed in thanks to Qin Wentian. "What you can do is something that I can never do. Seems like for all the good of my self-proclaimed genius, I'm nothing but a frog in a well staring at the boundless skies. Although this is the furthest I can go based on my abilities, this decision to participate in the Jun Lin Banquet was well worth it."

After which, he walked to the sides, lamenting the fact that he wasn't not as good as others, and conceded directly. His actions also caused many in the crowd to be in shock as their heart shuddered.

This Hou Tie seemed like a barbarian, but in reality this was not the case. For a person such as him, how could he not have his own beliefs and dreams?

After Hou Tie's admission of defeat, Qin Wentian entered into the top five with merely a single battle. Next, he would face off against Orchon!

As long as he defeated Orchon, he would then obtain the qualifications to contend for the top three positions!

This caused many in the crowd to sigh in wonder. The ranking battles of the Jun Lin Banquet that transpired today had been an unpredictable roller coaster ride!