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 AGM 136 - The top three rankers

The Nine Astral Rivers were filled with incredible secrets, there would be some abnormal constellations that had a possibility to appear in any of the Heavenly Layers.

However, there were also some constellations that not everyone would be able to form an innate link with. These types of constellations typically chose their own masters, sending out a powerful attraction to the Stellar Martial Cultivator as the cultivators wandered in the Heavenly Layer. This would direct their consciousness over, allowing them to form innate links and then condense an Astral Soul from that particular constellation.

Chu Tianjiao and Chu Chen, were both people from the Royal Clan, but to think that they both actually had the destiny of an emperor, as evident from the fact that they condensed an Astral Soul from the Amethyst Emperor Star. This caused many in the crowd to be astonished.

Citizens of Chu would naturally understand the power of the Amethyst Emperor Astral Soul. This particular Astral Soul was in the shape of a scepter, and was able to boost the user's power in any forms of attacks. Not only that, the Amethyst Emperor Astral Soul was also able to augment the strength of other Astral Souls of the user.

Since Chu Chen had an Amethyst Astral Soul, this meant that in the battles earlier, he had always been hiding his strength and had never gone all out.

But now, he finally unleashed his full power.

As for the 2nd Astral Soul of Chu Chen, it took the form of a palm imprint. One could imagine that the constellation he condensed this Astral Soul from was most definitely a gigantic palm-type constellation.

"Please." Chu Chen smiled as the gaze of 2nd Sword grew heavy, as he released rays of sword light.

Chu Chen took a step forwards as both of his palms wavered. His Astral Soul flowed over and covered his palms, as inexhaustible might blasted out, attacking 2nd Sword in a frenzy.

"What a swift attack speed." The pupils of the crowd narrowed, they saw countless palm shadows striking out within an instant.

Although 2nd Sword was powerful, the palm shadows were too much for the eyes to take in. He slashed out in a fluster, trying to defend hopelessly.

The swift sword was akin to the wind, yet 2nd Sword was unable to block the barrage of palm strikes. And eventually, Chu Chen overpowered 2nd Sword. He would be fighting with Hou Tie to determine the 4th ranking of the Jun Lin Banquet.

"Next, Orchon versus Luo Qianqiu." The aged figure stated, and the gazes of the spectators shifted onto the 1st towering platform.

This was a battle with no suspense; although Orchon was powerful, he was nothing before Luo Qianqiu. As expected of the genius with the highest probability of obtaining the championship, Luo Qianqiu easily suppressed Orchon.

The spectators could only sigh in wonder. Luo Qianqiu was too powerful, only Sikong Mingyue would be able to give him a run for his money.

And following the conclusion of the battle between Luo Qianqiu and Orchon, it was as though the spectators were able to predict that the most intense battle would be coming soon. After the battle of Hou Tie and Chu Chen, it would be Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue's turn to fight for the number one ranking.

"Chu Chen versus Hou Tie."

As the sound of the aged figure's voice faded, the final deciding battle just started on the 2nd towering platform.

Chu Chen gazed at Hou Tie, his countenance calm, as he slowly spoke. "You are not my match, there's no need to risk your life over this. After defeating you, I will go challenge those on the 1st platform for one of the top three rankings."

The hearts of the spectators couldn't help but slightly tremble as they heard the words of Chu Chen. Chu Chen conceded in his previous match against Sikong Mingyue, so the spectators didn't really have a good opinion of him. However, no one thought that Chu Chen had intentionally avoided Sikong Mingyue so that he could obtained the 4th ranking on the 2nd towering platform and challenge the top three in almost perfect condition.

In actual fact, the confidence of Chu Chen came from his level of strength. Although Hou Tie was extremely tyrannical, Chu Chen still defeated him, and from this, obtained the 4th rank along with the qualifications to challenge those at the 1st platform for the top three rankings.

After this battle, Chu Chen was ranked 4th, Hou Tie 5th, while 2nd Sword was 6th.

And at this moment, the gazes of the spectators shifted to the 1st platform.

Was the final battle that would determine everything going to begin now?

"The battle between Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue will be pushed back, while Chu Chen will fight Orchon. If Chu Chen loses, the top three rankings will be fixed, but if Chu Chen wins, there will be another battle again to determine who will be the top three rankers." The aged figure broke the wishes of the spectators with a single sentence. But this was also good, at least they could see who was the stronger one between Chu Chen and Orchon.

"The final battle to proclaim the top three rankers?" In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy, Old Man Gu laughed, "You seemed to have forgotten a person."

The spectators had a dumbfounded expression on their faces, as they shifted their gaze onto the lone silhouette that was currently cultivating on top of the 3rd towering platform.

Very obviously, Old Gu was referring to Qin Wentian. But what did he meant by that? Did that mean that Qin Wentian had the capabilities to contend for the top three positions?

The two great barriers that were 2nd Sword and Hou Tie, could Qin Wentian even pass them?

"After the battle between Orchon and Chu Chen has concluded, I will give him a chance, to see if he has the power to climb up there." The aged figure calmly replied.

At the start, 2nd Sword received the most recognition but was eventually the 6th ranked. From this, one could see how strong the contestants in the final top nine were.

Qin Wentian wanted to climb up the ranks step by step to obtain the championship? This was mission impossible.

If only he could break through to the 8th level of Arterial Circulation, based on Qin Wentian's strength and martial prowess, he might still have a chance to contend for the top three positions. However, a breakthrough doesn't come simply by saying that. Cultivation could be likened to taking a step forward with each footprint. One would naturally be required to accumulate Astral Energy in addition to assiduously cultivating before one could break through. Although Yuan Meteor Stones and other precious spiritual medicine was able to increase the rate of cultivation, it was still impossible for one to break through by merely saying that.

"Prince Chu, for the position of the top three rankers, you won't be able to steal it from me." Orchon's voice was filled with a strong sense of self-confidence. Although he had very good relations with Chu Chen, this was a battle of glory, and thus he would still go all out.

"Orchon, although you are powerful, the positions of the top three rankers definitely belong to me. Not only that, I will avenge your losses from earlier, and will help you challenge both Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue. Since you've already been defeated by them, shouldn't you relinquish your position and allow me to take over?"

Chu Chen's voice was filled with immense confidence, both of them believed that they would definitely win.

Orchon, had already obtained one of the top three positions, and if he was ousted, how would he still have face?

"Orchon, you have to win!" There were many in the crowd that had bet on Orchon. At this moment, they were all silently praying, hoping that Orchon would be the victor. If not, their Yuan Meteor Stones would all fly away.

"Since that's the case, let's fight" Orchon wielded his long spear, as his intent to battle soared to the skies. He had already lost to Luo Qianqiu and Sikong Mingyue. This battle was fought for the sake of glory.

As a fierce wind billowed by, the spear's shadows were akin to a dream as a silver light flashed. And when he clashed against Chu Chen, the platform was covered with a meteor of spear rain, resplendent and dazzling.

However, Chu Chen's response was to send out a single fist, extinguishing the rain of spears. He looked at Orchon as he calmly stated, "To indicate my respect to you, I will show you my true strength. Now, show me your ultimate attack."

As the sound of his voice faded, within Chu Chen's body, the sounds of his blood surging could be heard, as his body seemed to get taller and stronger.

The royal clan of Chu possessed the Emperor Bloodline. This was also why they were the rulers of Chu for over 3,000 years.

The Amethyst Astral Soul, along with the Emperor Bloodline, in addition to the hard work of the countless generations of the Royal Clan created the 3,000 year history of Chu.

In this cultivation-oriented world, governance was always built upon a solid foundation of might and power.

Orchon froze, as he lamented. "I didn't think that Prince Chen had already awakened his bloodline limit. Since this is the case, I won't be polite any longer."

Feeling the power of Chu Chen's bloodline limit, Orchon understood that the probability of him being the victor was becoming increasingly smaller.

"Could it be that Orchon will really be defeated? This black horse Chu Chen is going to slaughter his path into the top three positions?" Many people felt extremely vexed by this. Were they tricked by Heaven's Wonder? Or to put it better, Heaven's Wonder didn't know of the strength Chu Chen was hiding.

Orchon pierced out with his long spear, his attacks akin to the bloom of a lotus. Millions of filaments of spear light exploded simultaneously, covering the entire skiy. Ultimately, an Astral Spear containing the entirety of Orchon's might was formed, flying forwards with his full power.

The bloodline limit of Chu Chen stacked together with the augmentation effect of his Amethyst Astral Soul as he blasted out a palm. Under the double layer of augmentation, only Orchon understood the terrifyingness of his palm strikes as Chu Chen easily halted his strongest attack.

At this point, Orchon understood that he has already lost.

Inclining his head and looking at Chu Chen, Orchon sighed. "I still thought that this time round I would be able to enter the top three. To think that I ended up 4th in the end. But based on strength, it's only natural for Prince Chen to be one of the top three rankers."

After finishing what he wanted to say, Orchon bowed slightly to Chu Chen, indicating his respect.

"You are already very powerful to have obtained 4th. It's only because the contestants this year are all too powerful. We can still compete on who will break through to Yuanfu first. After breaking into Yuanfu, let's spar again." Chu Chen laughed.

"Right." Orchon nodded as he gave a carefree laugh, no longer bothered about the fact that he lost.

Being able to obtain 4th while participating in such an intense Jun Lin Banquet could already be considered pretty good.

At this moment, the top three rankers were all unveiled - Luo Qianqiu, Sikong Mingyue and Chu Chen. But as to who was what ranking, they would still need to participate in one final round of battle.

The 4th to 6th ranking could also be temporarily confirmed - Orchon, Hou Tie and 2nd Sword. Now, the only variable was Qin Wentian.

However, although Qin Wentian's strength was extraordinary, not many people thought highly of him. After all, if he wanted to advance forwards, the first barrier he would have to overcome was 2nd Sword.

At this moment, what the spectators anticipated the most was the final deciding battle of the top three rankers.

The gaze of the aged figure shifted onto the sitting down cross-legged Qin Wentian, as he inquired. "Do you still intend to battle?"

Qin Wentian opened his eyes as he paused his cultivation. "Naturally."

"Fine, your first battle will be against 2nd Sword." The aged figure spoke, as the gaze of 2nd Sword shifted onto Qin Wentian. An extremely sharp aura could be felt emanating from him. He was one of those who was thought to be very likely to rank among the top three, but now, he was actually ranked the 6th.

And today, Qin Wentian actually still dared to challenge him. What humiliation.

The tyrannical air was inundated with boundless sword intent. 2nd Sword inclined his head, as both of his eyes shot out two rays of sword light, piercing in the direction of Qin Wentian.

"Since you wish to court death, I will aid you with that. I will avenge 3rd Night."

The voice of 2nd Sword was as sharp as real swords.

His whole person radiated a terrifying sword presence.

Within his sword, there was arrogance, unwillingness, and killing intent.

He wanted Qin Wentian to bleed, using his blood to wash away the humiliation of the Jun Lin Banquet. Snowcloud was actually defeated so miserably, only Sikong Mingyue obtained one of the top three positions, while other than that, he, 2nd Sword, was the only one ranked within the top nine positions.