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 AGM 134 - Arrival in the nick of time

The aged figure beside Chu Tianjiao glanced towards the 2nd platform as he spoke, "Let the battle on the 3rd platform commence first."

The Jun Lin banquet was the grandest event of Chu, it was just too much of a pity if one missed it. This old man was willing to give some more time to Qin Wentian, in hopes that he'd arrive in time.

"The first battle, Orchon versus Hou Tie." The aged figure spoke, as Orchon and Hou Tie faced each other in opposition.

Orchon wielded a long spear in his hand, his Astral Soul flickering into existence. At this moment, his entire person was akin to a spear, it gave off a terrifyingly sharp sensation to others.

Raising his spear, he pointed it straight at Hou Tie. An instant later, spear light exploded outwards as he stepped forwards, his terrifyingly sharp aura rising frenziedly.

Hou Tie wasn't one to be outdone. He released both of his Astral Souls.

His first Astral Soul was a Heavenly Ox, while his second Astral Soul was a White Tiger. Both of his Astral Souls belonged to the beast-type category. There was a connection between this and the environment he'd grown up in.

The Godly General Martial Palace was situated deep within the Dark Forest, and hadn't participated in any exchanges with the other Martial Academies. Their usual daily training was foraging in the wild and hunting demonic beasts for survival. Each and every one of their students had been tempered by these exceedingly violent training methods-engaging in combat with the different types of demonic beasts in the Dark Forest, and being defeated, equaled death.

In this type of environment, the majority of cultivators in the Godly General Martial Palace would naturally prefer beast-type Astral Souls. To them, beast-type Astral Souls were the greatest of all.

An incomparably violent aura gushed forth from Hou Tie. Every step of his caused the ground to trembled. His eyes were filled with red, and struck fear into the hearts of the spectators.

However, Orchon's aura didn't weaken in the slightest. As he strode forwards, his terrifying aura became increasingly monstrous, and a terrifying spiral appeared in front of him.

Abruptly, Orchon lunged forwards, his long spear piercing forwards as a stream of light appeared. Ripping sounds could be heard from the air, as if his spear wanted to tear the void apart.

Boom. Hou Tie directly punched forwards with his fist, directly connecting with Orchon's long spear. This caused the pupils of several in the crowd to narrow, wasn't this too arrogant? Using one's bare fists to meet a sharp spear.

Naturally, Hou Tie also executed his innate technique. An unparallel strength shook the long spear, causing the spear's body to shudder.

Abruptly, at the same instant, a cold light exploded forth from the spear head, piercing right into Hou Tie's eyes.

Hou Tie roared in anger, his whole person like a maddened beast as he rushed forward. His palm strikes had the force of a demonic beast-both incredibly powerful, and augmented by his aura of violence.

Orchon was as calm as before. Hou Tie's great strength wasn't able to shake his heart in the slightest. His countenance remained unperturbed, and gave off a sense of impending danger.

On the stage of the Jun Lin banquet, one had to be prepared for each and every battle.

Orchon sent out his left palm, as tens of thousands filaments of spear light burst out, piercing forwards in all directions. Hou Tie howled, and both of their attacks clashed together with frightening impact.

He actually chose to verse strength with strength.

An instant later, both of their silhouettes were covered by a layer of terrifying Qi, one could even feel a fearsome aura pulsating in the atmosphere

The sharp sounds of a spear and the howl of a demonic beast echoed throughout the air. No one had predicted that Hou Tie was actually this strong, and was able to fight Orchon to such a degree.

"Time to end this." Orchon calmly stated, as a column of spear light unfolded like a lotus, breaking apart Hou Tie's attack and defence, and directly piercing into his arms, causing Hou Tie to retreat in defeat.

If he had no way to fight for the top three ranking, he could still try for the 4th to 6th position. It wasn't worth it to continue the battle, and risk being seriously injured.

After a short respite, the second battle commenced. Hou Tie versus Gu Xing.

This battle wasn't as fascinating as the first fight. Hou Tie and Gu Xing were both mad men, and went all out from the very beginning,

The degree of violence that they fought with left the spectators speechless. Weren't they simply throwing their lives away?

Hou Tie was also speechless, to think that he'd share the same platform as this crazy guy. Initially, he was relieved that his group hadn't had Luo Qianqiu or Sikong Mingyue. But now, if he lost this battle, he'd only be able to contend for the 7th to 9th position. Against merely Gu Xing, he couldn't afford to lose.

The two of them fought with frenzy and no regards for their lives. Finally Hou Tie defeated Gu Xing, but had in turn expended the entirety of the Astral Energy in his body. Immediately afterwards, he sat down on the platform, and began using Yuan Meteor Stones to replenish his Astral Energy.

If the next fight was as crazy as this, he'd probably have to give up. Luckily, at the end, Gu Xing had seemed to relax slightly, and hadn't fought with his life on the line, which gave Hou Tie a narrow victory.

"Gu Xing seems to be able to continue still, but he actually chose to give up. It's as if his purpose for participating in the Jun Lin banquet wasn't because of the rankings." The spectators murmured, wondering what Gu Xing was thinking. However, no matter what, a defeat was still a defeat.

The rankings of the 3rd Group were out. Orchon was first, Hou Tie was second, and Gu Xing was third.

Following which, only one more group remained. Yet, Qin Wentian still hadn't appeared.

"Sikong Mingyue, you will verse Chu Chen." The aged figure spoke.

"I concede." Chu Chen laughed, causing the spectators to be dumbfounded. But then again, it made sense.

It appeared that Chu Chen wanted to save his strength. Without Qin Wentian, he'd directly be ranked second. Since this was the case, he could contend for the 4th to 6th position. If he obtained the 4th rank, he'd then have the chance to challenge Orchon, and to contend for one of the top three positions. After all, he'd witnessed the martial prowess of 2nd Sword and Hou Tie earlier, and didn't dare to be careless. That was why he might as well concede directly, towards Sikong Mingyue.

"Although conceding would usually cause one to be castigated, Chu Chen made a wise decision." The spectators were silently exclaiming that indeed, this Chu Chen was truly intelligent.

"Since that's the case, for this group, Sikong Mingyue will be ranked first, while Chu Chen shall be second."

The aged figure started to announce the results. It seemed as though Qin Wentian had decided to miss this.

"Next, Luo Qianqiu, Sikong Mingyue, and Orchon will proceed to the first towering platform in order to determine the top three positions."

"Second Sword, Chu Chen, and Hou Tie, proceed to the 2nd towering platform in order to determine the 4th to 6th position."

"Luo Huan and Gu Xing will contend for the 7th and 8th position on the 3rd towering platform. Any questions? If not, let the battles begin."

The aged figure continued, announcing the end result, causing many to be filled with anticipation. Although Qin Wentian wasn't present, the following battles would still be fascinating to behold.

"Qin Wentian, you asshole!" Fan Le wanted to cry. He'd had such great hopes for Qin Wentian, but why hadn't he appeared, how could he not appear!?

If Qin Wentian fought, even if he didn't manage to get into the top three, Fan Le still wouldn't have minded it that much.

Many people felt regret for Qin Wentian. The elders from the academy, the people from the Mo Clan, Mu Clan, and Divine Weapon Pavilion, they were all sighing in their hearts.

"I saw Qin Wentian yesterday." At this moment, within the crowd, a feeble sounding voice rang out, causing many to shift their gazes over to the owner of the voice.

"Yu Xuan, is what you say true? Where is Qin Wentian now?" An elder that Yu Xuan's teacher involuntarily asked after spotting her in the crowd.

"I saw him when I returned to the academy." The young girl shyly spoke, as she gazed at the elders of the academy who were all staring at her. Under the weight of their gazes, she couldn't help but feel a little nervous.

"He...Qin Wentian...I saw him walking out from the 6th level of the Astral River Hall." Yu Xuan whispered weakly, and all of a sudden, the entire Chu Emperor District fell silent.

Qin Wentian walked out from the 6th level of the Astral River Hall?

Although many in the crowd weren't members of the Emperor Star Academy, they knew of famous landmarks such as the Heavenly Star Pavilion, Astral River Hall, and the Dreamsky Forest. Unless they weren't from Chu.

And for those that knew of the Astral River Hall, they naturally understood what it meant for Qin Wentian to be said to have stepped onto the 6th level.

"Are you kidding?" A cold voice drifted over. Qiu Mo stood up from his seat. As a Yuanfu Realm student, he'd naturally have a seat allocated to him for this Banquet.

"That time in the Astral River Hall, didn't he stop at the 4th level? You actually said that he came out from the 6th level? Not to mention Qin Wentian, even all of the elders present here today have never once stepped onto the 6th level." Qiu Mo coldly refuted. "Yu Xuan, this is not the place for you to speak of your crap."

The spectators all nodded their heads. Qiu Mo made sense. How ludicrous were Yu Xuan's words? Even if she'd said the 5th level, they would've still found it unbelievable.

"I personally witnessed it." Yu Xuan grew red as she heard Qiu Mo's rebuttal, and exclaimed angrily.

"What an ignorant lass." Qiu Mo coldly snorted, "Did you also step onto the 5th level, or the 6th level, and also see him walk out from there?"

"No, but..."

"Since it's no, then shut the f*ck up." Qiu Mo replied coldly, "You have no rights to talk in the Jun Lin banquet, get lost."

Yu Xuan actually still wanted to continue, but after hearing Qiu Mo's words, she gave up and faded into the background.

"Since you know that this is the grand stage of the Jun Lin banquet, then what qualifications do you have to talk?" Abruptly, another voice drifted out. The crowd turned around, trying to see who the owner of the voice was, only to see a youthful silhouette walking slowly out from within the crowd, with a snowy white puppy trotting beside him.

The youth that appeared was naturally Qin Wentian. And upon seeing his appearance, smiles lit up on the faces of many in the crowd.

Qin Wentian had finally appeared!

"You almost gave this fatty a heart attack." Fan Le patted his chest, as he exclaimed somewhat depressingly. This fellow was finally here!