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 AGM 133 - A Missing Contestant?

The skies gradually brightened. Today was the final round of battle for the contestants in the Jun Lin Banquet.

Today, the top nine contestants has already been grouped into threes and would determine their final individual ranking by battling with each other.

And today, the masses that swamped the Chu Emperor District also created history, there were even more people compared to the previous two days.

As for the inns and towering buildings near by, they were all already fully packed. Some of the crowd stood in front of the windows or at the highest points of the towering buildings, casting their gazes onto the grand stage of the Jun Lin Banquet.

Everyone was filled with anticipation regarding the clashes today. How fascinating would it be?

The grand feast was already prepared as valuable guests arrived shortly after. Chu Tianjiao and Xiao Lǜ were already there. Looking at the countless waves of people, Chu Tianjiao had a face filled with smiles. The Jun Lin Banquet hadn't been this magnificent for many years, it seemed like the contestants this year were all really popular.

And in the spectators' stand, in the area allocated to the Star River Association, the vice president of the Star River Association, Zuo Yin had also personally arrived. And beside him was Murin and a few other people who held important positions in the Star River Association.

"Murin, the thing I assigned to you earlier, you botched it totally didn't you." Zuo Yin spoke to Murin, causing his countenance to turn somewhat unsightly.

Zuo Yin was naturally referring to the Divine Inscription painting of Qin Wentian's back then. Zuo Yin had instructed Murin to obtain the painting at any costs and to invite the inscriptionist back to the Star River Association.

"Vice President Zuo, there were some mishaps but I've really tried my best." Murin replied in a low voice.

"Oh?" Zuo Yin calmly continued, "But why did I hear that the painting was created by Qin Wentian? Not only that, when you were in the Sky Harmony City, you had the chance to recruit him into the Star River Association, but instead you pissed him off for no reason, which eventually paved the way for him to join the Divine Weapon Pavilion instead. Is this matter true?"

"It is. Back then I tried to persuade him, however this person was too arrogant and looked down on our Star River Association, which was why I decided to hand him over to the Ye Clan to deal with. As for the things that happened later, I could not have predicted them." Murin's countenance was exceedingly ugly to behold, to think that the vice president had even investigated this matter.

"Hmph." Zuo Yin was extremely unhappy as he coldly snorted. Now Qin Wentian was so famous, how could he not know about the earlier incidents?

If that day, Murin had successfully inducted Qin Wentian into the Star River Association, with his talent, it wasn't impossible for him to be nurtured to become the future vice president of the Star River Association.

"I wonder what his final ranking will be when the Jun Lin Banquet has concluded." Zuo Yin silently remarked in his heart.

It wasn't only him. At this moment, everyone was filled with anticipation with regards to what the final ranking of the Jun Lin Banquet would be like.

In the area allocated to the Mo Clan, Mo Qingcheng's father sat, and was talking to her who was sitting by his side, "Qingcheng, what do you think the final ranking position of the little fellow will be?"

"I have no idea, maybe one of the top three?" Mo Qingcheng smiled.

"Wow, you believe in him so much?" Mo Qingcheng's father exclaimed. After all, it was incredibly difficult to get into the top three.

He naturally knew of the background of Luo Qianqiu. Not only that, but Sikong Mingyue was someone who had also obtained recognition from the Nine Mystical Palace, and was extremely powerful. It was going to be beyond difficult if Qin Wentian wanted to surpass them.

And as for the last slot in the top three rankings, there was Orchon, 2nd Sword, Chu Chen and Hou Tie. How could it be so easy to obtain one of top three rankings?

"No matter what his final ranking is, his achievements in the Jun Lin Banquet this time round are already sufficient for him to feel pride. It's extremely rare to see someone like him be able to win in combat despite fighting against people with a higher cultivation base. After all, he's only at the 7th level of Arterial Circulation, but the amount of Astral Energy contained within his body and the power of it seem to be many times more terrifying compared to others. The reason should be because his Astral Souls were condensed from a higher Heavenly Layer when compared to the others'."

Father Mo mumbled in a low voice. Other than this, the terrifying aspects about Qin Wentian were his proficiency with his innate techniques, as well as his repertoire of strange attacks - spitting out swordlight or unleashing palm strikes with his feet, the degree of control he exhibited wasn't something anyone could do. He was filled with immense curiosity towards Qin Wentian.

Beside the dragon seat of the Chu Emperor District stood Luo Qianqiu. Beside him was a middle aged man of little words that had been standing there ever since the start of the banquet.

And at this moment, his gaze shifted to Luo Qianqiu by the side as he stated, "Qianqiu, today will all depend on you."

"The champion of the Jun Lin Banquet will most definitely be me." Luo Qianqiu nodded his head in assurance. This was his destiny, obtaining the top ranking of the Jun Lin Banquet. He would definitely be the champion this year.

"I humbly request Uncle not to interfere in my battle with Sikong Mingyue. I don't need him to give me any concessions, I want to fight him at his full power." Luo Qianqiu spoke in a low voice. If this was heard by others, they would definitely be shocked by the implied meaning. Were there still manipulations within the shadows in the Jun Lin Banquet?

In this world, as long as one had enough strength, there would be no restrictions. The Jun Lin Banquet, was the same as well. "Very well." The middle aged man nodded his head, yet he silently thought in his heart, Luo Qianqiu was still too young. Given how long he had lived, the middle aged man understood the logic that sometimes, to accomplish one's objectives, it doesn't matter what methods one used.

This time round, he came here with a mission. Luo Qianqiu had to ascend to the 7th level of the Heavenly Star Pavilion.

Which also meant that no matter what, Luo Qianqiu had to obtain the championship of the Jun Lin Banquet.

At this moment, Luo Qianqiu slowly strode forth, and an instant later, he stood atop the first towering platform.

Sikong Mingyue mirrored his actions, but walked to the 2nd towering platform instead. After all, he was in the second group.

Those that were fighting today all proceeded respectively to their assigned platforms. Very quickly, the silhouettes of eight people appeared on the three platforms. But yet, there was still one missing contestant.

On the 2nd towering platform, there were only two figures. Sikong Mingyue and Chu Chen stood there, but Qin Wentian was nowhere to be seen.

Today was the last battle of the Jun Lin Banquet, even if he wanted to be late, he shouldn't have chosen this moment.

Unless Qin Wentian didn't dare to come.

Chu Tianjiao didn't announce the start of the 3rd round, but chose to wait for a period of time instead. However, as time flowed by, Qin Wentian still didn't appear, which caused many people to start whispering to each other.

Unless, it was really because of fear? Qin Wentian was afraid to battle with Sikong Mingyue. But if this was the case, he could just have admitted defeat, why did he need to miss the Jun Lin Banquet?

Or could it be he was unable to bear the shame of admitting defeat, and thus intentionally wanted to skip the Jun Lin Banquet?

"This fellow, why hasn't he appeared?" Mustang appeared slightly nervous as he looked at Ren Qianxing who was sitting behind him.

"There's no need to disturb him, since he chose to do this, there has to be a reason behind it" Ren Qianxing calmly replied, causing Mustang to feel extremely astonished. Elder Ren actually had this much trust in Qin Wentian? It seems like no matter what Qin Wentian did, he would support him all the way.

Even if he missed the Jun Lin Banquet, he would definitely have a reason.

"Let the first battle commence." Chu Tianjiao finally spoke, choosing not to wait any longer.

Standing atop the first towering platform, there was Luo Qianqiu, 2nd Sword and Luo Huan.

"The first battle, Luo Qianqiu versus 2nd Sword." The aged figure beside Chu Tianjiao stated.

As Luo Huan walked to the side of the platform, leaving behind Luo Qianqiu and 2nd Sword, a terrifying aura gushed forth from both of them.

Terrifying arcs of lightning energy surrounded the entirety of Luo Qianqiu's body, crackling and howling in preparation.

The body of 2nd Sword was surrounded by a monstrous Sword Qi, gushing about so powerfully that it seemed it was mighty enough to split apart the Heavens.

"You are not my match." Luo Qianqiu glanced at the skies. The final round of the Jun Lin Banquet was finally here, he had waited for this moment since a very long time ago.

"Easy for you to say, we will only know if that's true after we fight." 2nd Sword dashed forwards, as his Sword Qi frenziedly gushed forth. At this moment, he was extremely dangerous.

Following 2nd Sword's relentless advance, the Sword Qi he emitted got stronger and stronger. His Sword Qi transformed into actual sword light as they pierced towards Luo Qianqiu. But, at this moment, Luo Qianqiu's aura surged madly, as though it was howling in anger.

The aura he emitted rose to the 9th level from the 8th level of Arterial Circulation. In his earlier battles, he had intentionally suppressed his cultivation base and fought at the power of the 8th level.

And now there was no need for him to suppress himself any longer. His true power exploded forth completely.

The Sword Qi gushing forth from 2nd Sword seemed to falter in its advance, but still, when it neared Luo Qianqiu's body, the Sword Qi manifested into a gigantic greatsword that smashed down from skies, as though it wanted to sunder both Heaven and Earth.

However, Luo Qianqiu merely glanced upwards as a faint illusion of a thunder god appeared behind his back. Pushing upwards with a palm created from lightning, he directly stopped the downwards slash of the gigantic sword, shattering it into countless pieces.

Boom. Stepping forwards, Luo Qianqiu vanished from sight while the lightning palm from before extended outwards, the terrifying energies within decimating everything.

2nd Sword madly slashed out, and at this moment, 10,000 filaments of sword light shot forth in all directions. However, the lightning palm transformed into the form of a python as it coiled around the filaments of sword light, while a current of terrifying lightning energy blasted into 2nd Sword, causing his body to convulse uncontrollably.

"Scram." Luo Qianqiu sent a palm out as that lightning palm blasted into 2nd Sword, causing his body to be flung away from the impact. And when he finally landed, he bowed slightly to Luo Qianqiu, as he stated, "I concede."

2nd Sword was totally convinced of his defeat.

"Luo Qianqiu is too powerful." The hearts of many were shuddering.

The spectators also finally understood why Luo Qianqiu's payout rates were computed as such. The Heaven's Wonder had already determined that he was the one destined to obtain the championship of the Jun Lin Banquet this year.

"The second battle, 2nd Sword versus Luo Huan."

The aged figure spoke. Luo Qianqiu walked to the side and left the platform to Luo Huan and 2nd Sword.

Right from the beginning, 2nd Sword used his ultimate attack. The filaments of sword lights shot forth rapidly in the direction of Luo Huan, not even giving her the chance to breathe. Although she had perfect flexibility and close combat was her strong point, she didn't even have the chance to get close to 2nd Sword. Finally, with no suspense, Luo Huan was defeated.

Since this was the case, there was no longer any need for Luo Huan to fight with Luo Qianqiu.

The results for rankings of the 1st platform: Luo Qianqiu, followed by 2nd Sword and Luo Huan. Even though Luo Huan wasn't weak, when compared to the two of them, she could only be ranked the last.

The gaze of the spectators shifted over to the 2nd platform. Even now, Qin Wentian was missing, only Sikong Mingyue and Chu Chen stood there.

Where the hell was Qin Wentian?

Did he really intend to dodge the Jun Lin Banquet?