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 AGM 131 - The silhouette that lighted up the starry skies

Qin Wentian continued standing on the platform, with no intention to leave. And on the platform directly opposite of him, stood Sikong Mingyue, gazing directly at him.

Sikong Mingyue didn't say anything, but that killing intent he emanated could clearly be felt. His intention was evident even without saying.

"Where are Qin Zhi and Qin Shang?" Qin Wentian asked as he stared at Sikong Mingyue. Since Sikong Mingyue deliberately targeted him after a single sentence from Xiao Lǜ, the relationship between them should be extremely close. And if that was the case, Sikong Mingyue should also know about Qin Zhi and Qin Shang.

"Qin Zhi, Qin Shang." Sikong Mingyue exhibited an expression of contemplation before continuing, "After they heard about their father being besieged, they most likely already rushed off to the front lines. No matter what, they are still the relatives of one of the candidates to be the Crown Prince's wife. The Snowcloud Country wouldn't make things difficult for these minor characters."

Sikong Mingyue couldn't even be bothered about Qin Shang and Qin Zhi. To him - and to Snowcloud - these two had no value at all.

"Allow me to correct you. My sister Qin Yao has no relations with the crown prince of Snowcloud. Not only that, she will also not be returning there." Qin Wentian retorted sharply, challenging Sikong Mingyue directly.

"Everyone in Snowcloud already knows that she's one of the candidates to be selected for the Crown Prince's wife. Since this is the case, no matter where she is, she has to return to Snowcloud. If not, where would the face of Snowcloud be?"

Sikong Mingyue turned around after speaking and walked away, his back facing Qin Wentian.

"You should worry about yourself. For the battle tomorrow, if Qin Yao apologises to the Crown Prince, I may still show mercy." Sikong Mingyue remarked with his back facing Qin Wentian. The matter of apology he was referring to was obviously Qin Yao's stay in Chu - her unwillingness to return to Snowcloud.

"Truly arrogant." Qin Wentian gazed at the departing back of Sikong Mingyue. Back then, Xiao Lǜ may have made use of Qin Yao to make some unknown deals with Chu Tianjiao. Now he still had the gall to turn the situation around, blaming Qin Yao for not returning to Snowcloud?

The reason was only because if Qin Yao stayed in Chu, Xiao Lǜ would have no face. After all, Qin Yao was unable to provide a satisfactory reason.

However, if back then Chu Tianjiao succeeded and Qin Yao became a sacrifice, Snowcloud would probably react differently.

"This opponent is truly hard to deal with. If you can't, just give up, don't contend for the top three positions." Luo Huan intoned in a low voice. She fought against Sikong Mingyue before and was extremely clear on how hegemonic his attacks could be.

"Don't contend?" Qin Wentian gazed at the horizons. He was already standing on the grandest stage of Chu, how could he give up so easily?

Inclining his head, staring at the spectators' stand, Qin Wentian could make out many familiar faces in the crowd.

Mo Qingcheng was sitting in the Mo Clan's seating area, and had a radiant smile displayed on her face. Clenching her dainty fist, she pumped it in the air, indicating that she was rooting for Qin Wentian.

And in the seating area that the Divine Weapon Pavilion was allocated, An Liuyan, Yang Chen and Francis was also there, indicating their support by nodding their heads.

In the direction of the Emperor Star Academy's seats, Mustang had a face full of smiles. Not only that, Qin Wentian also noticed a silhouette wearing a conical bamboo hat sitting behind Mustang. He knew that this person was none other than Ren Qianxing.

The gazes of those looking at him were all filled with anticipation, waiting for him to display his radiance in the last round of the Jun Lin Banquet.

Although Luo Qianqiu was also a student from the Emperor Star Academy, he wasn't the representative of it. In fact, the Emperor Star Academy was trying to bar his path. The true representative of Emperor Star Academy was Qin Wentian, while Luo Qianqiu represented the Nine Mystical Palace.

Orchon was also a student of the Emperor Star Academy, but because of his noble birth, it could be said that in comparison to the Emperor Star Academy, he represented the Ou Clan more.

Only Luo Huan and Qin Wentian could be considered the 'pure' representatives from the academy, and thus the Emperor Star Academy was hoping to witness their brilliant performances.

Seeing that the spectators from the Emperor Star Academy has yet to depart, Qin Wentian strode forwards, moving towards them.

"What's wrong?" Mustang smiled as he saw Qin Wentian approaching.

"Teacher, I wish to go to the Astral River Hall, however I do not have sufficient authority to enter." Qin Wentian explained.

"I'll bring you there." Behind Mustang, Ren Qianxing who was wearing the conical bamboo hat interjected, directly opening up a backdoor for Qin Wentian.

"Thank you." Qin Wentian nodded and smiled as he departed together with Ren Qianxing, returning to the Emperor Star Academy.

Today, the gambling establishment that was Heaven's Wonder went totally crazy. Every branch of Heaven's Wonder, especially Drunken Wonder, was swamped by crowds of people, so packed that no one could even enter.

The groupings of the 3rd round were already determined. The payout rates for the nine battles were also already computed.

The first group consisted of Luo Qianqiu, 2nd Sword and Luo Huan. The one that obtained the most recognition was undoubtedly Luo Qianqiu, followed by 2nd Sword, and then Luo Huan.

In the second group were Sikong Mingyue, Qin Wentian and Chu Chen. The one that obtained the most recognition, was naturally Sikong Mingyue, while Qin Wentian and Chu Chen both had the same odds. This meant that for the battle between Qin Wentian and Chu Chen, regardless of who it was that won, the payout rate would remain at 1:2. If that was the case, it was all up to the individual judgement of the gamblers.

As for the last group, it was Orchon, Gu Xing and Hou Tie. The one that obtained the most recognition was Orchon, followed by Gu Xing, and lastly Hou Tie.

And comparing the three groups, the three contestants that obtained the highest level of recognition were Luo Qianqiu, Sikong Mingyue and Orchon respectively. Hence, the payout rates for these three contestants, should they obtain the top three positions, was also the lowest.

The payout rate of Qin Wentian obtaining the top ranking remained unchanged. It was still at 1:400.

But there was some adjustments to the payout rate should he obtain a position in the top three. Currently, it was lowered to 1:80, which also meant that there were some gamblers that started to trust Qin Wentian.

It was too difficult if Qin Wentian wanted to slaughter his way into the top three positions. Firstly, he had to defeat Sikong Mingyue. Either that or he had to obtain the 4th or the 7th position before slowly slaughtering his way up the ranks.

However, the difficulty of this was tremendously high, almost impossible.


The grounds of Emperor Star Academy still seemed as empty as before. The students of the academy had a greater interest in the Jun Lin Banquet than the other academies. The reason being that the contestants of the Jun Lin Banquet originated from the Emperor Star Academy frequently.

All of them hoped that one day, it would be they themselves standing there on the stage, their name resounding famously throughout Chu!

5th Level of the Astral River Hall.

Qin Wentian sat there cross-leggedly. This time round, he didn't opt to linger, but instead he broke through the restrictions of the earlier levels and arrived at the 5th level in one breath.

Inclining his head, he looked up at the gorgeous starlit skies.

Revolutions of runic lines interweaved together, transforming into a terrifying fist light, as the light filled the skies with a multitude of fist shadows, blasting directly at his consciousness.


The will of Qin Wentian relentlessly endured the shockwaves' vibrations, as booming sounds echoed out relentlessly in his mind. Despite this, he still remained as steady as a boulder.

And despite being on the 5th level, he was still able to clearly see the intricate patterns of the runic lines interweaving. Were it other cultivators, they may not even be able to sense the intricacies of the 5th level, and would merely endure the pressure blindly. This was one of the abilities bestowed upon him as a result of his high level of sensory abilities and immense affinity.

And after he endured the astral pressure for an extended period of time, Qin Wentian gradually began to get used to the depth and intensity of this type of pressure-attack. Slowly, after his body acclimated to the pressure, Qin Wentian didn't rushed to break apart the restriction on the 5th level. Previously, the instant he set foot on the 6th level, he had sensed how tyrannical and terrifying the astral pressure was.

The skies had already darkened, and within the Astral River Hall, the 5th level shone brightly like a beacon. However, other than the old guardian, no one else was near the Astral River Hall. Thus no one noticed the radiance of the second starlit sky.

The darkness of the night deepened.

The academy was as though it was filled with traces of loneliness. At this moment, a returning female student laid flat on the ground, smiling lightly as she admired the beautiful starry sky.

She heard that there were four students from the academy participating in the Jun Lin Banquet. How dazzling they were, when would it be her turn to shine as brightly as them?

And in this very instant, a ray of resplendent, blinding light erupted forth, causing the female student to be flabbergasted. On the dome of Heaven, it was as though a second piece of starlit sky had appeared, brightening up the darkness of the Emperor Star Academy.

The female student abruptly stood up and cast her gaze over to the distance, only to see that in a certain direction, a bright glow exploded forwards. It was so dazzling that it could be compared to the constellations shining in the sky.

"It's the Astral River Hall. The flash of radiance that day shone once again."

The female student started trembling as she jogged in the direction of the Astral River Hall. After arriving there, her heart shuddered intensely as she saw that the 6th level was the source of the light.

The 6th level, someone actually stepped onto the 6th level?! Which of the illustrious seniors or elders from the Emperor Star Academy was it?

She had heard of the legends before. For one to step into the 6th level, this meant that they had a chance of forming innate links with constellations of the 6th Heavenly Layer and condensing an Astral Soul from there. Normally, even for those sovereigns at the Heavenly Dipper Level, they would only be able to condense an Astral Soul from the 4th Heavenly Layer. How strong would one's sensory abilities and affinity need to be for them to condense an Astral Soul from the 6th Heavenly Layer?

Not only that, a monstrous sensory ability would at most allow you to sense the Astral River of the 6th Heavenly Layer, but the astral pressure there was totally sufficient to collapse a person's will and consciousness.

The brilliance of the night sky over the Emperor Star Academy lasted for quite some time. And those students that still remained in the academy were wildly conjecturing - which powerful senior was it that possessed such a monstrous affinity? Weren't his sensory abilities a little too terrifying?

As the darkness of the night increasingly deepened, the resplendent radiance still stayed the same. The female student sat at a remote corner far away from the Astral River Hall with her eyes lightly shut, as though she was currently taking a nap.

And at this moment, waves of a gentle commotion drifted over as the female student opened her eyes. After which, she saw the silhouette of a youth walking out from within the Astral River Hall. As her gaze shift over, it was as though the youth had sensed it, as he too shifted his gaze in her direction, before turning and departing from the area.

The heart of the female student thumped wildly as she involuntarily let out a gasp. Hurriedly covering her mouth with her hands, an expression of immense shock and awe was displayed on her face.

Who had she seen?

That was Qin Wentian!

Inclining her head, the 2nd piece of starlit skies disappeared and the Astral River Hall no longer emitted light. However, the heart of the female student was unable calm down even after a long time.