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 AGM 127 - Gu Xing

Atop the platform, Luo Huan was still suppressing 4th Night. The spectators could see that she had no intentions of letting go. Despite her beautiful countenance, the spectators couldn't help but feel a trace of coldness creeping in their hearts, does she really want the life of 4th Night?

Being suppressed for such a long time, 4th Night should be suffering from asphyxiation.

"He has already been defeated, why are you not letting him go?" Sikong Mingyue cast his gaze onto Luo Huan as he icily spoke.

"I've not heard his admission of defeat." Luo Huan laughed, "what happens if he attacks me after I release him?"

The cold glint of light in Sikong Mingyue's eyes intensified, but Luo Huan's actions were not against the rules. However, the extent of her suppression was such that 4th Night didn't even has a chance to speak.

It wasn't that 4th Night was weak, but the method of Luo Huan's attacks was too crafty and unexpected. The combination of her double Astral Souls actually granted her such perfect flexibility, akin to the long whip in her hands.

Even before the full might of 4th Night could be displayed, he had already entered into a hopeless situation.

"Sometimes it's good if you know when to stop. It's better not to go too far." Sikong Mingyue calmly replied.

"Earlier when you guys were preparing to engage my Junior Brother Qin in continuous battles, did you think of this?" Luo Huan continued laughing. Obviously, she disdained what the cultivators of Snowcloud were planning to do, and thus had decided to seize the initiative, beginning the counterattack of the Emperor Star Academy.

Sikong Mingyue had nothing to say in response to that, as an extremely terrifying killing intent erupted forth from his body. Looking at 4th Night, he icily replied, "I will get revenge for you."

"This sister me is not so cruel." Luo Huan laughed, as she finally released 4th Night. Giving a swift kick, 4th Night was booted off of the platform.

As 4th Night was released, he gasped and drew in a huge breath, before promptly fainting away. Obviously, he could no longer participate as a challenger.

"These people were so ruthless, they had no intention of even allowing their defeated opponents to stand on the platform again." Many were silently exclaiming in their hearts. Qin Wentian was thus, and so was Luo Huan.

4th Night lost his right as a challenger, but 7th Night still had a chance. However, her countenance was still bloodless and pale, the duration of the earlier battle was insufficient for her to recover from her injuries.

"Forget it, rest well." Sikong Mingyue instructed 7th Night.

7th Night unwillingly nodded her head, as she gave up her right to become a challenger.

At this moment, 4th Night, 6th Night, and 7th Night, were all eliminated. There were only 15 left out of the 18 contestants that had advanced to the 2nd round of the Jun Lin Banquet.

While only four contestants that hailed from Snowcloud remained.

The bitter truth of this ending wasn't something Snowcloud wanted to see. Travelling from so far away to Chu, and even co-hosting the Jun Lin Banquet with Chu, their face and pride would totally be lost if the results of the Jun Lin Banquet were as such.

"Choose your own opponents." Sikong Mingyue calmly remarked and an instant later, the several figures still remaining on the platforms made their move.

3rd Night approached Kuang Shen.

2nd Sword approached Shi Jun.

3rd Sword had wanted to approached Qin Wentian, but abruptly, a silhouette appeared in front of him, barring his way on the 5th platform in the midst of him making his way to Qin Wentian. This silhouette belonged to none other than the silent youth, Gu Xing.

From the beginning to now, Gu Xing had not spoken a single word. Taciturn, silent, his personality similar to his name, like the most aloof of all constellations in the skies. However, during the first round of battle, he had defeated 5th Night. Nobody would dare to look down on him.

At this moment, Gu Xing was standing in front of 3rd Sword. It was unknown if he was intentionally helping Qin Wentian, or was just merely interested in dueling with 3rd Sword.

But no matter what his intentions were, the spectators knew that this would definitely be a fascinating battle to watch.

Sikong Mingyue initially wanted to act, but soon after, he came to a stop as he surveyed the ongoing battles in three directions.

"The Snowcloud Country ran out of patience." Many were speculating in their hearts.

2nd Sword's released his sword intent, as a terrifying storm could be felt swirling around his body. Flicking his finger, boundless sword lights flew towards Shi Jun - ranked 8th of the 10 prodigies.

Shi Jun's body was akin to a block of the toughest stone. He blasted out with a fist as a block of granite materialised. However, that block of granite was instantly demolished, the impact of it actually causing him to retreat a step.

The Sword Qi gushing from 2nd Sword's body was incomparably sharp. Shi Jun had once fought against Jiang Xiu, the sword intent of Jiang Xiu was far from being able to match 2nd Sword.

If one were to say the sword intent of Jiang Xiu was comparable to autumn rain, the sword intent of 2nd Sword could only be described as that of a torrential storm.

As for 3rd Night, he struck out against ranked 9th of the 10 prodigies at the same time. 3rd Night's attacks were somewhat similar to that of 6th Night, both of them chose to focus on the cultivation of strength. With a great axe in his hand, he lunged towards Kuang Shen.

Kuang Shen was an expert in the usage of sabres. Using the tyranny of sabres, he contended against 3rd Night. And after each and every exchange, the spectators discovered that the sabre of Kuang Shen would always be slowed by half a beat, as he was forced back by his opponent's attack. This indicated that in terms of strength, he wasn't on the same level as 3rd Night.

3rd Night was using absolute strength to break apart his sabre techniques

"Although the attacks of his great axe techniques appear clumsy, they were actually incredibly profound. The sabre of Kuang Shen was sorely suppressed. Shi Jun and Kuang Shen of the 10 prodigies will most likely suffer a defeat this time round." The spectators were silently speculating in their hearts. This time, there will most definitely be a change in the second half of the rankings within the 10 prodigies.

Orchon, Luo Huan, Qin Wentian, and even Luo Cheng were currently already ranked within the 10 prodigies.

There would always be geniuses overtaking each other in the country. Those that were not up to par would naturally fade away over time, replaced by other stronger talents. This was reality.

As for 3rd Sword, he had also released his sword-type Astral Soul at this moment, as his sword intent begun gushing forth from his body.

Gu Xing continued standing there, with no fluctuations in his expression. However, when he stared at his opponent, a terrifying cold glint of light could be seen in his eyes.

In the midst of that cold light, one could feel waves of coldness emanating from it.

The sword lights he manifested were akin to shadows as 3rd Sword pierced forwards with his sword. This was a flawless execution of his sword-type innate technique, it was as though with the existence of his sword light, no other light would be able to share the same stage as it. The resplendent radiance all belonged to his sword alone.


A crisp sound rang out, causing people to freeze in shock. 3rd Sword was also similarly stunned.

His sword, had actually managed to pierced into the left arm of Gu Xing. He had originally intended for his sword to block the paths of retreat of Gu Xing, but who would have thought that Gu Xing didn't even retreat, or chose to dodge. He stood there unmoving as the sword of 3rd Sword easily pierced him.

The combat experiences of 3rd Sword could be said to be extremely abundant. But even he had never witnessed such a scene before. That was why he was dumbfounded.

While at the same time, Gu Xing grabbed hold of the sword that was pierced into his body. His eyes stared directly into 3rd Sword's, and after an instant, 3rd Sword only felt a piercing pain in his eyes. Following which, a palm strike landed on the head of 3rd Sword, as a thunderous sound rang out. 3rd Sword was flung through the air, as he let out a blood-curdling scream, before slamming heavily on the ground outside the platform. His face was already smashed into a pulp of bloody flesh.

The sudden end of the battle caused the spectators to be dumbfounded as they stared around absentmindedly.

The sword embedded in Gu Xing's left arm had already disappeared. Without the continual support of Astral Energy, the power of the Astral Soul could no longer be transformed into a sword.

Gu Xing returned to his original position, and sat down with his legs crossed. There wasn't a lot of blood leaking out of his wound, and to everyone's surprise, his wound was actually recovering right in front of their eyes.

"What a terrifying regeneration ability. What exactly is his Astral Soul?" The hearts of the spectators trembled, and the silhouette of Gu Xing was deeply imprinted upon their minds.

His name was Gu Xing, a lonely star. Currently, his countenance had returned to that previous calm look of his, and no one knew what he was thinking.

Actually, in the first round when he had defeated 5th Night, many great powers in the Royal Capital had already begun to launch investigations into Gu Xing. However, it was as though Gu Xing didn't exist in the Chu Country at all. Despite their powerful information network, they were unable to find anything about Gu Xing's background. This person had no history attached to him, it was as though he only appeared in Chu just as the Jun Lin Banquet commenced, and defeated 5th Night.

And now, Gu Xing also defeated 3rd Sword.

Other than 3rd Sword being defeated, the two others from Snowcloud won against their opponents. Shi Jun and Kuang Shen were both defeated, but still had a chance to challenge others. As for 3rd Sword, he no longer had the capability to fight anymore.

Shi Jun and Kuang Shen contemplated who to challenge, while the other contestants sat quietly on their platforms.

Shi Jun began walking towards Chu Chen of the Royal Academy.

Meanwhile Kuang Shen was still pondering. And as he saw the little prince of Chu, Chu Chen easily defeating Shi Jun, the coldness in his heart became more intense by several degrees.

None of the remaining contestants were easy to deal with.

The capabilities of Luo Qianqiu, Sikong Mingyue, the 2nd Sword, and the 3rd Night were needless to say.

Orchon, Luo Huan, and Gu Xing were similarly also extremely terrifying.

Hou Tie from the Godly General Martial Palace was also exceptionally powerful, and as for Leng Ya, he was also a ruthless character. The only two remaining contestants - other than those peak Arterial Circulation cultivators from the Godly General Palace - were the ranked 6th prodigy, Jiang Feng, as well as Qin Wentian.

Wanting to advance to the 3rd round was too difficult. Even if he won the next battle, there was a high probability that he would be eliminated in the battle after that.

Finally, gritting his teeth, Kuang Shen made his decision as he walked towards Qin Wentian. After all, he had witnessed all of Qin Wentian's earlier battles. Although Qin Wentian was powerful, he was still somewhat clear about the abilities Qin Wentian possessed. Not only that, Qin Wentian had already exhausted a great amount of his Astral Energy, and was still trying to recover. This, was the best chance to deal with him.

As Kuang Shen appeared in front of Qin Wentian, Qin Wentian opened his eyes, staring at Kuang Shen as he stood up.

"It appears that I've been too 'nice' after all." Qin Wentian murmured. He didn't choose to use his ancient halberd. The Astral Energy in his 7 circular pathways begun to seethe and surged. The sound of the Astral Energy gushing within Qin Wentian's body could even be clearly heard by the spectators. At this moment, Kuang Shen's countenance stiffened, as his gaze grew heavy.

An illusory pair of Garuda Wings flickered on the back of Qin Wentian. And the next moment, Qin Wentian disappeared from his original spot, blasting forwards with the Emptiness Imprint.

Kuang Shen raised his sabre and slashed out. The sabre lights of his broke apart the Emptiness Imprint. However, Qin Wentian's silhouette disappeared instantly again and appeared at the side of Kuang Shen, then he sent out another palm strike.

Kuang Shen executed his movement technique to its limits as he dodged the palms of Qin Wentian. An instant later, the spectators saw the palm imprints of Qin Wentian covering the entire sky.

The sabre of Kuang Shen weaved madly as he danced about, impenetrable by even the wind and rain. But despite this, the spectators could see that Kuang Shen would inevitably be defeated if it continued on.

And as expected, after a while, the sabre weavings of Kuang Shen became increasingly chaotic. Qin Wentian sent out another palm strikes as Kuang Shen slashed out with his sabre, but at this moment, Qin Wentian spat out a ray of sword light, causing Kuang Shen's countenance to change as he hurriedly raised his sabre in defense.

Boom! A terrifying palm imprint landed on Kuang Shen's body, and the force of it catapulted his body into the air. When Kuang Shen finally slammed onto the ground outside the platform, he spat out mouthful after mouthful of fresh blood. It was as though the entire set of meridians in his body had been destroyed.

At this moment, Qin Wentian gradually lowered his legs. Did the fool think that he was only capable of spitting out sword lights?

Who said that palm techniques couldn't be executed by his feet?

At this moment, of the 18 original contestants, only 12 remained.

And once three more were eliminated, the top nine contestants would appear. The hearts of the crowd were palpitating with excitement and nervousness - especially those that had placed their bets!