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 AGM 126 - Explosiveness of Emperor Star Academy

Feeling the pressure Qin Wentian was emitting, 7th Night fluttered her eyelashes. With a smile aimed towards Qin Wentian, she stated, "Wentian gege, would you really bear to attack me?"

7th Night's pitiful looking countenance was extremely moving. At this instant, Qin Wentian felt as though the person he was facing against wasn't 7th Night.

'Wentian gege', only that little lass Bai Qing would refer to him this way.

After the Bai Clan relocated to the Royal Capital, Qin Wentian never saw Bai Qing ever again. Now that a year had passed, he wondered how she was.

At this instant, a wave of coldness abruptly appeared. Qin Wentian's countenance immediately changed. This coldness was an illusion. 7th Night was endowed with the ability to create illusions. Strengthening his will, his heart became tough as stone, and his gaze became as sharp as spears. The peerless, unmatched aura once again surfaced as he stepped forth towards 7th Night.

7th Night's soul-stirring eyes continued staring at Qin Wentian, but this time around, she felt herself sinking into the depths of a dreamscape. The dream-will that Qin Wentian's eyes emitted was capable of luring her into a trance-like state, leaving her defenseless, sorely unable to extricate herself. Similar to 7th Night, Qin Wentian's innate technique was also unleashed through his eyes.

Buzz. The ancient halberd slashed out as Qin Wentian leaped through the air. Descending from the sky, the pressure Qin Wentian emitted was akin to a ferocious tiger, incomparably tyrannical.

"Wentian gege, you are so ruthless." 7th Night pitifully mumbled, but Qin Wentian proved invulnerable to her attempts to ensnare him. The ancient halberd slashed down as 7th Night finally began her counter-attack. Cold ice froze Qin Wentian's ancient halberd, and ice lances formed and shattered countless times in the air. With each shattering, the number of ice lances multiplied.

Qin Wentian continued wielding the ancient halberd in a continuous dance of motion. The howl of the azure dragon, the roar of the white tiger, accompanied by the shrill cries of the vermillion bird rang out as the ancient halberd swept out in an arc. The numerous ice lances in the air were destroyed by the force of that sweep, crumbling into nothingness as Qin Wentian's dominating attack continued towards 7th Night.

7th Night rapidly retreated, yet Qin Wentian didn't intend to give her even an inch of breathing space. 6th Night had overwhelming power. while 7th Night were proficient at control and illusion techniques. Since that was the case, he would overwhelm her with pure strength.

7th Night released her Astral Soul, as a huge icy python manifested. Its eyes were eerily staring at Qin Wentian, emitting an extremely demonic feeling

At the same time, 7th Night's palm wavered. The icy python shrieked as it explosively dashed forwards, clashing directly against Qin Wentian's ancient halberd.

"Wentian gege." 7th Night once again called out. Abruptly, a terrifying radiance of Astral Light enveloped her body. Two golden wings began to sprout from her back. At the same time, a storm of golden sword blades barraged towards Qin Wentian. All this happened instantaneously, and the suddenness of the explosive attack made it almost impossible for anyone to dodge.

"This should be her 2nd Astral Soul. Her first Astral Soul was that icy gigantic python, which bestowed her the power to ensnare others in illusions." The pupils of the crowd contracted; they had all been tricked by 7th Night. Her powers of illusion actually came from her first Astral Soul, that demonic icy python.

To think her 2nd Astral Soul was actually a pair of wings. The radiance it emitted was incomparably resplendent, and it was also capable of firing feather-like sword attacks that sought to lacerate Qin Wentian's body into nothingness.

By now, the ancient halberd in Qin Wentian's right hand was already fully frozen solid by 7th Night. 7th Night's feathers were shot out at a crafty angle, aimed for Qin Wentian's right side.

Qin Wentian immediately relinquished his hold on the frozen halberd, allowing it to fall to the ground. A palm imprint that was emanating golden light was blasted out by Qin Wentian. The thunderous sounds the palm imprint emitted were akin to a terrifying tsunami, and at the same time, staring at his opponent, Qin Wentian spat out a ray of incomparably sharp sword light.

This battle caused the spectators to be filled with wonder. How marvelous! Regardless whether it was Qin Wentian or 7th Night, their attacking methods were incredibly violent and excelled at catching their opponent unaware.

7th Night's body abruptly spiralled through the air. In that instant, the entire sky was covered by a golden radiance, as 7th Night's beautiful golden wings resembled the wings of a real phoenix. The graceful figure of 7th Night danced about as she spun rapidly in a circle while hovering in the air. Qin Wentian's sword light actually dissipated the moment it came into contact with her body.

Only now did Qin Wentian discovered how dangerous 7th Night actually was. 7th Night's golden feathers were akin to a storm of 10,000 swords, like the herald of certain death, slashing towards Qin Wentian and tearing apart the void.

"7th Night's strength isn't any weaker than that of 6th Night." Many people exclaimed, indeed, the Jun Lin Banquet's battles were all extremely fascinating.

Rumble! A terrifying, gushing sound echoed out within Qin Wentian's Stellar Meridians. The Divine Energy compacted by the 2nd level Mountain-type Divine Imprint were seething and surging, as it flowed without hindrance and gathered within Qin Wentian's palm. Qin Wentian took several steps backwards before stomping fiercely on the ground. The intensive tremors caused by the might of that stomp shook the entire platform.

Immediately after, Qin Wentian executed the Falling Mountain Palms, and an actual mountain peak manifested before ruthlessly slamming down towards 7th Night. In the face of that falling mountain, how tiny and inconsequential the figure of 7th Night appeared.

As per what he had decided, he would use absolute strength to break 7th Night apart.

Boom! The mountain peak struck against 7th Night's rapidly revolving body. Instantly, her dance slowed, involuntarily letting out a low scream as her inner organs were all shaken from the impact.

"Get down." Qin Wentian appeared in front of 7th Night. His palms blasted 7th Night away, causing 7th Night to be flung out of the platform. Her steps stumbled as she retreated backwards upon coming into contact with the ground.

Her countenance was filled with an unnatural redness, and finally after regaining control, she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. Although her attacks were powerful, her defense was a far cry from her attack power. How could she resist Qin Wentian's Falling Mountain Palms that was further augmented by Mountain-type Divine Energy. Also, instantly after the impact, Qin Wentian sent out another palm strike in order to move in for the kill, resulting in her suffering from serious injuries.

Picking up the ancient halberd which he dropped earlier, Qin Wentian stood there silently. His gaze wasn't directed at 7th Night but rather at the other eight platforms. The slight wind billowed his robes, as his long hair danced about in the air. His eyes, were riveted on Sikong Mingyue as though he was making a silent announcement: You are more than welcome to test how deep my waters are.

Qin Wentian participated in the first two battles of the Jun Lin Banquet's second round.

In the first battle, he defeated the 6th Night.

In the second battle, he defeated 7th Night.

"Are you still able to participate as a challenger?" The aged figure standing beside Chu Tianjiao inquired. 7th Night opened her eyes and replied, "Give me some time. Please let the other battles to proceed first."

"Very well, I will let you rest for the duration of one battle." The aged figure nodded. Each participant had a chance to return one time as a challenger. Since 7th Night didn't want to give up despite her injuries, he would give her a chance.

Only Qin Wentian remained on the 9th platform. He sat down crossed-legged and retrieved a Yuan Meteor Stone from his robes. Releasing his Astral Souls, Qin Wentian began cultivating by using his Astral Souls to absorb the Astral Energy within the Yuan Meteor Stone.

What he needed was the purest form of Astral Yuan Energy. Thus, for the Yuan Meteor Stone in his hands that had fallen from the 2nd Heavenly Layer, he could only extract the purest form of Astral Energy by absorbing it through his Astral Souls.

"Seems like the final Falling Mountain Palm Imprint expended a great deal of Qin Wentian's energy." Many people were speculating. Qin Wentian would try to recover his energy as soon as possible by making use of this period of resting time.

The capacity of a cultivator's body was limited with regards to storing of Astral Energy. The higher one's cultivation, the larger the capacity for storage.

Naturally, for those powerful innate techniques, they would similarly have a high level of Astral Energy expenditure. If one could defeat his opponents by using lower level innate techniques, there would be no one willing to go all out and expend all the Astral Energy stored within their body.

"The Seven Nights of my Snowcloud Country actually suffered defeat one after another." Sikong Mingyue stated calmly. Those from Snowcloud only felt that their face had been entirely thrown away.

Currently, there was only a total of five people who hailed from Snowcloud Country that still remained on the platforms. They were none other than Sikong Mingyue, 2nd Sword, 3rd Sword, 3rd Night and 4th Night.

These people had an extremely solemn expression on their faces as they once again shifted their gaze onto the ninth platform.

"Is the Snowcloud Country planning to gang up on my Chu Country?" Luo Huan laughed as she strolled slowly towards 4th Night. Since 7th Night had the duration of a battle to recuperate, she would help Qin Wentian.

4th Night's gaze turned heavy as he regarded Luo Huan. During the first round of the Jun Lin Banquet, he had observed Luo Huan. The flexibility of this woman was extremely frightening.

With a long whip in her hands, Luo Huan walked towards 4th Night. Abruptly, the whip in her hands danced about, causing the skies to be covered by the whip's shadows, akin to ten million sharp swords, lashing out towards 4th Night.

4th Night moved, as his palms wavered. A greenish light appeared out of nowhere and shrouded his body, protecting it. At the same time, he bore the brunt of the ten million whip lashes as he dashed towards Luo Huan.

"What is this defense?" The crowd had a flabbergasted expression on their face. Was it perhaps because Luo Huan's attack were numerous but sorely lacking in power?

Luo Huan also sped towards her opponent. During the instant they exchanged blows, 4th Night's hands transformed into a sabre light that slashed out at Luo Huan. Luo Huan shifted sideways, narrowly avoiding the attack, while at the same moment, one of her hands had actually grabbed hold of 4th Night's shoulder.

Rumble! 4th Night blasted out with his fist. The fist light of his attack directly smashed towards Luo Huan's body. Luo Huan's body contorted as she bent over, avoiding the strike. Her willowy waist was like the arching of a powerful bow as she sprang forward with an explosive momentum. Her body lunged forwards through the air, coiling around 4th Night.

"Scram." A terrifying sabre Qi emanated from 4th Night's body as he released his Astral Soul.

Luo Huan's body begun to revolve about frenziedly in a spiral, spinning countless circles in an instant with a speed that was even faster than that of 7th Night. The crowd discovered that 4th Night's body seemed to have been buried by the countless whip lashes. The speed of his sabre attacks was actually slower when compared to her revolutions.

Mustang laughed lightly as he saw the scene. Luo Huan's performance was within his expectations. Truth to be told, only an extremely limited number of people knew how terrifying Luo Huan's talent truly was. Usually she would always play the fool, laughing about, making jokes. But during key critical moments, she was able to explode forth with such terrifying power.

4th Night was overwhelmed by his opponent's swift attacks. The sabre light he was emitting eventually got weaker and weaker, to the point where it dissipated. Only then did Luo Huan stop her revolutions. Luo Huan's sexy legs were cradled around 4th Night's head, and countless wounds could be seen on 4th Night's body, his body buried under Luo Huan's merciless whip.

"Yet another dark horse."

Several in the crowd exclaimed in shock, Luo Huan was actually capable of unleashing such power despite using a peculiar Astral Soul which many of them despise.

The combination of Drooping Willow Astral Soul and Great Vine Astral Soul, could actually be so overwhelming! This effect wasn't brought about by merely combining the power of the two Astral Souls. Naturally, Luo Huan's strength and ability were a huge contribution to be able to meld the two Astral Souls so perfectly.

"Oh my sister, why didn't you remind me earlier." Fan Le had a bitter face below the platform. He had forgotten to bet on his Senior Sister Luo Huan!