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 AGM 0120 - The name of Qin Wentian

Everyone's gazes were focused on the ninth platform in the Jun Lin Banquet.

The conclusion of this battle was undoubtedly shocking.

In this short confrontation, the tenth ranked Jiang Xiu of the top ten prodigies had had his arm chopped off by Qin Wentian's slash. Just as Qin Wentian had said, Jiang Xiu's name would never be part of the top ten prodigies again.

Who said that Qin Wentian had only attended this Jun Lin Banquet as a learning experience? He'd only fought one battle, but he already seemed to want to announce to Chu Country that a year was too long. This year's Jun Lin Banquet would be the time he'd release his own radiance.

Using this fight, he proclaimed to all who the real king of this ninth platform was.

Jiang Xiu was the one that had obtained the most recognition, someone that was able to enter into the top 9 rankings of the Jun Lin Banquet. To think that he was eliminated in just a single round...and what was even more devastating was that he had gotten an arm chopped off. What mockery was this?

The people from Emperor Star Academy recalled that previously, Jiang Xiu had wanted to humiliate Qin Wentian at the gathering held at Emperor Star Monuments, claiming that his current achievements had been a result of fortuitous events. He, who was one of the top ten prodigies, had totally looked down on Qin Wentian's achievements back then.

However, in the short period of a month, the person he'd questioned had chopped off one of his arms with a mere few attacks in a single battle, on the grandest stage of Chu.

How could the reputation of the top ranked among the new students of Emperor Star Academy be false? Not only that, many predicted that from today onwards, Qin Wentian's talent would undergo a re-evaluation. What could the reputation of being the top ranked among the new students count for?

This glory didn't seem to be anywhere near enough.

On the spectator's stand, some powerful figures were secretly analysing the battle earlier. In some sense, Jiang Xiu hadn't really been able to unleash his full strength before his arm had been chopped off. Qin Wentian had controlled the rhythm of the battle at an extremely rapid pace, it had really been too perfect. Although Jiang Xiu had taken the initiative to attack, the instant the Garuda Movement Technique was utilised, the conclusion had already been firmly held in Qin Wentian's control.

Although Jiang Xiu's sword technique was very powerful, he had been given no chance to use it. The rhythm of the fight had been fully controlled by Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian was like a natural born combatant. He had an extremely acute sense of timing, able to seize that specific instant of opportunity and obtain victory. This kind of talent was indeed somewhat terrifying.

However, nobody understood the last sword attack that Qin Wentian had made earlier.

Those powerful and influential people that investigated Qin Wentian had never heard that he was proficient in sword techniques before. However, the timing of the instant he'd chopped off Jiang Xiu's arm just now couldn't have possibly be done with a palm or fist type technique. Only a sword-type innate technique could be so sharp and fast.

Actually, in terms of the level of understanding and regarding the relationship between innate techniques and Divine Imprints, and simultaneously being able to condense Divine Yuan Energy with the Divine Imprints, it wasn't strange for Qin Wentian to know how to execute simple sword techniques. He was too familiar with Divine Inscriptions, and only needed an instant to convert the Astral Energy in his body into the runic outlines of a sword-imprint. He could then blast forth with a power similar to that of sword-type innate techniques.

While this was hard for anyone else to imagine, it was extremely simple for Qin Wentian.

Actually, he wasn't even thinking about the sword light from before. At the moment, he was calmly regarding Jiang Xiu, just like the time when he had just ascended the platform, tranquil and indifferent, as though he'd performed a simple and insignificant task.

He knew exactly what his objective for joining the Jun Lin Banquet this year was. Defeating Jiang Xiu was indeed not something worth being very proud of, especially since the victory hadn't been when Jiang Xiu was in his strongest state.

"Is there still a need to fight?" Qian Wentian serenely asked. He didn't go and try to humiliate Jiang Xiu any further; that beam of sword light manifested by him earlier spoke more than any words could.

Jiang Xiu's face was drained and pale, and blood continued to ceaselessly flow from his remaining arm.

He was Jiang Xiu, one of the top ten prodigies. Today, Jun Lin Banquet was supposed to be the place he show off the dazzling radiance of his talent.

But the most lamentable part was that on this year's Jun Lin Banquet stage, during his only chance to battle, he had ended up losing an arm.

Because the sword in his hand had killing intent, Qin Wentian decided to sever the hand holding the sword. This immense disgrace was still making his body tremble, especially when he saw how calm and expressionless Qin Wentian's eyes were. What else could Jiang Xiu say? Did he still have the face to say anything?

Jiang Xiu turned and walked off the platform. When he had first started, he had been filled with eagerness and high-spirits; only God knew how much he had anticipated the coming of this Jun Lin Banquet.

However, he had only fought one battle.

Qin Wentian gazed at the Jiang Xiu's back, and a smile appeared on his face. He lifted his head. slightly glancing at the sun covering the sky, before shifting his gaze to the person sitting atop the Azure Jadeite Dragon Seat.

When the crowd saw this scene, their countenances froze in shock. Qin Wentian seemed as about to say something.

"Sky Harmony City, Qin Residence, son of Qin Chuan. My name is Qin Wentian!"

With a glittering smile on his face, Qin Wentian slowly enunciated each syllable. It was unknown who was his intended audience was and why he'd chosen to say this.

He was Qin Wentian, the son of Qin Chuan from the Qin Clan.

This seemed to be a proclamation of sorts.

Chu TianJiao saw the gaze of Qin Wentian landing on him, with an expression as tranquil as water. Was Qin Wentian trying to tell him something?

Qin Wentian wanted to use the Jun Lin Banquet to prove himself, and make it so that no one would dare to lightly touch Qin Wu and Qin Chuan.

Being weak, puny, and silently enduring wouldn't allow others to notice your existence. Only with great talent and power, would others fear you. Not only that, strength and talent would only bring him more powerful supports, such as the Emperor Star Academy and the Divine Weapon Pavilion.

Naturally, this was also a double-edged sword. While radiating your dazzling brilliance, there may be swords hiding, stabbing at you from the dark.

Qin Wentian turned and departed from the platform. Although there had only beenone battle on the grand stage of the Jun Lin Banquet, it was as though he had allowed others to re-evaluate him, and let them know who he was once again.

That youth who once stood in the midst of a snowstorm had a determination and will that far surpassed others.

"When did you learn that sword-type innate technique?" Luo Huan laughed as she looked at the approaching Qin Wentian. An extraordinary splendour could be seen in her eyes.

"I've known that technique since the moment I was born." Qin Wentian shrugged his shoulders as he laughed.

"Your skin has thickened." Luo Huan's smile was exceptionally radiant. This junior brother of hers had, in the short span of a year of time, created so many unimaginable miracles.

Back when she'd been inSky Harmony City that day to save Qin Wentian, she had never imagined that he would be this successful today, after a year had passed.

"Wentian, although your movement technique is extremely powerful, you were too close to the sword. In the future, you have to fight more carefully." Qin Yao told Qin Wentian. Although Qin Wentian's movement technique was indeed amazing, she couldn't help but worry. After all, each sword light in the meteor shower of swords that had filled the sky earlier carried a terrifying killing power.

If Jiang Xiu's strength was a bit just a bit stronger, he'd be able to execute an attack that Qin Wentian couldn't have possibly dodged. Close combat at that proximity was just too dangerous.

"Don't worry, sister." Qin Wentian cupped Qin Yao's face in his hands causing Qin Yao to glare at him. However, a warmth blossomed in her heart because of the words Qin Wentian spoken onstage earlier.

"Where's that Fan Le?" Qin Wentian couldn't help but to ask as he realised that Fan Le was missing.

"He went to Drunken Wonder to bet on you." Luo Huan involuntarily blinked her eyes when Fan Le was mentioned. That fellow was a prodigy. When he saw Qin Wentian had won against Jiang Xiu, he'd immediately run off to the branch of Heaven's Wonder, Drunken Wonder, to place his bets.

"Genius." Qin Wentian rolled his eyes. This Fatty was really full of ideas.

The battles atop the nine platforms were still continuing, and would for a very long time. Because Qin Wentian had already fought a round, there was plenty of resting time. They wouldn't be able to advance to the next stage until the people at each platform was done fighting.

Although the judges had the authority to pick on whichever contestants they wanted to battle, they had to take into consideration of the number of times a contestant would fight on stage. It was impossible to deliberately target and constantly send a particular contestant on stage to fight battle after battle continuously. If that was the case, the fairness of the rules would be called into question.

Sikong Mingyue, the 2nd Sword, 3rd Sword, and the 5th Night from the Snowcloud Country, showcased their prowess respectively, and still had yet to meet their match. They were most likely still conserving part of their strength, so it was impossible to tell exactly how strong their combat abilities were.

After all, a dark horse like Qin Wentian was extremely rare, smashing one of the 10 prodigies down just by his first battle.

After the first round of battles, the crowd gained a deeper understanding of the battles at the nine towering platforms. Contrary to what they'd assumed, the 9th platform that had appeared the easiest to gain victory over, had had the most intense battles with many hidden elites.

Even though many of the other contestants were still cloaked in shadows, Qin Wentian, who had defeated Jiang Xiu, had a high probability of being one of the two remaining contestants on the 9th platform.

Although the 7th Night was a female, her martial prowess was extremely powerful as well, easily defeating another outstanding opponent.

Luo Cheng also only used a single move before chopping down an arm of his opponent, causing people to exclaim silently about the ferociousness of a member of the Asura Faction.

Other than them, there were still other powerful elites on the 9th platform. Luo Kaiyang, from the Divine Wind Academy, also had outstanding martial prowess. The first opponent he'd defeated was also someone that had obtained a high level of recognition, yet Luo Kaiyang had easily eliminated his opponent, leaving behind a deep impression in the minds of the spectators.

Only two would remain standing on the 9th platform at the end of the battle. This meant that these people would clash against one another sooner or later, and naturally, the weaker one would be eliminated.

Luo Kaiyang at this moment, was standing in the middle of a crowd. Standing beside him, was a ravishing young lady who smiled at him. "Kaiyang, based on your strength, you should have a chance."

"Set your heart at ease, little Yue. As long as my opponent isn't Qin Wentian, the 7th Night, and Luo Cheng, I'm not too worried. I will work hard and become one of the two victors." Luo Kaiyang remarked. The two people he was most afraid of facing against were none other than Qin Wentian and the 7th Night.

Qin Wentian had defeated Jiang Xiu, while Luo Kaiyang knew nothing about the 7th Night's skill level.

"Mmm." Lin Yue smiled as she nodded. So, the ravishing young lady from the Divine Wind Academy was one of the four great beauties of the Sky Harmony City - Lin Yue.

Now that she was nearing 17, the beauty and charm she exuded was naturally more than when compared to the past. She was currently in a relationship with the young genius of Divine Wind Academy - Luo Kaiyang.

"The judges are beginning to pick the contestants." Luo Kaiyang cast his gaze upon the platforms, and soon after, over at 9th platform, a judge's voice loudly echoed out.

"The battle on the 9th platform, Qin Wentian versus Luo Kaiyang."

As the voice of the judge faded, the crowd was dumbfounded, and after which, smiles could be seen appearing on the faces of several people. Was this judge doing this on purpose so as to increase the attention the 9th platform was getting? Or was it because he had hated Qin Wentian immensely?

The countenances of Lin Yue and Luo Kaiyang froze. The opponent for Luo Kaiyang's 2nd battle, was Qin Wentian!